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Plac Kosciuszki, Raczki
Raczki Links


Click here for link  Gmina Raczki
First appearing on 27 June 2002, this is the official website of the Gmina; it is a Polish-language site.

Click here for link  Dowspuda: Hrabstwo i Gmina [Dowspuda: Earldom and District]
This Polish-language site focuses on various aspects of the Raczki area, particularly from a historical perspective. Subpages provide information on the Gmina of Raczki, the Raczki parish church, and the schools, among others.

Click here for link  Gmina of Raczki
The product of the elementary school in Raczki, this page provides information in Polish about the town.

Click here for link  Zespół Szkół im. gen. Ludwika Michała Paca w Dowspudzie
The school in Dowspuda, just south of the Raczki town limits, is a vocational school located at the foot of the ruins of the Pac Palace.

Click here for link  Festiwal Kultury Celtyckiej Dowspudiej
This website provides information in Polish and pictures of the Celtic festival that is held annually in Dowspuda.

Click here for link  Kurianki
This genealogical webpage of the Wielgos family includes 3 photographs of either Kurianki I or Kurianki II taken in the 1950s.

Click here for link   Aquatica Kayaking Tours
Aquatica is a Raczki kayaking business; on these English-language pages you can see some nice photos and an inviting description of the area.

Click here for link   Rospuda
This site, which offers kayaking trips in the Suwałki region as well as in Lithuania, provides an English description of the Rospuda River.

Click here for link  Bank Spółdzielczy w Rutce Tartak--Oddział w Raczkach
The origin of and contact information for the bank located in Raczki can be found here.

Click here for link  Fence Catalog of Wojciech Konopko
On this site are photos of the kinds of fences made by a Raczki carpenter; two of them are named after Raczki and Dowspuda.

Click here for link   Moja Suwalszczyna
This comprehensive website about the general Suwałki area offers a wealth of pictures, as well as information in Polish.

Click here for link   Diecezja Elcka
The parish of Raczki is in the Diocese of Elk; this is the diocesan webpage (in Polish).

Click here for link  Suwałki/Lomza Interest Group for Jewish Genealogists
As the homepage of this website states, the purpose of the Interest Group is "1) to bring into being a cumulative body of knowledge -- in the English language -- on the Jewish experience within our focus area, and in the process, deepen our understanding of that experience and (2) discover the actual family links among us." Several issues of Landsmen, the group's publication, contain articles relating to Raczki.

Click here for link  Cemetery Project - International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies
If you scroll down this page until you get to the Moczydły entry, you'll be able to read a brief report on the site of the Raczki-area Jewish cemetery.

Click here for link  Turn-of-the-Century Postcards
On this page of the Avotaynu website can be found a scanned image of a postcard depicting turn-of-the-century Raczki. This image, along with images of many other places in Poland and elsewhere, is available for purchase from Avotaynu for what I consider to be a very reasonable fee.

Click here for link  WorldGen Podlaskie Province
This Rootsweb genealogical website offers helpful advice on writing genealogical queries in Polish on its Resource Center subpage.


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