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The following is information collected on Civil War participants.

Civil War participants with the Rardin / Reardon name and its more than 30 spelling variations are listed.  Not all of those listed belong to the John and Dennis Rardin/Reardon lines.  There are probably many duplications

Listed alphabetically by first name and further by regiment number and State.  Names A-J        Names K-Z    

First name listing by States Names By State 

You will need to further verify all of the information yourself,  as the printed records are not clear, conclusive or confirmed.

Also:  Not all of our kinsfolk supported "Mr. Lincoln's War".  For information on those who opposed this war, go to  Opposed to War   .  

Desertion - Deserters:  Several individuals are listed as Deserters.  Before you accept this as fact, you should research the circumstances.  Historians list the following reasons for Desertion during the Civil War.
1.  True deserter.
2.  Went home to plant crops and help family.
3.  They were "bounty jumpers".  They enlisted for financial incentives, collected them and vanished.  Many probably repeated this several times.
4.  Killed or Missing In Action or were unaccounted for after battle.
5.  If wounded and from the East coast, some East Coast politicians sent wounded soldiers home from the hospital with no formal discharge saying they could recover better at home.
6.  Thought their term of enlistment was up and went home.
7.  Lost contact with their unit and joined another or transferred units without proper paperwork.
8.  During the last months of the war, military recording keeping was not accurate.

If you have additional Civil War veterans to add,  bios, corrections or additional information for those listed,
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