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Cherokee Chief
Cherokee Chief
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WAITE, or OoWatie A Cherokee Chief (1806-1871)

Fourth Generation! Deer Clan
David Oowatie - The Ancient One (a.k.a. Oowatie Uwatie)
(3rd s/o Dutsi Tachee -Paint Clan & Mother: Susannah Catherine)
(1Gs/o Onacona "White Owl" & Mother: Nionne Ollie - of the Paint Clan)
(2Gs/o White Owl Raven & Mother: Nancy of the Wolf Clan)
b. 1773 in Hiwassee Town, North Carolina (now Tennessee) 
d. 1842, a69y Unknown 
Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me)
At a21y he married (bfr 1794) 
Miss Susannah Charity REESE;
b. ABT 1786
They had at least 10 Children born to this Union:
  1. 1st Dau: Sarah Susan,      b. c1794
  2. 2nd Dau: Nancy Paschal,    b. c1800/1808
  3. 1st Son: Buck Watie,       b. c1802 in Pine Log, Cherokee Nation   East (now Georgia)
  4. 2nd Son: Issac S.,         b. *12 Dec 1806 in Rome, Georgia
  5. 3rd Dau: Mary Ann,         b. c1808
  6. 3rd Son: Thomas Black,     b. c1810 Not Traced!
  7. 4th Son: John Alexander,   b. c1814
  8. 4th Dau: Elizabeth Webber, b. c1816 in Candy's Creek, McMinn County,   Tennessee
  9. 5th Son: Charles Edwin,    b. c1818 Not Traced!
  10 5th Dau: OOWATIE,          b. c1829 Not Traced!

Fifth Generation! Deer Clan
1. Sarah Susan WATIE, 
(1st d/o David OoWATIE & Mother: Susannah C. REESE) [REF:#57]

Cherokee Chief
4. Stand WATIE, 
(a.k.a StanWatie; or Isaac Stan Watie)
(2nd s/o David OoWATIE & Mother: Susannah C. REESE) [REF:#57]
Son of Oo-WATIE (Brother of Major RIDGE, [REF: Ehle Pg207]
half-brother of Buck WATIE (a.k.a. Elias BOUDINOT) [REF: Ehle Pg207]
Nephew of Major RIDGE, [REF: Ehle Pg207]
b. 12 Dec 1806, in the Cherokee town Uy'gilagi (abbreviated Tsuyu'gila'gi),
which was located along the Ougillogy Creek of the Oostanaula River, 
now located near the present day Calhoun, Gordon Co., GA; [REF: Ehle Pg207]
b. 12 Dec 1806, Rome, Floyd Co., GA. [REF:#57]
d. 09 Sep 1871, at the age of 64 years, Location Unknown; 
Buried: Polson Cemetery, southeast of Grove, OK. [Delware Co.] [REF:#56]
He Married four times per [REF:#57]
1st Marriage Elizabeth FIELDS; b. 1818 
2nd Marriage Isabelle MILLER;
3rd Marriage Eleanor LOONEY; b. 1810, 1Ch.
4th Marriage Cherokee Chief
Miss Sarah Caroline BELL; 5Ch. [REF: Ehle Pg207]
(D/o M/M BELL Parents)
b. 11 Mar 1820 in Cherokee Nation East [REF:#57]
d. Unknown;
Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me)
They had 5 Children born to this 4th Union: [REF:#57]
  Issue Unknown!
  Issue Unknown!
    1. 1st Dau: Susannah WATIE b. 1830/1831
    2. 1st Son: Saladin Ridge,         b. 1847 in Webbers Falls, Muskogee County, Oklahoma 
    3. 2nd Son: Eugene Cuminsky Watike b. 1851 
    4. 1st Dau: Ninnie "Minnehaha" Josephine b. 1852/1853 
    5. 2nd Dau: Charlotte Jacqueline,  b. 9 Oct 1854 
    6. 3rd Son: Solon Watica,          b. 1858

  Possible Record Problem!
In SFA-REF:#165 Karen Harvey claims that Mrs. Susan (MILLER) SARRETT also known as Stellia (WAITE) SARRETT
See: Query Karen3
  STAND WATIE was one of the CHEROKEE Indian chief's who signed the Treaty of New Echota of 1835, ordering the Cherokee to give up their land east of the Mississippi and move westward to WESTERN INDIAN TERRITORY. Cherokee factions opposed to the treaty sentenced him to death, but he lived on to serve as Brigadier General, leading a Confederate Cherokee regiment. STAND WATIE was the last Confederate officer to surrender to the Union.
(Source Bibliography: Kappler, C. J., ed., Indian Treaties 1778-1883 (1972); Rampp, Lary and Donald, The Civil War in Indian Territory (1975)
Click on Thumbnail for larger Photo! Stand Watie - the only Indian to attain the rank of general in the Confederate Army.
The Cherokee Braves Battle Flag was presented to the Cherokees as a confederate battle flag by a representative of the Confederacy, "Albert Pike", at the signing of the treaty that brought the Cherokee into the Confederacy on the Seventh (7th) of October 1861. The flag at the time was Stars and Bars with eleven (11) white stars in a circle in the blue field, representing the states in the Confederacy. The Cherokee modified the flag to create one for battle of their own. In the field of the white bar they added the words "CHEROKEE BRAVES" and in the center of the circle of white stars in the blue field they placed five (5) red stars, representing the five civilized tribes, all in the confederacy, with the larger red star in the center representing the Cherokees. The Confederate Indian troops, under the command of "General Stan Watie" carried the flag as their banner, also used by the men as their national flag.
The Confederate Cherokee government was set up in the Canadian District, in the southern part of the Cherokee Nation. The dream of having a separate, independent and sovereign Cherokee government was never realized. "General Stan Watie" was the only Cherokee Native American to attain the rank of general in any military and was the last one to surrender at the end of the war. The descendants of the Cherokee Confederacy who know, honor their ancestors by displaying the flag. Source: forgottenflag.html
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