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Selected Deeds of Bristol, Addison, Vermont
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v. 05 p 640 - 3 Dec 1821 - Paul Raymond to Peris Raymond

v. 05 p 640 - 3 Dec 1821 - Paul Raymond to Peris Raymond

Peris Raymond from Paul Raymond

Know all men by these present that I Paul
Raymond of Bristol in the County of Addison
and State of Vermont for the consideration of the
sum of three(?) hundred dollars current money
of the United States, received in full to my satisfac-
tion of Peris Raymond of Bristol aforesaid, the
receipt which I do hereby acknowledge have given,
granted, bargained and sold; and by these presents
do give, grant, bargain, sell, alien, convey and confirm (Alien - legal right to property)
unto the said Peris Raymond, his heirs and as(s)igns
forever a certain peace (sic) of land lying and being in said
Bristol, directed as follows; to witt, thirty acres being
a part of the second division Lot Drawn to the original
right of Albert Baker [lot 29]and in the east part of said lot
meaning to convey by this deed all said lot excepting
thirty acres off of the west end that I, the said Paul
have heretofore deeded to Paul Raymond Jr.

To have and to hold the above granted and bargained
premises with all the privileges and apurtenances
thereof and thereto belonging to him, the said Peris
Raymond, his heirs, and assigns to him and their
own proper use, benefit and behoof for ever and
I the said Paul Raymond do for myself, my heirs,
executors and administrators, covenant to and with
the said Peris, his heirs, executors, to administrators and
assigns that at and until the insealing of these
presents, I am well seized of the premises in fee
simple, that I have good right and have full au-
-thority to bargain and sell the same in manner
and form as is above written. That they are free
and clear of all incumberances and that I will warr-
-ant and defend the same against all lawful claims
and demands of any person or persons whatsoever.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand
and seal this 3rd day of December Anno Domini
one thousand eight hundred and twenty one

Paul Raymond (SS)

Signed, Sealed and Delivered }
in presents of }
Henry Soper }
Salan?an? Drake }

State of Vermont } Bristol 3'd December AD 1821
Addison County Ss } Personally appeared Paul
Raymond, the signor and sealer of the above
written Instrument and acknowledged the same
to be his free, voluntary act and deed. Before me
Robert Holly Just Peace

December 3'd, 1821 then? Recorded the
above Deed
Attest Harvey Munsill Tn Clerk

Selected Deeds of Bristol, Addison, Vermont
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