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Maps and Location Finders:

  • County Boundary Formations from . . Under 'State Maps' Choose a state, scroll down for animated county maps.
  • Earth Point - Fly to a legal description Uses free Google Earth and a legal description or Lat/Longitude to virtually plot and show you what it looks like today. Great site!
  • Land Ownership Maps Pick your State, County, Year and Zoom in. First, find your person on a census, see if a farmer that owned land. If he bought the land from the Federal Gov't, good chance to get a folder of information on him from the Nat'l Archives if state is one of the 30 Public Land Survey States..
  • USGS site: #1 Search for Geographic Sites or Features, Good, Choose ACME Mapper (or Home Town Locator) to display map with county boundaries. Then choose Topo.Find cemeteries, rivers, creeks, ghost towns, populated places, mountains, trails, etc. Find latitude and longitude of any place. View in many map formats such as Satellite or Quad or street maps and more.


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International Sites

  • Austria and Czech Republic Archives -Actapublica Free church registers
  • Austria - Need a login, but access is free.
  • Danish Family Search Free parish registers and censuses and pictures of original records. Has old and new (Ny) records.
    Good if you know the Parish. Click Search tab or---Click on County, Click on Parish, Click Churchbooks tab, Click Other tab, click near top to see if there is an index, Find year and click on records.
  • Danish State Archives Free parish registers and population censuses and pictures of original records. Click second link on left (Kirkebøger fra hele landet), Select County, Parish, year series. Click pages to find date of record.
  • Danish State Archives Census Records Free census records.
  • French Archives Access to French genealogy Wiki.
  • A FamilySearch partner site. Concentrates on Continental Europe family trees, archival records, family pictures, indexes, old books and newspapers: hundreds of million entries to help you find your ancestors.
  • Birth, Marriage, Death records for Germany, Hungary, Romania and more. Click on Local Heritage Books, choose a parish or town, choose type of record you want. Hint: Use Google Translate to translate language on pages.
  • Passenger lists, BMD indexes, census, military, more. Some$
  • German Text Examples of old and new German script. See how letters and words were formed for understanding old records.
  • German- Meyers Gazetteer Great for finding locations of villages or towns. Then you can search for Eccleasiastical jurisdictions to find where the reccords are stored. It shows the old Gothic writing and the translations to English.
  • Great place to share pictures, trees, stories. Billions of Records from 48 countries.
  • Matricula - Free Chruch Registers A monumental effort to digitize 1000s of church registry books in Germany and Austria (other countries to come) and make them available - free and online.
  • Netherlands Research AllenDrenten OR Groningen OR Zoeken (Zoek) with lots of Netherlands links
  • Netherlands (Dutch) free Dutch and Belgian archived records
  • Norway Research Norway Digital Archive
  • Swedish Digital Archive Free at FamilySearch Libraries -or- $ Requires payment, but it is a great site.
  • Vorarlberg Parish Registers Austria is putting forth a great effort to put their old church records online for free.
  • Wiki at Shows where and how to research for countries around the world

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Canadian Census 1851-1916, Passenger List 1865-1935, GENWEB and much more
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