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Sadowski Family from Raczki Area


Agneszika Sadowska:
. . . was listed as the mother of Józef Kozłowski in the latter's 1912 marriage record (Orange County Clerk, New York).
. . . in that same marriage record, Józef's father was listed as Adam Kozłowski.

Aleksandra Sadowska

Not listed on the family map is Aleksandra Sadowska--
. . . the first wife of Józef F. Stelmach.
The New York State Archive (SARA) has a record for the marriage of Józef Stelmach on 26 October 1907 in Schenectady, NY (record #25565); while at the time that I was at the archives I had no way of knowing whom he married, it seems likely that it was Aleksandra Sadowska. However, I do have to verify this.
Grantee records in the Schenectady County Clerk's office show Joseph and Alexandra Stelmach (his wife) purchasing property in 1912.
On the 1916 death certificate of Aleksandra Stelmach, her husband was identified as Joseph Stelmach, 5 5th Avenue, Schenectady.
. . . the daughter of Jan Sadowski and Katarzyna Zabarowska [Zaborowska?].
She was so listed on her death certificate.
. . . born on 12 March 1889 and dying on 14 March 1916.
Her death certificate lists her age as 27 years and 2 days, and identifies her date of birth as 12 March 188--; after doing the math, I assume that the year would read 1889.
According to the death certificate, she died at Glenridge Sanitarium in Glenville, NY (suburb of Schenectady), of tuberculosis.
. . . an immigrant from Rudniki, Poland.
The Ellis Island website has a record of an Alexandra Sadowska arriving from Rotterdam on the Noordam on 14 June 1907.
She was meeting her uncle, K. Zabarowsky [sic], who lived in what looks like Stapleton, Staten Island.
Her hometown was listed as Rudniky.
Her age was listed as 19, which would put her birthdate at around 1888.
Was Aleksandra Sadowska the way in which Józef Stelmach was related to the Ostrowskis? Or was his mother's name (Kozłowska) the way? Or was he related to the Ostrowskis in both ways?


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