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Sevier Co., TN.
was created in 1794 from the larger Jefferson Co. The County Seat is Sevierville, TN. 37862. It is located in the Eastern part of the State: Bounded by Knox Co. on the Northwest; Jefferson Co., on the Northeast; Cocke Co. on the East; Swan Co. of NC. on the South; with Blount Co., TN. on the West. (First Census 1830, County Clerk has m. records from 1856, Court House has burned)

The Barn
Apr 09, 2000
JAMES, Riley
I have two SURRATTs in my family tree both were married to my ggGrandfather Riley JAMES. The first one was Amanda SURRATT. M. A. Riley married her in Walker County, Georgia in 1837 and she died 24 Oct, 1838 after giving birth to a daughter named Amanda Lethe Ann JAMES.
My gUncle Norman Riley JAMES had in his record that Amanda spelled her last name different from the way Riley's second wife did and that they were cousins. He married Salena Arvazina SURRATT IN Sevier County, TN on 23 September 1841. Salena died 12 Oct. 1893 in Cedar County, MO.
I hope that you can help me find the parents of these two SURATT women and learn more about them. I have the information on the family from then until the present time and we are having our JAMES family reunion in June of this year and I'd love to have some information about them to give the group there. Thank you. Mary Sunshine Zimmer (
ps. I put this on your web page but thought you might check your email more often than you do your web page. Hope you will forgive me. I feel that if you can't help me maybe someone at your reunion will be able to give me some clues. Thank you, M.S.Z (Mary Sunshine Zimmer)
What a thrill to receive your E-Mail, this family is part of my branch of Sarratt/Sarrett/Surratt family.
I have been researching this branch for over 30 years, and this is the first time, I have corresponded with anybody on the James/Surratt connection.
We believe that Salena Arvazina SURRATT, b. c1815 is the 1st daughter of Tyre & Susan (MILLER) SARRETT. See the following FGS on Tyre SARRETT.
We would like to exchange, correct any information on these families.
Regarding the 1st wife Amanda SURRATT, m. Riley JAMES, and d. 24 Oct, 1838 in Walker County, GA., we have no record of her. No SARRATT/SARRETT/SURRATT's were in that area at that time
We believe the Amanda JAMES, b. 1835 in TN. in the 1850 Census with the Riley JAMES household is a illegitimate dau of Salenda (Amanda SARRETT)
We know that Salena A. SARRETT's Uncle Allen,3 Jr. SARRETT, moved to Cedar Co., MO. and can be found their in the 1850 Census.
Would like to exchange Information on these families. ...prs
The Barn
Apr 14, 2000
JAMES, Riley
Dwayne, my husband, and I have been looking over the printout of what you sent today. we are both so new at this that we do not understand all of the info you have given me. Most of the searching I have done is to go to Arkansas and Missouri and visit Cedar County, Missouri and find out where Riley and Selena are buried. We visited their graves and yes they have a marker. I found them in the Linsley Cemetary. We made two trips there last year. The first trip we found their graves and went to the courthouse and spent some time looking up record of the marriage of Riley's son Thomas Jefferson JAMES and Nancy Elizabeth THOMPSON. My grandmother and her brother William Norman Riley JAMES (He was the one that kept record of the family and gave us most of the information I have.) He was born in 1878 and my grandmothe Mary A. (James) WATSON (who raised my brother and I) was born in 1880 in Cedar County MO. Thomas Jefferson moved his family south in 1882.
We returned to Cedar County later in the year to do more digging in the Court House but when we got there all of the record books had been moved to put on Micro-fische and the trip was in vain. I found in the Land Grants that Riley owned 40 acres in Arkansas and was part of the Home Guard there during the Civil War.
We are planning on going to Washington County this summer and see what we can find there. We are close enough to Clay County KY that we could go searching there also and we are just 20 miles from the VA line and could do some searching there. We have another home in Nashville, TN and it is a short trip from there to Morgan County, AL to do some searching. For that matter since we are use to commuting back and forth from Nashville to Jefferson area here in NC, it would be no trouble to go to the Spartanburg area of SC IF I KNEW WHAT TO DO TO SEARCH OUT AND WHAT TO LOOK FOR. Maybe you could give me some idea.
After we leave Hot Springs, Arkansas where our JAMES Family reunion is this year we are going to spend our time going on these searching trip in Arkansas and Missouri and then head for the Zimmer family reunion in Spokane Washington. We are going to drive and will probably drive on down the west coast and visit the widow of one grandsons of my grandmother's brother George Warren JAMES and back to OKLAHOMA to visit some of my first cousins.
I have always been confused about the marriage to the first wife. I am now quoting Family records: "He [Riley JAMES] was in Georgia where he helped to move the Cherokee Indians from Georgia to Oklahoma during the year 1837 and 1838. In 1837 he served under Captain John Ellis in the Infantry. In 1838 captain Powell was his commanding officer. In 1860 he was ordained to the ministry in Washington Co. Arkansas. After moving the Indians he returned to Georgia." I wondered where he left Amanda that was born in 1838 during the time he was moving the Indians. He moved his family from Sevier Co. TN to Arkansas sometime after the birth of Elizabeth Emma in 1850 and the birth of Julia Adda in 1852 in Washington County, ARK. He should show up on the 1860. They moved to Missouri in 1870. While in Missouri I found a book "Historical Sketches of Cedar County Missouri" by Clayton Abbott that says that Riley was the second Manager of the Poor Farm operated by the County.
I have found Ananias' family in Texas. I am in contact with 3 generation of them. I am going to the archives in TN next month. I have a feeling that when Ananias moved to Texas, that later when Thomas' widow, "Millie", died she was taken to Bradley County and buried where her daughter Rachell lived. She could have even moved there to be with her daughter. Tennesee has a lot of materials to look at.
I am sending this to you and will study what you sent me and try to understand it. I feel it is all over my head but I'll try to figure it out.
Thanks Mary Sunshine
This is a Reference Note, Ref. Num., Family Group Sheet (FGS) Reference Num. 002 is you. The name, date is at the bottom of the page. ...prs
The Barn
Apr 16, 2000
JAMES, Riley
I need to give you more information from my James History Book.
If you remember in my first email, I believe i started with James JAMES and that I said he had a son named John JAMES and that I did not know his first wife's name. We do know that he had a son by his first wife named James JAMES. His second wife Nancy Speck had a son William who died in California and a duaghter Polly who was born in TN and died in Washington County Ark. She married Nathan ABBOTT and they had a daughter Ellen who married Alex COPELAND. That is all the information we have about the James JAMES family.
Now pertaining the Thomas JAMES, SR family, son of James JAMES and mother unk. i gave you all of the information except for the children of Thomas JAMES, II and Sallie NICKS. I noticed in the book that Thomas, Jr. died in 1876 in Murry County GA of a broken neck. He was kicked by a mule.
Now to Riley and his family the last child listed in George W. JAMES b 31 March, 1859. We called him Uncle Doc and I knew him well he lived with my Uncle Ted for a while and would come and stay with my Grandmother. He died 8 Feb 1952 and was married to Celina R. who was born Jan 11 1862 and died 24 October 1921. I visited his and Celina's grave in Stockton, Cedar County, MO.

I have Thomas Jefferson JAMES (b 17 Feb. 1848 died 15 March, 1906) family tree down to the present time. Are you interested in having it completed. If you are interested, we are going to have some new books ready sometime after the JAMES REUNION near Hot Springs, Arkansas on June 11,12,13 and I will get one for you or send you the old one that I have of my brothers.
Uncle Norman's grandson will be present for the first time. I have asked him to bring Uncle Norman's journals. We just found out about them about a year ago when he finally bought Uncle Norman's home from his cousins. He found the journals in a small concealed closet that none of the family knew about,near the fireplace. He was remodeling the house and discovered it. The journals were there. Uncle Norman had given Robert C. JAMES, Jr (ROCJAM@SWBELL.NET) the information before he died and that was when the book was put together. Uncle Norman had sent him the information that he had typed up.
Sorry, I have not returned E-Mail's sooner, but I have been buzy with the Sarratt/Sarrett/Surratt Families of America. (I get some 150 to 200 e-Mails per day)
Yes, I am interested in geting a copy of your "James History Book" I can return it after making a copy.
You need to get copies of Federal Census Records for the JAMES family in the 1860 & 1870 for Washington Co., AR. (Note: Salena A. (SARRETT) JAMES, brother John,15 SARRETT with family was living in Washington Co., AR. in 1860 on (M-653, Reel 31, Pg 509, F.G. 052) I bet you find the JAMES family close by.
You need to get copies of Federal Census Records for the JAMES family in the 1880 for Cedar Co., MO.
No 1890 Census are available, but you can use the Soundex system for the 1900, 1910 & 1920 Census. These census record are invaluable to determine migration pattern, and other information.
If you are not familiar with researching Census records, see my "Howto" at my SFA Contents page.
I have placed some JAMES Family Quries on the Net, will see if any one else is researching this branch. ...prs
The Barn
Apr 20, 2000
JAMES, Riley
First let me tell you that I am 76 [b. 1924] years old and have just been using the computer for about a year and was using it mostly to correspond with our 5 children but then I got the genealogy bug when I was chosen to be the hostess for the James family reunion this coming June in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I live in North Carolina.
Riley James is my ggGrandfather. He was a soldier that helped moved the Cherokees to Indian Territory in 1837-38. After doing that task, he resigned and it is said that he did not like the way the Cherokees were treated during the move. He and Salena died in Cedar Co., Mo where they are both buried.
I notice in one of our papers that he married a person named Almanel (not Amand M. A. as is in our book) and I further made a mess of it by telling you that it was Amanda. Is Alamanel familiar to you? Who is the Salenda you mentioned? Is it the Salena?
Paul, this is all I can do tonight. Do you want this line down to my generation? Please advise and I will pick up with the children of Thomas Jefferson as that is all that I have. I haven't had time to found out anything about the different branches of the JAMES family. Just my own immediate line.
Ny Great Uncle Norman was the record keeper of the family and he has it all. My grandmother Mary Arvazina JAMES WATSON in 1951 gave all of her children and married grandchildren a typewritten 46 page copy of her life story. She had written it all down by hand and my Aunt Inez typed it for her. I am in the process of writing all that I remember about my life and my mother's family as my mother died when I was nearly 6 and my Gram, Mary Arvazina raised me and my 3 year old brother. Because of this I have many extended family memories...especially since I am the oldest grandchild.
Let me know how much of this you want. I will be glad to supply it for you. Hope you can read this. I don't have spell check that I can find on Eudora. I am too tired to proof read. Ask me to interpret whatever you don't understand.
Mary Sunshine BAXTER ZIMMER better known by my nickname "Sunny"
I'm sorry I don't believe the two Cousins story (See my Facts below) I know the Walker Co. Court house burned in 1883, so no marriage records available. Do you know the source your Great-Uncle Norman got this information. Salenda & Salena are the same persons. ...prs
Sunny Zimmer
Jan 30, 2001
JAMES, Riley
I figure it is time to touch base with you again. First where do you live? [Aburn, CA.] We tralved lot this past year. We celebrated our 55th wedding anniversary year by traveling. We made it to our 49th and 50th states this past summer (Utah and Alaska). The middle of June we drove from NC to Nashville and then to AR where we attended my James family reunion in Hot Springs, AR. A couple of my Grandmother Mary Arvazina James Watson's cousins made it to the reunion. They were of the Thompson/Oliver line (my grandmother's cousins. I had been looking for the burial place for my ggGrandparents and found the Olivers on the internet and my husband and I have visited with them and they took us to the graves of my ggGrandparents.. I had known their grandparents, the Olivers, when they lived in Quinton back in the 30's, Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my ggGrandmother Mary Elizabeth Hart Thompson had married their gGrandfather Oliver when my ggGrandfather William Henry Thompson died. They were both 57 years old when they married.
The Jameses who attended the reunion were mostly the families of the siblings of my grandmother Mary Arvazina. Their parents died in 1906 and 1907 and my Gram, as I called her, took her 5 underage siblings and raised them with her own five children. We have been having this reunion about every 5 years and later every two years. My Gram also raised my brother and me when our Mother died. I was nearly six and my brother was 2 1/2 year old. On my travels this summer I found a picture of her with three of the five siblings and 3 of her own children with my grandfather William Elton Watson taken about 1908. She is the namesake of Salena Arvazina. If you will send me your address I will send you a copy of the picture and the picture of the tombstones of Riley and Salena Arvazina Sarratt James.
We returned to Nashville for about a week and then loaded our car for the Zimmer family reunion in Spokane, Washington. On our way we saw sights and visited places where my husband has roots. St. Louis, Kansas City, Lincoln Nebraska, and Montana. We tucked in Utah (Salt Lake City) and then on to Yellowstone Park and a few more states to get to all those place. After the Zimmer family reunion we drove to Seattle and left our car at a niece's house and took the plane to Anchorage, Alaska. After taking several days inside Alaska we took the train to Fairbanks we later took the plane back to Anchorage where we got on the Sun Princess week long Inside Passage Cruise back to Vancouver Canada and then back to Seattle to pick up our car.
We returned home by the southern route seeing older James family members that I had known when I was younger. They had moved to California during World War II and some I had seen at prior family reunions but some I had never met before. In New Mexico we stopped and visited with the son of my gGrandmother's brother, Paul Thompson, who is 90 years of age. My GGrandmother was Nancy Elizabeth Thompson James. We shared pictures and stories of our respective families most of whom he had never met but knew of them. In Ft. worth I visited with another James that I had discovered on the Internet. His name is Joy James. He is one of Thomas,1 James' descendants and a brother to my Riley James who married Selana Arvazina Sarratt. His line is
Thomas,1 James b 1786;
Son: Ananias James b 17 June 1823 In KY m Adaline Vance in Sevier Co. TN died 1899 in Collins County TX;
George Fillmore JAMES b 10 June 1858 in Sevier Co, TN
d 25 Aug 1922 in Tarrant Co. TX; m 8 September 1891, Sarah Elizabeth Overton
Benjamin Franklin James b 20 Feb 1889 in Tarrant Co. TX d 8 Feb, 1948 Whitney Texas;
m 12 Aug 1912 Lena Mae Finely
Joy James is the son of Benjamin, the grandson of George Fillmore, the great grandson of Ananias. and is the same generation of my mother.
I lost his personal information but will get it again.
I have made other connections on Internet that I want you to have. It is the John James family found in Washington County, Arkansas. I would like for you to check your sources and see if they check out. It seems that the Moving pattern of my family has been Virginia to Rowan County NC to Washington County, Arkansas to different counties in Missiouri. I found that my ggGrandfather Riley owned property in Washington County and have wondered why he moved to Missouri where he never owned property. It may have something to do with the Civil War and his being a Unionist. It probably wasn't pleasant for him in Arkansas.
Just recently I have made connections with the families listed below:
In my records supplied by gUncle William Riley Norman James I have listed as the children of John JAMES the following with whom I have connected with their descendants on the Internet.
Child (#1) is Manesie James born in Rowan Co NC married to Jackson Ferrier (Farrier). This is the information that Jean Mayfield Cueva and David Alsup have on this couple. The father of manecia is John James b 1792, moved from Rowan co. NC to Tennessee and married Nancy Beck a Cherokee woman (I have that he married a Nancy Speck) They had a child named Manecia in TN (Jean has a letter by her that states her birth as Jan 26, 1828 in TN.) The other children where born in Washington County, AR. Manecia married Jackson Farrier and
Child (#2) Sarah Elizabeth James m James Harvey Lawson. Jean writes that she has many pictures of Sarah and Manecia. The Lawsons lived in Sevierville, TN. Another person that is part of these two families is Jerry Lawson who has the same information.
Another child of John James is Child (#3)
John M James who was b July 18, 1840 in Washington Co. AR and married Alvida Edmonson Dec 3, 1860 she died 1900 his second wife Fannie richards in Viola, MO ---John M and Alvida's children were Nancy James b in Cedar Co, MO d in Christian Co. Mo amd a son Samuel Grant b in Cedar Co, MO. Geraldine Ford is the granddaughter of samuel Grant James. I now have contact with families of three of those elusive Arkansas Jameses.
Now to look for the other children of John James who are still missing :
(1) Salina who married Wesley Wyatt,
(2) George W. who married Hattie Cantrell,
(3) Thomas wife unknown died in Texas
(4) Isaac who married Matilda Cantrell (sister of Hattie).
(4) Louisa Jane James was married 3 times...surnames only for the first two. #1 Mr. Pass and #2 Mr. Roberts and #3 James Rose.
Hope I haven't bored you.
Mary Sunshine Zimmer (
Sunny Zimmer
Jun 06, 2001
JAMES, Riley
Have you found any more about Riley JAMES/Amanda/Salena Surratt?. I have discovered several of Riley's father's (Thomas) siblings descendents. The ones that lived in Washington County, Arkansas. Doubt that you would be interested in them but thought I would let you know that I am still working on the James/ Surratt line. Would you want a picture of Riley and Salena's gravestone in Lindley Prairie Cemetery in Cedar County, MO for your files? Your friend,
Mary Sunshine "Sunny" Zimmer (
Thanks Sunny, you sent me the grave site headstone last Jan 30, 2001, they are posted on the net! at Riley JAMES Family Profile ..prs
Robert Rodrock
Apr 10, 2000
JAMES, Riley
Subj: Cedar Co, Mo. Query
Hello Paul,
My name is Robert Rodrock and I noticed your query on Riley James. William Mullins who married Susan E. JAMES was my gggrandfather. He was b.1832 in Mo. and his father was Leland Mullins b.1814 in Madison Co, Ky.
William first married Rachel Estill in 1850 and had the following children:
Fanny M., b.1853, Dorah R., b.1855, Isaac, b.1857, Texan, b.1857, William, J., b.1860, Jamima A., b.1862.
I have the 1870 census report of Cedar Co.that shows him married to Susan E. with Fanny 17,Dora 15, Isaac 13, Jamima 8, John L.4, and George W.2. I guess Texan, William J.,and Rachel must have died.
Jamima is my ggrandmother and in her obit from 1947 they say she has three half brothers at her funeral. They are Robert Mullins from Lindsey, Okla., Lewis from Okemah, Okla.,and Lafayette Mullins from Walters, Okla.
I have very little info on William's children other than Jamima. I do have William's line back to 1679 which has several Ballards in it. I don't know if William and Susan moved to olka. or not. I would be interested in exchanging info. Does any of this sound right. Robert
Robert, Thanks for the E-Mail
I will add your MULLINS information to my Riley JAMES Profile!.
Do you have any "Proof" of the JAMES & SARRATT/SARRETT/SURRATT Marriage? ...prs
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Apr 10, 2000
JAMES, Riley Family
To: Eric JAMES, (
I see in your "STRAY LEAVES", History of a James Family in America, 1650-2000 You do not have any of the JAMES family members of Sevier Co., TN.
The following is very little we know about this branch.
Would like to know if you have anything on this JAMES Branch? Riley JAMES Profile!
Eric James
Apr 15, 2000
JAMES, Riley Family
Hi Sunny, (He address Sunny Not Paul?)
Thank you for sending me the information regarding your James family. I have seen posting regarding this family previously. You are the first person to send me this information.
As you probably saw on Stray Leaves, very soon I will start publishing other James family histories one the SL web site. This will include those who believe they may be related to our James family, and also those who know they are not related but who are seeking to learn more information. There are already a number of these ready to be published on the web site.
I will be happy to add your information, if you can send me a gedcom. I do not have the time to manually type a submission into the computer, so I must rely only upon those who can send me a gedcom.
When the gedcoms will be published, the email generated by the gedcom will go directly to the individual who submitted the information. So, if you can put together a gedcom and send it to me, I will be happy to include it.
Thank you again and best wishes, ERIC JAMES
Sent JAMES1.GED, Apr. 16, 2000 ...prs
Peggy C. Wilson
Apr 26, 2000
JAMES, Riley Family
Do you have any addl information?
Peggy's Genealogy Page
Winton Family Homepage
Peggy C. Herridge Wilson
209 Virginia Ave. Waxahachie, TX 75165-2417
e-mail: Maw Peggy on AOL IM ICQ# 31827094
Peggy attached her Rufus Franklin WINTON, and Elizabeth Emma JAMES Family Group Sheet (FGS) (Dau of Riley James & Salena Arvazina Suratt)
Peggy, Thanks for the E-Mail
What "Proof" do you have on Riley & Selena A. SURATT Marriage? ...prs
Bill Gaulding
Apr 30, 2000
JAMES, Riley
This is Bill Gaulding. While I have no direct relationship to the James family, do have a connection thru my Aunt Ethel (BROWN) HARRIS, who married my mother's brother, Hardy HARRIS. Therefore, I do have some records that you might be interested in if you will contact me. By the way, the cemetery is LINDLEY PRAIRIE CEMETERY. You might want to correct your records on that. If I can be of help, let me know.
Betty J. & Bill Gaulding
Home Page:
ICQ 17205612

Thanks for the E-Mail, I have corrected the Cemetery Name.
I don't understand how the HARRIS family fits in with Riley JAMES & Salena A. SARRETT family?
See Riley JAMES Profile! ...prs
Bill Gaulding
May 01, 2000
JAMES, Riley
Believe that Riley James father was Lawson? Julie, the dau of Riley and Selina A., was the mother of my Aunt Ethel (Brown) HARRIS.
Lindley Prairie Cem records show that Martha E. b 1844 d 1913 with husband W.B. Hill b 1833 d 1908
Nancy Thompson, who married Thomas J. was dau of William and Lucia Ann (ROBERTS) Thompson. Her brother, Thomas mar Lizzie STRANGE, who was from my lines.
Also, Celina Rice CURL, b 11 Jan 1867 d 24 Oct 1921, who married George b 1859 d 1952 both buried in Lindley Prairie Cem. My GGFather William Henry HARRIS' sister Sarah married Paschal CURL. Believe Celina's father, Wm. Henry, Jr. was Paschal's brother. I have other records in case you are interested.
Betty J. & Bill Gaulding
Home Page:
ICQ 17205612

Thanks, but don't understand with out the Surnames! ...prs
Bill Gaulding
May 05, 2000
JAMES, Riley
Paul: Did you get my second message explaining relationships to my lines? You are puzzled about relationship of James Family with my Harris lines. Riley JAMES and Selena A. SARRATT's daughter Julia married Richard Barnes BROWN, whose daughter Ethel married my mother's brother, Harda HARRIS. The R.B. BROWN homestead was about two miles west of Lindley Prairie Cem. and all of my Uncle and Aunt's children except the youngest were born there. My mother, Effie Lee HARRIS, and all her siblings except the two youngest were born near Bear Crrek just east of Lindley Prairie Cem (now located)but the original town was farther east.
There were other family connections with the James children which I believe I gave in my second reponse. I can repeat if necessary.
Looked at your Page and congratulate you on it. Seems that you are not too far away there in KC. My two sons live in the area.
Betty J. & Bill Gaulding
Home Page:
ICQ 17205612

Thanks, Bill I made correction on the Riley JAMES Profile!...prs
Elizabeth Smithee
May 20, 2000
JAMES, Riley Family
Hi Paul,
I am Elizabeth Smithee I saw your querie. I am related to the Thompson's My Grandfather was John Wesley Thompson, Nancy E. Thompson was my Great Aunt. I have the following info. I hope it helps you.

Thomas I. James B.1786 in Virginia. 
D.8-10-1826 In Sulphur Springs, Alabama. 
He married Millard Ballard B. in N. Carolina or Virginia. 
D. 1863 in Sevier Co. Tennessee. 
	1. Riley James B. 5-12-1816 in Clay Co. Kentucky. 
	   D. 2-27-1890 in Cedar Co. Mo. 
           He married Amand M. A. Surrat 1837 
	   Died in childbirth 10-24-1838 
	   in Walker Co. Georgia. 
	   Daughter lived Amanda Lethe Ann James 
	   B. 10-24-1838 in Walker Co. Ga. 
           Second wife was Salena Arvazina Suratt. 
	   They married 9-28-1841 in Sevier Co. Tenn.
           Salena was B. @-15-1815 in Spartanburg Dist. SC.
	   D.10-12-1893 in Pantersville, Cedar Co. Mo. 
		1. Susan Elizabeth James 
		   B.7-7,1842 in Murray Co. Ga. 
		   D.6-26-1886 in Cedar Co. Mo. 
		   Married 1867 William Mullins. 
		2. Martha Emillia James 
		   B. 9-15-1844 in Cherokee Co. Ga. 
		   Married 1886 in Cedar Co. Mo. W. B. Hill. 
		3. Rachell Dusilla James 
		   B.1-16-1846 in Sevier Co. Tenn. 
		   Married 6-3-1873 J. C. Callahan.
		4. Thomas Jefferson James 
		   B.12-26-1848 in Sevier Co. Tenn. 
		   D.3-15-1906 in Enterprise, Oklahoma. 
		   Married Nancy Elizabeth Thompson
                   ( my great aunt)
		   9-6-1877 in Cedar Co. Mo. 
		   I have their childern if you want them. 
		5. Elizabeth Emma James B.4-18-1850 
		6. Julia Adda James B. 5-12-1852. 
		7. George W. James B.3-31-1859
                   in Washington Co. Arkansas.
		   Married Kate? Thomas 

	2. Rachell James B.1818 in Clay Co. Ky.
            D, in Bradley Co. Ky.
	3. Alfred James B. 1820 in Clay Co. Ky.
           D. in Washington Co. Arkansas.
	4. Ananias James B.1822 in Cl;ay Co. Ky.
           D.1899 in Collins Co. Tx.
	5. Thomas Janes II B. 1824 in Morgan Co. Alabama. 
	   D. 1876 in Murray CO. Tenn. 
	6. Ann James B. 2-17-1826 in Murray Co. Ga. 
	7. Charles William James B.1923 Murray Co. Ga. 
	8. Salie James B.1825 in Murray Co. Ga. 
I sure hope this helps.
If you want anymore info just email me. Elizabeth

Elizabeth, Thank's for the E-Mail, I am interested in Riley JAMES and the SARRATT "Connection"
What "Proof" do you have on these Marriages? See my Riley JAMES Profile!
Last E-Mail I recieved from Elizabeth ...prs
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Apr 15, 2000
JAMES, Riley
To: Don Watson,
I found an old URL:
that is no longer valid. It had some Information on the Riley JAMES (1816-1890) family. (dat21.htm)
I am researching this family through Riley's wife Salena A. SARRETT, (1815-1893)
I could not find any information on the JAMES/SARRETT family on the new URL
Any help on this family would be appreciated.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.

Riley JAMES Profile!
Don Watson
Apr 17, 2000
JAMES, Riley Family
Salena's parents: Tyre and Susan SARRETT nee Miller. Tyre's parents were Allen and Delilah SARRATT nee unk. Tyre was born old Tryon Co NC ca 1788 and died in Grainger Co TN. Susan was allegedly Cherokee. That is all I have to add to my website at;
I'd like to join your group.
Don Watson
Thanks for the E-Mail,
What Proof? do you have Salena was a daughter of Tyre & Susan?
What Proof? do you have that Tyre was a son of Allen & Elizabeth (Not Delilah)
You can join our, goto our HomePage at:
Sarratt/Sarrett/Surratt Families of America
Goto "List" and subscribe
This was the last contact with Bill...prs
Robert C. James Jr
Jan 19, 2001
JAMES, Riley
PAUL I ran across your message from april of last year and noticed you had contacted my cousin, Mary Zimmer. I believe she has the same information that I have. I diseminated the infromation after obtainig records from my uncle in 1972. My Uncle Norman James was born in Missouri where Riley is buried and recorded the information about Riley's wives. I believe he received the information from his father Thomas Jefferson James who was Riley's son. Norman James remembered Riley his grandfather as he indicated in his family records.
Mary Sunshine Zimmer sent me an e-mail sometime last year mentioning the Surratt names. There was some question about Riley marry a cousin of his first wife. My records are the same as that of Mary Sunshine The information has been available from Family Tree Maker and is record number WFT 1890 in one of their CD volumes. I believe that information was given to Family Tree Maker by anther cousin of mine who lived in Oklahoma.
My question is this. Were you the person that indicated Riley's second wife could not have been related to the frist wife?
I don't know if this helps you since you have talked to Mary Sunshine already. If you have discovered some new information I would appreciate hearing from you.
Robert C. James Jr. (Great grandson of Riley James.)
Thanks, for the E-mail.
I still, have not found any "Proof" of the JAMES, & SARRATT "Connections" is Sevier Co. or Walker Co., GA.
See my comments on the Riley JAMES, Profile Sheet at URL:
or See JAMES Family Queries at URL:
Would like any corrections/additions to these families! ...prs
Marsha Videen
Mar 26, 2001
JAMES, Riley
I was excited to find your information on Riley James. He is also my gggrandfather, I think, if I have the right number of "Gs". I had been looking for information on that branch of my family with no luck. Julia Adeline James was my ggrandmother Harvey Hiram Brown was my grandfather. From which of the children did you descend?
Julia married Richard Barnes Brown in 1870 in Missouri. I have land records for a Riley James from Arkansas in 1857. His exact location from 1860 to the 1880s is something of a mystery. Since Julia was married in 1870 in MO, I would guess the family had moved by then.
I don't know if I have any information that you want, but let me know. Thanks for putting your info. on the internet.
Marsha Videen (
Thanks, for the E-Mail, would like any information on these families!
Sorry, I am not "connected" to the JAMES/BROWN branch. ...prs
Robin Chambless
Jun 29, 2001
Hey, Paul,
I found your info on the James family on Rootsweb. Do you happen to have it in Word format? It is so aggravating trying to organize your thoughts when you have to flip through "pages" to get info. I will compare to my info and send you what I have if you like. Mary James of NC married Uriah Roberson Underwood and they moved to Newton County, MS. They were my GGGrandparents. I am very interested in tracking down the James family...Too may John's, though. have a great day,
Thanks for the E-Mail.
My "Connection" with the Riley JAMES Family in Sevier, Co., TN. can be seen at URL:
You can "Save" this (James1.HTM) file in a "Text" (A.S.C.I.I.) James1.TXT format.
Goto your "Word" processor, "import" this same text file in to your Word file "Olay" now you can edit, print, saved in you word format. ...prs
Kelli Ann Marks
Jul 14, 2001
JAMES, Riley Query Board/MO/Cedar Co. Message 438.1
You might look at their is alot of Riley JAMES family members that might be able to help you. Kelli Ann (
Thanks, Kelli, but is a search engine, no hit's on Riley James Genealogy ...prs
Donna Dunn Gordon
Dec 06, 2001
JAMES, Thomas & Sallie NIX
Hi, I am Donna Dunn Gordon, the "from Glenn" is my son.
My greatgrandmother was Rachel Lucienda (James) Dunn. I have a copy of her Death Cert. from Collin Co TX. It gives her birthdate as 04 Nov 1868 in TN; father as Thomas James, and mother's maiden name as Nix.
Using the 1880 US Census I found Rachel in Collin Co in the household of her brother William, with some siblings and grandmother Mary Nix....(her stats b SC 30 Jul 1810, d 16 Mar 1989 Wise Co TX).
I found Thomas James b AL 1824 and Sarah B. James b abt 1834 SC (her age wasn't consistent) in the 1850 & 1860 Cherokee Co GA Censuses and in the 1870 Maury Co TN Census. Her mother Mary Nix was living in their household in 1850 and 1860, she apparently did not move to TN with them. Using these censuses I have the names of all their children. They do not agree with the names you have. Your "Mollie" might be "Millie" and the "Anna" might be "Angeline". The rest do not match the censuses, and the years 1878 and 1880 do not seem to agree with data re deaths of parents.
I think my Thomas James b AL 1824 was the one who died in TN in 1876 according to some messages posted by Sunny Zimmer on GenForum. The dates match, as does the death of Sarah"Sallie" in 1873, which was the year her last child was born. My greatgrandmother Rachel being in the household of a brother further seems to confirm that her parents both had died prior to the 1880 US Census. You probably know Sunny.
I have no idea if you are interested in this info or not. If you want, I will send a copy of the info I copied from these Censuses, together with the url for a site set up by a James/Nix cousin I found online.
I found your James/Nicks info and thought I would write to you. Your name seemed familiar, and then I realized you have put lots of data on the SC USGenWeb where I have tried unsuccessfully to find any info on Mary ?? Nix b SC. Apparently her husband died before the 1850 Cherokee Co Census where I found her in the household of her son-in-law Thomas James (together with daughter Louisa 13 b GA). The 1840 GA Censuses give only names of heads of households, so I have been unable to determine his given name, where he was born, or if they were living in GA at time of his death. Without his given name and her maiden name, I am stumped for the time being.
:-) Donna (
David Alsup
Jan 01, 2003
JAMES portion of your website
I am writing you from my work e-mail.
I have done extensive research on my James side, which includes Riley James. I believe I have the family back to Wales in the 1660's.
I will send you a large document in the next week which verifies, amends, or disproves a good portion of some items you have posted on Riley.
My side came from James James, to John James. Riley's was from James James to Thomas James (a brother) I believe James James was born in either Montgomery County, PA, or Bucks County.
I certainly enjoy looking at your information. It is probably the best and the most comprehensive family website I have ever seen!
I have just begun posting on Rootsweb. The information is scant, 5000 names. However, I have about 30,000 names to still input, along with bios, stories, etc. Again, if I were to do it right, I would copy your style.
Also, do you have any distant cousins that are ministers here in Southern California (Orange County)? My minister is a Suratt, I believe from NC.
Cheers, David Alsup,
Thanks for the E-Mail & kind words.
We would love to exchange information on this Family.
See: James JAMES, SFA-Profile!
Would like any Corrections/Additions.
Sorry, I have no "connection" to the SURATT of Orange Co., CA. ...prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: May 05, 2003 12:42:37 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: The James Family on your Sarrett Web Site
CC: (Dorothy Holesapple), (Mary Sunshine Zimmer),
ROCJAM@SWBELL.NET (Robert James), (Geraldine (Lawson) Ford)
File:james-Corrections.doc (103424 bytes) DL Time (57600 bps): < 1 minute

I sent an e-mail to you two months ago to inform you that I was doing research on this James Family. I am a James descendent of this family, so I have worked extensively with cousins, and I have spent countless hours in several libraries.
Your site is wonderful, and should be the standard for all family researchers. The James information you have produced was extremely articulate. In fact, I used your information to verify and further our James Family research.
It would help our James research immensely if you could make corrections as we find out more factual information.
Attached is a Word file with several corrections and additions to the FIRST PAGE ONLY. You will see my changes in ITALICS, or DOUBLE STRIKETHROUGHS.
I wish to make more corrections on the other pages, but I do not want to overwhelm you with correction data.
Everything I produced was documented either through census figures - with help of my James Cousins, or documented history. You are welcome to look at my pittance of a Rootsweb site:
This is only a beginning, as I just started the website this year.
Using AOL is difficult, as they strip messages (They are cheap) inbound and outbound.
If this attachment does not get through, please let me know and I will re-send it in a straight text file.
My sincere thanks for carrying the James cause on your website.

Susan Laughlin
Jan 17, 2003
LAUGHLIN, Emma Belle (JAMES) Mrs.
I am researching my husband's Laughlin ancestry. In gathering preliminary information we have discovered the surname "Suratt". Out of curiosity of the origins of the name I discovered your website. I have briefly browsed the information and have found the page dedicated to the James lineage which is where the connection is made with the Suratt line. Rev. Riley and Salena (Suratt) James are my husband's 4th great grandparents.
We are interested in learning more about the Suratt line and my husband would like to learn more about the Cherokee connection. We have a limited amount of information available from him to his James - Laughlin ancestors but we are more than happy to share what we do have.
The following information is what I have noticed is missing for Emma Belle James (gd/o) Rev. Riley and Salena (Suratt) James through their son Thomas Jefferson James. [SFA-FG 2526] d: 14 Oct 1985 in Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., TX Buried: date unknown in Resthaven Cemetary: Wichita, Sedgwick Co., KS She is buried beside her son and his family; Robert James and Wilma Jean (Hardin) Laughlin and their daughter Sherri Lyn Laughlin. I have a photo of their nameplates, available upon request.
If you know of someone else researching the Laughlin decendants I would appreciate hearing from them. Susan Laughlin,
Thanks for the E-Mail, most of the info. on Mrs. Ema Belle (JAMES) LAUGHLIN came from [REF:#007] See: Rev. Riley JAMES, Family Profile!
We would like to exchange info. on this Family.
The Cherokee "Connection" is Not Proven! but believe Mrs. Salens (SARRETT) JAMES, mother was See: Sus' An' Anah (Miller) SARRETT. ...prs

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