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 Corn Planters  From 7 acres per day to 70 acres per day in just 70 years!  
 Corn Harvesters  Indians who planted a Fish with Each Kernel of Corn, should See our Corn Harvesters Today!  
 Cultivators  Not Commonly used a Century Ago!  
 Grain Drills  They didn;t "Catch-On" very Fast!  
 Grain Harvesters  Less than One Century from Invention of Grain Cradle to Harvesting Combines!  
 Grain Threshers  Just 70 years Separated "Flail" and Combine!  
 Hay Mowers  !  
 Hay Gathering  Equipment. Only 80 years Separated the Horse-Rake & the Power Baler!  
 Listers & Go-Devels  To Place the Kernel Deep in Arid Soil!  
 Milking Machines  !  
 Miscellaneous  Farm Equipment Items!  
 Patato  Planters & Diggers!  
 Plows  From broken Saw Blades to speedy Tractor Plows, all in One Century!  
 Water Wells  Development. Windmills, a Novelty bfore 1890!  1860-1941

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SFA Series! These records are part of the "Genealogy Computer Package" *** PC-PROFILE *** Volume - II. Sarratt/Sarrett/Surratt Family Profile© Compiled and self Published in Oct. 31, 1989 by Paul R. Sarrett, Jr. with the assistance of my late mother
Mrs. M. Lucille (WILSON) SARRETT (1917-1987) The SFA "Work-Books" were compiled by "States" listing the various families, born, married, died, and a history of that family branch. In 1996 I started "Up-Loading" this material on the Sarratt/Sarrett/Surratt Families of America (SFA)© site. ..prs

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