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The charge has been made that American politics were never as corrupt as at the present time, but the public record of such officers as Mr. Forncrook is incontrovertible evidence that the statement is not correct. A modern philosopher has said, "You can fool all of the people some of the time; you can fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time." And thus it is that when one is called to public office he must discharge his duties with fidelity and ability lest public opinion will set the stamp of disapproval upon his course and he will not be able to retain the position of trust. For some years Mr. Forncrook has been an active factor in political circles, and has been honored with various positions of responsibility, at the present time serving as the clerk of Doniphan county.

Mr. Forncrook makes his home in White Cloud. He was born in Elbridge, Onondaga county, New York, January II, 1835. He acquired the greater part of his education in the common schools and Monroe Collegiate Institute in his native town, and learned the blacksmith's trade in his father's shop. On attaining his majority he started for the west, believing that better opportunities were afforded young men in the newly developed section of the country. He first located in Illinois, in 1855, and for about eighteen months was employed as a school teacher in Stephenson county, that state. In May, 1857, he came to Kansas, and in August of the same year he located in White

Cloud, where he has since made his home. He .became identified with the business interests of this city as a journeyman in the employ of Isaac Cleveland, the proprietor of the first blacksmith shop in the town. Later he engaged in teaching school through two winters in the Missouri valley, and afterward was employed as a clerk. Honesty, industry and economy had brought him some capital and he engaged in business on his own account, becoming the proprietor of a dry-goods store. Subsequently he disposed of that line of goods and devoted his energies to the furniture business, but still later he conducted a lumber yard.

From 1871 until 1885 he was the postmaster at White Cloud, and his administration of the affairs of the office caused his long continuance in that service. He was a township trustee for one term, and in 1880 was the federal census enumerator for the special district of Iowa township. In January, 1888, upon the death of Joseph Schletzbaum, he was appointed to the vacancy in the county clerk office, and the following fall was elected to fill out the unexpired term. He discharged his duties so capably that he was selected for the full term in 1889, 1891, 1893, 1895 and 1897, and it is said that he was the most capable and efficient county clerk that Doniphan county has ever had. Upon his public record there falls no shadow of wrong or suspicion of evil, for he is entirely trustworthy, and the confidence reposed in him was an indication of an honorable life.