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John Monroe SERRATT, *1868-1919 age 50yrs
 Seventh Generation!
Need Photo! of John Monroe SERRATT John Monroe SERRATT, [SFAŠ-FG# 193] [SFAŠ-ID# AL] & [SFA-ID#]
1st s/o Samuel R. SERRATT & Mother: Isadora M. THOMPSON of Lawrence Co., TN. to Lampasas Co., TX.
Gs/o....John R. SERRATT & 1st Wife: Mrs? "M." Millie WARRINGTON; of Wills Point, Van Zandt Co., TX.
1Gs/o...Samuel,6 SURRATT & Mother: Martha RICE, of Flat Swamp area, Rowan Co., NC. to Madison Co., AL.
2Gs/o.. Thomas,1 & Wife Unknown SARRATT, of Flat Swamp area, Person & Rowan Co. NC.)
3Gs/o.. SAMUEL,1 & 2nd wife Honour SARRATT, of Prince George's Co., MD.
4Gs/o.. JOSEPH,1 & KATHERINE SARRATT, of France "The American Progenitor!"
b. 24 Sep 1868, Bell Co., Texas
d. __ Mar 1919, age 50yrs, nr Newlin, Hall Co., Texas
At age 20yrs he married on 24 Mar 1889, Holland, Bell Co., Texas to
Need Photo! of Sarah Sarah "Annie" YANCY, (AFN:SR4G-6R)
(d/o Stephen "Y" Archibald YANCY and Mother: Loucindy BOWEN)
b. 04 Jan 1872, Harrison/Harleston, Polk, Georgia
d. 13 Jan 1962, 88yrs, Littlefield Hospt., Sundan, Lamb Co., Texas
Buried: Sundan Cemetery, Sudan, Lamb Co., Texas
 They had at least 12 Children born to this Union,
 Son/Dau  Click on Name for More Inf.  b.-d.  Married/Info.  Ch. 1st Dau:  Gennie May SERRATT,  TX. *1889-1980 a90yrs TX.  m. *1907 TX. John W. WRIGHT,   5Ch. 1st Son:  C. Columbus SERRATT,  TX. *1891-1975 a83yrs TX.  m. *1912 TX. Kate E. KELLER,  10Ch. 2nd Son:  Jim Leslie SERRATT,  TX. *1893-1937 a43yrs TX.  m. c1914 TX. 1st Pauline SHAFER,   1Ch.
 "  2nd m.  "  "  2nd m.  "  "  2nd m.  "  m. *1923 TX. 2nd Betrice JORDAN,   1Ch. 2nd Dau:  Ila May V. SERRATT,  TX. *1896-1966 a70yrs TX.  m. *1912 TX. 1st Sam DENMAN, Div.   2Ch.
 "  2nd m.  "  "  2nd m.  "  "  2nd m.  "  m. c1915 2nd Ellis ABBOTT,   0Ch. 3rd Dau:  Ora Ethel SERRATT,  TX. *1898-1924 a26yrs TX.  m. *1913 TX. 1st Homer JOHNSON, Div.   2Ch.
 "  2nd m.  "  "  2nd m.  "  "  2nd m.  "  m. *1920 2nd Arthur B. HILLIS,   2Ch. 4th Dau:  Minnie B. SERRATT,  TX. *1902-19?? a??yrs ??.  m. *1917 TX. 1st Robt H. LIGHTFOOT,   3Ch.
 "  2nd m.  "  "  2nd m.  "  "  2nd m.  "  m. 2nd Mr. KESTER, Div.   0Ch.
 "  3rd m.  "  "  3rd m.  "  "  3rd m.  "  m. 3rd Joseph CHRISTOFER,   0Ch. 5th Dau:  Ruby Irene SERRATT,  TX. *1905-1979 a73yrs TX.  m. *1920 TX. 1st Wm. C. MOORE, Div.   6Ch.
 "  2nd m.  "  "  2nd m.  "  "  2nd m.  "  m. c1940 TX. 2nd Felix RAMSELL,   0Ch. 5th Dau:  Jessie Edna SERRATT,  TX. *1907-19?? a??yrs ??.  m. *1922 TX. Arthur JORDON,   7Ch. 3rd Son:  Johnny Jay SERRATT,  TX. *1909-1967 a58yrs TX.  m. c1929 TX. Louzell BROWN,   4Ch. 4th Son:  Samuel D. SERRATT,  TX. *1912-1993 a80yrs NM.  m. *1934 TX. 1) Leah WHITESIDE, Div.   1Ch.
 "  2nd m.  "  "  2nd m.  "  "  2nd m.  "  m. *1938 TX. 20 Minnie O. FURGERSON,   6Ch. 6th Dau:  Isa Lou SERRATT,  TX. *1914-2001 a87yrs TX.  m. *1930 TX. John Lee RANKIN,   8Ch. 5th Son:  Joseph SERRATT,  TX. *1916-1986 a69yrs NM.  m. c1938 TX. Bobbie MOONE,   4Ch.
60  Known Grandchildren/1st Cousins! 

   Possible Record Problem!
 Mrs Sarah "Annie" (Yancy) SERRATT, had her first Child when she was only 15 years old. She gave birth to 12 Children. She was 42 years old when she gave birth on 25 March, 1916 to her last Child Joseph SERRATT, her oldest child Geannie May, was 27 years old, married and had 5 Children herself, when her brother Joseph was born. ..prs

The Following are the Children of:
John Monroe SERRATT & Mother: Sarah "Annie" YANCY)

 Eight Generation!
Need Photo! of Geannie/Jeannie May/Mae SERRATT SFA©ID# 01.  Geannie May/Mae SERRATT,
[SFAŠ-FG# 216] [SFAŠ-ID# AL] & [SFA-ID#]
(1st d/o John Monroe SERRATT & Mother: Sarah "Annie" YANCY)
b. __ Dec 1889, Holland, Bell Co., TX.
d. 10 Jan 1980, age 90yrs, [Not Found in SSD System..prs]
Buried: J.J. Serratt Plot, Section #1, Sundan Cemmetery, Lamb, Co., TX.
Where a "Single" stone marks her grave.
At age 18yrs she married on 22 Dec 1907, Gerrall, [No in Town Idx. Sys.] Texas.
20 year old John W. WRIGHT,
b. __ ___ 1887, Unknown Co., TX.
d. __ ___ 1966, age 79yrs, Sudan,? Lamb Co., TX.
Buried: J.J. Serratt Plot, Section #1, Sundan Cemmetery, Lamb, Co., TX.
Where a "Single" stone marks his grave.
They had 5 Children born to this Union: (4 Sons & 1 Dau)
     01.1 1st Dau: Anna Vera WRIGHT, b. 22 Aug 1908,
     01.2 1st Son: Harry Emmett WRIGHT, b. 23 Nov 1909, d. Nov 1997, age 87yrs
     01.3 2nd Son: Thomas Leslie WRIGHT, b. 23 Feb 1912,
     01.4 3rd Son: Carl Ramond WRIGHT, b. 10 Jan 1914,
     01.5 4th Son: Jack Howard WRIGHT, b. 17 Feb 1916,

 Eight Generation!
Need Photo! of C.C. SERRATT SFA©ID# 02.  Christopher Columbus SERRATT, Sr. (a.k.a. "Lum" & "C.C.")
[SFAŠ-FG# 194] [SFAŠ-ID# AL] & [SFA-ID#]
(1st s/o John Monroe SERRATT & Mother: Sarah "Annie" YANCY)
b. 15 Dec 1891, Bordon Co., Texas [SSD# 457-01-1290 TX.]
d. __ Aug 1975, age 83yrs, Sudan, Lamb Co., TX.
Buried: Goodland Cemetery, Lamb Co., TX.
[No Goodland Cemetery found in Lamb Co. or any other County in Texas..prs]
At age 21yrs he married on 29 Aug 1912, Goodland?, Lamb Co., TX. to
Kathryn "Katie" Elner KELLER,
(d/o M/M KELLER Parents)
b. 26 Aug 1894, Unknown Co., TX. [SSD# 465-22-5206 TX.]
d. 03 Nov 1988, age 94yrs, Sudan, Lamb Co., TX.
Buried: Goodland Cemetery, Lamb Co., TX.
[No Goodland Cemetery found in Lamb Co. or any other County in Texas..prs]
They had 10 Children born to this Union:

 Eight Generation!
Need Photo! of Isa Lou SERRATT SFA©ID# 11.  Isa "Lou" SERRATT,
[SFAŠ-FG# 202] [SFAŠ-ID# AL] & [SFA-ID#]
(6th d/o John Monroe SERRATT & Mother: Sarah "Annie" YANCY)
b. 05 Mar 1914, Coleman Co., TX. [SSD# 453-60-0328 TX.]
d. 01 Aug 2001, age 87yrs, Rockport, Aranas Co., TX.
Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me)
At age 16yrs she married on 25 Jan 1930, Clovis, Curry Co., New Mexico to
17 year old John "Lee" RANKIN, (s/o M/M RANKIN Parents)
b. c1913, Unknown Co., TX.
d. Unknown (to me)
Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me)
They had 8 Children born to this Union: (2 Sons & 6 Dau's)
     11.1 1st Son: Freddie Lee RANKIN, b. 15 Jul 1931, Beeville, Bee Co., TX.
     11.2 1st Dau: Juanita "Jo Ann" RANKIN, b. 17 Sep 1933, Beeville, Bee Co., TX.
     11.3 2nd Dau: Marcia "Jeanny" RANKIN, b. 11 Dec 1934, Edcouch, Hidalgo Co., TX.
     11.4 2nd Son: Shannon E. L. RANKIN, b. 17 Apr 1936, Carrizo Springs, Dimmit Co., TX.
     11.5 3rd Dau: Patsy Lou RANKIN, b. 05 Jan 1938, Sudan, Lamb Co., TX.
     11.6 4th Dau: Sandra Lynn RANKIN, b. 20 Apr 1943, Sudan, Lamb Co., TX.
     11.7 5th Dau: Annie Lorene RANKIN, b. 11 Sep 1946, Sudan, Lamb Co., TX.
     11.8 6th Dau: Linda Rose RANKIN, b. 20 Jul 1947, Sudan, Lamb Co., TX.

Source REF:#prs Click on Thumbnail for Source Reference  Mrs. Isa "Lou" (Serratt) RANKIN, age 55yrs Writes in April 1968:
    I was named "Isa Lou" SARRETT for my two grandmothers - Isa for Isa Dora Serratt and Loucindy Yancy, a decendent of Loucindy Rainwater, who wrote a colum for the Dallas Morning News some "years" ago.

    I knew both my mother's parents but not my father's. I knew my father had one brother and some sisters. [ 2 brothers and 4 sisters, known as "Hall"...KWS
I've met one son and two grandsons (Jerry} of his. Lou met Jerry at her 80th birthday party. ...KWS

    My father was a freighter and farmer. When "Big" horses were used to pull the wagons. He died two days before my 6th birthday, (March 1919) on a farm between Mempthis and Newlin, TX. He was buried at Newlin between two grandchildren. His death was caused by cancer of the brain. He was sick a long time and bed fast two years.

    The family, Mother (Anna Yancy Serratt) and three brothers, Johnnie (JJ Serratt 1909-Nov. 16, 1967), Sam (Samuel D. Serratt 19-Dec-1912-06-Feb-1993) , Joe ( JOE SERRATT 1915 - Jan. 1986) and I moved by covered wagon, alone with a married sister and her family and others, March 9, 1924 to the plains. Baily Buro was our school and Post Office until a school , Longview, was built closer, about three miles from home. Our house was one big room and it was cold. We walked to school and church. Sometimes we went to church in a wagon. I was baptisted into the Baptist church at about ten, in a tank during an all-day meeting, was converted under a brush arber.

We raised some wonderful watermellons but not much cotton. So we sold out and moved to town, Sudan. I was about twelve then, went to school there and was so happy to be able to go to church and Sunday School.

We built a 12X24 ft. house with a box-car roof, the cheapest. Mother was still living in it at death. [She died in Hospt. Littlefield, 15 miles away.KWS]

Some rooms had been built and some torn off. [I was there when JJ and Sam had taken the elec. wires down to build the South room. My older brother AA climbed out the window and turned the pin back into the end of the wire, which set 110 volts to him. Sam jumped off the roof and poped the wire out of his hand. They took him in and placed him on the bed . This bed with irn head board sent a shock into me when I touched it while AA's hand was on it. AA was alright and has been able to take elec shock better than most all his life. KWS] [ At the Baptist Church's 75th (18-Feb.-1996) they reported that Annie Serratt cleaned the church for $1.00 / Wk in 1928.KWS]

Mother, Joe and I were alone except when others came to visit. Someway Mother always made room. John Lee Rankin and Isa Lou Serratt were married Jan. 25 1930 at Clovis, NMex. by aprobate judge with my mother , Mrs Annie Serratt and another person as witness. The 6 O'Clock chimes rang during the service. That time being one hour different from TX time (7:). We went back to Mother's at Sudan and lived there about two weeks.

Lee was a trucker, driving a truck belonging to he and a brother, Jim We visted around among the relatives at Uvalde, La Pryor, Crystal City and Carrizo Springs, taking what work that could be found, as this was a depression. We even lived in Del Rio for a time, and Eagle Pass. We went to Cadiz to pick cotten for the Dunn family. We were behind on our truck payments. I only hindered Lee's cotton picking as he was a good hand at it and I wasn't much then, later I became pretty good. He also bailed hay and was furnished home made beer for drinking water. He came home at noon and I helped him to bed, and he finally had to tell me he was drunk.

That is where we planned our family. ( near Beeville, TX). He said two boys soon and when they got older we'd have two more boys. I said, Well, A girl somewhere down the line. We had the first boy O.K. but then the plans kinda got mixed up.

Lee had just got his first good job and it was at Eagle Pass. We had $25.00 to have our first baby on before he got a payday. With that money we paid Dr. McFarland $15.00, bought 10 yds. of diaper material and I made 13 diapers, 3 gownsfor men and a slop jar. Lee dropped it into the toilet pit and had to fish it out as we couldn't afford another one. Freddie Lee was born July 15, 1931 in the afternoon after I had convulsions. Aunt Caroline came and took care of me. Tommy (her son) said Willie Fred would be the best name ( his and his dad's names ). But Lee said Freddie Lee. He was always a healthy, strong boy.

After the job at Eaglepass was over , Leewas a greasman on a large drag line machine for Trinity Farms of Dallas. We met a lot of new friends, the Tom Hays, which later became kinfolks, the Lois Freemans which were with us all down the line.

We stayed about 10 miles out of Eaglepass in a camp, a good walled tent with stove and all and watched one of the machines that was stored there and also a pair of mules to feed. We were near the border and lots of Mexicans crossed near our camp.

I had not been home since I married and there was some lonesome days, when Lee was transfered to La. for the next job he carried me to Sudan to visit with my Mother. She was sure glad to see us all, especially her baby girl and Freddie, of course he wouldn't have anything to do with her if I was near. He was 13 month old. He and I stayed about two months and went by train to Port Barre, La. to join Lee. This was sure new country, food and customs. We moved from there to Melville and our first daughter was born there Sept. 17, 1933, on a Sunday afternoon, our neighbor was the doctor and he failed to register her so she doesn't have a birth certificate. She was a bony child but real good.

We moved to Opulussas but hadn't registered our car. Lee was hurt on a Sun. afternoon after working a double shift. It took them ours to get him out of the swamps and to a small hospital in Opulussas. His thumb and one finger were torn off but they were put back on at his insistence. His whole left hand was a mess. After leaving the hospt. there he was sent to New Orleans for treatments but lived at a rooming house in the French Quarters so the kidoes and I went by train and stayed with him. I knew by now another baby was on the way and he was susposed to have another operation on his hand so he brought me back to Sudan to visit and he went to New Orleans to the hospt. We joined him when he went back to work but of course after the insurance released him he was fired so we packed our things in a car and I thought we were headed home but instead we ended up in the valley at Edcouch and Jean was born four weeks later, Dec. 11, 1934.

We worked on a farm for $1.00/day, house, vegetables and fruit furnish- ed. We made out fine but decided to try farming ourselves. We had bought some cows sometime before and Lee's Dad had them at Cotulla so we rented a place near Carrizo Springs, got a pardner, Lee's Uncle Jim Hammel. Lee went after our cows and the creek flooded and ruined what we had. I was in town at Aunt Rosa's. We made abumper crop of tomatoes but Lee nearly worked his self to death. I had the chills in La. but he had them then. We made a good grain crop but the worms got most of it. We had to martage our cows so we sold them, paid another Dr. and bought more diapers. "Shine" was born April 17, 1936. He was two weeks old before we named him but the Dr. gave him the name "Louis". Uncle Fred liked "Shannon" and Aunt Rosie liked "Earl" so he was Shannon Earl Louis. After he was grown, he had his name changed to Louis Earl. He had to be operated on far a lower rupture when he was two month old at Crystal City.

Lee was working at Quamado, still depression times, I visited Mother and came back to him there. I always enjoyed my visits as they were so far between and I had to stay so long to get enough money to go back. We moved to Eaglepass again. We lived neighbors to the Freemans again. Times got better, we got a pretty good car. Another baby on the way, the job ended and so we went to Sudan, Lee too for a change. He picked cotten or whatever he could do until Patsy was born 5-Jan-1938. One and half hour after Mother's birthday. Patricia was born there.The only child of mine I had mother with me and she said she slept all night. Pat was born Jan. 5, 1938. It snowed and Lee ran out of gasoline going for the doctor. She was born at 1:30 AM 5-Jan and Mother's birthday was 4-Jan.

When I was able we went back to Uvalde, next door to Whitecotton garage. Lee tried cutting cedar and mesquite, he did very well, but had to be away from home too much to suit me. We opened a home laundry in Uvalde next door to Whitecotton garage. We did real well but, I couldn't take it and lost too much weight. I hadn't ever weighed much but I only weighed 117 pounds then.

Fred had started to school at Eagle Pass, went some at Sudan and Uvalde. Jo Ann started to school in Uvalde.

It wasn't long until we went back to La. I broke a foot two days before I left so we had to stay with relatives, but I could always help out as I sewed a lot and could prop one foot up and iron. Lee was back on the job with his brothers, Carl, Fim and Bernal.

We moved to Bogalussa for a short while and to ...........The wenters were really hard there in La.. and Lee had to work in and out of water all the time. We moved to Addis, near Baton Rouge, to Morgan City, our first Madi Gras. We were out walking when we saw them making-up and getting on the floats, so we had a 'Ring side' seat.

We moved to Patterson and the children and I went on a shrip boat to The Blessing of Thr Fleet at Morgan City. Jean started to school at Patterson. We moved to ........... and then to Marked Tree, Arkansa, and Tyranza. We didn't like Ark. very well. I picked some cotton during school hrs. with Cleo while Jim and Lee were at work.

I decited to take the children and go to Sudan until Lee was trans- furred. So I did and stawed about three months before coming to Sinton TX. on 10th Feb., 1942.


End of John M. SERRATT Family Chapter!

Source and Reference Notes
 [REF:#001]  Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Sarratt/Sarrett/Surratt Families of America (SFA)©
Bibliography County Histories
 [REF:#002]  Kennth W. Serratt
1st Son of Johney Jay SERRATT & Mother: Louzell BROWN, [FGS-0196]
Grandson of John M. & Sarah "Annie" (Yancy) SERRATT [FGS-0193],
Gr-Grandson of Samuel R. & Isadora E. (Thompson) SERRATT, [FGS-192]
Gr-Gr-Grandson of John R. & Mrs Millie M. (Thompson) WARRINGTON, SURRATT,
     E-Mail: Date 19 Feb. 1996 16:05 EST
 [REF:#003]  B.K. Serratt
     E-Mail to this writer on Feb. 26, 1996.
     See: FGS-0192-REF:#002]

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