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Dennis Rardin (brother of John Rardin SR)

This is a very basic outline of the Dennis Rardin Line
as sent to me by various researchers. 

Please send additional information to me and I will expand this page.  Click here to send new info to Website

DENNIS RARDIN (brother of John SR)

Dennis Rardin
Born: abt 1725, County Kerry, Ireland (Family tradition)
Died: January 1789 Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Military Service: Revolutionary War, Frontier Ranger,
                          descendants eligible for DA
Married: (1.) _______ Unknown
                     Died: Before 1789

1. Jane Rardin
2. John W. Rardin
3. Henry A. Rardin

Notes about Dennis:

*In Hempfield Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania in 1773
*Purchased 200 acres of land 1786 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.
*1786 on tax list in Huntingdon Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.
*Will probated in January of 1789, son Henry appointed administrator of estate.

Children of Dennis Rardin and _________ Unknown

1. Jane Rardin
   Married: Cornelius Woodruff, JR about 1780 in
                 Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

2. John W. Rardin
       (Check Rootsweb World Connect Project for more
         information on John W. Rardin)
Born: about 1754 probably in Bedford County, Pennsylvania
   Died: about 1813 Wesley Township, Washington County, Ohio
   Buried: probably Smith Cemetery, Wesley Township,
                                    Washington County, Ohio
   Married: Hannah Woodruff about 1780 or 1783 Pennsylvania
                 Born: 1765 Westfield, New Jersey
                 Died: 1814 Washington County, Ohio
                 Parents: Cornelius Woodruff and Mary Osborne

1. William Rardin, born about 1781 Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Died 1847 Roxbury Township, Washington County, Ohio. Married Jane Vandeventer 15 Nov 1807 Washington County, Ohio Her parents were Jacob Vandeventer and Mary Slater.

    A. Hannah Rardin born about 1808 married Garrett Coler, lived Marietta, Ohio.

   B.  William Beacham Rardin, born 1810, married Sarah Craft 31 Jan. 1831.

   C. John N. Rardin
, born about 1814, married (1) Confrey Ingram 19 May 1833 in Washington County, Ohio (6 children) (2) Sarah Cowee Rardin (widow of Samuel Rardin) (1 child) 12 July 1860in Washington County, Ohio. Children -
Leroy S. Rardin (1834-), Huldah C. Rardin (1836-) married Daniel Hull, Tabitha J. Rardin (1840-) , Levi H. Rardin (1842-) married Sarah S. Thomas, Sarah P. Rardin (1846-), John C. Rardin (1859-) and Malinda? Rardin.
(Tabitha J. Rardin born abt 1840 -  the 1880 Washington County, Ohio census listed John N. Rardin as father-in-law living with Joseph Leroy O'Neal and his wife Jennie.  That makes her Jennie Rardin.  I also have the death certificate of Jennie O'Neal listing her father's name as Rardon.  Jennie O'Neal was born about 1840 as was John N. Rardin's daughter Tabitha J. Rardin.  Is Tabitha J. Rardin and Jennie Rardin O'Neal the same person?  Contact:  R. O'Neal

  D.  Malinda Rardin, unmarried.

2. Jane Rardin
born 1783 Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania and died 1848 Meigs County, Ohio. Married Samuel Coleman (1777-1854). Children’s names unknown.

3. Henry Rardin
born abt 1785 Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Married Jane Mullen 1812 Washington County, Ohio.
   A.  Phoebe Rardin, b. 1812 Washington County, Ohio, d. 7 April 1877 Putnam County, Ohio married (1) Moses Woodruff 24 Sept 1829 Washington County, Ohio {had 10 children Lewis Bradshaw Woodruff (1830-1877), Nancy Ellen Woodruff (1833-?), Hannah Woodruff (1834-1840), William Henry Woodruff (1836-1862), Moses Kester Woodruff (1839-1908), Daniel Harrison Woodruff (1841-1927), Mary Jane Woodruff (1845-1903), Phoebe Ann Woodruff (1846-?), Cornelius Jasper Woodruff (1848-1865) and Phoebe Woodruff (1852-1877)} and (2) Josephus Wood 13 Sept 1866 Putnam County, Ohio.

   B.  Jacob Rardin
, b. abt. 1814, married Samantha Travis 26 June 1834 Washington County, Ohio, children – Sarah J. Rardin (abt 1835-?), Daniel Rardin (1837-?), Charles H. Rardin (1840-?), Amos Rardin (1844-?), Nancy Rardin (1847-?) and Mary Rardin (1849-?)

   C. John Rardin/Rarden, b. Ohio, died 1888 near Dodge City, Kansas,  married Amazilla Green Emerson 11 Feb. 1836. Had children:  Lavinia Rardin, b. 1854 Ohio, m. ______ Scott, Amazilla was living with her in 1900 Kaneha, Ill census;  Lyman Franklin Rardin, b. 20 January 1837 Ohio, m. Arminta Stafford 19 January 185_ in Huber Springs (Cabell), WV.  Also possibly a David and a James.  Ended up in Kansas near and in Dodge City.
(Information from family Bible owned by Reba Rarden, deceased:  Lyman Franklin Rarden (Jan 20 1837 - Feb 7 1917, married Arminta Stafford (Feb 2, 1837 - Nov 19, 1899) in Huber Springs (Cabell) WV on Jan 19, 1860.
Mary Louisa (Nov 4, 1862 - Nov 11, 1906) married Thomas McLean
James Stafford (Aug 25, 1864 - Aug 25, 1897) married 1.  Jennie Stalker and 2.  Esta Mae Flinn in Dodge City KS on Aug 25, 1897
Joseph Edward (June 6, 1865 - May 11, 1928) married Berta Emma Kruse
John (Sept 18, 1867 - May 11, 1940) married Elizabeth Wakeman
Louvenia Anne (Seppt 27, 1872 - Dec 24, 1890) married George Harry Root in MO.
All the children were born in WV.  Some are listed as born in VA on the census.)
Above information from Sue Rarden 

    D.  Elizabeth Rardin

    E.  Moses Rardin


4. Mary Rardin born 1788 Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania and died 1856 Granville, Iowa. Married (1) Amos Bartlett (1777-1815) 16 Sept 1806 in Washington County, Ohio and (2) Andrew Currier and (3) John Hildebrand.
  A.  Hannah Bartlett (1807-1891) married Alexander Randall (1808-1868), children – Salina Randall (1831-?),Mary / Elizabeth Randall (1835-?), Caroline Randall (1844-?), Andrew Jackson Randall (1837-?) and Amos Randall (1846-?).

   B. Amos Bartlett (JR) (1811-1875) married (1) Elizabeth Jarrett (1811-1889) and ? (2) Susan _____, children – Andrew J. Bartlett (1837-1916), Mary Elizabeth Bartlett (1831-1889), Amos Bartlett (1839-1912), George Bartlett (1841-?), Marion Bartlett (1843-?), William Bartlett, Augusta Bartlett (1834-1840?) and Jasper/Jerry Bartlett (1848-?).

   C.  Salina Bartlett
, married James Petty, children – Clementina Petty, Alexandria Petty, Mary Petty, Rebecca Petty and Dudley Petty.

   D.  Lucy Bartlett
, married Tom Reubel, children – Eva Reubel and Walter Reubel.

   E.  Iowa Bartlett
, married Amos Davis, children – 3 names unknown

   F.  Jacob Bartlett
(1814-?) married Margaret Reubel, children – Susan Bartlett (1839-1920), Lucy Bartlett (1841-1920), Celinda / Salina Bartlett, Owen Bartlett and Otis Bartlett.

  G.  Andrew Currier
, married Emmaline __________.

   H.  Emily Ann Hildebrand
, married William Griffith.

5. David Rardin born 19 May 1790 Pennsylvania, died  22 Feb1867 Jackson County, West Virginia buried Sherman, West Virginia. Married (1) Margaret Elizabeth DeWitt (1790?-1823) 22 Jan 1810 in Washington County, Ohio and (2) Elizabeth Buffington Barringer (1796-1889) on 5 July 1827 in Meigs County, Ohio..
   A.  Malinda Rardin, b. 1 April 1811, married Peter Romine.

   B.  Nancy Rardin
, b. 15 Sept 1812 Jackson County, West Virginia, married Abel Sycoc 5 June 1840 in Jackson County, Virginia.  He was born 1794 Franklin County, Pennsylvania and died 1879 in Jackson County, West Virginia..

   C.  John Rardin
, b. 17 Aug 1814.

   D.  Hannah Rardin
, b. 17 Aug. 1816.

    E.  Mary Ann Rardin
, b. 25 Jan. 1828, married (1) David Whitcomb and (2) Jefferson Gardner 1844.

   F.  David Whitcomb Rardin
, b. 12 Jan 1830/1831, married Susan/Susana Bowen 13 Oct 1850 in Jackson County, Virginia.  She was born 1835 and died 1895 in Jackson County, West Virginia.  Children:  1.  John J. Rardon born 1850 in Jackson County, West Virginia, married C. A. Romine 6 June 1872 in Jackson County, Virginia.  2.  Charles W. Rardon was born abt 1855.  3.  David W. Rardon was born 1856 in Jackson County, West Virginia and died 1904 in Jackson County, West Virginia.  (Info from Larry Knarr)

   G.  Samuel Coleman Rardin
, b. 6 Dec 1832, d. 3 July 1894, married (1) Hannah Safried (1834?-1868) on 19 Sept 1852  and (2) Henrietta Staats Sargent in 1869.  Had 7 children with 1st wife and 5 children with 2nd wife.  1.  Anna Elizabeth Rardin born 10 Jan 1853.  2.  George Washington Rardin born 14 Nov 1854.  3.  Asa Ambrose Rardin  born 23 Jan 1857.  4.  Samuel Elzy Rardin born 5 April 1859.  5.  Joseph McClellen Rardin born 15 Aug 1862.  6.  William H. H. Rardin born 28 Sept 1864 and died 9 April 1959.  7.  John Laken Rardin born and died Sept 1868.  8.  Edward Everett Rardin born 24 June 1870.  9.  David Monroe Rardin born 5 Jan 1872 and died abt. 1874.  10.  Albert Grant Rardin born 21 July 1873 and died about 1874.  11.  Ulysses Franklin Rardin born 4 Oct 1874.  12.  Mary Ellen Rardin born 5 Oct 1876 in Jackson County, West Virginia and died 20 May 1962 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, married (1) William George Little 3 Jan 1894 in Sherman, West Virginia.  He was born 17 Sept 1867 in Monroe County, Ohio and died 15 July 1922 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  She married (2) John Lewes Marsch 3 May 1923 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  He was born 2 April 1880 and died 29 Sept 1961. (Info from Larry Knarr)

   H.  William Henry Harrison Rardin
, b. 31 Oct. 1836 in Jackson County, West Virginia, married Sarah Hall 7 Dec 1857 in Jackson County, Virginia.  She was born 1836 in Jackson County.  Children:  1.  William H. H. Rardon born 1853 and 2.  Edward Rardon born 1859.  (Info from Larry Knarr)


6. John Woodruff Rardin born 27 Nov 1792 Pennsylvania and died 1866 Muses Bottom, West Virginia. Married Martha Dewitt (sister of Margaret, wife of his brother David). Had 15 children.
   A.  William Rardin, b. 1817.

   B.  Nancy Rardin
, b. 1819, married Henry Lang/ Lange.

   C.  Hannah Rardin
, b. 1821.

   D.  Elizabeth Rardin
, b. 1824, married George Carter.

   E.  Margaret Rardin
, b. 1826, married Samuel Landon/ Langdon.

   F.  John DeWitt Rardin
, b. 1828, married Mary Burch.

   G.  Eliza Jane Rardin
, b. 1830, married Samuel Coleman.

   H.  Samuel Rardin
, b. 1832, married Melissa Birch/Burch, children – Porter Rardin, Ella Rardin, Ott Rardin, Isaac? Rardin and Clarence Rardin..

   I.  Thomas Rardin
, b. 1834, d. 1899, married Rowena Statts ( 1839-1906), children – Margaret Elizabeth Rardin, Edward Everett Rardin, William Harrison Rardin, Samuel Rardin, Martha Henrietta Rardin, Clara Belle Rardin, Francis Marshall Rardin, Harriett Rardin, Thomas E. Rardin, Robert Wellington Rardin, Anna Roena Rardin, John Sherman Rardin and Noah Sheridan Rardin.

   J.  Polly Ann Rardin
, b. 1836, married Grosvener Rowley.

   K.  Charlotte Rardin
, b. 1838, married Joseph Daugherty.

   L.  Martha Rardin
, b. 1840.

   M.  William Rardin
, b. 1843. (Died in Civil War?)

   N.  Isaac Rardin
, b. 1847. (Died in Civil War?)

   O.  Alexander
, died young.

7. Samuel Rardin born 5 April1794 Pennsylvania and died 4 June 1890 Waterville, Minnesota. Married (1) Charity / Charlotte Herrington/Harrington (1799-1825) 21 May 1817 in Washington County, Ohio and (2) Malinda Lemira Fairbanks Simpson/Simson 1826 in Muskingum County, Ohio. Malinda b. 6 July 1804 in Muskingum County, Ohio and was the daughter of Samuel Fairbanks and unknown Black.  She was the widow of Charles John Simson and they had two daughters, Harriet Simson and Mary Ann Simson b. 9 Nov 1823 and married Samuel Hauskins - info from Brushaber) and (3) Annie Palmer 14 Sept 1857 in Frankfort, Moore County, Minnesota. Had 4 children by 1st wife and 5 children by 2nd wife. (Family tradition is that Samuel came home from the mill and found that Charlotte had died giving birth to a girl.  Charlotte is buried on Buffington Island which at the time was owned by Joseph and Cloe Buffington - info from D. H. Brushaber)
Children: (All children were born in Muskingum County, Ohio {Brushaber} ).
   A.  Martin Rardin, b. 19 April 1819, married Anna Cocanour, children – Mary C. Rardin, Lorenzo Rardin, Josephine Rardin and Uriah Rardin.

   B.  John Rardin
, {Line of Deborah Hart Brushaber} b. 22 Feb 1822, d. 2 Dec 1894, married Eliza Hitchcock on 4/8 June 1848.  She was born 10 Oct 1826 Fairfield County, Ohio and died 17 April 1906 in Leipsic, Ohio. She is the daughter of Lloyd Hitchcock and Sarah Bressler.  Both buried in Harmon's cemetery, Leipsic, Ohio., children – Mary A. Rardin b. 26 May 1849 Gilboar, Ohio, d. 14 Nov 1934 Leipsic, Ohio, married 3 May 1866 Leonard Wood who was born 8 Mar 1839 and died 23 Mar 1902, they had no children., Sarah Rardin b. 18 July 1851 Gilboa, Ohio, d. 31 Dec 1877, never married., Alice Almeda Rardin b. 1 Oct 1855 Gilboa, Ohio, d. 27 Dec 1924 Toledo, Ohio, buried in Forest Cemetery, Toldeo, Ohio; married 28 Nov 1880 in Ottawa, Putnam County, Ohio to Dilman Franklin McDorman b. 25 Oct 1857 in Rockingham County, Virginia, d. 13 Aug 1953 inToldeo, Ohio, buried in Forest Cemetery, he was son of James McDorman and Rhoda Watson..

b. 1848

, b. 1825.

   E.  Malinda Lemira Rardin
, b. 23 April 1827, d. 29 Nov. 1884, buried in Harmon Cemetery, Leipsic, Ohio;  married (1) Samuel M. Weston on 20 Oct 1844 in Ft. Wayne, Indiana and (2) John H. Blunk on 25 Jan 1857.  Children:  1.  Eliza Jane Weston b. 4 May 1846 and d. 27 Oct 1851.  2Sarah Ann Weston b. 15 Aug 1848 Whitley County, Indiana, last known to live in Columbus Grove, Ohio.  3.  Henry G. Weston b. 18 Feb 1851 Henry County, Indiana, last known to live in Hillsdale County, Michigan.  4.  William W. Weston  b. 22 Aug 1853 and d. 25 May 1870.  5.  Mary Hetta Weston b. 12 June 1857 and d. 23 May 1870.  6.  John H. Blunk, Jr.  b. 18 Feb 1860 Marshal County, Indiana, last known to live in Blufton, Allen County, Ohio.  7.  Mathew Adrain Blunk  b. 14 Feb 1863 Leipsic, Ohio, last known to live in Wenner, Arkansas.   8.  Samuel Martin Blunk b. 12 Feb 1866 Leipsic, last known to live in Rawson, Handcock County, Ohio.  9.  Charles E. Blunk b. 8 July 1869 Leipsic, Ohio, last known to live in Lima, Ohio.  (All info from D. H. Brushaber)

   F.  Samuel Rardin
, b. 9 Sept 1829.

   G.  Nelson Flint Rardin
, b. 16 Dec 1832.

   H.  Eliza Rardin
, b. 26 July 1836.

   I.  William Rardin
, b. 31 May 1839, married __________, children – Sarah Rardin, Malinda Eliza Rardin, Samuel Jesse Rardin, Nelson Amos Rardin, Laura Etta Rardin, William Edward Rardin, Mary Alice Rardin, Amanda Charlotte Rardin and Albert Andrew Rardin.

8. Elizabeth Rardin born Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, married Thomas Jones, children – Samuel Jones, Thomas Jones and Mary Jane Jones,.

9. Moses Rardin born 6 Aug 1809 Washington County, Ohio died 1881 Yankton, South Dakota?, buried Milltown South Dakota cemetery. Married: (1) Calesta Cowee Burphy on 1 June 1832 Washington County, Ohio (had 3 children) and (2) Samantha Webster Summers in 1845 (had 2 children) and (3) Mary J. Bartlett 1 July 1852.
  A.  Columbus Jethro Rardin b. 1834, d. 1919, married Lucy Bartlett (1841-1920, her father Jacob Bartlet was the oldest child of Amos Bartlett and Mary Rardin who was a daughter of John, the son of Dennis)), children –  Mary Belle Rardin, Armstrong Owen Rardin, Calista Effie Hope Rardin, M. Jay Rardin and Lucy Julia Rardin.

   B.  Diantha Rardin
, b. 1835, d. 1854.

   C.  Romulous Rardin
, b. 1837, d. 1838.

   D.  Melessa Rardin
, b. 1847.

   E.  William Wesley Rardin
, b. 1849, d. 1904, married Amanda Ellen Congrove, Children – William Henry Rardin, Mattie Rardin, Mary Rardin, Albert Moses Rardin, Mae Rardin, Thomas Rardin, Myrtle Rardin, Charles Rardin, Francis "Frank" Rardin and Edward Rardin.




3. Henry A. Rardin
Born: 17 Nov 1756 Virginia or Bedford County, Pennsylvania
   Died: 17 Oct 1855 Wesley Township, Washington County, Ohio
   Buried: Smith Cemetery, Wesley Township,
                        Washington County, Ohio
   Married: Elizabeth Hull abt 1788 in Georgetown, Pennsylvania
                 Born: 1762
                 Died: 1836 Wesley Township,
                                Washington County, Ohio
                 Buried Smith Cemetery, Wesley Township

1. Moses Rardin, born about 1790 Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Died 1844 Elk Township, Athens County, Ohio. Lived near McArthurstown, Elk Township which became part of Vinton County in 1850. Married (1) Rebecca Minton 4 May 1812, Ohio (2) Ruth Curry? Hill on 17 Oct 1822 Washington County, Ohio [Hill family researchers do not show Ruth Hill to have Curry in her name] and (3) Sally Ann Catlin in Athens County, Ohio . Children: None Known.  A 1874 Hill family letter indicates that Moses Rardin and Ruth Hill may have adopted 2 or 3 children, one burned to death in childhood and another was living with her at the time of her death.

2. John Rardin, born 1792 Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Died 1853 Athens County, Ohio. Married Nancy King.
   A.  Martha Rardin, died 1868, married Dan Stephens

  B.  Melvina Rardin, 
married James VanBibber

   C.  Rebecca Rardin,
married ______ Carr

D. Moses Rardin

    E.  Isaac Rardin

    F.  Henry Rardin

G. John Rardin died 1910.

3. Rebecca Rardin, born abt 1794 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Married Joseph/Jacob Minton 4 May 1812/1813 Washington County, Ohio.
A. John Minton

    B.  Isaac Minton

    C.  Charles Minton

    D.  Elizabeth Minton

E. Rebecca Minton

4. Sarah Rardin born about 1795 Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Married: (1) John Jarrett and (2) John Anders.
  A. John Jarrett married Amanda Roberts.

5. William Rardin born 29 April 1797 Georgetown, Pennsylvania. Died 11 December 1876 Athens County, Ohio. Buried Mt. Hermon Church, Bern Township, Athens County, Ohio. Married: Elizabeth Anders/Andrews 2 April 1818 Washington County, Ohio.
  A.  Mahitable Rardin,  born 28 November 1818, died 1 June 1844, married Peter Cook, no known children.

  B.  Sarah Ann Rardin
born 15 December 1820, married Hines Selby 12 November 1840, 12 children – Oliver Alonzo Selby b. 27 Sept 1841, died young; Mary Elizabeth Selby b. 8 Dec 1842, d. 26 Nov. 1850; John William Selby b. 10 Mar. 1844; George Dyar Selby b. 1 April 1846; Mahitable Tibitha Selby b. 31 Aug. 1847; David Henry Selby b. 3 May 1849, d. 28 Jan 1876; Sarah Jane Selby b. 26 Dec 1850; Sanford Perry Selby b. 28 Dec. 1853; James Oscar Selby b. 23 Oct 1855; Prudence Ann Selby b. 26 Jan 1859, d. 26 April 1872; Samuel Vanlaw Selby b. 29 June 1860; Roena Rardin Selby b. 27 Feb. 1862.

  C.  Levi Rardin, 
born 12 Jan 1823, died 4 Oct 1867, married Fanny L. Selby 24 Feb 1848, 6 children – Jared Johnson Rardin b. 30 Nov. 1848; Williard Wallace Rardin b. 28 Jan 1850, d. 16 April 1908, married Hannah Endicott; Charles Christopher Rardin b. 20 Dec. 1851, d. 16 Sept. 1867; Eunice Ernestine Rardin b. 9 Nov. 1854, d. 5 March 1883; Elizabeth Emmeline Rardin b. 12 Feb. 1857, d. 17 Oct 1867; Joseph Spangler Rardin b. 25 Dec. 1862, d. 7 March 1945.

  D.  Agnes Rardin, 
b. 2 June 1826, married John Parkins, 5 children – Lucy Parkins, Mary Parkins, Levina Parkins, George Marshall Parkins and William Parkins.

  E.  Elizabeth Rardin, 
b. 27 Aug 1829, d young.

  F.  Rebecca Rardin, 
b. 9 Nov 1832, married Elijah Hanson, 8 children – Almeda J. Hanson, Jarvis E. Hanson, Julia B. Hanson, George Washington Hanson, Eliza A. Hanson, Alice S. Hanson, William R. Hanson and Eliza E. Hanson.

   G.  George Squires Rardin,
, b. 9 May 1835, d. 1855.

  H.  Mary Adaline Rardin
b. 24 April 1837, married Iddo Hanson, 4 children – Isaac Newton Hanson, Agnes Parkins Hanson, Warren Selby Hanson and Fanny Rebecca Hanson.

   I.  William Henry Rardin,
b. 13 Aug 1839 and died 1907, married Cynthia C. Cordray, 7 children – Betty Rardin m. Arthur Gifford and had 3 children, Carey Rardin died young, Fannie Rardin m. George Fawcett and had 4 children, Frank Rardin m. Lillian B. Underwood, Sally Rardin died young, Josphine Rardin m. Harry Bingman and had 1 child and Levi Rardin (1869-1956) m. Anna Eliza Potts and had 9 children:  1.  Orin Wayne Rardin (1894-1942) m. Opal Ryan and had 3 children, 2.  Blanche Rardin (1896-1974) m. Virgil Hall and had 3 children, 3.  Rose Marie Rardin (1897-1998) m. Melvin Cline, 4.  Russell Rardin (1900-1958) m. Orie Wiseman and had 2 children, 5.  Cynthia Mary Rardin (1902-1975) m. Willis Warden Heaton and had 4 children, 6.  Icel Rardin (1904-?) m. Dorsey Carter and had 2 children, 7.  Alice Lucille Rardin (1907-1988) m. Roderick Bird, 8.  Virginia Francis Rardin (1911-1927) and 9.  Anna Lois Rardin (1915-1961) never married.  [Information from C. R. Stout ]

6. James Rardin, born 3 July 1800, died 27 August 1889 Washington County, Ohio, married Sarah Lewis 11 Nov 1825 Washington County, Ohio
   A.  Daniel Rardin, b. 5 May 1826, d. 16 June 1861, married Zelina E. Pierrot, 5 children – Viola Rardin, Esther Ann Rardin, Annola Rardin, James Rardin and Lena Rardin.

   B.  Ruth Rardin,
b. 29 Dec 1828, d. 3 July 1850.

  C.   Charlotte Rardin,
, b. 11 Oct 1829, married Abram Zumbro, 5 children – Sarah Catharine Zumbro, John Zumbro, Daniel Zumbro, James Zumbro and Mary Rebecca Zumbro.

   D.  Eli Rardin,
b. 12 Oct 1831, married Rowena Lawrence, 2 children – Jesse Rardin (female) and Rowena Rardin.

   E.  Andrew Rardin,
b. 26 Dec 1833, married Eunice Maines, 3 children – George Rardin, Margaret Rardin and Ruth Rardin.


7. Henry Rardin (JR), born 1802 Georgetown, Pennsylvania, died 17 Jan 1851 Washington County, Ohio, married (1) Catherine Cradlepaugh 6 Aug 1825 Washington County, Ohio and (2) Eleanor Ferris, 5 children by first marriage.
  A.  Olive Rardin b. 1826, d. 6 Feb 1839.

   B.  Lovina Rardin
, b. 17 Jan 1828, d. 13 Feb. 1856, married Jare Selby.

   C.  Almira Rardin,
b. 1830, d. 4 Jan 1844.

  D.  Sardine Rardin
b. Oct 1832, d. 25 Jan 1838 (male).

   E.  Albert Rardin,
b. 1835, married Martha Ann Lundy, 2 children – Levina Jane Rardin and Franklin Llewellyn Rardin.


8. Samuel Rardin, born 1804 Georgetown, Pennsylvania, died 28 March 1858 Washington County, Ohio, married Sarah "Sallie?" Green Cowee 30 Oct 1827 Washington County, Ohio, 7 children.
  A.  Rhoda A. Rardin,  b. 1827, married _____ Frasher.

  B.  Quincy J. B. Rardin, 
b. 24 Sept 1827, d. 7 Dec 1853.

  C.  Clarinda Rardin
b. 25 Apr 1831, married Charles Morrow.

   D. Jacob Cowee Rardin
b. 1836 Plymouth,  Washington County, Ohio died 1912 Ky, buried Cattlesburg Cemetery. Married Olivia R. McClure in South Point Ohio.  He was manager of Hotel Alger House in Cattlesburg, KY.  Family history says that Samuel Rardin came down the Ohio River on a log raft with two brothers from the Rardin Bottoms which is now Pittsburg.  He got off at Mariette, Ohio and the two other brothers went further down the river. (Grandson JCR III still going strong and on the Net at age 85!)

  E.  William H. H. Rardin, 
b. 1836, d. 1885.

  F.  Charles A. Rardin, 
b. 1847, d. 1870.

  G.  Nora Rardin, 
married _____ Hamilton