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The Ostrowski Family from Raczki



I haven't been able to find out much information about my Raczki ancestors to date, primarily because so many records were destroyed during the ravages of war: for instance, in World War II the German front remained at the Rospuda River for about 3 months.

Consequently, it was no surprise--though such a great disappointment--that when I searched the cemetery, I couldn't find the graves of any known ancestors. Nor, when I stopped into the Gmina offices, was the person helping me able to find the names I was looking for in the extant record books.

I'd already had a glimpse of how sparse the records are in this area when, in contrast to the several rolls of LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints) microfilm dedicated to records from the rural area in southeastern Poland from which my grandmother came, all I'd been able to find in the LDS catalog was one item in one roll of film: Raczki Roman Catholic marriage records for 1841-1845.

To the extent that I can find more information on my family--and I certainly haven't stopped looking--I'll post it on this page. Perhaps you'll find that you're related to me somehow.

For now, though, this is the information that I have; the people for whose relationship to my family I have documentation appear in red, while those about whom I'm uncertain, and about whom I need confirmation, are in blue. Below the image of the family tree is a list of the names on it; if you click on the icon associated with a name, you'll find information about that person on a separate page:

Raczki Family Tree

click here for link  Michał (GGfather)
click here for link  Franciszka
click here for link  Michał (Gfather)
click here for link  Maria
click here for link  Stella
click here for link  Stanisław
click here for link  Józefa
click here for link  Anna
click here for link  Piotr
click here for link  Jan
click here for link  Józef
click here for link  Adam

click here for link  Józef
click here for link  Marianna
click here for link  Rozalia
click here for link  Agneszika   click here for link  Paweł

click here for link  Józef F.
click here for link  Bronisława
click here for link  Franciszek

click here for link  Władysław  
click here for link  Maryanna  
click here for link  Weronika  


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