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Cherokee Chief
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Cherokee Chief

The following Biographies are of some American Indians persons. ..prs

  CATAWBA: (Western VA., Western part of NC., Northern part of SC.)
 File  Size/Date  Subject
 a. GEORGE1.BIO  1,312 07-12-96  Breton GEORGE, Catawba George served in ARW 7 years, (c1742-1827)
 File  Size/Date  Subject
 a.  1,417 07-12-96  Some 1st Families, Cherokee Nation East
 b. Boudinot.BIO  1,312 07-12-96  ELIAS BOUDINOT, "Buck" Cherokee Editor (????-1839)
 c. DUTCH.BIO  30,664 07-12-96  TAHCHEE, or Dutch (A Cherokee Chief) (1790-1843)
 d. RIDGE1.BIO  91,520 07-12-96  Major John RIDGE (A Cherokee Chief) c1771-1839
 e. ROSS1.BIO  44,416 07-12-96  JOHN ROSS, "Coowescoowe", A Cherokee Chief (1790- 1866)
 f. SEQUO1.BIO  40,577 07-12-96  SEQUOYAH, or GEORGE GIST (c1760-1843)
 g. TOOAN.BIO  15,464 07-12-96  Tooan Tuh, or Spring Frog (A Cherokee Chief) (c1764-????)
 h. VANN1.BIO  1,312 07-12-96  David VANN, a Cherokee Warrior
 i. WATIE.BIO  1,516 07-12-96  Stand WATIE, (1806-1871) (a.k.a. Oo-Watie) a Cherokee Chief
 z. Nts-Ref.htm  1,516 07-12-96  Notes & Source Reference Cherokee Biographies
 File  Size/Date  Subject
 a. PUSHMAT1.BIO 26,496 07-13-96PUSHMATAHA (A Choctaw Chief, ca. 1765-1824 a59y)
 File  Size/Date  Subject
  a. JIMBOY.BIO 9,216 07-11-96Tustennuggee Emathla, 1793-18?? or Jim Boy (A Creek Chief)
  b. MCINTOSH.BIO22,528 06-15-96 McIntosh (A Creek Chief)
  c. MENAWA.BIO 29,824 07-11-96 MENAWA "Crazy War Hunter" (A Creek Warrior)
 g. MISTIPPEE.BIO12,672 07-13-96 Mistippee (Son of Creek Chief Yoholo-Micco)
  e. OPOTHIE.BIO 35,968 07-11-96 Opothle-Yoholo (A Creek Chief)
  f. SELOCTA.BIO 18,944 06-15-96Selocta (A Creek Chief)
  g. YOHOLO1.BIO 3,352 07-11-96 Yoholo-Micco, 1778-1828 "Hallooer Town-Chief" (A Creek Chief)
 File  Size/Date  Subject
 a. BOWLEGS.BIO 17,792 07-11-96 Halpatter-Micco, or Billy Bowlegs (A Seminole Chief)
 b. CHITTEE.BIO 6,784 07-11-96 Chittee-Yoholo (A Seminole Chief)
 c. FOKE.BIO 12,928 07-11-96 Foke Luste Hajo (A Seminole Chief)
 d. HAJO.BIO 6,144 07-11-96 Yaha Hajo (A Seminole War Chief)
 e. MICANOPY.BIO 23,936 07-11-96 Micanopy (A Seminole Chief)
 f. NEAMATH.BIO 18,688 07-11-96 Neamathla (A Seminole Chief)
 g. OSCEOLA.BIO 62,336 07-11-96 Osceola (A Seminole Leader)
 File  Size/Date  Subject
 a. CORNP1.BIO 38,784 07-12-96 Kiontwogky, or Cornplanter (A Seneca Chief)
 b. REDJ2.BIO 55,680 07-12-96 RED JACKET (A Seneca War Chief) (1756-1830)
 File  Size/Date  Subject
 a. QUATAWAP.BIO 8,320 07-13-96 Quatawapea, or Colonel Lewis (A Shawanoe Chief)
 File  Size/Date  Subject
 a. CLOUDS1.BIO 3,200 07-12-96 Paytakootha, or Flying Clouds (A Shawnee Warrior)
 b. KISHKAL1.BIO 20,224 07-12-96 Kishkalwa (A Shawnee Chief)
 c. TENSK2.BIO 63,616 07-12-96 Tecumseh & brother The Shawnee Prophet

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