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Dolomite Odle mountain in N. Italy Odle mountain range in Dolomites of Northern Italy

Parco Naturale Puze-Odle / Naturpark Puez-Geisler /The Odle(Geisler)-Puez Natural Park

"The Odle-Puez Natural Park consists of the Dolomites of Odle ("Geisler" in German) and Puez Group."

The small Odle mountain group forms the backdrop to the upper Val di Funes, dividing it from Val Gardena, rises at the north-western edge of the Dolomitic region and greets the tourists arriving from the Brenner Pass.

From Santa Maddalena of Val di Funes, the whole range is visible.  The crest jagged crest reaches an altitude of about 3000 meters and gives the appearance of giant needles (Odle, in the Ladin tongue, in fact means "needles").

The southern side of the Odle presents a gentler and more accessible appearance. There is a dense network of paths which lead up to the foot of Odle.

The area is beautifully wooded with pines and affords a wonderful view.

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