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Waters Coat of Arms
Flag TN.
Sarrett Coat of Arms
WATERS/WATTERS Family of Sevier Co., TN.

Fourth Generation!
(A Son of Thomas, Sr. & Unknown Wife Waters)
(1Gs/o William & Isabel (Harmanson) Waters)
(2Gs/o Edward,1 & Grace (O'NEELL) Waters
Born c1734, Northampton Co., VA.; Died Unknown; 
Married Unknown, prior to 1783, Location Unknown to Unknown Wife; 
b. Unknown; d. Unknown; 
They had Unknown Children born to this Union;
   5.1 Son: JOHN WATERS,2;      b. c1749
   5.2 Son: EZEKIEL WATERS, Sr.;  b. c1752 ---My Branch!
   5.3 Son: Unknown WATERS;       b. c1764+
   5.4 Son: Unknown WATERS;       b. c1764+
   Six Daughters Unknown.

THOMAS WATERS, Jr. age 35 was listed as a "Taxpayer" in the 
larger Granville County, North Carolina, in 1769. [REF: #39 

THOMAS WATERS, Jr. age 43 was listed as a "Taxpayer" in the 
Caswell Dist. of Caswell County, North Carolina, 1777. [REF: #39 

At the 1st. General Assembly, which was held on the 22nd. of Oct. 
1784 in New Bern, North Carolina. (The 9th. year of the Independence 
of the State) by the 1st. Governor ALEXANDER MARTIN, Esq. An ACT was 
created to number the White and Black inhabitants of the Citizens 
of every age in the State. (1st. Census)

That all the County Courts in the State, within 6 months of this ACT, 
appoint a properperson in each Captain's District to take a list of 
number oe "White" and "Black" inhabitants and the 
"Free Citizens"  of every age, sex and conditions in each District. 

Each list shall distinguish the number of "Blacks" from "Whites" 
and other "Free Citizens" in the following manner:
   WHITE MALES; from  21 to 60
   WHITE MALES; under 21 and above 60
   WHITE FEMALES; of every age
   BLACKS; of each sex, from 12 to 50
   BLACKS; upwards 50 and under 12

1784 State Census, Caswell Co., N.C., Page 5
   THOMAS WATERS, Jr., (21 to 60), age 50
   Wife Unknown, age Unknown
   1. Son Unknown, (20 to 60), age ?
   2. Son Unknown, (20 to 60), age ?
   3. Dau. Unknown, every age
   4. Dau. Unknown, every age
   5. Dau. Unknown, every age
   6. Dau. Unknown, every age
   7. Dau. Unknown, every age
   8. Dau. Unknown, every age
   No Slaves Owned.

THOMAS WATERS, Jr. was listed in the 1st. Federal 1790 Census for 
Caswell Co., N.C., but only "Head of Household" was listed. [REF: #49 

The 1790 Census was the last recorded found, as NONE of our WATERS 
family was found in the 1800 Census for Caswell, Co., TN.

The following are the children of THOMAS, Jr. and Wife Unknown WATERS:

Fourth Generation!

(A Son of Thomas, Jr. & Unknown) Wife Waters)
born about 1749, North Carolina?; died Unknown; Married prior to 1764 
(Based on Son birth in 1784 State Census [REF: #40 ) to Unknown Wife; b. 
Unknown; d. Unknown; Daughter of Unknown Parents; They had Three  
children born to this Marriage:
   1 Son: Unknown Waters;  b. c1764
   2 Son: Unknown Waters;  b. c1764
   3 Dau: Unknown Waters;  b. C17??

JOHN WATERS, I was listed in the 1784 State Census, for Caswell County, 
North Carolina; He was living next to his brother EZEKIEL, Sr. who 
was living next to his father THOMAS, Sr. [REF: #40 
1784 State Census, Caswell Co., N.C.
   JOHN WATERS, I age 35?, Farmer, Owned 1 Slave.
   Wife Unknown, age Unknown
   Son Unknown, (20 to 60)
   Son Unknown, (20 to 60)
   Dau Unknown, Age Unknown
No more records after this 1784 Census for this JOHN WATER, I family.
Need more Information.

(Son of Thomas, Jr. & Unknown) Wife Waters)
Born about 1752, North Carolina?; d. Unknown c1810, at the age of 
58? years in Knox Co., KY. (1810 Census, last record found..prs); 
Married (Prior to 1784 State Census for Caswell Co., N.C.), to Unknown 
Wife; b. Unknown; d. Unknown; Daughter of Unknown Parents; The following 
are believed to be the Children of EZEKIEL and Unknown Wife WATERS, Sr.:
   1 1st. Son: JOHN WATERS;          b. 1770
   2 1st. Dau: Unknown WATERS;       b. 1784
   3 2nd. Son: EZEKIEL WATERS, Jr.;  b. 1784  <---My Branch!
   4 3rd. Son: ENOCH WATERS;         b. 1786

See Biographical Profile on EZEKIEL WATERS, Sr. for Continuation.

End of THOMAS WATERS, Jr. Chapter.

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