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Waters Coat of Arms
Flag TN.
Sarrett Coat of Arms
WATERS/WATTERS Family of Sevier Co., TN.

Fifth Generation!
(A Son of Thomas Waters, Jr. and Unknown Wife) 
(1Gs/o Thomas, Sr. & Unknown Wife Waters)
(2Gs/o William & Isabel (Harmanson) Waters)
(3Gs/o Edward,1 & Grace (O'NEELL) Waters
Born about 1752, North Carolina?; d. Unknown c1810, at the age 
of 58? years in Knox Co., KY. (1810 Census, last record found..prs); 
Married (Prior to 1784 State Census for Caswell Co., N.C.), to Unknown 
Wife; b. Unknown; d. Unknown; Daughter of Unknown Parents; The following 
are believed to be the Children of EZEKIEL, Sr. and Unknown Wife:
   6.1 1st. Son: JOHN,3 WATERS;        b. 1770
   6.2 1st. Dau: Unknown WATERS;       b. 1784
   6.3 2nd. Son: EZEKIEL, Jr. WATERS;  b. 1784 --My Branch
   6.4 3rd. Son: ENOCH WATERS;         b. 1786

No "Land Patent" issue to EZEKIEL WATERS, Sr. in the "Colony" 
of North Carolina, for 1735 to 1774. [REF: #51 

The first record found for EZEKIEL WATERS, Sr. is the State Census 
of 1784, for Caswell Co., N.C. he can be found 40 living next door 
to his father THOMAS WATERS (F.G. 5).
1784 State Census, Caswell Co., N.C.
   EZEKIEL WATERS, Sr.   age 32, Farmer (Owned No Slaves)
   Wife of EZEKIEL, Sr., age Not Listed.
   Dau. Unknown,         age Not. Listed.

EZEKIEL WATERS, Sr. was listed in the 1st. Federal Census of 1790, 
for Caswell Co., N.C. 49 . 
   EZEKIEL WATERS, Sr., AGE 38, Farmer, (No Slaves Owned.)

EZEKIEL WATERS, Sr.  was NOT listed in the 2nd. 1800 Census, for 
North Carolina. Tennessee did NOT have a 1800 Census Record.

Their is a 1805 "Taxpayer" record for EZEKIEL, JOHN and ENOCH 
WATERS, listed in Blount Co., TN. Its NOT known if this EZEKIEL was 
the Sr. or Jr. [REF: #24

In the 1810 Census for Knox Co., Kentucky we fined the EZEKIEL WATERS, 
Sr. and Wife as "Head of Household" (F.G. 7), with EZEKIEL, Jr. and Wife 
living with him. Son JOHN (and his son) was living (F.G. 3) 4 farms away. 
Son ENOCH with his family (F.G. 5) was living 2 farms away.
   1810 Census, Knox Co., KY.
   EZEKIEL WATERS, Sr.,     (45 older) age 58, b. N.C.
   Unknown Wife, Age        (45 older) age 58, b. N.C.
   Son: EZEKIEL WATERS, Jr. (26 to 45) age 26
   Wife: NANCY (MAINES),    (26 to 45) age 23?

We lose track of EZEKIEL WATERS, Sr. after this 1810 Census for Knox, 
Co., KY. In 1820 Son EZKEIEL, Jr. shows up on a "Petition" 
in Roane Co., TN. as per [REF: #24  The sons JOHN and ENOCH next show up 
in the 1830 Census for Blount Co., TN. 45  and son EZEKIEL, Jr. 
in the 1830 for Sevier Co., TN.

It is believed that the subject EZEKIEL WATERS, Sr. and 
family:  Brother's John Waters, (the oldest) Ezekiel Waters (2nd.) 
and Enoch Waters (the youngest) were all born in Caswell County, 
North Carolina. The three brothers and elderly parents, removed to 
Blount Co. TN., prior to 1805  [REF: #24 , to Knox Co., KY., prior to 1810 
 28 , back to Blount Co., prior to 1830 3 (Brother Ezekiel Waters 
settled in Roane Co., TN. [REF: #24 , then later to across the County Line 
of Blount into Sevier Co. TN.) 3 & 45 where they all remained the 
rest of their lives...prs

The following are the KNOWN Children of EZEKIEL WATERS, Sr. and Unknown Wife:

Sixth Generation!

(1st Son of Ezekiel Waters, Sr. & Unknown Wife) 
b. about c1770, in Caswell Co.?, North Carolina; died Unknown, 
c1840, at about 70 years, (after 1840 Census, Blount Co., TN., 
1850 Census Blount Co. list "Katrina" as Widow); Buried 
Location Unknown.  It is believed that he might have married 
twice, first wife Unknown name. probably in Caswell Co., N.C. 
(In the 1810 Census for Knox Co., KY. he has been identified as 
"Widow" living with small Son. [REF: #28 
He Married a Second time, which has been reported at the age 
of 42 years he Married c1812, Location unknown 
(Could be either Blount Co. Tenn. or Knox Co., KY.) to the 
33 year old "Widow" MARY "Katrina"/Cathrine (FAGALA) WRINKLE;
[REF: #44 pg92  born about 1779, location Unknown in North Carolina; 
died after the 1860 Census for Blount Co., TN, after the age of 
81 years, in Blount Co., TN; Buried location Unknown; 
Her first husband was HAMILTON WRINKLE; b. Unknown; d. c1811, 
Location Unknown; He was the son of Unknown Parents; 
All the children born to this first marriage is unknown;
   1.1 1st. Son: Unknown;  b. 1800-10
   1.2 1st. Dau: Unknown;  b. 1810-05
   1.3 2nd. Son: GEORGE W. WATERS;   b. 1811
   1.4 3rd. Son: Unknown;            b. 1815-20
   1.5 4th. Son: Unknown;            b. 1815-20
   1.6 5th. Son: ADAM F. WATERS;     b. 1822
   1.7 6th. Son: ENOCH L. WATERS;    b. 1825

See Biographical Profile Chapter of JOHN, 3 WATERS for Continuation.

6.2 Unknown WATERS;
(1st Dau of Ezekiel Waters, Sr. & Unknown Wife)
born prior to 1884 State Census for Caswell Co., N.C., Is believed 
to been listed with living with parents. 40 

(2nd Son of Ezekiel Waters, Sr. & Unknown Wife)
born about 1784, in 6 North Carolina; 2 Died on 20 Jun. 1872, 
at the age of 88 years, Sevier County, Tennessee. He is buried in 
the "Boyds Creek" Cemetery, Boyds Creek Section of Sevier 
County, TN. He marred about 1809 (Based on birth of oldest child), 
to NANCY MANESS/MANIS [REF: #24 ; born about 1787, 6 North Carolina. 
(Based on the 1850 Census and "Headstone"); She died on 02 
Jul. 1870, 2  at 83 years of age, in Sevier County, TN; She is buried 
in the "Boyds Cemetery", Northwest of the town of Sevierville, 
TN. It is believed that their were 7 children born to this union:
   3.1 1st. Dau: REBECA WATERS;    b. 1810
   3.2 2nd. Dau: FRANCIS WATERS;   b. 1812
   3.3 3rd. Dau: NANCY WATERS;     b. 1814
   3.4 1st. Son: JOHN WATERS;      b. 1820?
   3.5 2nd. Son: ROYAL WATERS;     b. 1821, NC
   3.6 4th. Dau: Unknown WATERS;   b. 1820-5
   3.7 5th. Dau: ELIZABETH WATERS; b. 1825

See Biographical Profile Chapter of EZEKIEL WATERS, Jr. for Continuation.

(3rd Son of Ezekiel Waters, Sr. & Unknown Wife) 
b. 12 Apr. 1786, in Caswell County, North Carolina; 
d. 03 Sep. 1855, [REF: #30  & 52 at the age of 69y 5m 21days; 
Buried in the "Wildwood" or "Lynn" Cemetery, Blount Co., TN; 
At a21y he married (bfr 1807) (Based on Birth of first child..prs) 
in Caswell Co., NC.?. to the
18 year old Miss MARY BIRD;
(d/o M/M BIRD Parents of NC.)
b. 18 Sep. 1789, in Caswell Co., North Carolina; [REF: #52
d. 11 Sep. 1865, at the age of 75 years, 11 Months and 23 days 
(7 days before her 76th. Birthday) in Blount Co., TN. 
She is buried along next to her husband; 
It is believed that they had Eleven children born to this union, 
9 Daughters and 2 Sons: 
   4.1  1st. Son: Died Young?         b. 1806-7, TN?
   4.2  1st. Dau: PURNETTA WATERS;    b. 1808, TN.
   4.3  2nd. Dau: JANE WATERS;        b. 1810, KY
   4.4  3rd. Dau: ELIZABETH WATERS;   b. 1812?
   4.5  4th. Dau: SARAH WATERS;       b. 1814?
   4.6  5th. Dau: NANCY WATERS;       b. 1814-5?
   4.7  6th. Dau: NARCISSA K. WATERS; b. 1820?
   4.8  2nd. Son: JAMES WATERS;       b. 1828
   4.9  7th. Dau: MARY WATERS;        b. 1826
   4.10 8th. Dau: MALINDA WATERS;     b. 1824
   4.11 9th. Dau: MATILDA WATERS;    b. 1823

See Biographical Profile on Son ENOCH WATERS for Continuation.

End of EZEKIEL WATERS, Sr. Chapter.

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