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WILLIAM ROY RAMBO was the son of James Roy Rambo and Essie Bee Criddle. He was born July 27, 1939 in Houston, Ms.  and died March 27, 2000. He was buried March 31, 2000 in Resurrection Cemetery.

He was known to most relatives as William Roy, but later many people called him "Bill".

He was married twice. First to Effie Jane Reno. They had one daughter Jane Sue  Rambo. Effie Jane and Bill divorced.

His second marriage was to Judy. Judy and Bill did not have children together but Judy had six children when they married. These six children treated Bill the same as if he had been their real father. 

William Roy fought a hard battle with cancer. His voice became hoarse and the doctor said it was allergies. After a few months he was checked again and it was determined that he had a tumor in his throat. As it turned out he had more than one tumor in the throat, one being in his voice box. He had a trach done and they removed his voice box along with the tumors. It was hard but he did learn to speak with a voice device. The next site of the cancer was both lungs. Even though he lost the battle he was a lucky fellow in the fact that he had so much support from his wife and family.


Bill  moved from Arkansas with his parents about 1956. He worked in the Chicago meat packing houses first as a beef handler and then he trained to become a butcher. In later years he opened a sewer service business and did that off an on for years.

Judy and Bill moved from Chicago to KY. Lake. They really enjoyed the lake and that area until Bill became so ill and needed to go for chemo treatments. At that point they moved to Oak Lawn (a suburb of Chicago) which was near the hospital he went to for treatment.

Social Security Info
William RAMBO 
    Birth Date: 27 Jul 1939 
    Death Date: 27 Mar 2000 
    Social Security Number:  429-70-8382 
    State or Territory Where Number Was Issued:  Arkansas
  Death Residence Localities
    ZIP Code: 60453 
    Localities:  Oak Lawn, Cook, Illinois


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