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Kathy's Genealogy Puzzles

I like doing genealogy because it is like putting a puzzle together and I like putting puzzles together. Because many of my ancestors came to this country in the 1600's, my puzzle is a very large one.

Because I have so many puzzle pieces it will probably take me a long time to enter all of them on these pages. Check for new pieces frequently. Please look over my puzzle pieces. See if there are any you need for your puzzle, or if you have a piece to add to my puzzle. Also, please check and see if you see any mistakes in my puzzle. 

Here are some of the surnames I am working on:

 Brown, Burdick, Cantwell, Conover, Craven, Cross, Draeger, Forster, Fry, Gottfredsen, Heder, Hubbard, Johnson, Shute, Smith, Snell, Spicer, Steen, Steimle, Stevens, Vetter, Warner, Wolfinger

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Last updated:  06/08/2005