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Notes: David Quarles [ca 1760-ca 1845]

October 22, 1786, Pay Voucher for Revolutionary War Service [Book L, Page 355, SC Archives] David was paid L6, 6s, 9d for 71 days Militia Duty. Location and dates of service are not given, but the SC Militia was called up in 1780 due to an increased British threat in the South. Davidís service was verified by Col. Lacy, who was Commander of the Chester County Militia. Mosesí mill in 1780 was in Union County, on the west side of the Broad River near the present Town of Lockhart. Moses, a Loyalist, had been arrested and imprisoned at Ninety-Six, SC. Mosesí wife and younger children apparently moved in with Robert Quarles who had land on Turkey Creek in Chester and York Counties.

June, 1789, [Document found with Service Voucher in SC Archives]. David gave the Service Voucher to Robert Woods in return for 250 acres of land. The Woods [or Wood] family made the same trek as Moses Quarles from Virginia through Granville County, NC, to York County, SC. Penuel Wood was the patriarch of the migrating Wood family. I believe Davidís wife Anna may have been a Wood and that David named his son Penuel after Penuel Wood.

Land Grant Map 19 [Union County Historical Foundation, 1976] David "Qualls" is shown with 265 acres on the east side of the Enoree River just north of Abners Creek, dated 1791. Robert Wood has 250 acres across the River, dated 1786. This 250 acres became ďQuallsĒ property sometime after 1786, according to the map. The east side of the Enoree was [and is] in Spartanburg County while the west side is in Greenville County. The map shows David Qualls with another 334 acres, dated 1785, about three miles north of the land along Abners Creek, and ďPennelĒ Wood with almost 2000 acres and Henry Wood with 220 acres a mile or so north of Davidís 334 acres. [See SC Archives State Plats Vol. 11 page 224, Vol. 17 page 287 and Vol. 28 page 177]

Greenville County, SC Court Minutes, 179-. David Quarles was among several men charged with failing to heed a summons to serve as jurors. David was not prosecuted, so it is possible he had already become a Preacher and was therefore exempt from jury duty.

Deed Books, 1790-1795, Greenville and Spartanburg Counties, SC. David bought land along the Tyger River in Greenville County and along Fairforest Creek in Spartanburg County. It is possible Davidís brother John actually occupied the Fairforest land. It was near the Ward land, home of the widow Nancy Ward whom John married about 1797. By means of several deeds, David sold most [or all] his land along the Tyger and Enoree Rivers before 1795.

Deed Books, 1795-1800, Spartanburg County, SC. Several deeds show David bought about 600 acres of land on the west side of the Pacolet River mostly south of the present US Highway 29 crossing. The members of a small church that is on this land today say the church was established about 1800. It has been moved a hundred yards or so from its original site because of several fires and reconstructions. The oldest grave in the cemetery at the original site goes back to 1813.

Spartanburg County Court Minutes, 1798. David Quarles and Thomas Quarles were sued for some unspecified infringement of civil law. The case was dropped.

Spartanburg County Court Minutes, October 1, 1801. David Quarles was appointed administrator of the estate of Moses Quarles. David Quarles declined to serve and the matter was dropped. When a person died intestate, the oldest available son was often appointed administrator of the estate. Davidís refusal to serve and the Courtís subsequent action probably indicate David was a Preacher and exempt from such duties and that Moses didnít have any estate to administer.

Deed Books, 1800-1810, Spartanburg County, SC. David sold all his Spartanburg County land before 1810 Anna signed the deed in Book I, pages 493-495 [August 8, 1804], indicating she no longer kept dower rights in Spartanburg land. David and Anna moved to Pendleton District, SC, [later Pickens District, later Oconee County]. They settled on the east bank of the Chatooga River about 10 miles south of the NC/SC border and immediately across the river from GA.

Various Pickens District news sources. Reverend David Quarles officiated at weddings.

Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files, R19426. David married Mary Billingsley December 7, 1831 in Pickens District, SC., the part that later became Oconee County, SC. David died about February 19, 1845 in Pickens District, SC. The widow, P.O.Address at Walhalla, SC, applied for Davidís pension August 1, 1871. Congress had passed an act granting pensions to the destitute widows of veterans.

Oconee County, SC. Deed Book 185-. Hubbard Quarles of Oconee County, SC, divided the land of his deceased father, David Quarles, between himself, his brothers John and Robert and Davidís widow Mary Quarles. The land was at the mouth of Whetstone Creek and the Chatooga River. John and Robert lived close by and could appreciate the land. Eleazer may have been dead by the time of the distribution. He died in 1852. David, the fifth of Davidís probable sons died between 1850 and 1858 in Mississippi. Penuel, the sixth, lived until 1882. Penuel got Davidís Bible, which is still in the possession of one of Penuelís descendants.


1790, Greenville County, SC.; David [over 16], 2 males 0-16, 4 females.

1800, Spartanburg County, SC; David [26-45], 1 male 10-16, 4 males 0-10, 1 female 26-45.

1810, Pendleton District, SC; David [over 45], 1 male 16-26, 2 males 10-16, 2 males 0-10, 2 females over 45, 1 female 0-10

1820, Pendleton District, SC; David [over 45], 1 male over 45, 2 females over 45, 1 female 10-16.

1830, Pickens County, SC; David [60-70], 1 male 20-30, 1 female 70-80

1840, [Not found]

1850, Pickens County, SC; Mary Quarles [60] living with William H. Land, 21, Maryís son.

[Research of James Foster: May 6, 2004]

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