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Center township, Doniphan county, Kansas, includes among its prosperous and enterprising farmers and stock dealers the German-American citizen whose name introduces this sketch, William Folschea.

Mr. Folschea was born in Westphalia, Germany, March I, 1830, a son of Moritz and Maria (Fleshmair) Folschea, both natives of that place. William received the usual common-school education afforded in his native land, attending school up to the time he was fourteen. From that age he gave his attention to farming, remaining in Germany until 1872, when, thinking to better his condition by emigration to America, he took passage on the steamer ???Leipsic for Baltimore, at which port he landed in due time. From Baltimore he came west to Chicago, thence to St. Joseph, Missouri, where he remained a year, and from the latter place came to Doniphan county, Kansas, arriving here October 25, 1873. On his arrival here he rented a farm in the northern part of the county, not far from the Missouri river, and farmed rented land until 1878. That year he made his first land purchase, eighty acres on section 33, Center township. and soon after bought eighty acres adjoining it, making one hundred and sixty acres, and to this he at different times added two more adjoining eighties, making a section in one body. But he did not stop at this. He bought on another section fifty acres more, making a total of three hundred and seventy acres. He has remodeled some of the buildings on his farm and built others and made various improvements until now his farm is one of the valuable ones in the locality. In the accumulation of his land he paid part cash and went in debt for the rest, never venturing too far and always meeting his payments promptly, thus keeping his credit good. Among his chief interests are his stock. For years he has been an extensive feeder of cattle and hogs, keeping only the best grades and making money at the business.

In his native land, in 1854, Mr. Folschea married Miss Fredericka Hollmann, also a native of Germany, and they are the parents of four children, as follows: Harry F., William, Louisa and Sophrona, all at home and giving harmonious assistance to their parents.

In national politics Mr. Folschea has always supported the Republican party since he has had a vote in this country, but in local elections his vote is cast independently. He has ever so conducted himself and his affairs that he has won and maintained the high esteem of all with whom he has in any way been associated.