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Selected Deeds of Bristol, Addison, Vermont
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v. 10, p. 312 Paul and Pearis Raymond to Paul Raymond

v. 10, p. 312 Paul and Pearis Raymond to Paul Raymond

Paul Raymond F.[rom] Peris Raymond & P. Raymond Jr.

Know all men by these presents, that We Peris Raymond of Lincoln in the
County of Addison and State of Vermont - and Paul Raymond Jr. of Bristol,
County and State aforesaid, for and in consideration of the sum of Three
Hundred dollars current money of the United States received in full to our
satisfaction of Paul Raymond of Bristol, County and State aforesaid the
receipt whereof we do hereby acknowledge do remin release and forever quitclaim
and by these Presenst have remind released and quitclaimed unto the said
Paul his heirs and assigns forever all our rights title interest and demand
in and to a certain piece or parcel of Land lying and being in Bristol aforesaid
Viz. All the Land that was deeded to Said Peris Raymond by Lemuel Raymond
on the 17th day of May AD 1838 reference to said deed which is recorded in Bristol
Town records Vol 1 (?) Page 486 (?) For further description; also all the crops now grow-
ing on Said land, a potash Kettle, about 400 Sap tubs in the Sugar works
on said premises. Also all (in) the Barns and all other crops now growing or
harvests (?) On the farm now occupied by Said Paul Raymond; also 15 Sheep
1 cart, 1 grindstone, 1 plow, 1 Osag (?), and all other farming utensils on said farm

To have and to hold the above remind released and quitclaimed~
Premises with all the appurtenances thereof unto him, the Said Paul Raymond,
his heirs and assigns to his and their own purpose and benefits and behoof
forever so that neither we nor our heirs or alliens shall ever have any such
right title interest, challenge or claimance(?) To the Premises aforesaid or any part
thereof but they and every one of them shall be these Presents be forever Barred

In witness whereof We have hereunto set our hands and Seals this 14th day
of August Anno Domini one Thousand Eight Hundred and forty Three.

Peariz .. Raymond.. S.S.
Paul.. Raymond. Jr. S.S.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered in Presence of:
Henry C. Lopar
Henry C. Warner
State of Vermont
Addison County SS

Bristol - August 14th A.D. 1843. Personally appeared
Pearis.. Raymond.. and Paul.. Raymond. As the Signers and Sealers of the
above instrument and acknowledge the Same to be their free voluntary act & deed.

Before Me Henry. C. Loper. Justice of the Peace

Bristol Town Clerk's. office. August 14th A.D. 1843. at 10. Oclock.A.M. received
Received. and. recorded. the. above. deeds..

Attest Henry C. Loper Town Clerk

Selected Deeds of Bristol, Addison, Vermont
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