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Smith Family I am searching for my birth family. I was born March 1, 1955 in Kansas City, Missouri to James Smith Jr. and Ann Carmicheal. They must have left there for Flint, Mich right after this because in June 1955 I was taken away from them in Flint Mich My Birth name was Joyce Smith. Their rights to was terminated March 1, 1956 and I was adopted by Harvey Granger and Marion.My name was changed to Mary Granger. Last known address for James and Ann Smith was in 1959 they lived at 4515 Karoly St Flint Mich . The Puzzle for me is I also have a older sister who was Margurite Smith she was born Dec.21, 1953 in Flint Mich to James Smith And Ann Carmicheal and they lived at the same address as in 1959 so why was I born in Missouri. Possibly there might be family in Missouri and also in michigan. I want to find all my relatives and do a complete genealogy study for me and my sister and her family.

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