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Cherokee Chief
Cherokee Chief
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Cherokee tribe. - The Cherokee claimed some land in southeastern 
Kentucky and traces of culture of Cherokee type are said to be found 
in archeological remains along the upper course of the Cumberland, 
but no permanent Cherokee settlement is known to have existed in historic 
times within this State. (See Tennessee.)

Chickasaw tribe. - The westernmost end of Kentucky was claimed by 
the Chickasaw, and at a very early period they had a settlement on 
the lower course of Tennessee River, either in Kentucky or Tennessee. 
(See Mississippi.)

Mosopelea tribe. - This tribe may have lived within the boundaries 
of Kentucky for a brief time, perhaps at the mouth of the Cumberland 
River, when they were on their way from Ohio to the lower Mississippi. 
(See Ohio, and see also Ofo under Mississippi.)

Shawnee tribe. - The Shawnee had more to do with Kentucky in early 
times than any other tribe, but maintained few villages in the State 
for a long period. Their more permanent settlements were farther south 
about Nashville. At one Shawnee town, located for a short time near 
Lexington, Ky., the noted Shawnee chief, Blackhoof, was born. The 
tribe crossed and recrossed the State several times in its history 
and used it still more frequently as a hunting ground. (See Tennessee.)

Yuchi tribe. - According to some early maps, the Yuchi had a town 
in this State on a river which appears to be identical with Green 
River. (See Georgia.)

Hunting bands of Illinois, Miami, Iroquois, and Delaware at times 
visited Kentucky, but these tribes can hardly be said to have played 
much of a part in Kentucky history. (See New York, New Jersey, Indiana, 
and Illinois.)

End of KENTUCKY Indian Tribes.

Source & Reference Notes!

   "The Indian Tribes of North America"
    By John R. Swanton; 1944
    [Retired from active membership on the staff of the 
    Bureau of American Ethnology in 1944]

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