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There are some men in every community who appear to have been born to succeed, but their success is not a matter of chance. They are born with those qualities of mind and heart which naturally lead to success. Men who make vigorous and judicious use of these talents are the successful ones, and of this class Mr. Brenner is a representative. He is the president and general manager of the Jacob Brenner Wine Company, of Doniphan, and one of the enterprising citizens of the community.

Mr. Brenner was born forty-five years ago. His father, Jacob Brenner, now deceased, was a native of Bavaria. Germany, born January 12, 1816, and was a son of a winemaker. He secured a good education in the schools of his native land and at the age of twenty-five years was married to Miss Barbara Ranfert, also a native of Bavaria. They became the parents of seven children, of whom four are now living, namely: Mrs. Margaret B. Brandner, of Atchison; Adam, a resident of Doniphan; Mrs. Mary Mosbacher, of Council Bluffs, Iowa; and N. G., of this review. In 1860 the family came to Doniphan county and in 1863 the father planted a small vineyard and established a winery. By his first vintage he made a hundred gallons of wine, which brought him such returns that he was encouraged to enlarge his vineyard until it now produces thirty thousand gallons annually. The father died February 5, 1891, at the age of seventy-five years, and the business has since been carried on by his sons. In politics he was a Democrat and was a liberal contributor to the support of the church. His widow still survives him and is now living at the old home, at the age of eighty-five years.

Mr. Brenner, whose name introduces this review, was reared on the old family homestead, pursued his preliminary education in the public schools and completed a course in a commercial college in St. Louis, Missouri. He is a man of excellent business ability and has secured for the company a lucrative trade. The Brenner Wine Company was organized in 1893 and since that time our subject has been the manager and president. Their goods are shipped into nearly every state in the Union and their excellence has secured for them an enviable reputation. On the farm there is over thirty acres of small fruit and the winery has a capacity of one hundred thousand gallons, while the building is valued at six thousand dollars. As a business man Mr. Brenner is systematic and thorough and is a most capable salesman, his pleasant and accommodating manner winning him the friendship and support of many. His enterprise is unfailing and he is quick to adopt all methods that improve the quality of his wines, and therefore finds for them a ready sale on the market and the growth of the business is an indication of his marked industry and capability in that line.