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The Portal of the Pac PalaceDowspuda
Remains of the Pac Palace


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The Pac Palace, considered by some to be one of the brightest stars of 19th century Polish architecture, was built in the early 1820s by Earl Ludwik Michał Pac, who owned the rights to the Raczki area. The design of this English Gothic structure was begun by Piotr Bosia and finished by Henryk Marconi.

However, the palace had a short life: after the 1830 Uprising against Russia, the lands of the gentry who had participated in the revolt were confiscated by the Czar. The structure fell into ruins, and except for documentation such as the 1855 lithograph by Maksymilian Fajans, all that remain are the front portal, a tower, and the foundation.


The portal illustrates some of the Gothic elements in the design and attests to the magnificence of the original structure. The symbol of the Pac family is carved above the central arch.

View from Portal

Standing inside of the portal provides a view of the path leading to the remains. This path widens into a tree-lined road flanked on the left by cropland and on the right by a soccer field. Further along the road are the residence halls and academic buildings of the vocational school in Dowspuda.


In the upper left corner of this photo of the cellar remains is the back of the portal. The building at upper center appears to have been recently built on the remains of the foundation.


Missing its upper half, this tower stands at the northeast (left rear) corner of the foundation. The woods behind the foundation separate the grounds from the Rospuda River.

southeast corner of ruins

This hexagonal structure at the southeast corner was probably the base of the tower corresponding to the one at the northeast corner.

School Building Windows

These windows on one of the academic buildings of the Dowspuda school echo the Gothic architectural elements of the remains of the palace. I haven't yet been able to discover when the building was erected.


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