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Name: Bernadette L-M Sarratt <>
Date: 2001-03-07
Which "Branch" do you belong to? Joseph Sr. Sarratt
I want to thank you Paul for having the resourcces and intelligence to research our family name "Sarratt"
I know now i am a decendant of Joseph Sr. Sarratt who came from France....if you have any more info on him do please write me. And i have two daughters which i proudly gave my maiden name instead of their sir name.....there is only 2 daughters my father had, and i felt i should keep the sarratt name going at least another generation.


Name: Judy Hazlett Starsinic <>
Date: 2000-08-25
Which "Branch" do you belong to? Susannah Surratt & Henry Dickerson
I am trying to link the Surratts with France in some way. I noticed a Surratt line in New Brunswick that I want to research.

PS Love your web site!


Name: Chris Surratt <>
Date: 2000-05-05
Which "Branch" do you belong to? John H. Surratt
What County, State are you researching? Maryland
I am researching our connection to John H. Surratt. My father is Hubert Ray Surratt. My Grandfather was E.L. Surratt. My great grandfather was John Surratt.

Name: John James Tonry <>
Date: 2000-02-14
Which "Branch" do you belong to? NY. Tonry's
What County, State are you researching? From Drumfin,County Sligo,Ireland to present
Dear Paul and Family,
I didn't read your 2 sites very well. You have amassed a great amount of your Family History, as I only started 2 1/2 years ago. My primary searching was limited to The Tonry's and it grew into Tonry,Tonery and Tonrey. I called Reginald S.(Surratt)Tonry,Jr in OR. When he told me about his GGGM Mary, I then started to look for more information on the Surratt/Tonry relationship, I found your name and you sent the sites to me. I sent to you all information I had to date , more has come in but it is easier to update once a month and send out. Regards John James Tonry


Name: Marjorie Lightfoot <>
Date: 2000-02-08
Which "Branch" do you belong to? Surratt or Sarratt
What County, State are you researching? any & all
Do you have a HomePage to Link to? no
This Surratt had no 1st name listed,but he is the 3rd son of
Joseph & Kathrine


Name: John James Tonry <>
Date: 2000-01-22
Which "Branch" do you belong to? TONRY
What County, State are you researching? ALL
Do you have a HomePage to Link to? none
I found the Surratt/Tonry history by talking with Reginald S.(Surratt) Tonry Jr.

Jessica Surratt
Feb 28, 2000
SURRATT, Mary E. (Jenkins)
The Surratt Surname Message Board
Message #46
Has anyone found a tie to Mary or John surratt in their ancestory? Mary Surratt was hung around the time of Abraham Lincoln's assination in Maryland. She was supsect of housing John Wilkes Booth and her son, John Surratt. John Surratt was suspected accomplince to Booth. Has anyone found out anything about this? Please email me if you have info or might be related to me! Thanks, Jessica Surratt email:
See URL: Mary E. (Jenkins) SURRATT & Conspirators

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