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American Revolutionary War
In the South
Battle of King's Mountain Oct. 07, 1780

Compiled by:
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr., 1991

Abernathy Robert Private  
Abston John Private  
Adair John Private  
Adams John Private  
Adams John Carroll Private  
Adams William Private  
Aiken Alexander Private  
Alexander Daniel Private  
Alexander Elias Private  
Alexander James Private  
Alexander Jerimiah Private  
Alexander John Private  
Alexander Joseph Private  
Alexander Oliver Private  
Alexander Travice/Travis Private  
Alexander William Private  
Allen David Private  
Allen Moses Private  
Allen Richard Captain  
Allen Richard Private  
Allen Vincent Private  
Allison Hugh Private  
Allison John Private (Wounded)
Allison Robert Captain  
Alston William Private  
Amburgay John Private  
Anderson George Major  
Anderson Jacob Private  
Anderson James Private  
Anderson John Private  
Anderson John Jr. Lieutenant  
Anderson Robert Major (Captain)
Anderson Robert Private  
Anderson William Private  
Anderson William Private  
Andrews John Lieutenant  
Angel Lawrence Private  
Anthony Philip Private  
Applegate Thomas Private  
Arbuckle Mathew Captain  
Arbuckle Mathew Private  
Arbuckle Thomas Private  
Armstrong Isaac Private  
Armstrong James Private  
Armstrong Mathew Private  
Armstrong Robert Private  
Armstrong William Private  
Arney Christian Private  
Avender Andrew Private  
Axer Sam Private  
Ayers Elihu Private  
Bacon Michael Private  
Bailey Alexander Private  
Bailey William Private  
Bailey (Baley) Daniel Private  
Baker Absalom Private  
Baker Charles Private  
Baker John Private  
Baker Robert Private  
Bakly Charles Private  
Balch Amos Private  
Ballard Devereau Private  
Ballew Joseph Private  
Ballew Richard Private  
Ballew (Ballou) Robert Private  
Banning Benoni Private (Wounded)
Barker Charles Private  
Barker Edmond Private  
Barker Edward Private  
Barker Enoch Private  
Barker George Private  
Barker Henry Private  
Barker Hezekiah Private  
Barker Joel Private  
Barkley Robert Private  
Barnes Alexander Captain  
Barnes Alexander Private  
Barnes Benjamin Private  
Barnes Shadrack Private  
Barnett Alexander Captain  
Barnett Alexander Private  
Barnett Jacob Private  
Barry Andrew Captain  
Barry Andrew Private  
Bartlett William Lieutenant  
Bartlett William Private  
Barton Benjamin Private  
Barton Isaach Private  
Barton John Captain  
Barton John Private  
Barton Joshua Private  
Bean George Private  
Bean Jesse Captain  
Bean Jesse Private  
Bean John Private  
Bean Robert Private  
Bean William Captain  
Beard Robert Private  
Beard William Private  
Bearden Jeremiah Private  
Bearden John Private  
Beattie Andrew Private  
Beattie David Captain  
Beattie David Private  
Beattie Francis Private  
Beattie John Lieutenant (Killed)
Beattie John Private (Killed)
Beattie Joseph Private  
Beattie William Captain  
Beattie William Private  
Beeler Jacob Private  
Beeler Joseph Private  
Bell Samuel Private  
Bell Thomas Private  
Bell William Private  
Benge David Private  
Benge Obadiah M. Private  
Benge Unknown Private  
Bennedict John Private  
Bentley John Private  
Berry Andrew Private  
Berry Bradley Private  
Berry Enoch Private  
Berry James Private  
Berry Robert Private  
Berry Thomas Private  
Berry Unknown Private  
Berry Unknown Private  
Besall John Private  
Beverly John Captain  
Bickley Charles Private  
Bickley Summers Private  
Bickley William Private  
Bicknell James Private  
Bicknell Thomas Private (Killed)
Biecknell Thomas Private  
Biffle Jacob Private  
Bigham Andrew Private  
Billings Jasper Private  
Bingham Benjamin Private  
Binkley Adam Lieutenant  
Bird (Byrd) John Lieutenant  
Bishop Levi Lieutenant  
Bishop Levi Private  
Black John Private  
Black Joseph Lieutenant  
Black Joseph Private  
Black Joseph Private  
Blackburn Arthur Private  
Blackburn George Private  
Blackburn John Private  
Blackburn Joseph Private  
Blackburn Robert Private  
Blackburn William Lieutenant (Killed)
Blackburn William Private (Killed)
Blackmore John Private  
Blackmore William Lieutenant  
Blackmore William Private  
Blackwell David Private  
Blackwell John Private  
Blair James Private  
Blair John Private  
Blair Samuel Private  
Blalock David Private  
Blalock Samuel Private  
Blalock Samuel G. Major  
Blane (Blain) George Private  
Blassingham John Private  
Blevens (Blevins James Private  
Blevins Daniel Private  
Blevins Henry Private  
Blyth Thomas Private  
Bolick Caspar Private  
Bolling Jerry Private  
Boran Baile Lieutenant  
Boran Bazi Private  
Boren John Private  
Bowen Arthur Captain  
Bowen Charles Private  
Bowen Henry Private  
Bowen John Private  
Bowen Reese Lieutenant  
Bowen William Captain  
Bowers Leonard Private  
Bowles Benjamin Private  
Bowman Esaius Private  
Bowman Sparkling Private  
Box Samuel Private  
Boyce John Private  
Boyd John Lieutenant  
Boyd John Private  
Boyd John Private (Killed)
Boyd William Private  
Boyer John Lieutenant  
Boyer Thomas Private (Killed)
Boyers Michael Private  
Boys William Captain  
Bracket Hawkins Private  
Bradley John Private  
Bradley Richard Private  
Bradley William Private (Wounded)
Bradshear Robert Captain  
Bradshear Samuel Captain  
Brakshears Mattis Private  
Brandon Gerard Private  
Brandon John Captain  
Brandon Mathew Private  
Brandon Richard Private  
Brandon Thomas Colonel  
Brandon William Private  
Brazelton William Private  
Breckenridge Alexander Captain  
Breckenridge Alexander Private  
Breckenridge George Private  
Breckenridge John Private  
Breckenridge Robert Captain  
Breden John Private  
Briggs john Private  
Brigham James Private  
Brimer William Private  
Britt Obediah Private  
Broddy John Private  
Brooks David Private  
Brooks George Private  
Brooks John Private  
Brooks Littleton Private  
Brooks Moses Private  
Brooks Thomas Private  
Brooks William Private  
Broom W. M. Private  
Brotherton Thomas Private  
Brown Andrew Captain  
Brown Benjamin Private  
Brown Gabriel Captain  
Brown George Private  
Brown Isaiah Private  
Brown Jacob Captain  
Brown Jacob, Jr. Private  
Brown James Private  
Brown John Captain  
Brown John Private (Killed)
Brown John S. C. Private  
Brown Joseph Private  
Brown Joseph, Jr. Private  
Brown Low Private  
Brown Michael Private  
Brown Peter Private  
Brown Stephen Private  
Brown Thomas Private  
Brown William Private  
Browning Enos Private  
Brumfield Humphrey Private  
Brush Enoch Private  
Bruster E. Private  
Bryan John Captain  
Bryan Robert Private  
Brymer (Brimmer) Joseph Private  
Bryson Andrew Private  
Buchanan Alexander Private  
Buchanan Robert Private  
Buchanan Samuel Private  
Buckner Joshua Lieutenant  
Budvine Francis Private  
Bullen Isaac Private  
Bullen Luke Private  
Bullen William Private (Wounded)
Burch William Private  
Burchfield Meshack Private  
Burney Simon Private  
Burney William Private  
Burns John Private  
Burns Laird Private  
Burns William Private  
Burus David Private  
Busby James Private  
Cadle Thomas Private  
Caldwell Samuel Captain  
Caldwell Samuel Private  
Caldwell Thomas Captain  
Caldwell William Private  
Callahan Joel Lieutenant  
Callahan Joel Private  
Callahan John Captain  
Callahan John Private  
Callaway Elijah Private  
Callaway Joseph Private  
Callaway Richard Private  
Callaway William Private  
Camp Benjamin Private  
Camp Edmund Private  
Camp John Private  
Camp Nathan Private  
Camp Thomas Private  
Camp (Kemp) Jonathan Captain  
Campbell David Captain  
Campbell David Private  
Campbell Hugh Lieutenant  
Campbell Hugh Private  
Campbell James Private  
Campbell Jeremiah Private  
Campbell John Captain  
Campbell Joseph Private  
Campbell Patrick Lieutenant  
Campbell Patrick Private  
Campbell Robert Lieutenant  
Campbell Robert Private (Wounded)
Campbell Solomon Private  
Campbell William Colonel Commander-in-Chief)
Campbell William, Jr. Private  
Candler Henry Private  
Candler William Major  
Cantrell Stephen Private  
Carathurs James Private  
Cardwell Perrin Private  
Carmack Cornelius Private  
Carmack John Private  
Carmichal John Private  
Carnes John Captain  
Carothers Thomas Private  
Carpenter John Private  
Carr Paddy Captain  
Carr Patrick Private  
Carr William Private  
Carrol William Private  
Carroll (Carrel) Joseph Private  
Carson Andrew Private  
Carson David Private  
Carson John Captain  
Carson John Private  
Carson Samuel Private  
Carson William Private  
Carswell John Private  
Carter Charles Private  
Carter Ephraim Private  
Carter Giles Landon Private  
Carter Landon Lieutenant  
Carter William Private  
Cartwright Joseph Private  
Caruthers Andrew Lieutenant  
Caruthers John Private  
Carwell Alexander Private  
Carwill (Carwile Zachariah Private  
Case Isaiah Private  
Casewell Zadrack Private  
Casey Benjamin Private  
Casey Levi Private  
Casey Randolph Private  
Casey William Private  
Cash David Private  
Cassel Ephraim Private  
Castillo John Private  
Caswell John Private  
Cathcart Joseph Private  
Cathey George Private  
Caunice Nicholas Private  
Cavender (Cavind Private  
Cavett Moses Captain  
Cavett Richard Private  
Chambers Robert Private  
Chandler Bailey Private  
Chapman Benjamin Private  
Chapman John Private  
Chapman Joseph Private  
Chapman Josiah Private  
Cheney Thomas Private  
Chew William Lieutenant  
Childers John Private (Wounded)
Childress Mitchell Private  
Childress Thomas Private  
Childress William Private  
Childresss John Private  
Chisholm John Private  
Chisolm Elijah Captain  
Chittim John Private (Wounded)
Chitwood James Private  
Christian George Private  
Christian Gilbert Major  
Christie   Colonel  
Chronicle William Major (Killed)
Church Amos Private  
Clark George Private  
Clark James Private  
Clark John Captain  
Clark Michael Private  
Clark William Private  
Clark (Clarke) John Private  
Clarke John Private  
Clarke Mordecai Captain  
Clay William Private  
Clayborn John Private  
Clayton Coleman Private  
Clem William Private  
Cleveland Benjamin Colonel  
Cleveland Ezekiel Private  
Cleveland John Lieutenant  
Cleveland Larkin Lieutenant (Wounded in Route to King's Mt.)
Cleveland Robert Captain  
Cleveland Robert Private  
Cline Michael Private  
Clinton James Private  
Cloa Willis Private  
Clon William Private  
Cloud Joseph Captain  
Clowney Samuel Private  
Cobb Arthur Private  
Cobb Jerry Private  
Cobb Pharoh Private  
Cobb William, Jr. Private  
Cobb William, Sr. Private  
Cocke William Private  
Cockrell John Private  
Coffey Reuben Private  
Coile (Coiel) James Private  
Cole Jobe Private  
Cole Joseph Private  
Cole Thomas Private  
Cole William Private  
Coleman Spense Private  
Colley Daniel Private  
Colley Thomas Private  
Collins James Private  
Collins John, Sr. Private  
Collins Samuel Private  
Collinworth John Private  
Colveille Samuel Private (Wounded)
Colvill Joseph Private  
Colville Andrew Captain  
Combs (Coombs) William Private  
Compton Jeremiah Private  
Condley John Captain  
Condry William Private  
Conn James Private  
Conner Isaac Private  
Conner William Private  
Cook Charles Private  
Cook Edward Private  
Cook Elisha Private  
Cook Robert Private  
Cook William Private  
Coop Horatia Private  
Cooper James Private (Killed)
Cope John Private  
Copeland John Private  
Copeland Zacheus Private  
Corry James Lieutenant (Killed)
Corry James Private (Killed)
Cosby James Private  
Costner Thomas Private  
Coulter John Captain  
Coulter Martin Private  
Coultrie Robert Private  
Covey Samuel Private  
Cowan Andrew Captain  
Cowan Andrew Private  
Cowan David Private  
Cowan James Private  
Cowan Nathaniel Private  
Cowan Samuel Private  
Cowan Thomas Private  
Cowan William Captain  
Cowan William Private  
Cox Charles Private  
Cox Curd Private  
Cox George Private  
Cox James Private  
Cox John Private  
Cox Joseph Private  
Cox William Captain  
Cox William Private (Wounded)
Crabtree James Captain  
Crabtree William Lieutenant  
Craig David Captain  
Craig David Private  
Craig James Private  
Craig John Private  
Craig John Private  
Craig Robert Captain  
Craig Robert Private  
Crain William Private  
Crawford Charles Private  
Crawford John Private  
Crawford John Private  
Creed Colbay Private  
Crenshaw John Private  
Cresson Andrew Private  
Creswell Andrew Private  
Crock William Private  
Crockett Alexander Private  
Crockett John Private  
Crockett Joseph Captain  
Crockett Robert Private  
Crockett Samuel Private  
Crockett Walter Major  
Crockett William Lieutenant  
Crockett William Private  
Cross Abraham Private  
Cross Elijah Private  
Cross Joseph Private  
Cross William Private  
Cross Zachrack Private  
Crossland John Private  
Crow James Private  
Crow John Captain  
Crow John Private  
Crum Adam Private  
Crumbless Thomas Private  
Crunk William Private  
Cryder Martin Private  
Culbertson Josiah Private  
Culbertson Robert Private  
Culbertson Samuel Private  
Culp Peter Private  
Culton Joseph Private  
Cummings Andrew Private  
Cunningham George Private  
Cunningham John Captain  
Cunningham John Major  
Cunningham Jonathan Private  
Curren John Private  
Curry James Private  
Cusick George Private  
Cusick John Private  
Cutbirth Andrew Private  
Dalton John Private  
Dameron George Private  
Darnell Cornelius Private  
Darnell David Private (Wounded)
Darnell Lawrence Private  
Darten Edward Private  
Daugherty George Captain  
Daugherty William Private  
Dave Thomas Private  
Davenport William Colonel  
Davenport William Private  
David Azariah Private  
Davidson Benjamin Private  
Davidson Daniel Private  
Davidson Samuel Private  
Davidson William Lieutenant  
Davis Andrew Lieutenant  
Davis Joel Private  
Davis John Captain  
Davis John Private  
Davis Nathan Private  
Davis Nathaniel Private  
Davis Robert Private  
Davis Samuel Private  
Davis Snead Private  
Davis William Private  
Davis William Private  
Davison Daniel Lieutenant  
Davison William Lieutenant  
Dawson Elias Private  
Deathridge John Private  
Delaney William Private  
Dellinger John Private  
DeMoss Abraham Private  
Denman John Private  
Dennison Robert Private  
Depew Isaac Private  
Depriest William Private  
Desha Robert Private  
Deshaure Henry W. Private  
Detgaoorett John Private  
Dickenson Henry Ensign  
Dickenson Isham Private  
Dickey Andrew Private  
Dickey David Private  
Dickey John Private  
Dickinson Henry Private  
Dickson Joseph Major  
Dillard Benjamin Private  
Dillard James Captain  
Dillard James Private  
Dixon Joel Private  
Dixon John Private  
Dixon Joseph Private  
Doaling Robert Private  
Dobkins Jacob Private  
Dobson John Private  
Dobson Joseph Private  
Dobson Joseph, Jr. Private  
Dobson Robert Private  
Dodd William Private  
Doherty George, Sr. Private  
Dolberry Lytton Private  
Dollarhide John Private  
Donald James Private  
Donelson John Captain  
Doran Alexander Private  
Doran James Private  
Doran Terence Private  
Dorton Moses Private  
Dorton William, Jr. Private  
Douglas Edward Private  
Douglas James Private  
Douglas John Captain  
Douglas Johnathan Private (Wounded)
Douglas Robert Private  
Drollinger Henry Private  
Dryden James Private  
Dryden Nathaniel Lieutenant (Killed)
Dryden Nathaniel Private (Killed)
Dryden William Private  
Duck Samuel Private  
Duckworth John Private  
Dudley William Private  
Duff David Private (Killed)
Duff Samuel Private  
Duff William Captain  
Duick Timothy Private  
Duncan Isaac Private  
Duncan John Private  
Duncan Joseph Private  
Duncan Thomas Private  
Dunlop James Private  
Dunn Alexander Private  
Dunn Josiah Captain  
Dunn Samuel Private  
Dunn William Private  
Dunsmore James Private  
Durham Mastin Private  
Dysart James Captain (Wounded)
Dysart John Private  
Eaken William Private  
Earnest Earnest Private  
Earnest Rev. Felix Private  
Eberhart Jacob Private  
Eddleman Peter Private  
Edgman William Private  
Edmiston Andrew Private  
Edmiston John Private  
Edmiston Robert, Jr. Private  
Edmiston Robert, Sr. Private  
Edmiston Samuel Private  
Edmiston Thomas Private  
Edmiston William Private  
Edmondson Andrew Captain (Killed)
Edmondson Robert Jr. Lieutenant (Elder)
Edmondson Robert Jr. Lieutenant (Wounded)
Edmondson Robert Sr. Captain (Killed)
Edmondson William Captain (Killed)
Edmondson William Major  
Elder Robert Private  
Elliot James Captain  
Elliott James Private  
Elliott Thomas Private  
Elmore William Private  
Ely William Private  
England John Private  
England Joseph Private  
Enlow Potter Private  
Epperson Thompson Private  
Erwin Alexander Captain  
Erwin Arthur Private  
Espey Samuel Captain (Wounded)
Espy James Private  
Estill Benjamin Private  
Evans Andrew Private  
Evans Andrew Private  
Evans Ardin Private  
Evans David Private  
Evans Elisha Private  
Evans Evan Private  
Evans Nathaniel Captain  
Evans Phillip Private  
Evans Samuel Private  
Everett William Private  
Ewart James Private  
Ewart Robert Private  
Ewin Hugh Private  
Ewing Alexander Captain  
Ewing George Private  
Ewing Nathaniel Private  
Fagan John Private (Wounded)
Fain Ebenezer Private  
Fain John Captain  
Fain Nicholas Private  
Fain Samuel Private  
Fair Barnabas Private  
Fapolson Andrew Captain  
Farewell James Private  
Farewell John Private  
Faris Alexander Lieutenant  
Faris Isaac Private  
Faris John Private  
Faris Larkin Private  
Faris Martin Private  
Faris Richard Private  
Faris Thomas Private  
Farrow John Private  
Farrow Landon Private  
Farrow Samuel Private  
Farrow Thomas Private  
Fear Edmond Captain  
Fear Edmond Private  
Fear Thomas Private  
Feimster William Private  
Ferguson Andrew Private  
Ferguson James Private  
Ferguson Joseph Private  
Ferrill Smith Private  
Fields John Private  
Fields John Private  
Findley George Private  
Findley John Private  
Finley George Lieutenant  
Finn Peter Private  
Fisher Frederick Private (Wounded)
Fisher John Private  
Fitch John Private  
Fitzpatrick John Private  
Fleenor Charles Private  
Fleenor Joel Private  
Fleenor Michael Private  
Flemming John Private  
Fletcher Thomas Private  
Flower William Private (Wounded)
Floyd Andrew Private  
Floyd John Private  
Folson Andrew Private  
Forbis John Private  
Ford John Private  
Fork Peter Private  
Fork William Private  
Forney Abraham Private  
Forney Peter Captain  
Forrister Robert Private  
Foster Anthony Private  
Fowler James Private  
Fowler John Private  
Fowler William Private (Killed)
Fox John Private  
Fox John, Sr. Private  
Francis Thomas Private  
Franklin Jesse Captain  
Franklin John Captain  
Franklin John, Jr. Private  
Frazer David Private  
Frazier Daniel Private  
Frazier John Private  
Frazier Samuel Private  
Freeland James Private  
Freeman William Private  
Frierson James Private  
Frierson John Private  
Frierson Robert Private  
Frierson Thomas Private  
Frierson William Private  
Frigge J. C. Private  
Frigge John Private  
Frigge Robert Private  
Frost Micajah Private  
Fry Phillip Private  
Fugate James Private  
Fugate Jonathan Private  
Fulkerson James Captain  
Fulkerson James Private  
Fulkerson John Private  
Fulkerson Richard Private  
Fulkner David Private  
Furgason James Private  
Gabriel James Private  
Gaby John Private  
Gaines Ambrose Private  
Gaines James Private  
Gaines James, Sr. Private  
Galbreath Arthur Private  
Galbreath John Private  
Galbreath Robert Private  
Galliher Joel Private  
Galliher John Private  
Galloway Alexander Private  
Gamble Choat Private  
Gamble George Private  
Gamble Josiah Private  
Gamble Robert Private  
Gambrel   Captain  
Gambrill Martin Private  
Gammon Harris Private  
Gann Nathan Private  
Gann Thomas Private  
Garner John Private  
Gaspenson John Private  
Gass John Private  
Gaston William Private  
Gentry David Private  
Gentry Richard Private  
Geren Solomon Private  
Gervis James Private  
Gibbs Nicholas Private  
Gibson Bellingsby Private  
Gibson James Captain  
Gibson John Private  
Gibson Samuel Private  
Gibson Thomas Private  
Gilbreath Alexander Private  
Giles William Lieutenant  
Giles William Private (Wounded)
Gilkey Samuel Private  
Gilleland James Private  
Gilleland John Private (Wounded)
Gillespie George Colonel  
Gillespie George Private  
Gillespie Jacob Private  
Gillespie James Private  
Gillespie Thomas Private  
Gilley Francis Private  
Gilliam Devereux Private  
Gilliespie Thomas Captain  
Gilliespie William Captain  
Gillilland James Lieutenant  
Gilmer Enoch Private  
Gilmer William Private (Wounded)
Gilmore Joseph Private  
Gilreath William Captain  
Gist Benjamin Captain  
Gist Joseph Private  
Gist Joshua Private  
Gist Nathaniel Ensign  
Gist Nathaniel Private (Killed)
Gist Richard Private  
Gist Thomas Private  
Given James Private  
Given John Private  
Glenn James Private  
Glenn John Private  
Glover Benjamin Private  
Glover William Private  
Goad William Private  
Godwin Joseph Private  
Godwin Preston Private (Killed)
Godwin Robinson Private  
Godwin Samuel Private  
Goff Andrew Ensign  
Goff Andrew Lieutenant  
Goff Andrew Private  
Goff William Private  
Goforth Miles Private  
Goforth Preston Private  
Goodlett William Private  
Goodman Henry Private  
Gordan Charles Major  
Gordan Charles Jr. Lieutenant  
Gordon Chapman Private  
Gordon Charles Private (Wounded)
Gordon George Private  
Gourley Thomas Private  
Graham James Private  
Graham William Colonel  
Graham William Private  
Grant William Jr. Private  
Grant William Sr. Private  
Grantham Richard Private  
Graves Boston Private  
Gray James Private  
Gray Jesse Private  
Gray William Lieutenant  
Gray William Private  
Green Jesse Private  
Green William Private  
Greenlee James Private  
Greer Alexander Private  
Greer Andrew Private  
Greer Andrew, Jr. Private  
Greer Joseph Private  
Greer William Private  
Greever Phillip Private  
Gregory James Private  
Gregory John Private  
Gregory William Private  
Gribey John Private  
Gribley John Private  
Grier James Private  
Grier John Private  
Grier Phillip Private  
Griffin Ralph Private  
Griffis William Private  
Griffith Joseph Private  
Grimes George Private  
Grimes James Private  
Grisbey John Private  
Grosage John Private  
Gryder Martin Private  
Guess Benjamin Private  
Guest Moses Captain  
Guest Moses Private  
Guest Nathaniel Private  
Guest William Private  
Gwaltney Nathan Private  
Haas John Private  
Haas Simon Private  
Hackett John Private  
Hadden Elisha Private  
Hadden George Private  
Hadley Joshua Captain  
Hager Simon Private  
Hahn Benedict Private  
Hahn Joshua Private  
Haile John Private  
Hale Lewis Private  
Hale William Private  
Hall David Private  
Hall Jesse Private  
Hall John Private  
Hall John Private  
Hall Thomas Private  
Hambright Frederick Lieutenant-Colonel  
Hambright John Lieutenant  
Hambright John Hardin Private  
Hamby William Private  
Hamer James Private  
Hamilton Alexander Private  
Hamilton Charles Private  
Hamilton John Private  
Hamilton Joshua Private  
Hamilton Robert Private  
Hamilton Thomas Private  
Hammett William Captain  
Hammond Charles Private  
Hammond Martin Private  
Hammond Samuel Major  
Hammons Benjamin Private  
Hammons John Private  
Hampton Andrew Col.  
Hampton Andrew Colonel  
Hampton Andrew Private  
Hampton Edward Private  
Hampton Joel Private  
Hampton John Private  
Hampton Jonathan Private  
Hancock Joseph Private  
Hancock Stephen Private  
Hand Samuel Private  
Handley Samuel Captain  
Handley Samuel Sr. Lieutenant  
Handly Robert Private  
Handly Samuel Private  
Handy Thomas Private  
Haney Francis Private  
Hank Michael Private  
Hankins Abraham Private  
Hanna Andrew Private  
Hanna Robert Private  
Hanna Robert Private  
Hannah Andrew Private  
Hannah Robin Captain  
Hansley Robert Private  
Hardeman Thomas Private  
Hardin Abraham Private  
Hardin Benjamin, Jr. Private  
Hardin John Captain  
Hardin John Private  
Hardin Joseph, Jr. Private  
Hardmark Charles Private  
Hardy John Private  
Harkleroad Henry Private  
Harlison Herndon Private  
Harmison John Private  
Harper Richard Private  
Harrell John Private  
Harrell Joseph Private  
Harrell Kidder Private  
Harrell Reuben Private  
Harris Edward Private  
Harris James Private  
Harris John Private  
Harris William Private  
Harrison Gideon Private  
Harrison Michael Captain  
Harrison Nathaniel Private  
Harrold Jeremiah Private  
Hart Leonard Private  
Harvey John Captain  
Harwood William Private  
Hawkins Thomas Private  
Hawthorne James Lieutenant-Colonel  
Hayes Joseph Colonel  
Hays George Private  
Hays Samuel Private  
Hayter Israel Private (Wounded)
Heard Richard Private  
Hedrick William Private  
Helm Meredith Private  
Helms John Private  
Helton Abraham Private  
Helton Peter Private  
Hemphill Charles Private  
Hemphill Thomas Captain  
Henderson Daniel Private  
Henderson John Captain  
Henderson John Private  
Henderson Joseph Private  
Henderson Robert Private  
Henderson Thomas Lieutenant  
Henderson William Private  
Hendrick David Private  
Hendrick Moses Private  
Hendrick Solomon Private  
Henegar Henry Private (Killed)
Henegar Jacob Private  
Henegar John Private  
Henery Moses Private (Killed)
Henniger Conrad Private  
Henry David Private  
Henry Henry Private  
Henry Hugh Private  
Henry James Private  
Henry John Private (Killed)
Henry Joseph Private  
Henry Malcolm Captain  
Henry Moses Private  
Henry Robert Private (Wounded)
Henry Samuel Private  
Henry William Private  
Hensley Samuel Private  
Henson Paul Private  
Henson Robert Private  
Hereden Edward Private  
Hereden James Private  
Herndon Benjamin Lieutenant-Colonel  
Herndon Joseph Major  
Hice Conrad Private  
Hice George Private  
Hice Jacob Private  
Hickman James Captain  
Hickman James Private  
Hickman Joel Private  
Hickman Thomas Private  
Hicks John Private  
Hicks William Captain  
Higdon Daniel Private  
Higgenbottom Robert Private  
Higgins John Private  
Hill James Lieutenant  
Hill James Private  
Hill Thomas Private  
Hill William Colonel  
Hillian George Private  
Hillian James Private  
Hillian John Private  
Hobbs Thomas Private  
Hodge George Private  
Hoffman Jacob Private  
Hoffman John Private  
Hofner Nicholas Private  
Hofstalar George Private  
Hogan David Private  
Holdway Timothy Private  
Holland Charles Private  
Holland Isaac, Jr. Private  
Hollingsworth Benjamin Private  
Hollis John Captain  
Holloway Benjamin Private  
Holloway Charles Private  
Holloway John Private  
Hood John Private  
Hood Thomas Private  
Hooker William Private  
Hortenstine Abraham Private  
Horton Abram Private  
Horton Daniel Private  
Horton Henry Private  
Horton John Private  
Horton Joshua Private  
Horton Zephaniah Private  
Hoskins Ninnam Captain  
Hotchkiss Jared Private  
Houghton Thomas Private  
Houser John Private  
Housley Robert Private  
Houston James Ensign  
Houston James Private  
Houston John Ensign  
Houston John Private  
Houston Samuel Private  
Houston William Private  
Howard William Private  
Howe David Private  
Hubbard James Private  
Hudgens Ambrose Private  
Hudson Hall Private  
Hudson John Private  
Hufacre George Private  
Hughes David Private  
Hughes Francis Private  
Hughes Joseph Lieutenant  
Hughes Peter Private  
Hughes Thomas Private  
Hughey George Private  
Hughlett William Thrift Private  
Hughs Peter Private  
Humphreys William Private  
Hundley Samuel Private  
Hunt Abraham Private  
Hunt Elsi Private  
Hunt Howell Private  
Hunt John Private  
Hunter Dempsey Private  
Hunter Thomas Private  
Hutchins John Private  
Hutson George Private  
Hyce Leonard Private (Wounded)
Hyden William Private  
Hyder Michael Private  
Hyter Israel Private  
Ingle John Private  
Inglis Michael Private  
Ingram Jeremiah Private  
Ingram John Private  
Inman Abednego Private (Wounded)
Ireland Hans Private  
Isaac Samuel Private  
Isbell Francis Private  
Isbell Godfrey Captain  
Isbell Henry Private  
Isbell James Private  
Isbell Livington Private  
Isbell Pendleton Private  
Isbell Thomas Private  
Isbell Zachery Lieutenant  
Isbell Zackary Private  
Ivy Henry Private  
Jack James Captain  
Jack James Private  
Jack Jerimah Private  
Jack Patrick Private  
Jackson Churchwell Private  
Jackson William Captain  
James John Private  
James Joseph (a.k.a Ro Private  
James Marlin Private  
James Rolling Private  
Jamison John Lieutenant  
Jamison John Private  
Jamison Robert Private  
Jamison Samuel Private  
Jamison Thomas Private  
Jarnigan George Private  
Jefferies Jean Private  
Jefferies John, Sr. Private  
Jefferies Nathan Private  
Jefferies Nathaniel Private  
Jefferies Phillip Private  
Jeffers Berry Private  
Jenkins Jacob Private  
Jenkins James Private  
Jenkins Thomas Private  
Jenkins William Private  
Jennings David Private  
Jernigan George Leiutenant  
Jernigan Thomas Private  
Jernigan William Private  
Jewell William Private  
Johnson Alexander Private  
Johnson Arthur Lieutenant  
Johnson Barnett Private  
Johnson George, Sr. Private  
Johnson James Captain  
Johnson James Major  
Johnson James Private  
Johnson James S. Private  
Johnson John Captain  
Johnson John Private  
Johnson John Moses Private  
Johnson Peter Private  
Johnson Robert Private  
Johnson Samuel Captain  
Johnson Samuel Lieutenant (Wounded)
Johnson Samuel Private (Wounded)
Johnson William Private  
Johnston Martin Private  
Johnston William Captain  
Jolly Benjamin Captain  
Jones Benjamin Private  
Jones Benjamin Private  
Jones Daniel Private  
Jones David Private  
Jones Freeman Private  
Jones Gabriel Private  
Jones James Private  
Jones John Captain  
Jones John Private  
Jones John Private  
Jones Joseph Private  
Jones Joshua Private (Wounded)
Jones Thomas Private  
Jordan James Private  
Judd John Private  
Judd Rowland Private  
Kanseiar John Private  
Karr Mathew Private  
Karr Robert Private  
Keele Richard S. Private  
Keeps James Private  
Keeton Hezekiah Private  
Kell Robert Private  
Keller Devault Private  
Kelley William Private  
Kelly John Private  
Kelso Alexander Private  
Kelso Samuel Lieutenant  
Kemp Johnathan Private  
Kendred Thomas Private  
Kendrick Benjamin Private  
Kendrick John Private  
Kendrick Samuel Private  
Kendricks Solomon Private  
Kennedy Daniel Private  
Kennedy John Private  
Kennedy Moses Private  
Kennedy Robert Captain  
Kennedy Robert Private  
Kennedy Thomas Captain  
Kennedy Thomas Private  
Kennedy William Private  
Kennedy William, Sr. Private  
Kerby Christopher Ensign  
Kerby Henry Private  
Kerr Adam Private  
Kerr David Private  
Kerr Joseph Private  
Keys James Private  
Keys John Captain  
Keys Mathew Private  
Kidd John Private  
Kilgore Charles Private (Wounded)
Kilgore Hiram Private  
Kilgore James Private  
Kilgore Robert Private (Wounded)
Kilgore William Private  
Kincaid John Private  
Kincannon Andrew Lieutenant  
Kincannon Andrew Private  
Kincannon George Private  
Kincannon James Private  
Kincannon Mathew Private  
Kindle William Private  
King Andrew Private  
King James Private  
King John Private  
King Robert Private  
King Thomas Private  
King Thomas Private  
King William Private  
Kinkead John Private  
Kirkwood David Private  
Kitchen John Private  
Knight John Private  
Knox Benjamin Private  
Knox Hugh Captain  
Knox James Private  
Knox Robert Private  
Knox Samule Private  
Kuykendall Benjamin Private  
Kuykendall Joseph Private  
Kuykendall Mathew Private  
Kuykendall Simon Private  
Kyle Robert Captain  
Lacey Edward Colonel  
Lafoy James Private  
Laird David Private  
Laird James Ensign  
Laird James Private (Killed)
Laird John Private (Killed)
Lammey Samuel Private  
Landrum James Private  
Landrum Thomas Private  
Lane Aquilla Private  
Lane Charles Private  
Lane Isaac Lieutenant  
Lane Isaac Private  
Lane James Private  
Lane Jessse Private  
Lane John Private  
Lane Richard Private  
Lane Samuel Private  
Lane Tidence Private  
Lane William Private  
Langston John Private  
Langston Robert Private  
Lankford Benjamin Private  
Lankford John Private  
Lannim Joseph Private  
Large Joseph Private  
Large Thomas Private  
Large William Private  
Larrimore Hugh Private  
Lathan John Private  
Latman Joseph Private  
Laughlin Thomas Private  
Laurence Claborn Private  
Laws David Private  
Lawson John Private  
Lawson Moses Private  
Lawson William Private  
Lay Thomas Private  
Ledbetter George Captain  
Lee Abner Private  
Lee James Private  
Leeper James Lieutenant  
Leeper James Private  
Leeper Mathew Private  
Leeper Samuel Private  
Leffy Shadrack Private  
Lengley William Private  
Lenoir William Captain (Wounded)
Lenoir William Private  
Leonard Frederick Private  
Leonard George Private  
Leonard Henry Private  
Leonard Robert Private  
Lesley Thomas Private  
Lewallen Michael Private  
Lewis Aron Captain  
Lewis Aron Private  
Lewis Charles Private  
Lewis James Private  
Lewis James Martin Lieutenant (Wounded)
Lewis Joel Captain (Wounded)
Lewis Joel Lieutenant (Wounded)
Lewis John Private  
Lewis Micajah Major (Wounded)
Lewis William Terrill Private  
Liles David Private  
Limonton Robert Private  
Lindsay James Private  
Lindsay John Private  
Linn Andrew Private  
Linn Daniel Private  
Linn William Private  
Litton Catel Private  
Litton John Private  
Litton Solomon Lieutenant  
Liture Harmon Private  
Livingston David Private  
Livingston John Private  
Lockridge James Private  
Lofton Andrew Private  
Lofton Thomas Captain  
Logan James Private  
Logan Joseph Private  
Logan William Private  
Long David Private  
Long John Private  
Long Nicholas Private  
Long Richard Private  
Long Robert Private  
Long William Private  
Looney David Captain  
Looney John Private  
Looney Moses Lieutenant  
Looney Robert Private  
Love Andrew Colonel  
Love Charles Private  
Love Hezekiah Private  
Love John Private  
Love Robert Private  
Love William Lieutenant  
Love William Private  
Lovelady Thomas Private  
Loving Christopher Private  
Lowe William Private  
Lowery John Lieutenant  
Lowery John Private  
Lowery William Private  
Loyd John Private  
Lucas Isaac Captain  
Lucas Joseph Captain  
Lucas Robert Captain  
Luck Joseph Captain  
Lusk Hugh Private  
Lusk Joseph Private  
Lusk Samuel Private  
Lusk William Private (Killed)
Lutz Jacob Private  
Lyle Henry Private  
Lyle Samuel Private  
Lyman Jacob Private  
Lynn Adam Private  
Lynn David Private  
Lyon Humberson Lieutenant (Killed)
Lyon Humberson Private  
Lyon William Private  
Lytle Archibald Private  
Lytle Micajah Private  
Lytle William Private  
Lytte Thomas Captain  
Mackey Samuel Private  
MacLean William Private  
Madonough Andrew Private  
Mahannas Taploy Private  
Mahoney Michael Private (Killed)
Main Henry Private  
Main Tobias Private  
Majors Thomas Private  
Malaby John Private  
Mall Peter Captain  
Manley Amos Private  
Mann Thomas Private  
Manor Josiah Private  
Manor Thomas Private  
Maples Marmaduke Private  
Marler Joseph Private  
Marney Amos Private  
Marshall Marcum Private  
Martin Edward Private  
Martin George Lieutenant  
Martin Jacob Private  
Martin John Private  
Martin Mathew Private  
Martin Obediah Private  
Martin Robert Private  
Martin Salathiel Captain  
Martin Salathiel Private  
Martin Samuel Captain  
Martin Samuel Private  
Martin William Private  
Martindale James Lieutenant  
Mason Edward Private  
Mason James Private  
Mason Patrick Private  
Mason Philip Private  
Mason Thomas Private  
Mason William Private  
Massingale Henry Private  
Massingale James Private  
Massingale Michael Private  
Mathews James Private  
Mattox Charles Lieutenant  
Mattox Charles Private  
Mattox John Captain (Killed)
Maxwell George Captain  
Maxwell James Private  
Maxwell John Private  
Maxwell Thomas Private  
Maxwell William Private  
May Cassimore Private  
May Humphrey Private  
May John Private  
May Thomas Private  
Mayes Samuel Private  
Mayes William Private  
McAden William Private  
McAdoo John Private  
McAllister Andrew Private  
McBee Israel Private  
McBee Silas Private  
McBee Vardry Captain  
McCall James Lieutenant Col.  
McCallister William Private  
McCallon James Private  
McCampbell Solomon Private  
McCance David Private  
McCarthy William Private  
McClain John Private  
McClelland Abraham Private  
McClelland John Private  
McCloskey Joseph Private  
McClough James Private  
McClure John Captain  
McClure John Private  
McConnell Abram Private  
McCool John Captain  
McCorkle Abraham Private  
McCorkle Francis Private  
McCormack William Private  
McCormick Joseph Private  
McCormick Robert Private  
McCormick Thomas Private  
McCoy Robert Private  
McCroskey John Private  
McCroy Mathew Private  
McCulloch John Private  
McCulloch Robert Private  
McCulloch Thomas Private  
McCulloch Thomas Private (Killed)
McCullock Thomas Lieutenant (Killed)
McCullough John Private  
McCutchan Samuel Captain  
McCutcheon John Private  
McCutcheon Samuel Private  
McCutcheon William Private  
McDaniel Henry Private  
McDaris Rice Private  
McDonald Magnus Private  
McDowell Charles Colonel  
McDowell Joseph Captain  
McDowell Joseph Major  
McElhaney Samuel Private  
McElheney William Private  
McElhenney Stephen Private  
McElwee James Private  
McElwee John Private  
McElwee William Private  
McFarland Robert Lieutenant  
McFarland Robert Private  
McFatrick John Private  
McFerrin John Engisn  
McFerrin John Private  
McFerrin Martin Private  
McFerrin William Private  
McGaughey Samuel Private  
McGill John Private  
McGrill James Private  
McGuire John Private  
McHenry John Private  
McJucken Joseph Private  
McJunkin Daniel Private  
McKamey James Private  
McKee James Private  
McKenzie Joseph Private  
McKinney William Private  
McKinnon John Private  
McKisnick Thomas Private  
McKissick David Captain  
McKnight William Private  
McLain Alexander Private  
McLain John Private  
McLain Thomas Private  
McLean Charles Lieutenant Col.  
McLean Ephraim Private  
McLean William Private  
McLemore John Private  
McMahan Redman Private  
McMaster William Private  
McMenamy William Private  
McMillan Alexander Private  
McMillan Joseph Private  
McMillan William Private  
McMullen John Captain  
McNabb David Captain  
McNabb John Captain  
McNabb John Private  
McNelly John Private  
McNutt Alexander Private  
McNutt George Private  
McPeters Joseph Private  
McQueen James Private  
McQueen John Private  
McShaney William Private  
McSpadden William Private  
McWheeler Andrew Private  
McWhirter James Private  
Meaden Andrew Private  
Meaden John Private  
Meek Adam Lieutenant  
Meek Alexander Private  
Meek James Captain  
Meek James Private  
Meek John Private  
Meek Moses Private  
Meeks Samuel Lieutenant  
Mendenhall Nathan Private  
Meredith William Captain  
Meritt James Private  
Metcalf Danza Private  
Metcalf Warner Private  
Metcalf William Private  
Miliken James Private  
Millen John Private  
Miller David Private  
Miller James Captain  
Miller John Private  
Miller John H. Private  
Miller Martin Private  
Miller Robert Private (Wounded)
Millon Anthony Private  
Mills John Captain  
Mitchel Edward Private  
Mitchel Elijah Private  
Mitchel James Private  
Mitchell David Lieutenant  
Mitchell David Private  
Mitchell William Private  
Moffett John Captain  
Moffett John Private  
Monroe William Private  
Montgomery Alexander Private  
Montgomery James Captain  
Montgomery James Private  
Montgomery John Private  
Montgomery Richard Private  
Montgomery Robert Private  
Montgomery Thomas Private  
Mooney Martin Private  
Mooney Richard Private  
Moore Alexander Private  
Moore Burt Private  
Moore Charles Private  
Moore James Private  
Moore John Major  
Moore John Private  
Moore Samuel Private  
Moore Thomas Private  
Moore William Private (Wounded)
Moore William Private  
Moorehead John Private  
Morgan Benjamin Private  
Morgan Charles Captain  
Morgan Isaac Private  
Morrell Thomas Private  
Morris George Private  
Morrison Peter Private  
Morrison William Private  
Morrow Samuel Private  
Morton David Private  
Moser Abraham Private  
Mosier Francis Private  
Moss Abraham Captain?  
Munday Jeremiah Private  
Murdoch John Private  
Murphee Henry Private  
Murphee John Private  
Murphey Edward Sgt.  
Murphy James Private  
Murphy Joseph Private  
Murphy Patrick Private (Wounded)
Murphy William Private  
Musick Lewis Lieutenant  
Musick Lewis Private  
Nave Abraham Private  
Nave Conrad Private  
Nave Henry Private  
Nave Teeler Private  
Neal John Private  
Neal William Captain  
Neal Zephaniah Private  
Neally B. Private  
Neally William Private  
Neeley Joseph Private  
Neely Jacob Private  
Neighbors Benjamin Private  
Nelson Hanse Private  
Nelson John Private  
Nelson Sutney Private  
Nelson William Private  
Nevill Jesse Private  
Newell Samuel Lieutenant (Killed)
Newell Samuel, Jr. Private  
Newell Samuel, Sr. Private  
Newland Abram Private  
Newland Isaac Private  
Newman Isaac Private  
Newman Jacob Private  
Newman John Private  
Newman Lewis Private  
Newton Benjamin Private  
Newton William Private  
Nicholas Flayl Private  
Nicholas James Private  
Nichols Joshua Captain  
Nixon John Captain  
Nobles Lewis Sanders Private  
Nolen William Private  
Norman William Private  
Norris Jacob Private  
Norris John Private  
Norton Alexander Private  
Nuanly Henry Private  
O'Bannon Benjamin Private  
O'Brien William Private  
O'Gullion Barney Private  
O'Gullion Hugh Private  
O'Neill Walter Private  
Oglesby Elisha Private  
Oglesby William Captain  
Oliphant John Private  
Oliver Dionysius Private  
Oliver Thomas Private  
Outlaw Alexander Private  
Overstreet William Private  
Overton Eli Private  
Owen David Private  
Owen John Private  
Owen Robert Private  
Ownbey James Private  
Oxer George Private  
Paine Edmund Private  
Palmer John Private  
Palmer Joseph Captain  
Palmer Peter Private  
Palmer Thomas Private  
Panter Adam Private  
Paris (Parish) R Ezekial Private  
Parke George Private  
Parke Henry Private  
Parker Elisha Private  
Parker Humphrey Private  
Parks Henry Private  
Parks John Private  
Parmley John Private  
Parry John Private  
Patrick Robert Private  
Patterson Arthur Private (Killed)
Patterson Arthur, Jr. Private  
Patterson James Private  
Patterson John Private  
Patterson Robert Private  
Patterson Thomas Private  
Patterson William Private  
Patterson William Private (Killed)
Patton Jacob Private  
Patton Robert Captain  
Patton Robert Private  
Patton Thomas Private  
Pearce James Captain  
Pearce Joshua Private  
Pearson Abel Private  
Peck Adam Private  
Peden John Private  
Peeber Silas Private  
Peek Able Private  
Peek Adam Private  
Pemberton John Captain  
Pemberton John Private  
Pendergast Garrett Private  
Pendergrass Alexander Private  
Penland Robert Private  
Pennel Reuben Private  
Pepper Elisha Private (Killed)
Perkins Elisha Private  
Perrin Joseph Private  
Perry Jesse Private  
Perry Richard Private  
Perry Solomon Private  
Perryman Harmon Private  
Pertle George Private  
Peters John Private  
Peters William Private  
Phillips James Lieutenant (Killed)
Phillips James Private  
Phillips Joseph Captain  
Phillips Joseph Private  
Phillips Samuel Private  
Pierce Joseph Private  
Pilcher Robert Private  
Piper James Private  
Pippin Robert Private  
Pittman William Lieutenant  
Pittman William Private  
Pitts Louis Private  
Plunk Jacob Private  
Polk Ezekial Private  
Pollard Chattam Private  
Polson Andrew Private  
Porter James Major  
Porter John Private  
Porter Mitchell Private  
Porter Robert Major  
Porter Robert Private  
Porter William Private  
Portwood Page Private  
Poston Richard Private  
Potter William Private  
Powell William Private  
Prather Charles Private  
Prather Thomas Private  
Preston Robert Private  
Preston Thomas Captain  
Preston Walter Private  
Price James Private  
Price John Private  
Price Jonathan Private  
Price Samuel Private  
Price Thomas Captain  
Price Thomas Private  
Price William Private  
Prichard Edward Private  
Priest William de Private  
Primus Pleasant Private  
Proffitt William Private  
Pruitt Martin Private  
Pruitt Martin, Jr. Private  
Pruitt Solomon Private  
Pruitt William Private  
Pryor Matthew Private  
Purselly William Private  
Purviance James Private  
Purviance Richard Private  
Purviance William Private  
Putnam John Captain  
Quarles Francis Private  
Quarles John Private  
Quinton James Private  
Quinton Samuel, Sr. Private  
Rabb William Lieutenant  
Rabb William Private (Killed)
Rains John Captain  
Ramsey James Private  
Rankin David Private  
Rankin William Private  
Ratchford Joseph Private  
Rawlings Asahl Private  
Rawls William Private  
Reagan Jeremiah Private  
Reamy Daniel Private  
Reazer Peter Private  
Reed Abraham Private  
Reed Benjamin Private  
Reed David Private  
Reed James Private  
Reed John Ensign  
Reed John Private  
Reed Joseph Private  
Reed Joseph Private  
Reed Lovett Private  
Reed Samuel Private  
Reed Thomas Private  
Reed William Private  
Reep Adam Private  
Reep Michael Private  
Reese David Private  
Reese James Private  
Reeves Asher Private  
Reeves William Private  
Regan Charles Private  
Remfeldt Henry Private  
Renick James Private  
Reynolds Asher Private  
Reynolds Elisha Lieutenant  
Reynolds Elisha Private  
Reynolds Ezekiel Private  
Reynolds Henry Private  
Reynolds Nathaniel Private  
Rhea John Private  
Rhea Joseph Private  
Rice John Private  
Richardson Amos Private  
Richardson James Private  
Ridley George Captain  
Ridley William Private  
Riggins James Private  
Riggs Bethial Captain  
Ritchie Alexander Private  
Ritchie Samuel Private  
Ritchie William Private  
Roberts David Private  
Roberts Edward Private  
Roberts James Private  
Roberts Joshua Private  
Roberts Reuben Private  
Robertson Charles Major  
Robertson Elijah Officer?  
Robertson John Private  
Robertson Joseph Private  
Robertson Thomas Private  
Robertson William Private  
Robertson William Lieutenant  
Robertson William Private  
Robinson John Lieutenant  
Robinson Thomas Private  
Robinson William Lieutenant  
Robinson William Private  
Roddy James Private  
Roddye James Captain  
Roebuck Benjamin Major  
Rogers Benjamin Private  
Rogers William Private  
Roler James Private  
Roler Martin Private  
Roper Drury Private  
Roper Roger Private  
Rose John Private  
Rose Sterling Private  
Roseborough William Captain  
Ross Isaac Private  
Ross John Private  
Rowan Benjamin Private  
Rudd Burlington Private  
Rumfeld Henry Private  
Runyon Adam Private  
Russell Andrew Captain  
Russell George Lieutenant  
Russell Moses Private  
Russell Robert Private  
Russell William Lieutenant  
Rutherford Absolm Private  
Rutherford William Private  
Rutledge George Private  
Sailors Philip Private  
Salsbury Andrew Private  
Sample Samuel Captain  
Sample Samuel Private  
Sarrett Allen Private  
Sartor William Private  
Sawyers John Captain  
Sawyers John Private  
Schultz Matin Private  
Scott Alexander Private  
Scott Arthur Private  
Scott James Private  
Scott John Private  
Scott John Private  
Scott John Private  
Scott Joseph Private  
Scott Joseph Jr. Lieutenant  
Scott Joseph, Jr. Private  
Scott Robert Private  
Scott Samuel Private  
Scott Samuel, Sr. Private  
Scott Thomas Private  
Scott Thomas Private  
Scott Walter Private  
Scott William Private  
Scurlock James Private  
Self Thomas Private  
Sellers James Private  
Selman Jeremiah Private  
Setzer John Private  
Sevier Abraham Private  
Sevier James Private  
Sevier John Colonel  
Sevier Joseph Private  
Sevier Joseph, II Private  
Sevier Robert Captain (Wounded)
Sevier Valentine Captain  
Sevier Valentine Major  
Shannon Robert Captain  
Shannon Robert Private  
Shannon Thomas Private  
Sharp Adam Private  
Sharp Benjamin Private  
Sharp Edward Private  
Sharp James Private  
Sharp John Ensign  
Sharp John Private  
Sharp Richard Private  
Sharp Robert Private  
Sharp Samuel Private  
Sharp Thomas Lieutenant  
Sharp Thomas E. Private  
Sharp William Private  
Shaver Frederick Private  
Shaver Michael Private  
Shaver Paul Private  
Shaw William Private  
Shelby David Private  
Shelby Evan Jr. Major  
Shelby Isaac Colonel  
Shelby Isaac, Jr. Private  
Shelby James Captain  
Shelby John Captain  
Shelby John Private  
Shelby Moses Captain  
Shelby Moses Private (Wounded)
Shelby Thomas Private  
Shell Michael Private  
Shelton George Private  
Sheppard James Captain  
Sherrill Adam Private  
Sherrill George Private  
Sherrill Samuel, Jr. Private  
Sherrill Samuel, Sr. Private  
Sherrill Uriah Private  
Sherrill Ute Private  
Sherrill William Captain  
Shipp Richard Private  
Shipp Thomas Private  
Shirley John Private  
Shook Greenbury Private  
Shote Thomas Private  
Sidebottom Joseph Private  
Sigmon John Captain  
Sigmon Palsor Private  
Simmons John Private  
Simmons Joseph Private  
Simms James Private  
Simms John Private  
Simms Littlepage Private  
Simpson Edmund Private  
Simpson William Private  
Simpson William Private  
Singleton Andrew Captain  
Singleton Richard Major  
Singleton Richard Private  
Siske Bartlett Private  
Siske Daniel Private (Killed)
Skaggs Henry Private  
Skaggs John Private (Wounded)
Skain Adam Private  
Skeggs John Private  
Slappey Henry Private  
Sloan Alexander Private  
Sloan John Private  
Sloan William Private  
Smallwood William Private  
Smart John Private (Killed)
Smith Benjamin Private  
Smith Daniel Captain  
Smith David Private  
Smith Eaton Private  
Smith Edward Private  
Smith Ezekial Captain  
Smith George Private  
Smith Harnett Private  
Smith Henry Captain  
Smith Henry Private  
Smith J. M. Lieutenant  
Smith James Private  
Smith John Private  
Smith Jonas Private  
Smith Jones Private  
Smith Leighton Private  
Smith Miner Captain (Wounded)
Smith Nathan Private  
Smith Obediah Private  
Smith Phillip Private  
Smith Ransom Private  
Smith William Captain  
Smith William Private  
Smith Zebulon Private  
Smithers Gabriel Private  
Smithpeter John Michael Private  
Smool James Private  
Snoddy John Captain  
Snoddy John Private  
Snodgrass James Private  
Snodgrass William Private  
Somers John Private  
Sorter William Private  
Sparks John Private  
Speltz John Private  
Spicer William Private  
Stagel James Private  
Stamey John Private  
Stamper Joel Private  
Starke Robert, Jr. Private  
Starnes Joseph Private  
Starnes Nicholas Private  
Starnes Peter Private  
Steed Thomas Private  
Steele John Lieutenant  
Steele John Private  
Steele Joseph Private  
Steele Samuel Private  
Steele William Private (Killed)
Steen James Colonel (Killed)
Steen James Private (Killed)
Stellars James Private  
Stencipher Joseph Private  
Stephens Jacob Private  
Stephens Mashack Private  
Stephenson David Private  
Sterling Robert Private  
Stevenson James Private  
Stevenson John Private  
Stewart James Private  
Stewart Thomas Major  
Stewart William Private  
Stinson James Captain  
Stockton George Private  
Stockton John Private  
Stockton William Private  
Stone Conway Private  
Stone Ezekial Private  
Stone Solomon Private  
Stone William Private  
Stonecypher John Private  
Story Henry Private  
Story John Private  
Stovall Bartholomew Private  
Street Anthony Waddy Private  
Stribling Clayton Private  
Strozier Peter Private  
Stuart James Private  
Sufferet John Private  
Sulcer William Private  
Summerlin William Private  
Sutherland David Private  
Sutherland John Private  
Swadley Mark Private  
Swanson John Private  
Sweeney Moses Private  
Sweet Benjamin Private  
Sword Michael Private  
Syles James Captain  
Tabor William Private  
Taff George Private  
Talbert Charles Private  
Talbot James Private  
Talbot Mathew, Jr. Private  
Talbot Thomas Private  
Tanner Josiah Lieutenant  
Tate David Private  
Tate John Private  
Tate Robert Private  
Tate Samuel Major  
Tate Samuel Private  
Tatum Andrew Private  
Tatum James Private  
Taylor Andrew Private  
Taylor Andrew, Jr. Private  
Taylor Christopher Captain  
Taylor George Private  
Taylor Isaac Private  
Taylor James Private  
Taylor James Private  
Taylor Leroy Private  
Taylor Parmenus Private  
Temple Major Private  
Templeton John Private  
Terrell Micajah Private  
Terrell Richmond Private  
Terrell William Private  
Thatcher Benjamin Private  
Thomas George Private  
Thomas John Private  
Thompson Alexander Private  
Thompson Burwell Private  
Thompson James Captain  
Thompson James Private  
Thompson John Captain  
Thompson John Private  
Thompson Samuel Private  
Thompson Stephen Private  
Thompson William Private  
Thornton Samuel Private  
Thurman Phillip Private  
Tilley John Private  
Tillman Phillip Private  
Tinsley Golden Private  
Tippong Conrad Private  
Tipton Jonathan Major  
Tipton William Lieutenant  
Titus Ishmael Private  
Todd James Private  
Toliver Jesse Private  
Toliver Moses Private  
Toms Thomas Private  
Toney Abraham Private  
Topp Roger Captain  
Topp Tom Private  
Topp William Private  
Townsend Thomas Private  
Trail James Private  
Tramell William Private  
Trammell Peter Private  
Treadway Robert Private  
Trice James Private  
Trimble Robert Captain  
Trimble William Captain  
Trollinger Henry Private  
Tubb John Private (Wounded)
Tubb John Private  
Tucker John Private  
Turbyfill John Private  
Turney Peter Private  
Turnley George Private  
Turnley Peter Private  
Twitty Anthony Private  
Twitty William Private  
Utterly William Private  
Vance David Captain  
Vance James Private  
Vance John Lieutenant  
Vance John Private  
Vance Samuel Private  
VanHook Jacob Private  
Vanhook Samuel Lieutenant  
Vernon Richard Lieutenant  
Vernon Richard Private  
Vickers Elijah Private  
Vickers John Private  
Waddell John Private  
Waddell Martin Private  
Wafford Benjamin Private  
Waggoner Christopher Private  
Wakefield Henry Private  
Waldrin Peter Private  
Walker Felix Lieutenant-Colonel  
Walker Isaac Private  
Walker John Private  
Walker Robert Private  
Walker William Private  
Wall Jacob Private  
Wallace Andrew Captain  
Wallace John Private  
Wallace John Private  
Wallace John Private  
Wallace John Private  
Wallace John Private  
Wallace Samuel Private  
Wallace Thomas Captain  
Wallace Thomas Private  
Walling William Private  
Walton Jesse Major  
Walton Martin Private  
Walton William, Jr. Private  
Walton William, Sr. Private  
Ward David Private  
Ward William Private  
Ware John Private  
Ware Samuel Captain  
Ware Samuel Private  
Warren   Captain  
Wasson William Private  
Waters Moses Private  
Watkins George Private  
Watson David Private  
Watson John Private  
Watson Nathaniel Private  
Watson Patrick Major  
Watson Samuel Lieutenant  
Watson Samuel Private  
Watson William Private  
Watson William Private  
Watson William Private (Killed)
Weakly Robert Private  
Weaver Frederick Private  
Weaver John Private  
Weaver Samuel Private  
Webb Benjamin Private  
Webb David Captain  
Webb George Private  
Webb Johnathan Captain  
Webb Moses Private  
Weir James Private  
Weir John Captain  
Weir John Private  
Weir Samuel Captain  
Welchel David Private  
Welchel Francis, Jr. Private  
Welchel John Private  
Welchel William Private  
Wells Joseph Private  
Wells Joseph Private  
Wheatley George Private  
Whelchel Davis Private  
Whelchel Francis, Sr. Private  
Whit Charles Private  
Whitaker John Private  
White Benjamin Private  
White Gordon Private  
White Isaac Captain  
White Isaac Private  
White Joseph Captain  
White Joseph Major  
White Richard Lieutenant  
White Solomon Private  
White Thomas Lieutenant  
White Vincent Private  
White William Private  
Whitesides John Private  
Whitner Abraham Private  
Whitner Daniel Private  
Whitten Solomon Private  
Wilbanks Gillam Private  
Wilbanks William Private  
Wiley Alexander Lieutenant  
Wilfong George Major  
Wilfong John Private (Wounded)
Williams Benjamin Private  
Williams Charles Private  
Williams Daniel Captain  
Williams Daniel Private  
Williams Frederick Lieutenant  
Williams James Colonel (Killed)
Williams James Private  
Williams John Private  
Williams Joseph Captain  
Williams Joseph Private  
Williams Mathew Private  
Williams Phillip Private  
Williams Robert Private  
Williams Samuel Captain  
Williams Samuel Private  
Williams Shadrack Private  
Williamson John Private  
Williford Jacob Private  
Williford Nathan Private  
Willis Smith Private  
Willoughby Mathew Private  
Willoughby William Lieutenant  
Willoughby William Private  
Wilson Andrew Private  
Wilson James Captain  
Wilson John Private  
Wilson Joseph Captain  
Wilson Joseph Private  
Wilson Robert Private  
Wilson Zacheus Captain  
Winstead Francis Private  
Winston Joseph Major  
Withers Elisha Private  
Withers John Private  
Witherspoon David Lieutenant  
Witherspoon John Private  
Withrow James Captain  
Withrow James Private  
Wofford Benjamin Private  
Wolf Lewis Private  
Womach Jacob Captain  
Wood Jonathon Private  
Wood Obediah Private  
Wood Samuel Captain  
Woods John Private  
Woods Johnathan Private  
Woods Michael Private  
Woolsey Thomas Private  
Word Charles Private (Killed)
Word Cuthbert Private  
Word John Private  
Word Peter Private  
Word Thomas Private  
Wyley Alexander Private  
Wyley James Private  
Wyley John Private  
Wynn William Private  
Yancey Ambrose Private  
Yates Samuel Private  
Yeary Henry Private  
Yoder Conrad Private  
Yontz George Private  
Young Alexander Private  
Young Isham Private  
Young James Private  
Young John Private  
Young Robert Private  
Young Samuel Private  
Young Thomas Major  
Young Thomas Private  
Young William Captain  
Young William Private  

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