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John Rardin/Reardon SR, an Irish immigrant who settled on the Western Pennsylvania Frontier was the father of seven known children: Thomas, John, William, Moses, Timothy, Jacob and Nellie.  This is a listing of the first three and sometimes four generations of his descendants.

NEW - A new page with a very basic outline of the line
            of Dennis Rardin brother of John Rardin SR.

The information is compiled from various researchers who have shared their information starting with the 1892 History of the Rardin Family compiled by J. K. (James Knox) Rardin of Charleston, Illinois.  Also  check the following for more extensive individual listings:



The listings are far from complete.  By working together and sharing our information and sources perhaps we can gather an accurate accounting of these generations.
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About Me:  I am a descendant of John Rardin JR and grew up on one of the original Rardin farms settled by the family in 1842 when they immigrated from Campbell and Pendleton Counties in Kentucky to Rardin, Morgan Township,  Coles County, Illinois. 
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