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Herbert (born 1861) and Anne Ralls (nee Scandrett, 1866-1930), my great-grandparents


... to this website dedicated to the genealogy of the Ralls family in New Zealand and, in particular, the family connections of Graham Ralls, hereinafter referred to as "the author" or "Hey you".  I hope you enjoy your visit.

Here you will find genealogy information and biographical notes about my family tree as well as pages relevant to my computer-related interests and studies.

Links to searchable family trees, photographs, a 19th-century shipwreck as well as research notes and explanations can all be found by browsing through the various sections.

Please feel free to browse using the navigation menu on the left or the links in the heading panel, which lead to the various sections of this site.

Links that open new pages when clicked on will also be found within this text, either as blue-coloured text or blue headings. All links to pages outside the scope of this website will open in a new page.  Close these pages when you have finished with them to return to this website.

If you are a newcomer to this website, jump right in by clicking some of the links below to open new and/or important pages.  Or don't.

What's New   This page contains notes about recent changes, updates and new material presented with the most-recent news at the top.

Family Pages   An introduction to some of the family names that are connected to my own, as well as a place to search for connections to yours.  Links to various biographical notes, photographs and history are also found here.

Stuff   Everything else.  Things connected to my interest and studies in computers and programming, things that amuse or interest me as well as my own disjointed weblog (or blog to the initiated) and stories about my travels and peregrinations.

Shipwreck   Read about my family connection to the helm of an immigrant sailing ship wrecked on the coast of New Zealand in 1878.

Guestbook   Did I mention the Guestbook?  Please sign in and leave a message, or indicate your burning desire to be included in our mailing list.

Sitemap   A text-based index of all the pages contained in this site, presented as hyperlinks that allow you to navigate anywhere from one central location by clicking on a page of your choice.

Photograph?   The fine couple in the photograph at the top of this page are my paternal great-grandparents, Herbert Ralls (born 1861) and Anne (nee Scandrett, 1866-1930).


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