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b. Kentucky!
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d. Tennessee
Jackson HAGGARD, 1816-1843 age 27yrs
Sixth Generation! [SFA©-ID#]
Jackson HAGGARD,
(GrandSon of:         HENRY H. HAGGARD and wife DOLLY (RANDOLPH) HAGGARD)
(2Gr-GrandSon of: James,1 HAGGARD & Mother: Elizabeth GENTRY)
(3Gr-GrandSon of: Anthony HAGGARD & Eleanor)
Need Photo of b. 23 Feb. 1816, Clark Co., KY; [REF:#1, pg49]
d. about 1843, at 27 years of age, Sevier Co., TN. (Cause of Death Unknown);
Headstone marks his grave in the Adler Branch Cemetery, Sevier Co., TN.
Although no record of proof, but family tradition states that, at age 21yrs,
he married abt 1837, (Based on birth of only child.) Sevier Co., TN. to:
Need Photo of 25 year old Miss Frances "Fannie" WATERS,
b. 14 Feb. 1812, KY, TN or NC (records not sure..prs)
d. on 29 Nov. 1900, at the age of 88yrs, 9m 15days, in Sevier Co., TN.;
She is buried in the Adler Branch Cemetery Two Headstones mark her grave?, Sevier Co., TN;
They had one child by this 1st Union;
Prior to her first husbands death in 1843, she married 2nd on 22 Oct. 1841, to:
Need Photo of 22 year old "Cherokee Half-Breed" JAMES D. SARRETT;
(2nd s/o Tyre SARRETT & Mother "Cherokee" Su-San-Nah' MILLER)
b. 13 Feb. 1819, [REF: #58] in Indian Terr. Grainger County, TN.
He died while in the Andersonville Confederate Stockade, on 04 Sep. 1864, a45 yrs.
They had Five children born to this second Union;
After the death of her second husband, she married a third time to:
Need Photo of Widowed Rev. WILLIAM R. ATCHLEY, for less than one year.
(1st s/o Isaac ATCHLEY & 1st Wife: Emily SMITH)
Typical Marriage Ceremony - Click on Thumbnail for larger Photo  They had 1 Son born to this 1st Union:
 Son/Dau  Click on Name for More Inf.  b.-d.  Married/Info.  Ch. Only Son:   Ezekiel L. HAGGARD,  TN. *1838~1907 a69yrs TX.  m. *1856 TN. Nancy DAVIS,  10Ch
  10    Known Grandchildren/1st Cousins 

See Biographical Profile on Click on Redball for More Info.<--- James D. SARRETT, Family  for Continuation.
See Biographical Profile on Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Rev. Wm. R. ATCHLEY, Family  for Continuation.

Jackson HAGGARD, age 14yrs can be identified living with his parents in the 1830 Census, Sevier Co., TN.
See: Click on Redball for More Info.<--- Father's 1830 Census.

 DEED of CONVEYANCE ~ 50 acres
                                              } SS.  Dated: 14th November 1835 Recorded: 03 Feb. 1836, Deed Book F, Page 189
COUNTY of Seiver           }

Click on Thumbnail for larger Map! This Grantors made this the Fourteenth day of November, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Thirty Five. Between Mc ATCHLEY of the State of Tennessee and County of Sevier of the first part and Jackson HAGGARD of the other part. Through? that the said Mc ATCHLEY for consideration of the sum of Fifty dollars ($50.00) in hand paid the receipt. Whereof is hereby acknowledge hath bargained and conveyed and promised unto the said Jackson HAGGARD his heirs and asignees a certain tract or parcel of land directly laying and being in the County and State aforesaid on "Kellum Creek".
 Line#  Description  Corner of Point
 1st.  Beginning on a White Oak on William HUFF'S line  thence;
 2nd.  North Fifty-Four, East Thirty-Six Poles  to a Post Oak on said William HUFF'S line; Thence
 3rd.  South Thirty-Six, East One Hundred poles  to a stake; Thence
 4th.  South Fifty-Four, West Eighty Poles  to a Sourwood; Thence
 5th.  North Thirty-One, West One Hundred Poles  to a Red Oak, corner of William HUFF'S line;
 6th.  Thence a direct line  to the beginning.
     To have and to hold the foresaid land with all its appurtenances to the said Jackson HAGGARD his heirs and assignees for ever in District where I now live. Witness my hand and date the day and date above written.

     LS\ Mc ATCHLEY { Seal }
     Witness: Bucannon BREWSTER
     Witness: Joshua ATCHLEY, Jr. <---(a43y b. 1792, TN. 3rd s/o Thomas ATCHLEY)
                                         } SS.  Recorded: 25th November 1835 Deed Book F, Page 189
COUNTY of Seiver           }

     Personally appeared before me George COWEN Clerk of the County Court Mc ATCHLEY the Bargainor with whom I am personally acquainted and acknowledge that he executed the written deed for the purpose therein contained, upon the day it bears date upon under my hand at office in Sevierville the 25th day of Nov. 1835.
     L/S George COWEN, Clerk Sevier County, Tenn.
 Deed of Conveyance Registered
                                         } SS.  Recorded: 03rd Feb 1836
COUNTY of Seiver           }

      I hereby certify that the written "Deed of Conveyance" with the Clerk Certificate are duly registered in the Register Office of Sevier County, in Book F page 189. Given under my hand this 3rd of Feb. 1836.
 Note: the above John "Mac" Atchley was the husband of Sister Lydia (Haggard) Atchley. This property was part of the Sarrett's Kellum's Creek Farm which was passed over to son Ezekiel L. Haggard, later (1859) to his Step-Father James D. Sarrett (My Gr-Gr-Grandfather) and then in 1865 to Son Samuel H. Sarrett, (My Gr-Grandfather) which was part of his Estate when he died in 1890..prs

U.S. Federal Census  Jackson HAGGARD, can NOT be found with Family:
 As mentioned above, no record of proof, but family tradition states, that at the age of 21 years, Jackson HAGGARD married about 1837, (Based on birth of only child..) Sevier Co., TN. to the 25 year old Miss "Fannie" WATERS
This 1840 Census for Sevier Co., TN. but, we find the young married Fanny (Waters) HAGGARD, age 28y as "Head of Houshold" and the infant Ezekiel L. HAGGARD, age 2yrs living alone in this household. (Why was Jackson HAGGARD NOT listed with his family? His Headstone list death as 1843, where was he at in 1840? ..prs)
 1840 Census, Sevier Co., TN.
 [M-704, Reel 535, Pg 176, Line 14, F-Grp# 100000-00001]
 Pg  Line  FName  MName  LName  Age  b.Yr.  b.St  My Remarks
 176   013   John     LAWSON        H/H Neighbor
 176   014   Fanny  (WATERS)   HAGGARD   28yrs   1812   KY?  H/H (20 to 30)
 #1.  Only Son:   Ezekiel  L.   HAGGARD   2yrs   1838   TN  (05 Under)
 176   014   John     NICHOLS   52yrs   1788  TN.  Neighbor

 The next year the 29 year old "Widow" "Fannie/Fanny" (Waters) HAGGARD; was married on the 22nd Oct. 1841; Officialated by Mr. Randal HILL, Esq. Which was was witness by Elijah BALLARD and Nancy (Waters) THOMAS (Fannie's sister and Brother-in-Law...prs) in Sevier Co., to the 22 year old James D. SARRETT, (My Gr-Gr-Gr-Grandfather) and later had Five more children.

End of Jackson HAGGARD Chapter.

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