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John Thomas SURRATT, b. c1877

Seventh Generation!
John Thomas SURRATT [SFA-ID#]
(1st s/o..George Tnos. SURRATT & Mother: Isabella C. ANDREWS of Alcorn Co., MS.
(1Gs/o...William,9 SURRATT & Elizabeth CARR
(2Gs/o...James,4 & Wife Unknown SARRATT)
(3Gs/o...Thomas,1 & Wife Unknown SARRATT)
(4Gs/o...SAMUEL,1 & 2ndw Honour SARRATT, of Prince George's Co., MD.
(5Gs/o...JOSEPH,1 & KATHERINE SARRATT, of France "The American Progenitor!"
b. c1877, Alcorn Co., MS. d. Unknown, Alcorn Co., MS. Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) At age 24yrs he married (bfr 1901) Alcorn Co., MA. to 20 year old Miss Jessie A. STRATCHEN/STRACHAN, (1st d/o James STTRACHEN & 1st Wife Mcketerne Unknown, both from Scotland) b. c1881, Unknown Co., MS. d. Unknown, d. Unknown, Alcorn Co., MA. Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me) They had at leastr 8 Children born to this Union: 1. 1st Dau: Lucy SURRATT, MS. c1893- 2. 1st Son: Paul SURRATT, MS. *1902-1962 a60yrs TX. m. c1927 TX. Mamie Unknown, 3. 2nd Son: J. Howard SURRATT, MS. *1903-1969 a65yrs TX. m. c1929 Lilly NASH 4. 3rd Son: James SURRATT, MS. *1906-1965 a59yrs TX. m. c1930 Estelle Unknown 5. 2nd Dau: Lizzie SURRATT, MS. c1909- m. c1932 Earnest M. NORTON 6. 3rd Dau: Viola SURRATT, MS. c1912- Not Traced! 7. 4th Son: David SURRATT, MS. c1914- Not Traced! 8. 4th Dau: Bernice SURRATT, MS. c1919- Not Traced!

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