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A connection between these twelve participants has not been determined although with the matches to David D. RAINEY and William RAINEY of Caswell/Orange Co. NC research is concentrating in that area.


Test kits 9435, 10680, 12090 and 66172 trace their lineages to David D. RAINEY b ca 1753, mar Jiney ?, d Aug 1802 Orange Co. NC. Will names eight ch: (1) David Lemuel RAINEY b ca 1773 mar Nancy Davis 1798, d 1829; (2) James RAINEY b 1775 Orange Co. NC mar 1802 to Elizabeth Barbee, d after 1840; (3) Jiney RAINEY; (4) Margaret “Peggy” RAINEY mar Samuel Cole 1810 Orange Co. NC; (5) Mary RAINEY; (6) Susannah RAINEY; (7) Catherine RAINEY mar William Horne; (8) John RAINEY mar Haley Warren. Most of the research has been done on the David Lemuel RAINEY line and James RAINEY line.


David Lemuel RAINEY and Nancy Davis had nine ch: (1) Catherine RAINEY b 1800 mar in 1818 to Thomas Sowell d 1844; (2) Chesley Orren RAINEY b 1802, mar ca 1824 Sarah Barbara White, d 1866 Greene Co. MO; (3) William RAINEY b 1804, mar 1826 Persia Pipkin, d 1860 Dunklin Co. MO; (4) Anderson Comer RAINEY b 1807, mar 1833 Hannah A. Estes, d 1855; (5) Doctor RAINEY b ca 1812, mar Catherine ?, d bef 1885 Stoddard Co. MO; (6) Nancy C. RAINEY b 1813 mar Isaac White; (7) Mary RAINEY b 1815 mar Joseph Benjamin Howell ca 1833; (8) Sarah RAINEY b 1816; (9) David Pinkney RAINEY b 1817 mar first Margaret Minerva Andrews, mar second Dorothy Jane Dennis in 1857, d 1888 Cache Co. UT.  Test kit 9435 is a descendant of Doctor RAINEY through his son James C. RAINEY b 1836 mar Malinda?, d 1888 Stoddard Co. MO.


James RAINEY has two known ch: (1) Young E. RAINEY b 1807, mar 1829 to Elizabeth Guess, moved to Carroll Co. TN by 1848, d 1889 Carroll Co. TN and (2) William F.T. RAINEY b 1810; moved to Carroll Co. TN by 1836, d 1848. Test kit 10680 is a descendant of Moses Paul RAINEY b Oct 1833 who mar Martha Gibson.


Test kit 9788 traces his lineage to William RAINEY of Orange Co. NC b ca 1737, d after 1811, mar Mary Able. The only known descendant was his son Benjamin RAINEY b 8 Oct 1758 in Orange Co. NC, served in Revolutionary War, mar Nancy Sullinger 4 Mar 1777, d 5 May 1811 on Haw River at which time the obituary indicates his father was still living. Nancy Sullinger was b 14 Aug 1758 Orange Co. NC and d 16 June 1826. Both are buried in Rainey Cemetery in Alamance Co. NC. Their ch were: (1) Rachel RAINEY b 6 Mar 1778, mar Michael Holt Jr.; (2) Rebecca RAINEY b 10 Apr 1780 mar 1st William Mebane and 2nd John King; (3) William RAINEY b 25 Feb 1782 mar Sarah “Sally”?; (4) Mary “Polly” RAINEY b 1784 mar Neal Buchanan Rose; (5) Isaac RAINEY b 1786 mar Elizabeth H. Kirk; (6) Benjamin Able RAINEY b 13 June 1788 mar 1st Nancy Ann Cannon Portess; (7) Elizabeth “Betsy” B. RAINEY b 10 May 1791 mar William Holt; (8) Nancy Mitchen RAINEY b 6 June 1795 mar Thomas Sellars Jr.; (9) John Sullinger RAINEY b 3 June 1797 mar Elizabeth Jane Sweeney; (10) Sarah S. “Sallie” RAINEY b 8 Feb 1800 mar John Nashville Malone; (11) Emily Mildred “Milly” RAINEY b 4 Feb 1801 mar George Jordan. Test kit 9788 is a descendant of John Sullinger RAINEY.


Test kit 7435 traces his lineage to D.M. “Jack” RAINEY b 1853 TN, mar 1886 Nancy Bassett in Lawrence Co. AR, d 1904 in Eastern AR.  Paper documentation on this line is very sketchy and at present only indicates one son Russell RAINEY b 1888 Lawrence Co. AR.   Court records give the marriage as Nancy Bassett to D.M. RAINEY in 1886 and divorce of Nancy RAINEY from J.C. RAINEY in 1891.  Researchers are trying to prove this D.M. RAINEY is David Malone RAINEY, son of Isaac RAINEY and Sarah Robertson of Bledsoe and Marion Co. TN.


Test kit 8044 traces his lineage to David Irwin RAINEY b 11 Dec1798 either Ireland or GA, mar Elizabeth Lawson 1825 in Greene Co. AL, came to Red River Co. TX in 1844, d 19 Dec 1851 in Red River Co. TX.  They had nine children who included:  (1) John Wesley RAINEY mar Elizabeth Clement, (2) Benjamin Franklin RAINEY mar Georgia ?,  (3) Andrew Jackson “Jack” RAINEY, (4) William C. RAINEY b 24 Dec 1833 mar Mary Jane Duke, d 4 Nov 1903 (5) Edward or Edmond RAINEY mar Nannie Bannister, (6) Robert RAINEY, never married (7) Sarah RAINEY mar ? Young (8) Anne RAINEY mar ? Sims; (9) David RAINEY mar Sarah Hayes.  David Irwin RAINEY supposedly had two brothers named George RAINEY and John RAINEY but nothing is known of them.


Test kit 8978 and 12415 trace their lineage to Yancy RAINEY b 1797 NC, mar first to Mary “Polly” Lamb, mar second to Rebecca Romans, lived in Bledsoe Co. TN 1830, came to Madison Co. AR by 1840.  Ch were: (1) William A. RAINEY b 1822 mar first Mary ?, mar second Mahala Doyle; (2) James C. RAINEY b 1829; (3) & (4) two females not yet identified b bet 1825-1830; (5) Nancy RAINEY b 1832 mar Miles Harper, d 1900 Madison Co. AR; (6) John Lamb RAINEY b 1834, mar first Drucilla B. Phillips, mar second Missouri Ann Guthrie, d 1919; (7) George W. RAINEY b 1839, mar first Nancy ?, mar second Ann T. Howard Payne, d 1926 Madison Co. AR.


Test kit 11611 traces his lineage to William RAINEY b ca 1780-85 NC mar 1806 to Sibella Ellis in Sumner Co. TN, then moved to White Co. IL.  The two known sons were Benjamin F. RAINEY b 1807  d 1868 and  John RANEY b ca 1811 d 1843.  There are probably other children not yet identified.  Benjamin F. RAINEY mar Catherine Towell in 1827 and their ch were: (1) Mary L. RANEY b 1829 mar John B. Peak; (2) William J. RANEY b 1832 mar 1st Louisa A Bunch, mar 2nd Margaret Towell; (3) Henry A. RANEY b 1836 mar Sarah Pool; (4) James A. RANEY b 1839; (5) Martha E. RANEY b 1842 mar Robert Wilson; (6) Benjamin F. RANEY Jr. b 1845; (7) Sarah C. RANEY b 1848; (8) Isavilla RANEY b 1850; (9) Matilda J. RANEY b 1852 mar William Satterfield.    John RANEY b ca 1811 mar Sarah Satterfield and their ch were (1) William J. RANEY b 1835 mar Eva Newcomb Wease; (2) Susan F. RANEY; (3) George T. RANEY; (4) Mary A. RANEY; (5) Sarah J. RANEY.  Special Note: Catherine Towell wife of Benjamin F. RAINEY above was the dau of Isaac Towell and Sarah McAdams and Sarah was b 1776 Orange Co. NC dau of Samuel McAdams and Catherine RAINEY.  Catherine RAINEY was b ca 1750 dau of William RAINEY and wife Mary?. 


Test kit 15043 traces his lineage to Isaac RANEY b 1818 MS mar 1 Jan 1840 to Elizabeth McGerrie/McGuire in Winston Co. MS. She was b GA.  They lived 1840 in Leake Co. MS, 1860 & 1870 in Yalobusha Co. MS and 1880 Tallahatchie Co. MS. Isaac d bet 1860-70. Their ch identified through census were: (1) Laura Elizabeth RANEY b 1841 mar Henry Riddle Wolfe; (2) Maranda J. RANEY b 1842 mar George w. Hanks; (3) Mary J. RANEY b 1843 mar W.W. Reynolds; (4) James R. b 1845 mar Sarah E. Welch; (5) Martha S. RANEY b 1847 mar Nathaniel Ward; (6) Wm.? RANEY b 1849; (7) Caroline RANEY b 1850 mar Robert Forrester; (8) Joseph L. RANEY b 1853; (9) Melvina/Levina RANEY b 1856; (10) Isaac RANEY b ca Apr 1860; (11) Willis P. RANEY b 1862 d 1939 mar Mattie J. Little.


Test kit 16403 traces his lineage to Isaac RAINEY b 1792 either NC or SC; mar 1st Elizabeth Waggoner ca 1817 St. Clair Co. IL. Lived Carolinas, Jackson Co. GA, TN, and IL.  Served War of 1812 from Lincoln Co. TN; in  Battle of Horseshoe Bend, Coosa River AL. Their ch were: (1) Jefferson RAINY b 1818 St. Clair Co. IL, mar 3 Dec 1840 Jane E. Lyons; state senator 1874; (2) John RAINEY b 1822 St. Clair Co. IL mar ? Chandler; (3) Ryland RAINEY; (4) George RAINEY mar Nancy Tackett, served Mexican War 1847 d 13 Mar 1863.  Isaac RAINEY mar 2nd Martha Jane Lively 26 Feb 1828 Randolph Co. IL. Their ch were: (1) Emmaline RAINEY mar Elias Borders; (2) Amanda RAINEY; (3) Josephine RAINEY; (4) Caroline RAINEY; (5) James Harvey RAINEY; (6) Commodore Perry RAINEY b 25 Mar 1838 St. Clair Co. IL, mar 1864 Lucinda Catherine Irwin, d 17 June 1918 Macon Co. IL.  Isaac RAINEY d 17 Feb 1871 and 2nd wife Martha d 17 Dec 1865. Both buried Dial Rainey Cem., St. Clair Co. IL.