Where is Radomyśl Wielki?

coat of arms of Radomysl Wielki
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Radomyśl Wielki is located in the southeastern part of Poland, in the województwo of Podkarpackie; Podkarpackie, which literally means "under the Carpathian Mountains," has a somewhat hillier terrain than most of Poland. The nearest major city is Tarnów, in the województwo of Małapolska (about 16 miles or 27 km to the southwest), while the capital of Podkarpackie, Rzeszów, is about 36 miles (60 km) to the east. Even though Tarnów is closer and is the seat of the Roman Catholic diocese governing Radomyśl Wielki, Rzeszów seems to have had the closer ties to Radomyśl Wielki.

For more information about the Podkarpackie województwo, you can consult the following websites:

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Located in the powiat of Mielec, Radomyśl Wielki is about 8 miles (about 13 km) southwest of the city of Mielec. The following websites can provide more information on Powiat Mielecki or the city of Mielec:

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The town of Radomyśl Wielki is the seat of the gmina of Radomyśl Wielki, which includes the following villages or hamlets:

map of the Gmina of Radomysl Wielki

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