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"Dit" names in the
Raich, Raiche, Rash, Réich, Rêche Family

     In french Québec when a family became so large in an area that multiple persons had the same christian & sur name, some would often take a "dit" name (which is to a surnanme somewhat like a "nick"name is to a christian name). e.g. Louis Pinard of LaRochelle, France and François Reiche of Languedoc, France; both settled in Trois-Rivièrs and Québec, PQ area; François married Louis' daughter; the Pinard family became large and the son who lived on the better road took that as a "dit" name (beau chemin) to distinguish himself from his brothers and cousins; but, François Reiche only had five sons (three died young, two became priests) and the name was about to die away;

     Guillaume Beauchemin-dit-Pinard's son, Jean-Baptiste took his uncle François' name of "Reiche" as a dit name and styled himself, "Jean-Baptiste Reiche-dit-Beauchemin-et-Pinard",

     when HIS grson moved to Nicolet, he shortened the pretentious surname to "Rêche"; which has been anglicized in the US as "Rash" and "Rashe", although some branches use "Raiche".

      NOTE:  MOST people of the "Rash" name (outside of New England) are NOT descended from French-Canadienne Raiche/Reiche family; but, immigrated from Europe directly to the southeastern United States.

      NOTE:   Those families who spell the name "Reiche" are equally as likely to be descended from Louis Pinard OR from Jean-Baptiste Reiche of Elzach, diocèse de Fribourg-en-Brisgau in the German Black Forest, Allemagne, [now] Germany.

Aymeric------> Coderré
Bailey-------> Bellile
Beauchemin---> Florent,Pinard,Rash,Rashe,Raich,Raiche,Rêche,Reich,Reiche
Basiliere----> Buslait
Bellile------> Bailey
Brault-------> Brough
Breault------> Brough
Bruyon-------> Bruillard
Buskelt------> Buslait
Cadélie------> Gadley
Cauder-------> Coderré
Codart-------> Coderré
Coudaire-----> Coderré
Couder-------> Coderré
De Raiche----> Desrocher
Edmond-------> Emond
Emery--------> Coderré
Emond--------> Edmond
Florent------> Beauchemin,Pinard,Rash,Rashe,Rêche,Reich,Reiche
Gadélie------> Gadley
Gadelli------> Gadley
Gadiely------> Gadley
Gaulthier----> Gautier
Gauthier-----> Gautier
Gauthier-----> Gochee
Greenwood----> Boisvert
Hemery-------> Coderré
Labbay-------> Labbé
Labbé--------> Labbay
Lamothe------> Learmonth
Laundry------> Landry
Pinard-------> Beauchemin,Pinart,Florent,Rash,Rashe,Raich,Raiche,Rêche,Reich,Reiche
Pinart-------> Beauchemin,Pinard,Florent,Rash,Rashe,Raich,Raiche,Rêche,Reich,Reiche
Raiche-------> Beauchemin,Rash,Rêche,Reich,Reiche
Rash---------> Beauchemin,Raiche,Rashe,Rêche,Reich,Reiche
Rashe--------> Beauchemin,Raiche,Rash,Rêche,Reich,Reiche
Rêche--------> Beauchemin,Raiche,Rash,Rashe,Reich,Reiche
Reiche-------> Beauchemin,Raiche,Rash,Rashe,Rêche,Reich
Vielleux-----> Veilleux