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James ROBINSON, 1810-1898, a87y
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First Generation
(s/o M/M ROBINSON Parents)
b. 22 Feb 1810, Union, TN.
d. 10 Jan 1898, a87y at Western Grove, Newton Co., AR.
Buried: Western Grove Cemetery, Newton Co., AR.
At a28y he married about c1838 in McNairy Co., TN to
25 year old Miss Sarah SURRATT;
(2nd d/o James,4 & Wife Unknown SURRATT)
(1Gd/o Thomas,1 & Wife Unknown SARRATT)
(2Gd/o SAMUEL,1 & 2ndw Honour SARRATT, of Prince George's Co., MD.
(3Gd/o JOSEPH,1 & KATHERINE SARRATT, of France "The American Progenitor!"
b. c1813 Warren Co., TN.
d. c1848, a35y in McNairy Co., TN.
Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me)
They had 5 Children born to this short 1st Union:
   1. 1st Dau: Elizabeth A., *1839-
   2. 2nd Dau: Arminda,      *1841-
   3. 1st Son: James M.,     *1843-1913 a69y Newton Co., AR.
   4. 2nd Son: Wm. Calvin,   *1846-
   5. 3rd Son: James C.,     c1848-1849 a 1y d. Infant!

In Sep. 1832 the McNairy Co., Court appointed: [REF: #90, Pg 176]
    James ROBERSON,  <---Son-In-Law m. 2nd Dau Sarah
    David S. KILLMAN, and
    David SHULTS:
    117 acres of land laying on the waters of the "Snake Creek"
   "To lay off and apportion to the heirs of James SURRATT, dec'd
    the quantity of land that each is entitled to....."
   "Shares of lots legally drawn for in our presence and the said
    William SURRATT"            [1st Son]
    Lot Num. 1. Mack    SURRATT [7th Son]
    Lot Num. 2. Eliza   SURRATT [2nd Son]
    Lot Num. 3. Lary    SURRATT [6th Son]
    Lot Num. 4. James   SURRATT [4th Son]
    Lot Num. 5. Jacob   SURRATT [3rd Son]
    Lot Num. 6. Lucindy SURRATT [1st Dau]
    Lot Num. 7. John    SURRATT [5th Son]
    Lot Num. 8. A Widow dowry.  <--Wife Unknown!

Descendants of Sarah Surrat [REF:2237-001]
Generation No. 1

(2nd d/o James,4 & Wife Unknown)
was born in Tennessee, and died 1848.
She married JAMES ROBINSON 1838 in Purdy, McNairy, TN,
He was born 22 February 1810 in Union, TN, and died 10 January 1898.

            b. 05 June 1839; m. SAMUEL HOUSTON SPEARS.
        ii. ARMINDA ROBINSON,    b. 18 October 1841, Tennessee.
      2.iii.JAMES MACK ROBINSON, b. 07 December 1843,
            McNairy, TN; d. 23 September 1913, Western Grove, Newton, AR.
	3.iv. WILLIAM CALVIN ROBINSON, b. 20 February 1846, Tennessee.
        v.  JAMES CRUMP ROBINSON,    b. 1848; d. 1849, a 1y Infant!

Generation No. 2

2.  JAMES MACK2 ROBINSON (SARAH1 SURRAT) was born 07 December 1843 in
McNairy, TN, and died 23 September 1913 in Western Grove, Newton, AR.  He
married (1) MARTHA JANE BELLER.  She was born 22 August 1858 in  Arkansas,
USA, and died 27 January 1922.  He married (2) PARILEE LOWERY.  She was
born 04 December 1852 in Arkansas, and died 13 August 1881 in Western
Grove, Newton, AR.

Child of JAMES ROBINSON and 1st wife MARTHA BELLER is:
      i.      GUILFORD3 ROBINSON,
            b. 15 August 1895,  Arkansas, USA; d. July 1983.

Children of JAMES ROBINSON and 2nd wife PARILEE LOWERY are:
      ii.      SARAH L3 ROBINSON, b. 02 March 1870, Arkansas;
            d. 12 May 1940, Arkansas;
            m. JR BEVERLY DANIEL WALL, 06 September 1888,
            Boone County, Arkansas; b. 05 March 1851,  Arkansas;
            d. 17 May 1914.
      iii.      ANN ROBINSON, b. 1872,  Arkansas, USA.
      iv.      MARY ROBINSON, b. 1873,  Arkansas, USA.
      v.      JAMES RUSSELL ROBINSON, b. 19 September 1875,  Arkansas, USA;
            d. 27 December 1946;
            m. LUCY E ROBINSON; b. 25 November 1879; d. 27 October 1958.
      vi.      JANE ROBINSON, b. May 1880,  Arkansas, USA.

3.  WILLIAM CALVIN2 ROBINSON (SARAH1 SURRAT) was born 20 February 1846 in
Tennessee.  He married VINEY.  She was born Abt. 1858 in Arkansas.

Children of WILLIAM ROBINSON and VINEY are:
      i.      GEORGIA L3 ROBINSON, b. 1874.
      ii.      JAMES ROBINSON, b. 1876.
      iii.      WILLIAM ROBINSON, b. 1878.

Source & Reference Notes!

Subj:      Surratt
Date:      5/3/99 4:38:49 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Don Timmerberg)
I saw your name on GenForum under Surratt.  Would you mind looking at the
info below and see if you can give me some insight as to who my Sarah
Surratt was?
I would appreciate it very much.  I have not had much luck working on this

Don Timmerberg
333 Northmoor Drive
Ballwin, MO, USA

Submitter: Windi Spears,
Query: Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 11:55:47 PM Eastern Standard Time 

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