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Joe Wyckoff
SEROT Family of France
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2000 6:08:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Just visted your website...
I am wondering if you might have any information on two descendants I have been researching.
Pierre Serot was born in France around 1765 and came to America in 1790 and landed at Alexandria, then a part of D.C. On the same ship was Marie Catherine Avaligne, born in Picardy, France in 1769. They married and moved to the French settlement of Gallipolis. They had four children including
1. Mary
2. Gervais
3. Gabrielle Serot and
4. Leonard Serot.
Pierre SEROT died in 1796 and Catherine remarried, moving to the "French Grant." Catherine died in 1824 and is buried in Haverhill, Ohio. I've had some difficulty trying to trace this line because of spelling changes. In later generations, I've seen the spelling as Serrot, Seraut, etc. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thanks,
Joe Wyckoff
Thanks for the E-Mail! we do not have this family in our SFA database. ..prs
SARRET of France
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 9:45:07 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Please answer me
i know many things about the most famous sarret in france la baronne de Sarret has written a book about her family from Year 1000
(Sorry I don't know your Name)
Thanks for the E-Mail!
We would love to here info. on the Sarret of France! ..prs
Choquer Jeanclaude
SARRAT, Hautes Pyrenees
Date: 15 Dec 2003 8:10:06 AM Pacific Standard Time
Subject: genealogie SARRAT Hautes Pyrenees
Je recherche des renseignements sur le patronyme de SARRAT Hautes Pyrénées (65). De 1750 à nos jours dans les communes de Heches Hechettes Rebouc etc...
Merci si vous avez des informations.
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Thanks for the E-Mail!
We would like to exchange Info. on this SARRAT family, but we can NOT read French. ..prs
Guillaume Sarrat de Tramezaigues
Sarrat web site - USA
Date: 26 Dec 2003 5:02:24 AM Pacific Standard Time
I have been very pleased to find some information about these names on your web site. I will give you some information and hope that you will be able to give me some too.
The family Sarrat comes from south west of France, used to be protestant but all of the members of the family convert themselves during the 16-17-18e centuries. The only living protestant members of the family are in the US.
What i can tell you about the french branch of the Sarrat: There are two branches:
- The first branch still lives in south west of France, they are one of the richest family in France, they own a transport company (trucks) in a town close to Toulouse. They are quite numerous. I believe it is the older branch.
- The second branch, from which i come from, is mostly in north east of France since the second world war, before that they used to live in Saint Lary Soulan, south ouest of france, close to the spanish border, in a little manoir. I cannot tel you much about the history you don't kow of the family exept for the 20th century.
I will begin with me if you do not mind (these french are really rude!!!). I am 26 years old, doctor in economics, economist at Reuters Paris and lecturer in european economics at sciences po, a business and politics school (university). I have a brother, Phillipe Sarrat, 32, executive manager of a truck company in east of france. He is married with two children, Quentin and Hugo, 3 and 1. He is married to Bettina Bigel.
My father, Jean Pierre Sarrat, owns a small truck company, and is a great hunter, as we are all in the family! He is married to my mother, Marlyse Rein von Lenzwiller, daughter of a deceased german lord, big land owner.
My father's father, Jean Paul Sarrat, still alive, retired, used to run the company he gave to my father. He is married to Marguerite... can not remember her name!!! anyway! My grand father was also captain during the second world war in the Pyrennes, fighting with the spanish resistants against the german, he was injured twice and has been decorated several times.
He has two brothers, Hugues and Jacques Sarrat, both still alive living in east of France.
My grand father's father was Pierre Sarrat, general in the French army, in the 'infanterie coloniale' during world war 2. He was chief of infanterie coloniale headquarter during the Vichy period with Petain but has been arrested by the german because he was giving information and weapons to my grand father and his brothers to fight the german. After the war he stayed in the army and went to China where he was captured and poisoned in jail by the chinese. He was married to a Ms Fouché, directly coming from the famous napoleon police minister. She died in the sixties.
I don't know much about his father, I think he was Dominique Sarrat, colonel in the french army, died before world war 2. There is a big gap in the family history in the 19th century, i am doing extensive researches to find out what went on... if you have any information...
For the coat of arms, it is right one, still held today by the members of that branch of the family, which must be evidence enough that we come from Jean Sarrat, first president of the court of Toulouse in the 15th century, we hold it on chevaliere (gold ring), these rings being transmited from family members since old times.
If it has been established that the Sarrat family is noble, we never went higher of the rank of Seigneur, which is the lowest noble rank after Chevalier (after that you have marquis, baron comte duc.....)
To finish, there are histories in the family that we are linked to Tramezaigues, a small town in south west of France, i do not know why, but my father and grand father sign their letters as Sarrat de Tramezaigues. We then know we are linked to that 'seigneurie' but do not know the history of it.
What does the family look like in the US? I spent two years in the UK but never been in the US.
I hope you will find all this intersting, if you need data from France for your researches, please feel free to ask.
Regards, Guillaume Sarrat de Tramezaigues
Thanks for the E-Mail,
I do NOT speak or read french, so if I ask or say something stupid It is from ignorance and Not intended to be rude.
We have researched the Sarratt name in America, but have not researched in France.
We would like to exchange information of the SARRATT de Tramezaigues ..prs

Date: 29 Dec 2003 12:30:38 AM Pacific Standard Time
The americans are never rude, do not worry!!
About the names you are looking for, you should remember that several names are actually the same family, but different branches:
de Sarrats
Sarrat de Tramezaigues
Sarrat de Tramezaigues de Saint Lary (my family)
Depending on the area they live, the spelling might change. Do you have an idea of who migrated to the US to develop the american branch? When was that?
Merry christmas, happy new year,
Regards, Guillaume Sarrat de Tramezaigues
We believe that See: Joseph SARRAT was the Progenitor of the Maryland SARRAT's b. abt 1656, came to America prior to 1700. ..prs

R. Kevin Sarrett
1st E-Mail: Date: 31 Aug 2004 6:04:01 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Do you know who Bernard Sarrette's (1765-1858) father was?
R. Kevin Sarrett,
R. Kevin,
Thanks for the E-Mail.
We have not researched the "French Connection" on the Sarratt/Sarrett/Surratt name.
See: Bernard Sarrette of Bordeaux, France. ...prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: 31 Aug 2004 7:19:10 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Regarding Marquis Jean Paul Lafayette & Duke Mont Sarrette:
See: Marquis Jean Paul Lafayette
R. Kevin,
I could not connect to that URL: ..prs

3rd E-Mail: Date: 02 Sep 2004 2:55:29 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Subj:Re: Sarrette
SARETTE de MONTMARIN L'Auguste Garde de la Marine LFAp138
SARRETTE de COUSEIGUE L'AugusteEnseigne de vaisseau LFAp138

This was listed as part of Lafayette genealogy. Is Mont Marin De Sarrett the same as Duke Mont Sarrette who accompanied Marquis Jean Paul Lafayette? And would Couseigue De Sarrette also be known as Bernard Sarrette? After all it was mentioned that:
"Duke of Mont Sarrette";
(Son of Unknown French Parents); born c1747, in the South of France; d. Unknown, in the old Person Co., NC; It's been reported [REF: #90. pg163] at the age of 28 years he came to the America Colonies, on the same ship with MARQUIS Jean Paul LAFAYETTE and was in the services of General GEORGE WASHINGTON during the American Revolution (1775-1783); The Duke Mont Sarrette, age 36 returned to his homeland of France after the Revolution. "Duke Mont Sarrette", married some time before 1770 in France, to Wife Unknown; "Duke Mont Sarrette" age of 52 years, in 1799, left France when the French Revolution broke out, stole aboard a ship bound for America, along with a young 2 year old son. On his arrival in America the "Duke" became known as Elisha SARRETT [REF: #90. pg163]

Additionally, the Duke would have been approximately 18 years old at the time of Bernard's birth. Bernard would have been approximately 34 years old when the Duke left France in 1799. (I believe Bernard was pre-occupied at the time)
Finally, I find J.N. Hook's passage both curious and coinsidental, considering the elusive departure of the Duke and the relative size of both Willis's and Elisha 2's family.
As of now no connection with France, has been established, of my Branch of "SARRETT", family line, but family tradition suggest, they were part of the Huguenots of France which, were part of the Reformation which, swept throughout Europe. It's said the Huguenots Cross, which is the "Cross of Languedoc", signifies the Erasmian Spirit of Humanism. They also adopted the flag of Henry of Navarre with its "fleur de lis" as an emblem. Religious intolerance in France, late in the seventeenth century, led to the departure of many Huguenots to the New World (America). One of them, unknown author, recorded this story of his family. "My parents departed (France) in the middle of the night, to save their lives, leaving the greater part of their property, which they could not convert to money. There were twelve other families...The priest used to search every house where they imagined that Bibles might be concealed or meetings held...The twelve families fled by night to La Rochelle, where the continued for some time. But intell- igence from Paris to La Rochelle soon detected their several abodes. Their houses were broken into on a certain night. They all would have been cut off, had not been for a good man, a Catholic, who had become acquainted with them. He gave them notice, so they fled the night before, at about one or two o'clock. The twelve families muffled the wheels of their wagons, so as not to make any noise, but they were discovered on the way and pursued to a river, before they were over taken. Ten families got over the river in safety, but two were taken. No other succeeded in getting aboard a ship to America. Their troubles were not yet ended. On the ship a fever killed many of the passengers." [REF: FRENCH: "They Might Have Ruled America" By J. N. HOOK, 1982, Pg. 187] From what I understand the French Revolution was coming to an end after Louis XVI's execution in 1793 & Robespierre's Reign of Terror ending in execution in 1794.
In 1804 Napoleon was crowned as Empire.
"The motives for the imprisonment of Sarrette from the 25th of March to the 10th of May 1794, have been a source of historical controversy, nor is it possible to ascertain exactly what were his political views throughout this period of the French Revolution. But there is no longer foundation for the theory of Zimmermann, his biographer, that he was imprisoned for singing aloud Crtrys air, 0 Richard, mon roi / For the last forty years of his life Sarrette lived in retirement. The protection of Napoleon I. was a source of disaster to him in 1815, when the conservatoire was closed; its subsequent history was watched by its founder as a mere spectator from outside." See Constant Pierre, B. Sarrette et les origines du Conservatoire, (Paris, 1895). Where did Bernard come from and why is he beening recognized by France's nobility? Just sharing my thoughts,
R. Kevin Sarrett,

Kevin is our SFA-REF: 8th Generation SFA, of Raleigh Co., WV. Kevin is our See: [SFA-REF:#001.003]
Rebecca Ann Cook
Massey, Cook, Honaker, Sarrett, Combs, Wills, Allen, Dickens
Dated: May 17, 2004
About Our Family Research
I am serching for the anchesters of,
Henry Massey, Expecially William Sr. from Monroe Co. WV. to Raleigh Co. WV.
John Cooke from Wyoming Co. WV. expecially for William Cooke.
Hans Jacob Honagger of Pulaski, VA.
Duke of Mont Sarrett from France, Expecially
Elisa Sarrett from from I believe Grayson Co. VA. <----
William Edward Combs of Scotland,
both sons, Zedekiah & William of Grayson Co, VA. William Wills of Grayson Co. VA. William Allen of Grayson Co. VA. Nehemiah Daniel of Patrick Co. VA. Jesse M. Daniel of Raleigh Co. WV. Ephraim Dickens Jr. from maybe Montgomery Co. WV. to Raleigh Co. WV. Expecially for Isaac Dickens & daughter Paulina.,and Capt. Ralph Stewart of Wyoming Co. WV. That is my anchestors from my mom & my dad's tree's. All help on these & pictures would be greatly appreciated. There will be a Honaker reunion on August 7, 2004 at the old Mt. View Elementry school gym in Rock Creek, Raleigh County, WV. starting at 10:00 for the anchesters of.."William Baxter & Viola "Sarrett" Honaker. William is the son of James & Minerva "Kirk" Honaker. Viola is the daughter of John Tinsley & Nancy "Combs" Sarrett. For more info. on this reunion. Please contact the above phone number or e-mail address. We are also taking donations from any family members for the cleaning up of the Sarrett Cemetary in Arnett, Raleigh County, WV. & we would like to get a tomb stone for John Tinsley & Nancy Also we would like to make the grave yard a land mark for Arnett since the first settlers are buried there.
Contact the Author, Rebecca Ann Cook, 704-343-0222
Rebecca-A-Cook Homepage
Windy Sauret
Subj: SAURET, Jules
Date: 25 Oct 2004 1:28:52 PM Pacific Daylight Time
I noticed you have done extensive work on your family's name. Maybe you can help shoot me down the right path. Since I am not able to find any information other than the 1880 census. On my g-grandparents.
My grandmother was born Julie Emily Sauret 1893 in NYC,NY her father's name Jules Sauret born 1857 in France he is according to family the younger brother of Emil Sauret the violinst. Jules married a Josephine Crowe in 1879 they had 4 children Joseph, Everett, Julie and another daughter name unknown died as a child.
Can you help point me in the right direction I have tried everything. The only info I found on Julie was in the 1930 census when she was married to Harry Schoonover, I do know that she is buried in Denver, Co.
Thanks for the E-Mail & kind words.
Sorry, we have not done research on the SAURET Family. ..prs
Heidi Ellsworth
Subject: The "Duke of Mont Sarrett"
Dated:Wed, 7 May 2008 11:03 am
Hi there,
I happened upon this site and I might have additional information for you.
My grandmother was Nona Belle Miller.
Her mother was Annie (Anna) Laura Sarrett.
Her father was Eldridge Perry Sarrette.
His father was John T. Sarrett.
His father was Elisha Sarrett.
His father was Jean Esteirnno the "Duke of Mont Sarrette" who came with Lafayette (not Elisha Sr.)
My aunt did research on it and I will type it out for you:
The Duke Mont Sarrette (Jean Esteirnno)
Born in Southern France, died in America, Married Dutchess Marie, born and died in France.
Mont came to America in 1789 to South Carolina, had a plantation.
One of ten Royal Officers under the Marquis Paul LaFayette who fought in the Rev. War.
The Duke Mont set sail in "LaVictoire" for America on April 20, 1777 with nine other noble officers under the Marquis LaFayette. The ship landed in Georgetown, S.C. The noblemen volunteered their services in the Rev War at Philadelphia, Pa. to Gen George Washington.
The Duke returned to France, then fled to America with his son Elisha, after being unable to find the "Dutchess Marie" in the melee . .
Elisha Sarrette (Serit)
Born in Southern France, came to Georgetown, Surrey County, S.C. in 1789,
alive in 1830 census in Hillsville, [Carroll Co.] Va.
Married 1799, S.C. to Lady Jan (Jane Jenkins)
Plantation owner divided among 4 sons at his death.

I've typed it exactly as she wrote it. I don't know how accurate it was, but I do know that my aunt had an excellent memory.
Let me know if this helps!
Heidi Ellsworth, E-Mail:
Heidi is our: See: [SFA-REF:#001.004]

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