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J. Crockett SARRETT, 1868-1932

Eighth Generation!
3. 2nd. Son: JAMES "Crockett" SARRETT; [SFA-ID#] [FG 272]
(Son of Samuel H. & Martha A. (Atchley) Sarrett) 
(1/8 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) 
b. Thursday, 13 Aug. 1868, [REF:#58] in Sevier Co., Tennessee; 
Was Killed in a Automobile accident on Sunday, 11 Dec. 
1932 at the age of 64 Years, 3 Months and 28 Days, in Miami, Fla.; REF:#120 
Funeral Services was conducted at 2:00 o'clock p.m., 
Friday 16 Dec. 1932 at the Seventh Day Adventist Church; 
Buried in the Lynnhurst-Resthaven Cemetery, Fountain City 
area of Knoxville, TN; At 36 years of age, he Married at 3:00 
o'clock, Sunday Afternoon on the 16 Jul. 1905, at the home of the 
bride, located at 1905 High Ave. Knoxville, TN.; Officiated by  
Rev. WILLIAM A. ATCHLEY, 119 Pastor of the Broadway Baptist 
Church; to the (20 years his junior..prs) 17 year old 
Miss ANNIE LAURA or LAURIE BALLARD; Called Little Mama by [REF:#58] 
She was born on the 31st of Dec. 1887, [REF:#154] (Location Unknown) in 
Missouri [REF:#119]; Died __ Sep. 1980, at the age of 92 years [REF:#117]; 
She was the Daughter of SAMUEL HENRY BALLARD and MARY LUCINDA 
(BROYLES) BALLARD (Big Mama), of Missouri; [REF:#58] They had 
Three Children born to this Union:
   1 1st. Dau: ANNIE L.      SARRETT; *1906-1993 a86yrs m. *1932 Dr. John A. McKAY, 4Ch.
   2 2nd. Dau: M. D. Polly   SARRETT; *1907-1999 a92yrs m. c193? John F. JOYNER,    1Ch.
   3 1st. Son: JAMES C., Jr. SARRETT; c1916-1946 a30yrs Never Married!

J. CROCKETT SARRETT, was born on the Entry Farm Place, located 
along Kellum Creek, which his father SAMUEL H. SARRETT, bought 
from his father's "Intestate" on 28 Dec. 1865. [REF:#63] This property 
had been in the SARRETT/HAGGARD family since McCAMPBELL ATCHLEY 
sold it to JACKSON HAGGARD on 14 Nov. 1835.

The first record found of J. CROCKETT SARRETT, is the 1870 Census 
Record of Sevier County, TN. 24 which he is listed at 1 year old, 
living with his parents and 6 month old brother  PETER W. SARRETT. 
He was 10 years old when his Great-Uncle NOAH ATCHLEY ( only 
Brother of ISAAC ATCHLEY..prs) sold 214 acres of land for 
$4,500 on 16 Feb. 1878, South of the French Broad River, 
along Millican Creek, to his father SAMUEL H. SARRETT. This 
property is still known today (1990) as "Sarrett's Home-Place" 
and where J. CROCKETT SARRETT grew up to manhood.
He was listed at 11 years of age, living with his parents in the 1880 
Census  for Sevier Co., TN. [REF:#25] and Works on Farm, Attends School 
the one room school called the Midway School House, located 
South of their home, across Douglas Dam Road, about 1/2 Mile. It is 
not known the exact time that J. CROCKETT SARRETT, left the Sarrett 
Home-Place and went to Knoxville, but he did prior to May 1890.

At the time of his 44 year old father SAMUEL H. SARRETT death in 
the spring of 1890 ( 13 May 1890), J. CROCKETT SARRETT was 
only 21 years of age, living in Knoxville, TN. brother PETER W., 
was 20 years, all the remaining children were considered Minor 
Heirs at Law.

On 26th May, 1890, son J. CROCKETT SARRETT, appeared before the  Chancery 
Court, Sevier County, Tennessee, submitted an application for "Administrator's 
& Executor's Bond" for the SAMUEL H. SARRETT, dec'd, died 13 
May 1890, "Intestate" (Provided No Will), leaving MARTHA 
A. (ATCHLEY) SARRETT, as his widow and the following 8, children 
as his only heirs at law: In the State of Tenn. "Minor Heirs", 
are the children until their 21st. Birthday...prs
   (1) JAMES CROCKETT SARRETT,   age 21, Admin.
   (2) PETER WILSON SARRETT,     age 20, minor heir
   (3) JOHN H. SARRETT;          age 17, minor heir
   (4) HUGH EZEKIEL SARRETT;     age 15, minor heir <--My GFather ..prs
   (5) MARY E. "Bettie" SARRETT; age 13, minor heir
   (6) ISAAC ENOCH SARRETT;      age 11, minor heir
   (7) RACHEL "Dora" SARRETT;    age  5, minor heir
   (8) SAMUEL "George" SARRETT;  age  3, minor heir

On the 26th of May 1890,  JAMES "Crockett" SARRETT and Sureties: 
P. ATCHLEY, R. "Christy" SIMS and PINK MAPLES are held and 
firmly bound to the State of Tennessee, in the sum of Six Thousand 
Dollars [$6,000], for **** Administrator;s and Executor's Bond **** 
of the late SAMUEL H. SARRETT, dec'd Estate. GUARDIAN and BOND 
BOOK; SEVIER COUNTY, TENNESSEE; Record Book 2; Page 37; May 26, 1890

The Chancery Court, of Sevier Co., TN., being that SAMUEL H. SARRETT, 
died Intestate (No will), appointed the oldest son 21 year 
old J. CROCKETT SARRETT as Estate Administrator in which 
he collected and paid off all indebtedness of the Estate, and the 
Court assigned Mr. ANDREW J. KYKER as Regular Guardian over 
the (under age 15y) minor children, 
   "Bettie",  age 13 
   ISAAC E.,  age 11 
   "Dora",    age  5 
   SAMUEL G., age  3 
The Court also assigned a Homestead & Dower, for the Widow 
MARTHA A. (ATCHLEY) SARRETT, and the children with 1/8th interest 
as Tenants in Common.

On the 29th day of July 1890, an Inventory of Personal Property was 
returned into the Office of County Court Clerk, by JAMES C. SARRETT, 
Admin. of SAMUEL H. SARRETT, dec'd 
   1 Silver Gray Mare, about 7 years old.
   1 Bay Mare & Colt, Mare about 6 years old.
   1 Bay Filly, 3 years old.
   1 Black Filly, 2 years old.
   1 Yearling Colt
   2 3 years old Horse Colt
   2 2 years old Horse Colt
   1 Gray Mule, 8 years old.
   1 Mule Colt, 2 months old.
     One half interest in ____, about 6 months old.
   1 Mowing Machine (Old)
   2 Old Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machines
   Sworn to and subscribed before me July 29, 1890.
   LS/ J. J. ELLIS, Clerk

  Note: Based on this Inventory of the Estate SAMUEL H. SARRETT, 
  dec'd had an Accounts Receivable due him of $1,726.42 with an Account 
  Payable of $137.82, being a balance of $1,588.60 for the Estate....prs 
  Page 416, 417; July 10, 1890)

On 16th Jan 1893, the Widow Mother MARTHA A. (ATCHLEY) SARRETT, 
filed a Bond and Petition for Guardianship, and a Homestead and Dower, 
from the estate of SAMUEL H. SARRETT, dec'd., in protest to a "Bill" 
filed by her son J. CROCKETT SARRETT for a "equal share of this 
same Estate" the Court commissioned surveyors to "go upon 
the premises and assign said Petitioner, First a Homestead to the 
value of $1,000 and Second a 1/3 part in value of a Dower" (Chancery 
Court Minutes, Sevier Co., TN. Record Book 7, Page 619

On the 6th of March 1893, the Chancery Court of Sevier, DECREED 
the petitioner MARTHA A. (ATCHLEY) SARRETT to her Homestead 
and Dower a Life time Estate, to be used by her own use and that 
of her children, who make their home with her and each child 1/8th 
Interest as Tenant in Commons  Chancery Court Minutes, Sevier 
Co., TN. Record Book 3, Page 3

With his duty as Administrator of the Estate completed, J. CROCKETT 
SARRETT, while living in Knoxville, TN. His mother filed and was 
appointed Guardian of Minor Heirs (16 Jan 1893, Bk. 2, Pg. 213) 
and CROCKETT having no interest in Working the farm, sold 
his 1/8th Interest in Common, to his younger brother PETER W. SARRETT 
for $1,000, which he paid $389.50 down and the balance "Promissory 
Note" to be paid on the 1st of July 1893.

Warranty Deed Book 1, Page 3 & 4
Prepared: 02 Sep. 1892
Filed: 02 Sep. 1892
Registered: 14 Dec. 1898
   **** INTEREST DEED - ___ Acres **** J. CROCKETT SARRETT 
   Know all men by these that for and in consideration of One 
Thousand Dollars ($1,000), Three Hundred and Eighty Nine and 50/100 
Dollars ($389.50) of which is in hand paid, the receipt of which is 
hereby acknowledge and for the balance of which a "Promissory 
Note" is executed bearing date equal with this "Deed"  and 
due and payable one, the first day of July, 1893, bringing interest 
from date. I J. CROCKETT SARRETT, hereby Bargain Sell, Transfer 
and Convey unto PETER W. SARRETT all the Right, Title and Interest 
that I have in and to the Real Estate owned by my father S. H. SARRETT, 
said Interest herein conveyed to being a One Eight (1/8) undivided 
Interest in four several Tracts of Land, situated in the 7th. Civil 
District of Sevier County, Tennessee.
   The First being the "Home Place", adjoining the 
HENDERSON. and said Second named tract, this is the tract on which 
said SAMUEL H. SARRETT, lived at date of his death and on which 
his Widow now resides.
   Second Tract, adjoining said First named tract and ANDREW 
HENDERSON; WILLIAM P. ATCHLEY and known as the "Caughoun" 
Tract, formerly continuation part of said "First Tract". These 
two Tracts contains together 156 Acres more or less. 
   Third Tract, called and known as the "Entry" Tract, 
MARY ROMINES and JOSEPH ATCHLEY and ________ others, containing about 
61 acres more or less.
   Fourth Tract, called the "Creek Place", where 
  WILLIAM A. BIRD now lives, an adjoining the lands of 
  J. W. ANDES; 
  R. H. ANDES; 
  Wm. A. BIRD; 
  R. C. SIMS and 
  containing 217 acres same more or less.
   To have and to hold the same to the said PETER W. SARRETT 
his heirs and assignees in fee simple form.
   I the said J. CROCKETT SARRETT, covenant that I am lawfully 
seized of said land , have a good right to convey it and that the 
same is not encumbered except so far as the life estate of MARTHA 
A. (ATCHLEY) SARRETT, widow of said S. H. SARRETT may affect it.
   I hereby forever quit claim to said PETER W. SARRETT to 
all my said Interest, my said four Tract of Land and Warrant the title 
to him against all persons claiming through me only.
   A Lien is hereby retained on the said land for the unpaid 
purchase money, as shown by said Note to-wit: $610.00.
   In witness of all of which I hereby set may hand on this 
2nd day of Sep. 1892. LS/ J. C. SARRETT { Seal }
   Witness: J. R. PENLAND

   Personally appeared before me J. J. ELLIS, Clerk of the 
County Court, for said County J. C. SURRATT the Bargainor with whom 
I am personally acquainted and acknowledge that he executed the same 
expressed Witness my hand at the Office in Sevierville, the 2nd day 
of September, 1892. LS/ J. J. ELLIS, Clerk
   Received for Recording into Office for Registration on the 
   6th. Day of Aug. 1898, at 10 o'clock, A.M. and Registered the 14 th 
   Dec. 1898. LS/ S. M. WILLIAMS, Register

On the 20th of March 1896, brother JOHN H. SARRETT, age 24 borrowed 
money from or sold to J. CROCKETT, age 28, a value of two Promissory 
Notes, a total of $657.96, plus $42.42 interest, plus 10% Attorney 
fees making a total of $770.38. brother J. CROCKETT filled a Bill 
against brother JOHN H. on 2nd. Jan. 1897, Case #733, Sevier Co., 
Court. A Notice was published in the Sevierville Star newspaper, 
for 4 weeks for JOHN H., to appear in court, because he was a Non-resident 
of the State of Tenn. The Court Ordered, Adjudged and Decreed on 
the 27th. of April 1897 to put JOHN H.SARRETT'S 1/8th. interest 
in the Sarrett Homeplace up for auction, to recover his debts. But 
it seems, brother PETER W. SARRETT, bought JOHN H., 1/8th interest 
for $250, on 2nd Aug. 1897, as per J. CROCKETT SARRETT'S, petition 
of 25th Oct. 1897, which requested the bidding to be reopened. This 
was Ordered, Adjudged and Decreed by the court the next day on the 
26th. Oct., that brother J. CROCKETT, was the highest bidder at 
$475, for JOHN H. SARRETT'S
1/8th interest, and being JOHN H. owed him $770.38, the Court consider 
this a cancellation of the judgment. (Chancery Court Minutes, 
Sevier Co., TN. Record Book 2, Page 235, 07 Jun. 1897 and Bk. D, Pg. 
379, 26 Oct. 1897

On 10th of Nov. 1897, J. CROCKETT SARRETT, filed another petition 
in Court, complaining that the said lands of the Tenants in Common 
are situated so that they can not be divided, to be sold off and receive 
cash for his 1/8th interest. (Chancery Court Minutes, Sevier Co., 
TN. Record Book _, Page __, Original Copy in the personal collection 
of Marie (Matthews) Ottinger

The June Term of 1898, Chancery Court for Sevier County DECREED 
that the lands of the SAMUEL H. SARRETT, dec'd, which were in Tenants 
in Common, should be divided and  advertised in the newspaper to 
be sold to the highest bidder.

Record Book D  Page 424
Wednesday Jun. 01, 1898
**** DECREE ****  Regarding Case #772 J. CROCKETT SARRETT Vs. 
   This cause came on to be further heard on this 1st day of 
June 1898, before Honorable H. B. LINDSAY, Chancellor upon the entire 
record in the cause and particularly upon the Intestate Report made 
by the Masters to the present time which Report is in the words and 
figures, following towit:
   **** Report on Order of Reference ****
   In obedience to an order made and entered at the present 
term of the Court regarding me to hear proof and Report on certain 
facts called for in said Order of Reference, after hearing the proof, 
I report the following:
   1. S. H. SARRETT, died Intestate at his house in 
      Sevier County, Tenn., on or about May 13, 1890.

   2. He left a Widow, M. A. SARRETT, and the following 
      children surviving him as his "Heirs at Law", towit: 
   (1.) J. C. SARRETT;
   (2.) P. W. SARRETT;
   (7.) DORA SARRETT, and

   3. "Homestead & Dower", has been assigned 
      to said Widow out of what is known as the "Home Farm" and 
      also including what is known as the 50 Tract on "Entry" 
      in the "Homestead and Dower."

   4. At the time of his death S. H. SARRETT, dec'd 
      owned three separate Tracts of land as follows: All of these lands 
      are in the 7th Civil District of Sevier County, Tenn.
   4.1. A 50 acre tract known as the "Entry" and bounded 
        by ATCHLEY on the East; ATCHLEY on the West; N. A. ATCHLEY on 
        the North; and ROBERT PARKER on the South, and is worth about $500.
   4.2. What is known as the "Creek Farm" containing 
        over 200 acres and adjoins TYSON the East; MAPLES on the West; 
        HUFFAKER on the North, and ANDES on South, and worth about $2,000.
   4.3. What is known as the Home Farm on the French Broad 
        River, containing about 125 acres and adjoins land of HENDERSON 
        on the East; KYKER on the West; FRENCH BROAD RIVER on the North, 
        and ATCHLEY on the South, and this Farm is worth about $5,000. 

   5. Arriving to the situation of the land, the number 
      of Heirs or owners and the unequal distribution of water and timber 
      on the lands, it would be to the manifest interest and advantage of 
      the owners that the lands be sold for partition among the present owners.

   6. The present owners of the lands are as follows:
      Interest in all three of the tracts above mentioned and PETER 
      W. SARRETT owns 2/8 interest in the "Home Place" and 50 
      acre "Entry"
      and ROBERT A. LOWE owns 2/8 interest in the Creek Farm 
      by purchase from PETER W. SARRETT.
   7. It would be better for all parties interested 
      to sell the land in the following manner:
   7.1. Creek Farm as one parcel.
   7.2. The River Farm, not included in "Homestead and Dower" as another parcel.
   7.3. The Homestead and Dower tract embracing the two parcels 
        of "Homestead & Dower" or Home Farm and the Entry as "Homestead 
        and Dower" in another parcel.
   8. Part of the River Farm is encumbered and so 
      is the Entry encumbered with the "Homestead and Dower" of 
      the Widow as shown on Page 3 of Minute Book 8, in County Court Clerk 
      Office of Sevier County, Tenn. There is no encumbrances on the Creek Farm. 
      All of which is respectfully submitted to the Honorable Court, June 1, 1898
      LS/ W. A. BOWERS, Deputy. Clerk & Masters

   Said Report, being un-excepted to, is in all respects 
confirmed. From which it appears to the Court that S. H. SARRETT 
died Intestate in Sevier County, Tenn., about the 13th day of May 
1890, leaving those named above in said report as his Widow and 
Heirs at laws. That he was owner in fee of the lands mentioned 
and described in said report which upon his death descended to 
said Heirs subject only to the Widows Homestead and Dower, which 
includes part of the River or House Tract and the 50 Acre Tract, 
that said land is owned now as Tenants in Common, those named and 
so stated in Paragraph six (6) in the above report.
   It further appears from said Report that it will be manifestly 
to the interest and for the benefit of all owners of said land, that 
the same be sold for division instead of divided in kind among the 
owners. All of which the Court doth adjudge and decree. It is therefore 
Ordered and Decreed that all of said lands be sold for partition 
among the owners, and that it be sold in parcels as follows:
   First: the Creek Farm; 
   Second: that part of the River or Home Farm, not 
included in the "Homestead and Dower", assigned to the Widow; and 
   Third: the Homestead and Dower Tracts, subject 
to the Widows Life Estate therein.
   The Master will therefore advertise said lands as required 
in execution sales at law, including Newspaper Publication, in one 
paper published in Sevier County and offer the same for sale to the 
highest and best bidder at the Court House door in Sevierville, on 
the following terms towit:
   One-Tents (1/10th) shall be paid Cash in hand, the balance 
shall be sold on credit of two and three years time respectively in 
equal installments and the Master will take Notes from the Purchaser 
or Purchaser on defined payments bearing interest from date with approved 
personal Security and retain a lien on the land as additional security. 
The Master will make his report to the next term of this Court. Wheat, 
Oats and Clover Rents will go to the present owners, Corn Rents will 
go to the Purchaser or Purchaser.

Records show (24 Oct. 1898) that a offer of the Sarrett Homeplace 
was first sold to JAMES R. PENLAND, (Counsel for J. Crockett 
Sarrett) for $600 and Z. D. MASSEY, submitted a offer for what 
was known as the Heirs Homeplace for $300 and the remainder Interest 
in the Home Place, covered by the Homestead & Dower for $110, but 
the Court indicated that PETER W. SARRETT, also submitted a good 
offer, so they ordered the 1st offer be "set aside" and the 
bidding on the lands be reopened by the Clerk and Masters until 2:00 
o'clock P.M. on the 25th of Oct. 1898. (Chancery Court Minutes, 
Sevier Co., TN. Record Book D, Page 432 & 433

Records show on the next day (25 Oct. 1898), the following persons, 
bought the said parcels and that all the Right, Title, and Interest 
that Respondents (Heirs at Law have in and to said lands 
be divested out of them and each of them and vested in the 
Purchaser in fee. (Chancery Court Minutes, Sevier Co., TN. 
Record Book D, Page 450 & 453

That J. J. STAFFORD became the Purchaser of the "Creek Farm" 
adjoining JOHN E. TYSON and others, containing 200 acres at the 
price of $1,715. 
That J. CROCKETT SARRETT, became the Purchaser of that portion of 
the River Farm, NOT included in the Homestead and Dower Tracts, 
Tracts, containing 50 acres more or less at the price of $1,775. 
That PETER W. SARRETT, became the Purchaser of the Homestead & 
Dower Tracts which is fully described above at the price of $1,265, 
subject to the Life Estate of said Widow.

On the 25th of Apr. 1901, brother I. ENOCH SARRETT, who was living 
in Coleman County, Texas, conveyed all his 1/8th interest in the above 
lands to his brother J. CROCKETT SARRETT, no reason was given.

Record Book E Page 78
Wednesday Apr. 24, 1901
**** POWER of ATTORNEY **** Regarding Case #772 J. CROCKETT SARRETT 
   This cause was this day heard upon the entire record and 
specialty upon the assignment and power of attorney of ENOCH I. SARRETT 
to J. CROCKETT SARRETT which is in the words and figures following 
   This indenture this by Masters that ENOCH SARRETT, of Coleman 
County, Texas and J. CROCKETT SARRETT of Knoxville, Tennessee, witness 
that said ENOCH I. SARRETT has this day sold and assigned and does 
hereby sell and assign unto said J. CROCKETT SARRETT all of his 
share of interest in the proceeds of the lands of SAMUEL H. SARRETT, 
deceased, which were heretofore sold under the Order of the Chancery 
Court of Sevier County at Sevierville, Tennessee in the cause of J. 
CROCKETT SARRETT Vs. MARTHA A. SARRETT, etal his share being an 
undivided One Eight (1/8th) interest of said proceeds, is an heir 
of said SAMUEL H. SARRETT, deceased. The said ENOCH I. SARRETT, 
has hereby constitute and appoint said J. CROCKETT SARRETT his true 
and lawful "Attorney in Fact" to be named by the Clerk and 
Masters of said Court and of any other persons in whose hands the 
same may be his share of said proceeds which are hereby sold and assigned, 
and he does hereby authorize said J. CROCKETT SARRETT to bring necessary 
suits and other proceedings to recover the same and use to extent 
the proper receipts and vouchers for the same, hereby agreeing to 
ratify and confirm all and similar the Lawful acts and doings of said 
J. CROCKETT SARRETT in the premises.
   This April 10th day 1901.
Signed: LS/ ENOCH I. SARRETT { Seal }

   Personally appeared before me JAMES WILLIAMS, a Notary 
Public in the foresaid County, the written named Barginor ENOCH I. 
SARRETT with whom I'm personally acquainted and who acknowledges 
that he executed the written instrument for the purpose therein contained. 
In witness whereof I have hereunto signed, my name and affixed my 
Notary Seal at Office on this 10th day of April 1901.
   LS/ JAMES WILLIAMS, Notary Public in and for Coleman County, Texas.
   It is therefore Ordered and Decreed that the Clerk and Masters 
pay to said J. CROCKETT SARRETT  said ENOCH I. SARRETT'S share 
of said proceeds taking said J. CROCKETT SARRETT receipts therefore 
the costs incident to the filing of this assignment and Orders herein 
will be paid out of the funds due to said ENOCH I. SARRETT.

In the 11th Jun. 1900 Census, for Knox Co. TN. (T-624, State Reel 
1581, E.D. 60, Sheet 14b, F.G. 430) we find the single, 30 year 
old J. CROCKETT SARRETT, renting a house located at 107 State Street, 
Knoxville. He listed his Occupation as Horse Trader. He was living 
with a 30 year old, white, male by the name of GEORGE HENRY, b. 
Apr. 1870 in Tennessee, he listed his occupation as Liveryman most 
of the neighbors were listed as Blacks

After only owning the 50 acre tract of land he bought on Oct. 25, 
1898 and paying $1,775 for 2 years and 10 months, he sold the same 
50 acre tract on 14 Sep. 1901, for only $600 to P. E. WALKER

   Record Book D  Page 440 & 441
   Prepared:   Sep. 14, 1901
   Filed:      Sep. 14, 1901
   Registered: Sep. 16, 1901
   Satisfied:  Sep. 12, 1903

**** TRUST DEED **** Regarding Case #772 J. CROCKETT SARRETT Vs. 
   For the purpose of securing to P. E. WALKER, a Note for 
Six Hundred Dollars ($600), due at twelve months from this date, with 
interest from date, due and payable annually, bearing even date herewith, 
for loaned money, signed and made by J. CROCKETT SARRETT and providing 
for payment of 10 per cent Attorneys Fee, in case the same shall be 
sued and placed in the hands of an Attorney-at-Law for collection.
   We J. CROCKETT SARRETT, a single man, do hereby convey 
in trust unto M. B. McMAHAN, the following described Real Estate, 
to wit:
   Lying in the 7th Civil District of Sevier County, Tennessee, 
on the French Broad River, and adjoining the lands of ANDREW HENDERSON 
and the HOMESTEAD & DOWER TRACT of Mrs. MARTHA A. SARRETT, containing 
about 50 acres, being that part of the said Home Farm which was 
NOT assigned to the said Widow as Homestead & dower, and being 
the same Tract of land that was sold to J. CROCKETT SARRETT, by 
the Clerk and Master in the Case 772 of J. CROCKETT SARRETT Vs ENOCH 
SARRETT, etal, lately pending in the Chancery Court of Sevier County, 
Tenn. And in the event default shall be made in the payment of suit 
debt or any part thereof, the Trustee is authorized and directed to 
sell said Real Estate (as so much thereof as may be necessary), at 
Public venue, at the Court House door in Sevierville for cash and 
in bar of the right of redemption, having first advertised by written 
posters only, as required in execution Sales-at-Law; to make Deed 
to purchaser; to pay off said debt, with interest and cost; and the 
balance, if any, to hold subject to thy Order. The Trustee is excused 
from giving land, or otherwise qualifying; This Fourteenth day of 
September, 1901.
   LS/ J. CROCKETT, { Seal } 

		      }    SS:
   Personally appeared before me  JOHN CHANDLER, Clerk of 
the County Court of Sevier County, Tennessee, the "Barigainor" 
to the affixed instrument, with whom I am personally acquainted, who 
acknowledged that he executed the same for the purpose therein expressed. 
Witness, my hand at Office in Sevierville, this 14th Day of September, 
   Received for Registration on September 14, 1901, at 2:00 
   o'clock P.M. and Registered on September 16, 1901. 
   LS/ S. M. WILLIAMS, Register
   This Trust Deed is Satisfied in full, this September 12, 1903. 

On 4th Dec. 1901, J. CROCKETT SARRETT, age 33, of Knoxville, sold 
One Iron Gray, Horse to LEE SUMMEY?, of Boyds Creek, TN. for the 
sum of $45.00, with a payment schedule of _ months, this note was 
not recorded until 23rd Jan. 1902. (Chancery Court Minutes, 
Sevier Co., TN. Trust Deed Record Book 6, Page 483 & 484

On 3rd. Nov., 1902, J. CROCKETT SARRETT, age of Knoxville, sold 
Two Hogs, weighing about 365 lbs. each to JOHN P. and MARSHALL 
KNIGHT, of Sevierville, TN. for the sum of $23.00, with a payment 
schedule of 6 months, this note was not "satisfied" (paid 
off) until 13th May 1903. (Chancery Court Minutes, Sevier 
Co., TN. Trust Deed Record Book 6, Page 441 & 542

The Knoxville City Directory of 1905, list  J. CROCKETT SARRETT, 
age 33; Occupation Asst. Supt. Met. Life Ins. Co.; Living at 1905 
Highland Ave., Knowville, TN. Other Sarrett / Sarrett / Surratt 
   Miss CORA C. SURRATT, Operator at Biddle Mfg. Co; Boards at 2106 Howard Ave.
   JAMES H. SURRATT, Works Sou. Ry. Rents at Tenn. Ave, 
   (Near corner of Stonewall & Lonsdale)
   LETTIE V. SURATT; Widow of ORVILE SURATT, rents at 512 Eleanor.
   OMER O. SURATT, Occup. Driver, Boards at 512 Eleanor.

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   Cards have been issued bearing the following formula:
   request the honor of your presence
   at the marriage of their daughter:
   Sunday afternoon, the sixteenth July,
   Nineteen hundred and Five
   at three o'clock
   No. 1905 Highland Ave.
   Knoxville, Tennessee
The Marriage License, issued in the Office in Knoxville on the 15th. 
of July 1905, list I solemnized the Rites of Matrimony between 
the above parties on the 16th day of July 1905, signed by the Rev. 
E. HUBERT BROYES, Minister, brother of the brides mother (Mary 
L. (Broyles) Ballard; [REF:#154] A $1,250 Bond was taken out by CROCKETT 
SARRETT and GUY SMITHSON on 15 Jul., 1905, Knox Co., TN. #535.

The marriage of Mr. Crockett Sarrett and Miss Anna 
Laura Ballard took place yesterday afternoon at three o'clock, at 
the home of the bride, 1905 High Avenue. It was witnessed by quite 
a number of relatives and friends. Rev. William A. Atchley, pastor 
of the Broadway Baptist Church, officiated. The groom is a well known 
businessman of Knoxville who has a fine river farm on the French 
Broad River in Sevier County. The bride is a charming young lady 
who has been a resident of Knoxville only a few years, coming to this 
place from Missouri, where she was born. The couple have many friends 
in Knoxville and Sevier County, who remembered the occasion with gifts. 
The bridal gift of the groom to the bride was a splendid home on Highland 

J. CROCKETT SARRETT and family lived in Knoxville, TN. for many 
years, where they had their first born Annie Lou who was born in 
1906. The next year 2nd daughter Polly was born in 1907, and later 
in about 1916 a son was born Sunny Sarrett. As seems consistent 
with his other brothers, he did not keep in contact with any of them. 
Brother Peter W. was living only a few miles away, at the Sarrett 
Homeplace near Sevierville. Brother E. Hugh was living location 
unknown, but ended up in Kansas City, MO., by 1917. Brother I. Enoch 
spent a few years in Coleman Co., Texas, but was back in Knoxville, 
by 1914, later removed to Middlesboro, KY. No record has been found, 
that any of them kept in contact with one another, nor any of their 
descendants new anything about their cousins.

   No family stories  or tradition, have been supplied to this 
   writer, during the time of J. CROCKETT SARRETT married life, but 
   indications received, they were not happy ones, which also holds true 
   with the other brothers families, which most broke up with divorces, 
   separations and in one case abandonment. One can only speculate as 
   to why the bitterness among these brother, this will probably be something 
   we will never no. ..... Paul R. Sarrett

The Newspaper article states, CROCKETT SARRETT was killed in a Automobile 
accident on 11 Dec. 1932 at the age of 64 Years, 3 Months and 28 Days, 
in Miami, Fla.; 120 Funeral Services was conducted at 2:00 o'clock 
p.m., Friday 16 Dec. 1932 at the Seventh Day Adventist Church; 
Buried in the Lynnhurst-Resthaven Cemetery, Fountain City area 
of Knoxville, TN.

In Granddaughter Mrs. Judith (McKay) Sides, letter of Mar. 30 1990, 
she states: "He was killed by a Hit and Run driver, 
in Florida, after Mom got married (that year, Jan. 18, 1932) and he 
was identified by the officials, by his daughters (Annie l. (sarrett) 
McKay) wedding clipping, from the Newspaper,  which he was carrying 
with him in his pocket"

Another story from Granddaughter Mrs. Sherry (McKay) Ligo, letter 
of Jul. 16, 1991 states: 
   "I have heard this story many times. Grandfather J. CROCKETT SARRETT, 
   was standing waiting to cross the street, when the bumper of a car 
   caught his loose coat and dragged him. He was identified, by the 
   clipping, in his pocket, of his daughter Annie Louise (Sarrett) Mckay's wedding.

Crockett Sarrett, former Knoxville Real Estate Dealer, 
was killed in an automobile accident in Florida Sunday, it was learned 
here yesterday. Mrs. Sarrett, who lives in Knoxville, left yesterday 
for Miami, where Mr. Sarrett had lived for several years. He is 
also survived by two daughters who live in Baltimore, MD.

The body of J. CROCKETT SARRETT, age 64, former Knoxville 
Salesman, who was killed by automobile at Miami, Fla., Sunday. Will 
arrive in Knoxville, Thursday at 11:05 p.m. over the L & N Railroad. 
It will be taken to Mann's Mortuary to remain until the hour for the 
funeral. Services will be conducted Friday at 2 p.m. from the Seventh 
Day Adventist Church. Burial will be in Lynnhurst-Resthaven Cemetery.

Obituary - Aug. 1980
ANNIE LOU SARRETT, age 92, of 43 Orchard St., St. Marblehead, 
Mass., widow of JAMES CROCKETT SARRETT, died Wednesday in Marblehead, 
after a length illness. Member of Seventh Day Adventist Church, Knoxville. 
A former resident of Knoxville for 50 years. Lived in Nashville, TN. 
from 1974 to 1978 and had been in Marblehead for one year. Survivors: 
daughters Mrs. ANNIE LOU (SARRETT) McKAY, of Marblehead; Mrs. POLLY 
(SARRETT) JOYNER of Wilmington, NC; 4 grandchildren; 10 great- grandchildren. 
Graveside services an interment 1:00 p.m. Saturday at Lynnhurst Cemetery. 

Ninth Generation!

The following are the Children of J. CROCKETT SARRETT and Wife ANNIE LAURIE (BALLARD) SARRETT

(1st Dau of J. Crockett & Annie L. (Ballard) Sarrett)
(1/16 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) Called Annie Lou, b. 
08 Jun. 1906, 138 & [REF:#154] Knoxville, Knox Co., TN; d. 25 May 1993, 
174 at the age of 86 years, 11 months and 17 days in a local 
nursing home in Marblehead, MASS; Buried in the family lot in 
Lafayette Memorial Cemetery, Fayetteville, Cumberland Co., 
NC; At the time of her death she had Nine Grandchildren and Five 
Great-Grandchildren; 175 She attended High School Unknown in 
Knoxville, TN; Graduated from the Sanitarium School of 
Nursing. Wash., DC., (Date Unknown)  [REF:#154] She was a Registered 
Nurse from 1927 to 1961 when she retired; She was a Master 
Duplicate Bridge Player 174 At the age of 25 years, she married 
on 18th Jan. 1932, [REF:#154]  in Knoxville, TN.  to Dr. JOHN ARCHIBALD 
McKAY; b. 29 Nov. 1891, near Buie's Creek, in North Carolina 138; 
d. 11 Jan. 1976, at the age of 84 Years, 1 Month and 12 Days, in 
Fayetteville, NC; Buried in the Lafayette Memorial Park, 
Fayetteville, (Cumberland Co.) NC., where a Headstone marks his 
grave; [REF:#154] He was the Son of General Practitioner Dr. JOSEPH FOY 
& MARTHA (ROGERS) McKAY [REF:#154]; He Graduated from Buie's Creek 
Academy, University of North Carolina & John Hopkins School of 
Medicine; He was a Psychiatrist for some 50 years in Mercer, PA 
and Fayetteville, NC. 
They had Four 138 Children born to this Union:
   1.1 1st. Dau: SHERRY A. McKAY; b. 1933
   1.2 1st. Son: INFANT McKAY;    b.&d. 1936
   1.3 2nd. Dau: JUDITH L.McKAY;  b. 1938 
   1.4 3rd. Dau: DIANE J. McKAY;  b. 1941

	First Record found by this writer was at the age of 7 years, ANNIE 
	LOU was listed as Flower Girl in 1914, the wedding of her 
	old, living in Baltimore, MD. at the time of her fathers automobile 
	accident of 1932, her mother (Annie (Ballard) Sarrett was still 
	living in Knoxville, TN; Her mother was living with her when she died 
	in __ Sept. 1980, in Marblehead, Essex Co., Massachusetts; Last known 
	(1989) address for Mrs. Annie L. McKay, 43 Phillips, Marblehead, MA  01945, 
	Phone 617/631-5402; 

	1.1 1st. Dau: SHERRY ANNE McKAY; 
	(Dau of Annie L. (Sarrett) & John A. McKay)
	(1/32 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) b. 08 Dec. 1933, at New 
	Castle, (Lawrence Co.) PA.; Graduated from the School of Nursing, 
	Duke University ; Occupation listed as Housewife; Married 
	on 01 Oct. 1955, Mercer, (Mercer Co.) PA. 138to JESSE RICHARD 
	LIGO; b. 15 Jun. 1933, Mercer, PA; d. 05 May 1989, at the age of 
	55 Years, 10 Month & 20 Days, in Grove City, (Mercer Co.) PA.; He 
	is buried in the White Chapel Cemetery, New Wilmington, 
	(Lawrence Co.) PA [REF:#154]; He was the Son of WHITE GARRETT & ESTHER 
	ELIZABETH (McMILLAN) LIGO; [REF:#154]They were Dairy Farmers in 
	Western Pennsylvania 138; Last known Address: 460 Stoneboro Rd., 
	Grove City, PA  16127; Phone 814/786-7718; They had Five Children 
	born to this Union and (They must be proud all their children 
	as they are all College Graduates..prs):
	   1.1.1 1st. Son: JOHN RUSSELL LIGO;
	   1.1.2 1st. Dau: ANNE ELIZAB. LIGO;
	   1.1.3 2nd. Son: JESSE R. LIGO, Jr.
	   1.1.4 2nd. Dau: SUSAN MARIE LIGO;
	   1.1.5 3rd. Son: SAMUEL McKAY LIGO;

		1.1.1 1st. Son: JOHN RUSSELL LIGO;
		(Son of Sherry A. (McKay) & J. Richard Ligo)
		(1/64 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) b. 18 Mar. 1957, Grove 
		City, (Mercer Co.) PA; Grad. from Penn. State University; 
		Occupation Dairy Farmer; Married  on 17 Oct. 1987, State 
		College, PA. to Miss JUDITH ANNE HARDING; b. 15 May, 1963, 
		Brookville, (Jefferson Co.) PA; Daughter of CHARLES EUGENE 
		HARDING and JANET OLIVER (FROST) HARDING; Occupation Homemaker, 
		and Leasing Agent for Argilease; No issue.

		1.1.2 1st. Dau: ANNE ELIZABETH LIGO;
		(Dau of Sherry A. (McKay) & J. Richard Ligo)
		(1/64 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) b. 29 Nov. 1958, Grove 
		City, (Mercer Co.) PA; Attended the Indiana University of 
		Pennsylvania, Majoring in Respirator Therapist; Not 
		Married; Since age 23, in 1981, her life has been ruled by 
		Manic Depression [REF:#154]

		1.1.3 2nd. Son: JESSE RUSSELL LIGO, Jr.
		(Son of Sherry A. (McKay) & J. Richard Ligo)
		(1/64 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) b. 17 Sep. 1960, 
		Greenville, (Mercer Co.) PA; Grad. from Westminster College in 
		New Wilmington, PA; MBA from Bowling Green State University, 
		Ohio; Occupation: College Professor and CPA (Certified Public 
		Account); Married  on 16 Aug. 1986, New Wilmington,  (Lawrence 
		Co.) PA. to Miss AMY MARIE KLIPA; b. 14 Mar. 1962, Pittsburgh, 
		Grad. from Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA; Occupation: 
		Homemaker & Computer Programmer; They have One 138 son born to 
		this Union: 1st. Son: RICHARD GEORGE LIGO;
		   Born 23 Oct. 1989, Grove City, PA

		1.1.4 2nd. Dau: SUSAN MARIE LIGO;
		(Dau of Sherry A. (McKay) & J. Richard Ligo)
		(1/64 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) b. 27 Jan. 1962, 
		Greenville, (Mercer Co.) PA; Grad. w BSN from University of 
		Pittsburgh, PA; Occupation: Homemaker & Registered Nurse; 
		Married  on 23 Jul. 1988, Baltimore, MD. to MARK CHRISTOPHER 
		BINDON; b. 28 Feb. 1963, Baltimore, MD; Son of JACK ALVIN BINDON 
		and CORRINE CECILIA (WARD) BINDON; Grad. from Towson State 
		University; Occupation Claims Rep. for Insurance Co.; They 
		have one Son born to this Union: [REF:#154] 1st. Son: JACK C. BINDON;
		   b. 28 Nov. 1990, Baltimore, MA

		1.1.5 3rd. Son: SAMUEL McKAY LIGO;
		(Son of Sherry A. (McKay) & J. Richard Ligo)
		(1/64 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) b. 05 Nov. 1964, 
		Greenville, (Mercer Co.) PA; Graduate from West Point, class of 
		1987; Lieutenant, U.S. Army; Education: Pursuing degree in 
		Elementary Education, at Drury College in MO.; Occupation; Real 
		Estate & VISA Supervisor at Fort Leonard Wood Credit Union; 
		Married 15 Feb. 1991, Fort Leonard Wood, MO., to Miss PEGGY ANN 
		PADDOCK; b. 15 May 1963, Location Unknown; She is the daughter of 
		Kentucky; Occupation: Homemaker.[REF:#154]

		1.3 2nd. Dau: JUDITH LYNN McKAY; 
		(Dau of Annie L. (Sarrett) & John A. McKay)
		(1/32 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) b. 03 Sep. 1938, Newcastle 
		(Lawrence Co.) PA; Schooling Unknown; Occupation: Physician, MD., 
		Retired; Married on 10 Jun. 1967, Thomasville, (Davidson Co.) NC. 
		to RICHARD St GEORGE  SIDES; b. 10 Jun. 1936, at Aghiogan, County 
		of Tyrone, Ireland; He was the 3rd Son of Rev. NATHANIEL St 
		Educated at Campbell College, Belfast, Ireland 1949-53, Trinity 
		College, Dublin, Ireland 1953-57, BA in Modern History & 
		Political Science at Oxford University, Oxford College 1957-58, 
		Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1969-72, Masters in 
		Management; Occupation: currently Chief Financial Officer for 
		Questus Conhovation, Marblehead, MA; They had Two 138 Children 
		born to this Union; Last known address: 28 Orchard St. 
		Marblehead, MASS.  01945; Phone 617/631-7014
		   1.3.1 1st. Dau: ANNIE KATHLEEN SIDES;
		   Born 16 Jan. 1973, Boston, MA. (1/64 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) 
		   1.3.2 1st. Son: ROBERT JOHN McKAY SIDES;
		   Born 01 Aug. 1975, Salem, MA. (1/64 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) 

		   Mrs. Judith (Mckay) Sides, attended the SARRETT - 1990 
		   REUNION and stayed at the Sarrett Homeplace, in Adler Branch, TN., 
		   along with other descendants, this writer included. She is a most 
		   enjoyable person and help complete some "Missing Links" in 
		   the Sarrett Family - History Biography....prs

		1.4 3rd. Dau: DIANE JUANITA McKAY; 
		(Dau of Annie L. (Sarrett) & John A. McKay)
		(1/32 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) b. 30 Mar. 1941, at New 
		Castle, (Lawrence Co.) PA.; 138 High School, NC; Graduated B.S. 
		Zoology at Dulie University 1960; Peace Corps, Nigeria, West 
		Africa; Tufts University School of Medicine, 1967 with a Medical 
		Degree; Occupation: Nurse - Chaplain 138; Married on 22 
		Aug. 1964, Washington, DC to SEPTON FRANK JAMES ABBOTT; b. 26 
		Sep. 1941, at Baltimore, MD; Son of Unknown Parents; 138 
		Schooling Unknown; Occupation Unknown; They had Two 138 Children 
		born to this Union; Last known address: 2 Lake Court, Columbia, 
		SC  29206; Phone 803/787-6378
		   1.4.1 1st. Dau: LESLIE JEAN ABBOTT;
		   Born 13 Sep. 1966, Winston-Salem, NC. (1/64 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) 
		   1.4.2 2nd. Dau: DEBRA LYNN ABBOTT;
		   Born 24 Oct. 1968, Winston-Salem, NC. (1/64 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) 

(2nd Dau of J. Crockett & Annie L. (Ballard) Sarrett)
(1/16 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) Goes by the name of "Polly"; 
b. 18 Sep 1907,  Knoxville, TN; [REF:#154]
d. 23 Feb 1999, age 92yrs, Knoxville, Knox Co., TN 37919 [SSD# 414-07-7614 TN.]
Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me)
School's Unknown; Occupation Unknown;
Married (Date & Location Unknown), to 
b. Unknown, Sharon, PA; 
d. Unknown; 
Issue Unknown; They had at least One Daughter born to this Union: [REF:#138]
   2.1 1st. Dau: PATRICIA JOYNER;
   Need More Information.

Records show, at the age of 8 years, Polly SARRETT was listed as 
Ring Bearer in 1914, at the wedding of her Aunt DELLA (SARRETT) 
and ALBERT BALLARD SMITH; She was 26 years old, living in Baltimore, 
MD. at the time of her fathers Automobile accident of 1932 in Miami, 
Fla., Mother living in Knoxville, TN; At the time of her mothers death 
in Sept. 1980, she was living Wilmington, North Carolina. 
As of 30 Mar. 1990 Polly (SARRETT) JOYNER resides in a Nursing Home, 
Wilmington, NC. [REF:#138 ]

	2.1 1st. Dau: PATRICIA JOYNER;
	(Dau of Mary D. (Sarrett) & John F. Joyner)
	(1/32 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) b. Unknown information; 
	Married about 1937 Location Unknown, to GLENN PARKER; b. Unknown; 
	Son of Unknown Parents; Schooling Unknown; Occupation: Professor 
	at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; 
	They had One Son Born to this Union:
	   1.1.1 1st. Son: MICHAEL PARKER;
	   Need More Information.

Above information provided by Mrs. JUDY (McKAY) SIDES, 
letter of 30 Mar. 1990. A Letter in 1980, has been sent to daughter 
Mrs. PAT (JOYNER) PARKER, 2811 Oleander Dr., Wilmington, NC  28401; 
Phone 919/763-2525 for additional information. No response to 
this writers inquiry; PAT & her husband GLENN have relocated 
(1993) t0 1 Forest Court, Knoxville, TN. 37919, Phone 615/588-
7100 as per cousin [REF:#174]

3. JAMES CROCKETT SARRETT, Jr.; (a.k.a. "Sunny")
(Only Son of J. Crockett & Annie L. (Ballard) Sarrett)
(1/16 Degree of Indian Blood (D.I.B.) Was called Sonny; 
b. about 1916, Knoxville, TN., was Developmentally Retarded; 
Lived at home in Knoxville, TN. for some years, then had to be 
institutionalized; d. about 1946, at the age of 30 years, of 
Pneumonia, Location Unknown; 
Buried Cemetery Location Unknown; (to me)
Never Married; 
Need More Information.

   The information on James Crockett Sarrett, Jr., is not 
   clear. Mrs. Judith (Mckay) Sides states "I did not know about 
   this third child until I was an adult. I was told a son was born 
   with some abnormalities, and died at age 30 (1946) in an 
   institution. I have seen his grave. [REF:#138], but Sunny Sarrett 
   was NOT mention as living, at the time of his fathers death in 
   1932 obituary ..prs


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