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This material was sent to [REF:#90, Pg 185]
by Alan SARRATT concerning his family.
We are reproducing portions of it.

It is believed that Jacob SARRATT cane from France to England
in 1789. Proof of his French origins lie partially in a letter
possessed by Alan SARRATT written by Jacob in French to a relative
announcing the birth of his daughter, Marie Anne. His wife was
Later they had three other children, George Henry, and Susan Catherine. 
He had formerly lived in Beaurais (near La Rochelle) and believed to 
be of Huguenot origins.
   1. 1st Dau: Marie, Jr. b. c1802 Not Traced!
   2. 1st Son: George H., b. c1804-     m. c1824 Frances HUNT, 1Ch.
   3. 2nd Son: Henry,     b. c1805 Not Traced!
   4. 2nd Dau: Susan C.,  b. c1806 Not Traced!

He seems to have been in Hull by 1802 where his daughter,
Marie Anne SARRATT was born and he later settled in London, It
is believed he had a brother who went to America, but no proof
exists for this.

Alan SARRATT has a miniature of Jacob SARRATT in his uniform
when he went to the Napoleonic Wars in which he was killed at

In 1803 he was a Lieutenant in the Royal York Marylebone
Volunteers which were stood down in 1814 after the war with
Napoleon was over. Jacob wrote a book:
"Life of Buonaparte-- in which the Atrocious Deeds which he has perpetrated in order to attain his elevated station are faithfully recorded"
This was published in London 01 Nov. 1803 and Alan SARRATT has a copy. Jacob was in Wellington's Armies and his son, whose name is believed to be Henry, was also killed in these wars. As a matter of interest, references exist to a General variously called SARRATT, SIRRATT, and SARRAT who was one of Marshal Marmont's Divisional Commanders at Ciudad Rodaigo in March, 1812; it is possible a French cousin of Jacob SARRATT was fighting on the French side. GEORGE HENRY SARRATT; (s/o Jacob,1 & Marie (PUIRVEAUX) SARRATT) His birthdate is unknown, [c. 1804 ..prs] but papers exist relative to his service in the Royal Navy as a Lieutenant. It seems he was almost continuously afloat during the blockade of France in the Peninsular War (1803-1814). He served on various ships and was appointed to command the H.M.S. Carnatic 1 July 1815. After the war, he entered the Coast Guard and went to Ireland in that service. Alan SARRATT has an old letter which relates George was away so long he had been presumed dead. On his return to London he went to call on an aunt and caused the maid, who opened the door, to call out "Mr. George!" and fainted, falling through the glass door. In 1823 George H. , a19y was stationed at Fort Redford, County Donegal, Ireland when he received permission from George Davenport HUNT to marry his daughter, Frances HUNT; They were married about 1824-5, and had at least one Son: 1.2.1 Son: Henry Davenport SARRATT, 1828- HENRY DAVENPORT SARRATT Henry was born 14 Jan. 1828 to George SARRATT and Frances Hunt. He retired from the Navy and died at Southsea about 1899, a71y, Buried: Location Unknown (to me) He married (date Unknown) to Thomasina HACKETT Who was a descendant of William de HACKETT who accompanied King John to Ireland. She was granted a Royal Navy "Grace and Favour" House at Penge, London after Henry D. death where she lived with her two unmarried daughters until her death in 1926. Their children were: 1. Frances, 2. Mary Adelaide, 3. Valentine, 4. Florence, 5. Mildred, 6. Henry Joyce, 7. William Davenport, 8. Digby, 9. May, and +10. Edward Walter SARRATT, father to Alan SARRATT. Henry D. SARRATT, was educated at Greenwich Hospital School (London) which he left in 1843 to enter the Royal Navy in H.M.S. St. Vincent at Portsmouth. The family possesses many records of his service in the Royal Navy, his campaign medals, and his sword. He had a very distinguished career and fought in the China Wars for the Suppression of Piracy where he was severely wounded. He was present at the Sieze of Alexandria in 1882, a54y Henry D. SARRATT was in command of the Royal Yacht which brought Princess Alexandra from Denmark to marry the Prince of Wales--later Edward VII. He was offered a knighthood which he refused as he felt he could not afford the standard of living expected on his Captain's pay. He went to sea on sailing ships, saw the introduction of steam, iron dads, and steel ships into the Navy and had he lived a few years longer (on pension) he would have known the introduction of submarines. He was one of the leading navigators of his day in the Navy. When Cleopatra's Needle was being towed to England from Egypt, the tow parted during a gale in the Bay of Biscay. From his knowledge of the area (and without any of our modern aids) he pin pointed the spot where the tow would most likely be adrift which proved quite accurate. The monument now stands on the Embankment of the Thames River in London. EDWARD WALTER SARRATT (s/o Henry D. & Thomasina (HACKETT) SARRATT) He was born about 1877 and had been intended for the Royal Navy, but he became a mathematical scholar of Christ Hospital School in London which he left in 1893. He came to Ireland to enter the firm of Messrs. A. Guinness Son Co., and became their statistician. He was a gifted painter in water colours and had won prizes while in school and had several of his paintings accepted by Queen Victoria. He was for many years a Boy Scout Commissioner and held the highest award, the Silver Wolf, for his services. He died in Dublin in 1951. He had worked in Liverpool for his firm and there he met Eleanor Mary Sleath and they were married in 1903 and had two sons, +1. Alan SARRATT and 2. Henry Davenport SARRATT who is unmarried and lives in Dublin. ALAN DAVENPORT SARRATT Alan was born on 3 Dec. 1905 in Liverpool. He was raised in Dublin and educated at Avoca School, Blackrock County, Dublin. He entered the service of the Bank of Ireland in 1924 and retired in 1969 as Superintendent of the Stock Dept. of the Transfer Office, and achieved the record of never coming in late for duty in 45 years. For 34 years he was Hon. Secretary of the Dublin Boy Scouts' Assn. He was awarded the Medal of Merit and the Silver Acorn by the British Scout Association for his work for International Scouting and the Silver Shamrock and Silver Elk for his services to Irish Scouting. When he retired, Alan went back to his old school to help in its administration as a "thank you" for the education it afforded him, his sons, and grandsons. In 1934 he married Gertrude "Ruby" BROWNE; and they had three sons: DAVID DAVENPORT SARRATT; David Davenport SARRATT, married Evelyn Rosebawn of Johannesburg in 1969. He spent ten years in South Africa and now lives in Dublin. He is a color printing estimator. GEOFFREY DAVENPORT SARRATT; Geoffrey Davenport SARRATT, born in 1940, married Patricia Chantry, granddaughter of the sculptor. They have two sons, 1. Son: Andrew Davenport SARRATT, born 1964 and 2. Son: Philip Davenport SARRATT, born 1967. They live in Dublin. EDWARD DAVENPORT SARRATT; Edward Davenport SARRATT, born 1944, married Alison Wiggins. She designed the Irish Hall Mark and found when they bought their wedding ring the hall mark was her own design. Edward holds the Bronze Cross of the Scout Association for saving a child from drowning in Dun Laoghaire Harbor. They live near Bristol and have have three daughters, Nicola SARRATT born 1969, Janine SARRATT, born 1972, and Fiona SARRATT, born 1977.
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