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Pudig, Pudick, Purdy and Allied Families


  1. Pudig-Pudick-Purdy ---- Family Tree
  2. The Minorcans ---- Family Tree
  3. Cole (North Carolina>Georgia>Texas)(Under Construction)
  4. Collins-Zink (Virginia & Louisiana)(Under Construction)
  5. Jameson (North Carolina>Georgia) ---- Family Tree
  6. Redd (South Carolina>Georgia)(Under Construction)
  7. Wallis-Scruggs-Edwards (South Carolina>Georgia)(Under Construction)


Aicheler   Brennan   Clark   Clayton   Collins   Dickerson   Eichler   Green   Haslam   Hoseus   Keegan   Kennedy   Nelson   O'Brien   Pudick   Pudig   Purdy   Riley   Walker