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SFA - Roster, World War I. 1914-1919
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Click on Thumbnail for larjer Photo! What Can I Find in the World War I Civilian Draft Registration Cards?
In 1917 and 1918, approximately 24 million men living in the United States completed a registration card, representing 98% of men under the age of 46 and close to 25% of the total population. Pres WILSON declared WAR on Germany on Apr 2, 1917, USA Troops set foot on European soil, arrived in France by the fall of 1917. On July 15, 1918 the German army began the offensive known as the "Second Battle of the Marne" in France. A quarter of a million U.S. troops played a crucial part in beating off the German assault at Chateau-Thierry, and by July 18, 1918 the last great German drive of the War had been defeated. By October 1918 the final Allied offensive had driven Germany to sue for peace, and an armistice was declared in November 1918, and the Peace Treaty of Versailles, Paris, concluded in Jun 1919.

Click on Thumbnail for larjer Photo! The WWI draft registration cards contain a lot of information pertinent to genealogical research. Information that may be found on these cards includes full name, address, age, date of birth, race, citizenship, occupation, employers name, location of employment, name and address of nearest relative, physical description, and signature of registrant, among other things.
Use the information found in this database to fill in details about your ancestor's life. Then, use the information as a springboard to lead you to other records. For example, if the address of your ancestor is listed on the draft card, use that information to find your ancestor in a city directory and then trace your ancestor through that city's directories for as many years as you can.
The draft cards are also a good source for finding immigrant information because all young men were required to register, regardless of U.S. citizen status, and since 1880-1920 was a high immigration period, a large portion of immigrant men registered and gave information of birth date, birthplace, and in some cases their father's birthplace and nearest relative.

 We have 536 SFA men of 32 States, listed in this Roster
AK 1; AL 15; AR 68; AZ 1; CA 8; CO 2; FL 1; GA 20; IA 1; ID 2; IL 32; IN 7; KS 14; KY 12; LA 2; MD 4; MO 10; MS 18; MT 2; NC 78; NE 11; NM 1; NY 1; OH 10; OK 23; OR 1; SC 51; TN 54; TX 32; VA 33; WA 3; WV 16; WY 2;

U.S. World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
 FName  MName  LName  R.  Age  b.  b.St  R-St  Date  Remarks
  Calhoun Co. ,AL.
 Fred  Monroe  SURRETT  W  ***   04-Apr-1881  AL  AL  1917  
 James  Crawford  SURRETT  W  ***   22-Jun-1879  AL  AL  1917  
 John  William  SURRETT  W  ***   05-Sep-1899  AL  AL  1917  
  Cleburne Co.,AL.
 Boss    SURETT  W  ***   28-Aug-1879  AL  AL  1917  3s/o Green & Nancy (DODD)
 Noe    SURETT  W  ***   08-Oct-1881  AL  AL  1917  4s/o Green & Nancy (DODD)
 Willord    SURRETT  W  ***   19-Mar-1897  AL  AL  1917  Bastard s/o Mary SURRETT
  Colbert Co. ,AL.
 Lannie    SERATT  W  ***   20-Mar-1899  AL  AL  1917  
 Thomas  Edward  SHARRITT  W  ***   21-Jun-1880  AL  AL  1917  
 William  Taylor  SURRATT  W  ***   25-Nov-1885  AL  AL  1917  
  De Kalb Co. ,AL.
 Daniel  Booth  SARRATT  W  ***   15-May-1873  AL  AL  1917  
  Etowah Co.,AL.
 Avery  Lee  SARATT  W  ***   05-Feb-1886  AL  AL  1917  
 Delavan  Balfore  SARRATT  W  ***   23-Sep-1875  AL  AL  1917  
  Mobile Co.,AL.
 Joseph  Daniel  SURRATT  W  ***   21-Mar-1885  AL  AL  1917  
 William  Earl, Dr.  SURRATT  W  ***   13-Jun-1882  AL  AL  1917  
  Morgan Co.,AL.
 Samuel  Walter  SURRATT  W  ***   19-Oct-1887  NC  AL  1917  
  Ashley Co.,AR.
 Bailey  Joe  SERRETT  W  ***   15-Dec-1898  AR  AR  1917  
 Kenneth  Aloysius  SERRETT  W  ***   28-Jan-1900  AR  AR  1917  
 Leslie  J.  SERRETT  W  ***   20-Oct-1896  AR  AR  1917  
  Crawford Co.,AR.
 Earnest  Henry  SURATT  W  ***   17-Aug-1877  AR  AR  1917  
 Leonard    SERATT  W  ***   14-May-1899  AR  AR  1917  
 William    SERATT  W  ***   18-Mar-1880  AR  AR  1917  
  Cross Co. ,AR.
 George  Emmett  SURRATT  W  ***   23-Jan-1879  AR  AR  1917  
 Joe  William  SURRATT  W  ***   15-Jul-1896  AR  AR  1917  
  Desha Co. ,AR.
 Sam    SURATT  W  ***   22-Feb-1889  AR  AR  1917  
  Faulkner Co.,AR.
 Arvil  Quencie  SURRATT  W  ***   10-Jan-1898  AR  AR  1917  
 Harvey  Louis  SURRATT  W  ***   10-Mar-1890  AR  AR  1917  
 James  Hampton  SURRATT  W  ***   03-Aug-1890  AR  AR  1917  1s/o Irvin W. & Sally (Unk)
 John  David  SURRATT  W  ***   18-Jul-1891  AR  AR  1917  1s/o Almon H. & Georgia A.S.(HALL)
 Samuel  Harper  SURRATT  W  ***   08-Jan-1889  AR  AR  1917  2s/o John D. & 2) Isabelle C. (SIMMS)
  Garland Co. ,AR.
 Clarence  Lee  SIRATT  W  ***   29-Mar-1888  AR  AR  1917  
 William  Vardry  SIRATT  W  ***   08-Apr-1882  AR  AR  1917  
  Grant Co. ,AR.
 John    SURRETT  W  ***   25-Nov-1892  MS  AR  1917  
  Hot Spring Co.,AR.
 Enoch  Houston  SIRATT  W  ***   26-Nov-1895  AR  AR  1917  
 Franklin  Aaron  SIRATT  W  ***   24-Jan-1892  AR  AR  1917  
 George  Dewey  SIRATT  W  ***   20-Apr-1899  AR  AR  1917  
 Jacob  R.  SIRATT  W  ***   27-Sep-1887  AR  AR  1917  
 Lenord  Frederick  SIRRATT  W  ***   01-Sep-1897  AR  AR  1917  
 Peter  Annanias  SIRATT  W  ***   02-May-1877  AR  AR  1917  
 Robert  Lee  SIRRATT  W  ***   31-Mar-1891  AR  AR  1917  
 Rubin  Franklin  SIRATT  W  ***   31-Jan-1892  AR  AR  1917  
 Sid    SIRRATT  W  ***   10-Aug-1895  AR  AR  1917  
 William  Oliver  SIRATT  W  ***   07-Dec-1886  AR  AR  1917  
 William  Thomas  SIRATT  W  ***   01-Dec-1893  AR  AR  1917  
  Miscellaneous Co. ,AR.
 Willie    SERRETT  B  ***   08-Oct-1898  AR  AR  1917  
  Mississippi Co. ,AR.
 Anbross  Dee  SERATT  W  ***   23-Feb-1878  AR  AR  1917  
 Edde  B.  SERATT  W  ***   10-Feb-1884  AR  AR  1917  
 Fred  Lee  SERATT  W  ***   10-Feb-1885  AR  AR  1917  
 Freelan  Patric  SURATT  W  ***   12-Apr-1891  TN  AR  1917  
 William  McFee  SURATT  W  ***   17-Apr-1874  AR  AR  1917  
  Nevada Co.,AR.
 James  Ezra  SARRETT  W  ***   07-Feb-1894  AR  AR  1917  
 Samuel  Jasper  SARRETT  W  ***   13-Oct-1882  AR  AR  1917  
 William  Jackson  SARRETT  W  ***   02-Dec-1891  AR  AR  1917  
  Pope Co.,AR.
 Arthur  Chester  SURRATT  B  ***   27-Nov-1881  AR  AR  1917  
 Cussie    SURRATT  B  ***   04-Dec-1894  AR  AR  1917  
 Sam  Horace  SURRATT  B  ***   02-Jun-1884  AR  AR  1917  
 Willie  James  SURRATT  B  ***   27-May-1879  AR  AR  1917  
  Pulaski Co. ,AR.
 Carl  Elmer  SURRATT  W  ***   16-Oct-1899  AR  AR  1917  
 Ethan  Randolph  SURRATT  W  ***   29-Oct-1897  AR  AR  1917  
 Fred  Dougglas  SURRATT  B  ***   02-Jan-1884  AR  AR  1917  
 Gilbert    SURRATT  B  ***   03-Apr-1891  AR  AR  1917  
 Henry  Clay  SIRATT  W  ***   25-Sep-1882  AR  AR  1917  
 James  Aaron  SURRATT  B  ***   07-Jun-1875  AR  AR  1917  
 Lessie    SURRATT  B  ***   17-Jun-1891  AR  AR  1917  
 Oscar  Elmer  SURRATT  W  ***   06-Sep-1874  AR  AR  1917  
 William  Newton  SIRATT  W  ***   25-Dec-1882  AR  AR  1917  
  Searcy Co.,AR.
 Absolem  Press  SURRATT  W  ***   11-Jul-1873  AR  AR  1917  
 John  H.  SARRATT  W  ***   19-Sep-1899  AR  AR  1917  
 Monroe    SARRATT  W  ***   09-Apr-1893  AR  AR  1917  
 Oscat    SARRATT  W  ***   14-May-1895  AR  AR  1917  
 Richard    SARRATT  W  ***   07-Dec-1896  AR  AR  1917  
 Vard    SARRATT  W  ***   15-Jan-1900  AR  AR  1917  
  St Francis Co.,AR.
 Billie  Bell  SURATT  B  ***   14-Aug-1888  TN  AR  1917  
  Washington Co.,AR.
 Finis  Edward  SERATT  W  ***   12-Jun-1900  AR  AR  1917  
 George  Robert  SERATT  W  ***   20-Jan-1875  AR  AR  1917  
 John  Washington  SERATT  W  ***   17-Jul-1894  AR  AR  1917  
  White Co. ,AR.
 Aldon    SURRATT  W  ***   15-Sep-1882  AR  AR  1917  
 Tosco    SURRATT  W  ***   05-May-1882  AR  AR  1917  
 Wavel    SURRATT  W  ***   17-Oct-1884  AR  AR  1917  
  Woodruff Co.,AR.
 William  French  SURRATT  W  ***   02-Jun-1890  TN  AR  1917  
  Yell Co.,AR.
 Frank  Herge  SURRATT  B  ***   02-Mar-1900  AR  AR  1917  
 Grady    SURRATT  B  ***   11-Aug-1896  AR  AR  1917  
 Opal    SURRATT  B  ***   04-Oct-1896  AR  AR  1917  

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