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Raffety Family Tree

The primary goal of this site is to share family tree research with extended family. However, I also hope to provide some valuable resources to other genealogy enthusiasts. Much of my research is done on

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Surname Links Page

You'll find links to eldest ancestor per surname. A few examples:

Thomas Rafferty 1733-1780 (Raffety)

John Hayles 1575-1651 (Hale)

Catherine Stone 1802-1881 

Jacques Chastain 1598-1675

Richard Flynt 1634-1663

Thomas Isaac Haley 1725-1800

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Raffety Family Portrait 1800s

Friendly disclaimer: family tree research is an ongoing process. Often new information comes to light which can confirm or deny previous theories. Bottom line; genealogy can be speculative in nature. Please be mindful of this process.