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Conant Street Old Cemetery
a Web-Book by Robert Raymond

In this book I've attempted to publish a comprehensive collection of information about the old cemetery North of Conant Street in North Beverly, Massachusetts. This book is a statement of honor and respect for the pioneering American colonists interred there. Some of the tombstones are deteriorating from the affects of vandalism, acid rain, and 300 years of age. Some inscriptions published in The Essex Antiquarian, Volume III, 1899, pp. 122-126l are no longer legible today. Without protection, this cemetery will soon be just a memory and works such as this may be all that remains. Therefore, I've included pictures of the tombstones as they appeared in September 2001 (and the previous October). As necessary, the pictures have been taken from oblique angles or enhanced to make the inscriptions more legible.

I acknowledge the holdings of the Peabody Museum in Salem, the Beverly Historical Society, and the Beverly Public Library, where much of the research for this book took place. Some images of old books and records are courtesy these institutions. Thanks is also due my father, Cleve, who assisted in both the library research and the field work. The day after we took the tombstone pictures, the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City themselves became tombs. It seems somehow fitting to dedicate this book to the thousands that lost their lives in the terrorist acts of that day. May we remember and honor their sacrifice as we remember and honor the early Americans interred in the Conant Street Old Cemetery.

Robert Raymond
6 October 2001
Copyright 2001, Robert Raymond.
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Conant Street Old Cemetery
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