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Jatzvingian Burial Site at Szwajcaria/Suwałki


Szwajcaria--sometimes spelled "Szwajcarja"--is about 3 km northeast of the Suwałki city limits on Route 8, which leads to the Lithuanian border crossing at Budziszko (about 20 km from Suwałki). At the top of a hill, at the end of a long road off of Route 8, it's very easy to miss--but the search is definitely worthwhile. It's a beautiful, forested, peaceful, and quiet connection to an ancient past.

A sign in both Polish and English provides the following information, as well as a drawing depicting a burial:
drawing from sign at site

  • The site is dated from the 2nd to the 5th century C.E.
  • The people associated with it are identified as the "Jacwing's ancestors."
  • The most striking aspect is a burial mound about 6-21 meters wide that consists of several stone layers.
  • Both "crematory and skeletal" graves have been found at the site.
  • Artefacts found in the graves include bronze, iron, glass, and occasionally silver ornaments, pots, tools, and weapons; these artefacts are currently in the Suwałki regional museum and the state archeological museum in Warsaw.
  • "Princes' graves" were particularly richly furnished.
  • Apparently, in later periods, warriors were buried with their horses.

If you click on the following thumbnails, you'll go to a page that presents each in a large and clear (but perhaps slow-loading) format:

link to burial site map
Map of burial site
link to picture of artefacts
Pictures of artefacts
link to cross-section of graves
Cross-section of graves
link to mound
Mound of stones
link to mound
Big Mound of stones
link to mound
Second Mound of stones


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