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Tri-Counties, Carroll Co., VA.
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Uriah,1 SURRATT, 1833-1915, age 82yrs
 Fourth Generation!
 - Click on Thumbnail for Larger Photo! Uriah,1 SURRATT, (a.k.a. "Eusia") [SFA-FG 33, 34,35] [SFA#]
(1st s/o Patrick,1 & Lucretia L. (SMITH) SARRETT)
(Gs/o... Elisha, 2 & 2nd w Jane (JENKINS) SARRETT
(GGs/o.. Duke of Mont SARRETT, (a.k.a Elisha1) Not Proven!
b. 19-Mar-1833, Grayson Co., (present-day) Carroll Co., VA.
d. 31-Mar-1915, a82y Sylvatus, Carroll Co., VA
Buried: Surratt Family Cemetery, Carroll Co., VA.
He married three times, first a28y on 29 Mar 1861, Carroll Co., VA. to
Need Photo! of Jane Virgina STEEL 17 year old Jane Virgina STEEL "Polly?" [SFA-VA FG 33]
(d/o Thomas STEEL, Sr. & Mother: Mary Unknown)
b. 07 Apr 1844, Surry Co., NC.
d. 18 Sep 1888, a44y Sylvatus, Carroll Co., VA.
Buried: Surratt Family Cemetery, Carroll Co., VA.
They had 11 Children born to this 1st Union:
At a51y he married 2nd on 01 Apr 1884, Carroll Co., VA. to
Need Photo! of Rhoda L. OGLE 22 year old Miss Rhoda L. OGLE, [SFA-VA FG 34]
(d/o Elijah OGLE & Mother: Sarah SHOCKLEY)
b. c1862 Carroll Co., VA.
d. 17 Aug 1885, a23y Sylvatus, Carroll Co., VA. [d. during Child birth of Franklin P.]
Buried: with Child, Surratt Family Cemetery, Carroll Co., VA.
At a58y he married 3rd on 24 Apr 1891, Carroll Co., VA. to
Need Photo! of Martitia Angeline ADAMS 29 year old Miss Martitia Angeline ADAMS [SFA-VA FG 35]
(d/o William B. ADAMS & Mother: Elizabeth A. RIPPEY)
b. 05 Apr 1862, Carroll Co., VA.
d. 29 Feb 1932, a69y at Hemphill, West Virginia
Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me)
They had 3 Daughters born to this 3rd Union:
 FIRST MARRIAGE: on 29 Mar 1861 Miss Jane Virginia STEEL, 11Ch.
 Son/Dau   Click on Name for More Inf.  b.-d.  Married/Info.  Ch. 1st Son:  James Monreo SURRATT,  c1864-1964 a100y  m. *1884 Nancy I. OGLE,  8Ch. 2nd Son:  John Wesley SURRATT,  c1866-1961 a 95y  m. *1886 Luvena A. SHOCKLEY,  13Ch 1st Dau:  Nancy V. SURRATT,  *1868-1945 a 77y  m. *1890 Ingron R. WORRELL,  ?Ch 2nd Dau:  Lucy J.  *1869-1913 a 44y   No Marriage! 3rd Son:  Wm. Ulysses SURRATT  *1871-1956 a 84y  m. *1897 Mary R. FLEMMING,  7Ch 4th Son:  Isham,3 Wash.  *1874-1968 a 94y  m. *1908 Marg. G. SEXTON,  Ch 5th Son:  Patrick M.  *1875-1920 a 45y  m. *1897 Nannie M. SOUTH,  Ch 3rd Dau:  Mary E.  *1877-1962 a 84y  m. *1896 Robert M. FARMER,  Ch 4th Dau:  Pricey E.  *1880-1962 a 81y  m. *1902 1) G.W. DICKENS,  Ch
 "  2nd m.  "  "  2nd m.  "  "  2nd m.  "  m. *1915 2) L.J. REECE,  Ch 6th Son:  Gabriel Mc  c1882-  Not Traced! 5th Dau:  Sarah L.  *1883-1973 a 90y  m. *1897 J.T. McGLOTHAIN,  Ch
 SECOND MARRIAGE: on 01 Apr 1884 Miss Rgoda L. OGLE, 1Ch. 1st Son:  Franklin P.  *1885-1885 a 1d  d. Infant! 17 Aug 1885  
 THIRD MARRIAGE: on 24 Apr 1891, Miss Martitia A. ADAMS, 3Ch. 1st Dau:  Ruth L.  *1893-1914 a 21y  d. Young! No Marriage! 2nd Dau:  Elizab. L.  *1894-  m. *1920 C. J. CHILDRESS,  Ch 3rd Dau:  Lauthenia  c1896-  m. *1914 Wm. DAVIDSON,  Ch.
Known Grandchildren/1st Cousins! 

Laura & Normans' 1980 book - Click on Thumbnail for more Info. on this Source   States: "Uriah SURRATT, had 11 Children by his 1st Wife, 1 by his 2nd Wife, and 3 by his 3rd Wife.
 They did NOT list names or dates..prs Source: Page 171, Chapter VI., The SARRETT Family

 Chronological Time Line
 Uriah,1 SURRATT,
 Type  Date  Age  Remarks  (Click on Date for more Info.)  Liv'g in Co.
 Born 1833     on Mar 19th in the home of his Parents & 2 Siblings,   Grayson Co., VA.
 Census 1840    7yrs  on in the home of his Parents & 7 Siblings in    Grayson Co., VA.
 Census 1850   17yrs  on in the home of his Parents & 9 Siblings in    Grayson Co., VA.
 Census 1860   27yrs  on called "Eusia" with "Widow" Mother, & 7 Siblings in   "Student"  Carroll Co., VA.

 Fifth Generation!
Need Photo! of SURRATT James Monroe SURRATT, [SFA-FG 58] [SFA©-ID#]
(1st s/o Uriah,1 SURRATT & Mother: 1st Wife: Virgina Jane STEEL)

Fifth Generation!
Need Photo! of SURRATT Elizabeth "Eliza" Lutricia SURRATT, [SFA©-FG 70] [SFA©-ID#]
(2nd d/o Uriah,1 SURRATT & Mother: 3rd Wife: Martitia A. ADAMS)
b. 03 May 1894, Carroll Co., VA. [SSD# 233-96-2336 WV.]
d. __ Apr 1984, age 90yrs, Bluefield, Mercer Co., WV. 24701
At age 26yrs she married on 26 Jun 1920, Carroll Co., VA. to
39 year old Charles J. CHILDRESS,
(4th Son of William H. CHILDRESS & Mother: Malecia E. REECE) b. 1881, Carroll Co., VA.
d. 1968,9 age 87yrs, [Not Found in SSD Index!]
Issue Unknown (to me)

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