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Transcribed by Virginia Pierce Howell -- 1982

Spouse 1 Spoused 2 Page License Bondsman Solemnized By Official
W. D. Murray A.E. Surratt p006 28 Mar 1861 Nathan M. Cafer (Cofer) 28 Mar 1861 by E.C. Hurst,
J.R. Caruthers Celia Ann Devault p.060 11 Sep 1861, James Barnes 11 Sep 1861 by A. A. Sanders, M.G.
W.E. Scott Emily Surratt (Scirratt) p.062 12 Sep 1861 W.A. Brumtey 12 Sep 1861 by John L. Farris, J.P.
Jacob Serat Mary A.S. Stegall p.087 18 Dec 1861 Calvin Shull 18 Dec 1861 by A.A. Sanders, M.G.
James Surratt Rosetta James p.120 01 Mar 1862 J.L. Haley 02 Mar 1862 by John L. Farris, J.P.
Nathan Freeman Mariah Surratt p.376 04 Jun 1864 William C. Moore no return  
J.M.Dodd E.P. Scirratt p.393 13 Oct 1864 R.P. Wilkerson 13 Oct 1864 by J.F. Dancer, M.G.
J.L.Scirratt C.E.Pearson p.418 08 Nov 1864, L.T. Bethune no return  
McNairy County, TN - Marriages - 1911 to 1928
Groom Bride Bk,Pg License Solemnized Bondsman By Official
Scott, Oddis Surratt, Lela VOL R, P136 Dec 21, 1911 Dec 24, 1911 James Maxedon R.A.Morgan, JP
Surratt, J.H. Wilson, S. VOL R, P187 Mar 19, 1912 May 20, 1912 G.D.Russom L.E.Burkhead, MG
Surratt, Will Hair, Elsie VOL R, P275 Oct 31, 1912 Nov 03, 1912 L.F.Bolton Curry Needham, JP
Surratt, Logan Suell, Mytle VOL R, P319 Dec 24, 1912 Dec 29, 1912 Chester Surratt J.C.Needham, JP
Hayre, John H. Surratt, Daisy VOL R, P320 Dec 25, 1912 Dec 26, 1912 J.L.Alexander J.E.Barham, JP
Surratt, F.B. Hand, Ada VOL R, P374 Apr 07, 1913 Apr 05, 1913 J.B.Jackson J.B.Jackson
Surratt, L.E. Coleman, Ada VOL R, P478 Nov 29, 1913 Nov 30, 1913 M.L.Brooks H.C.Gooch,JP
O'Neal, Hardy Surratt, Ruth VOL S P 99 Dec 23, 1914 Dec 24, 1914 O.L. Landreth J.C. Needham J.P.
Surratt, Hubert Barnett, Mazie VOL S, P228 Oct 04, 1915 Jan 09, 1916 E.L. White W.T. Carothers J.P.
Surratt, J.G. Taylor, Hester Mae VOL S, P258 Nov 13, 1915 Nov 14, 1915 W.T. Carothers W.T. Carothers J.P.
Moon, Howard J. Surratt, Etta VOL S, P528 Mar 28, 1917 Mar 28, 1917 O.V. ??? J.W. Wallace M.G.
Surratt, Arthur Bolten, Patie VOL T, P008 Nov 24, 1917 Nov 25, 1917 Lee McDanial W.T. Carothers J.P.
Surratt, E.R. Chambers, Henrietta VOL T, P124 Sep 09, 1918 Sep 10, 1918 Allen Cherry J. R. Wesson J.P.
Surratt, A.J. Bryant, Josie VOL T, P128 Sep 13, 1918 Sep 17, 1918 J. R. Wesson J. R. Wesson J.P.
Newell, Hardle Surratt, Zula VOL T, P317 Oct 21, 1919 Oct 23, 1919 Lee McDaniel W.H. Wilson J.P.
Kirkpatrick, Chas. H. Surratt, Eula VOL U, P066 Apr 02, 1921 Apr 03, 1921 S. E. Hill C. L. Barham J.P.
Surratt, John Brewer, Maggie VOL U, P091 Apr 29, 1921 May 01, 1921 Carlos Plunk W. T. Carothers J.P.
Plunk, Otis Surratt, Jewell VOL U, P220 Jan 30, 1922 Jan 22, 1922 J. R. Wesson W. T. Carothers J.P.
Smith, Howard Surratt, Susie VOL U, P322 Sep 09, 1922 Sep 10, 1922    
Plunk, Earl Surratt, Bulah VOL U, P373 Nov 18, 1922 Nov 19, 1922 Jack Kirby Chas. N. Ralston M.G.
McArthur, Hugh Lloyd Surratt, Margie VOL U, P399 Dec 26, 1922 Dec 27, 1922 B. M. Holcomb W. T. Carothers J.P.
Seratt, Johnie Maness, Gladis VOL V, P228 Mar 10, 1925 Mar 10, 1925 Bill Smith W.R. Nickles J.P.
Surratt, Marshall Walker, Lovie Ann VOL V, P312 Oct 03, 1925 Oct 03, 1925 Allen Armstrong H.S. Browder J.P.
Suratt, Marvin Pettigrew, Grace VOL V, P328 Oct 25, 1925 Oct 25, 1925 Willie Scott T.L. Peerey
Walker, John Surratt, Rubie VOL V, P369 Jan 05, 1926 Jan 05, 1926 Jim Walker W.T. Carothers J.P.
Surratt, Jim J. Cooke, Bessie Eva VOL V, P381 Feb 20, 1926 Feb 20, 1926 T.J. Moss J.B. Maxedon M.G.
Plunk, Leland H. Surratt, Grace E. VOL V, P438 Jul 14, 1926 Jul 22, 1926 B.M. Wilkins W.T. Carothers J.P.

Quries, sorted by name of person, then date of Query! ..prs
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Publication Date: July 13, 1999
Source: The Commercial Appeal Memphis, TN
Mamie (Surratt) Littlefield, a89y, [b. 1910] homemaker, died of pneumonia Monday at Magnolia Regional Health Center in Corinth. Services will be at 11 a.m. Wednesday at First Christian Church, where she was a member, with burial in Adamsville Cemetery. Shackelford Funeral Home in Selmer has charge. She was a member of McNairy County Hospital Auxiliary and Senior Citizens in Adamsville. Mrs. Littlefield, the widow of Leonard Littlefield, leaves a daughter, Margaret Harville of Adamsville; a son, Jerry Littlefield of Louisville, Ky.;
a brother, Buford Surratt of Adamsville, five grandchildren and eight great- grandchildren.
We would like to exchange info. on this family! ...prs
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
SURRATT, Tommy Gene
Publication Date: September 08, 1999
Source: The Commercial Appeal Memphis, TN
Tommy Gene Surratt, 68, retired parts and delivery man for NAPA Auto Parts, died of heart failure Monday at his home. Services will be at 11 a.m. today at Shackelford Funeral Home of Adamsville with burial in Memphis Memory Gardens. Shackelford Funeral Home of Selmer has charge. He was a member of Eastside Baptist Church.
Mr. Surratt, the widower of Beatrice Layton Surratt, leaves three sisters,
1. Peggy Jo (Surratt) Duncan,
2. Johnnie Sue (Surratt) Lohman and
3. Barbara (Surratt) Maness, and

two brothers,
Ray Surratt and Jack Surratt, all of Adamsville.
Thomas SURRATT, SSD# 412-52-5554, b. 15 Apr 1931, TN. - d. 06 Sep 1999, a68y at Adamsville, McNairy Co., TN.
m. Beatrice LAYTON, SSD# 412-46-9694, TN. - d. 05 May 1997, a76y, at Memphis, Shelby Co., TN. We would like to exchange info. on this family! ...prs
Nell (Surratt) Lowe
McNairy County Surratt Family
Dated: Jan 19, 2000
Dear Mr. Sarrett,
I've been looking over some of the information you have on the internet. You have certainly done a lot of work that will help all of us who are researching. I have been researching my own line for some time now and have run into the usual difficulties like the spelling of the name, and calling children by different names on different censuses and sons and daughters disappearing without a trace.
I won't go into my line here, I sent that information to you recently. What I am writing about is the line that started in McNairy County, Tn. with James Surratt (you have him James Sarratt 4)
Because I was born in McNairy County and my maiden name is Surratt, I figured I was part of that group but upon doing the research, I find I'm not. I managed to get back to George Surratt in Old Tishomingo County, Ms. in 1850. Trying to find George's dad I naturally looked in McNairy Co. I found an avid researcher of the family and she kindly sent me a typed copy of the division of James' land listing his children, William, Mack, Eliza, Lary, James, Jacob, Lucindy and John. NO GEORGE!!! But wait I told myself: No one knows anything about Lary, maybe it doesn't say Lary (these things are hard to read sometimes), maybe it really says George.
Off I went to McNairy County, where I still have family and cemeteries to visit anyway, and made my way into the courthouse, got me a lesson on old records and dirt and weight-lifting and finally found the original document. I was where I was born to be and was reading with both pair of glasses! Here were the names! Imagine my disappointment when I read them. They were William, Mack, Eliza, Sary, (Not Lary) James, Jacob, Lucindy and John.
No Lary and no George. Well, elimination is part of the research.
Here's the problem. I think everyone must have this typed copy and no one has bothered to get a copy of the original. There is and never has been a son of James named Larry, but he's gone into the 21st century as a son of James. And not only that, I find in your work he's listed as the husband of the Sarah Jane who eventually married Peter Weaver in Franklin Co., Tn!! Sarah Jane was married to a Surratt of one spelling or the other, but not one of James' sons. Whoever gave you that information is just incorrect and never will learn the truth unless they look again.
It appears to me that you are the Czar of this surname, and a well deserved title, too. If you say something, then it must be so. I can also tell that you want accuracy. What I'd like to do is send you a copy of the original record showing the names so you can see for yourself what it says and then you can make the decision to change your records or not and then maybe Lary will finally get a decent burial.
There are other things I see that are wrong with what you have and I'm not here to fix everything. I'd just like to see Lary buried. Will you send me an address where I can mail this sheet?

Thanks for reading this far and for all your great research.
Nell Surratt Lowe (
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Eufa T. (Garner) SURRATT
Dated: Apr 19, 2000
Appeared in the Independent Appeal Newspaper Wed., April 19, 2000
EUFA THELMA (GARNER) SURRATT, a83y, [b. 1917] died on Fri., Apr. 14, 2000, at Tri-County Convalescent Home of heart failure. She was a homemaker and a member of Pleasant Site Baptist Church. Services took place at 1 p.m. on Mon., Apr. 17, at Shackelford Funeral Home Chapel in Selmer, McNairy Co., TN. Burial was held at Pleasant Site Cemetery. Mrs. Surratt was preceded in death by her parents, Alvie N. Garner and Lena Mae Hopkins Garner, her husband, Gilbert Surratt, [b. 09 Oct 1910, TN. d. 00 Dec 1992, a82y, Tiptonville, Lake Co., TN. SSD# 415-14-5981] and a brother, Elmer Garner. She is survived by one daughter, Monette Lamar-Tores of Stantonville, one sister, Lillie Mae Harris of Selmer, two grandchildren, and two gr-grandchildren.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Mrs. Hassie (Surratt) HILL
Dated: Jul 25, 2001
Appeared in the Independent Appeal Newspaper Wed., July 25, 2001
HASSIE (SURRATT) HILL of Bethel Springs, [b. 1914 ] a87y, died of cancer on Wed., July 18, 2001 at her residence. Mrs. Hill was a homemaker and a member of Friendship Pentecostal Church in Bethel Springs. She is preceded in death by her parents, Boll (sic Bell) Surratt and Ada Hand; (1894-1984 a90y Selmer, TN) one son, Paul Edward Hill; and three brothers, Alvin Surratt, (1916-1978, a62) Arnold Surratt, Barnell Surratt. (1924-1988, a64y)
She is survived by her husband, Tab Hill; one daughter, Martha (Hill) Gibbs of Adamsville; two sons, Jerry Hill of Jefferson, AR, and Kenneth Hill of Bethel Springs; one sister, Mae (Surratt) Jones of Memphis; seven grandchildren, Terry Sue Blancq, Lisa Coleman, Angie Ingle, Mitzi Hill, Kelly Coulter, Tammy Symond, and Donna Howard; twelve gr-grandchildren; and one gr-gr-grandchild
Services were held for Mrs. Hill at 1 p.m. on Fri., July 20 at Friendship Pentecostal Church in Bethel Springs. Burial followed at New Church (Maggie Jones) Cemetery in Finger.
Nell (Surratt) Lowe
Lucinda (Surratt) HURST
Dated: Mar 24 2000 To:
Jacob Hurst, son of Elza Hurst and Sally Overall, married Lucinda Surratt in 1891 in Chester County. Lucinda SURRATT was born in Old Tishomingo County, Ms. abt. 1847 and was the daughter of George SURRATT who was born abt. 1803 in NC. Lucinda Surratt a33y and Jacob HURST were both on the 1880 census for McNairy County, page 34, living in two different households. On the 1910 census for Chester County, Lucinda's sister, Angeline (Surratt) Tacker, was living with them and she was a widow. Their neice, Nora Barham, lived in McNairy County as well as another sister of Lucinda and Angeline's, Clara (Surratt) Jones (Mrs. John W. Jones). There was a John and Emma Tacker living next to Nora in 1900 McNairy and Will and Almedia Tacker lived near in 1910 and 1920. Does anyone know what Tacker man Angeline married? Thanks for any help here. Nell Surratt Lowe (


Judy Bowman Rhodes
Lucinda (Surratt) PEARSON
Dated: Jun 05, 2000
Hi...just found your RootsWeb World Connect Project with Surratts....including
Lucinda Surratt who m. Gilbert Combs Pearson in McNairy Co, TN abt 1855.
A complete list of their children are on my world connect project page....Hammond Bowman for Gilbert Combs Pearson and/or Lucinda Surratt ...have a lot of other McNairy Co, TN families as well.
Just got book (reprint) on McNairy.....Reminiscences of Marcus J. Wright....will check for surratt listing in it.
I am a neice (gr-gr) of Gilbert Combs Pearson Judy Bowman Rhodes, ( )
Thanks, Judy I have added the PEARSON to my SFA-FGS
Lucinda SURRATT, (1836-1876, a40y) is the 2nd d/o of See URL: William,9 SURRATT & Elizabeth (CARR) SURRATT, who died in Alcorn Co., MS. ...prs
Joanne Baucum
William Albert Surratt
Dated: Mar 08, 2001
For the roll call, these are the families I'm researching: WILSON, SURRATT, HIGGINS
Jerry M. Wilson (son of William Wilson and Nancy Claunch Wilson) married Susan V. "Jennie" Evans - their children:
1. Beulah Wilson (m. Wm. Albert Surratt)
[their children: Grace E., Marvin, Virginia, James S. Surratt]
2. Susan Bessie Wilson (m. Edgar C. Higgins)
Am happy to share anything I have.
Joanne Baucum of Walnut Creek, California (
Doris Haynes
SURRATT, Elizabeth (CARR)
Dated: Feb 12, 2001
Does anyone know of these Carrs in McNairy Co. Tenn?
Mr. Carr m. Ann Unknown
Possible children:
1. Arabella Carr, b. ca 1807 m. John Robinson
2. Mary Carr m. William Higgins
3. Elizaabeth Carr, b. ca 1812 m. William H. Surratt
4. John Carr, b. ca 1815 m. Nancy Stanley
5. Susan Carr
Doris, We have Samuel W. CARR, (b. c1775 d. bfr 1828, a53y in McNairy Co., TN.
He married Miss Ann Unknown, (b. c1782 d. aft 1850 a68y in McNairy Co., TN.
3rd d/o Elizabeth CARR, (c1813-1870) m. c1830 to See URL: William,9 SURRATT Family Profile©...prs
for more information on this Family. ...prs
Jackie Isbell Johnston
Dated: May 05, 2001
Surratt Family Guestbook Forum
William H. Surratt abt. 1805 McNairy, TN Looking for Descendant of daughter of William H. Surrat
Eliza Patton Surratt born 31 July 1849, died 11 Jan 1899 in Kenton, TN. Eliza married James Monroe Dodd 13 Oct 1864 McNairy County, TN. They are both buried at New Conconrd Baptist Cemetery, Kenton, Obion Co., TN
Jackie, Eliza Patton SURRATT is the 6th Dau of See URL: William,9 SURRATT Family Profile©...prs for more information on this Family.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Dated: Apr 17, 2002
Appeared in the Independent Appeal Newspaper Wed., April 3, 2002
WILLIE JO (SURRATT) HARDIN of Adamsville, a86y, [b. 1916] died Mar. 31, 2002 at Methodist LeBonheur-McNairy Hospital.
Mrs. Hardin was a homemaker. She was Baptist in belief, and was a member of Leapwood Home Demonstration Club.
She was preceded in death by her parents, Logan Surratt and Myrtle (Sewell) Surratt; and her husband, Jesse Earl Hardin.
She is survived by one son Larry Hardin of Selmer;
four daughters, Mary Ann Blackwelder of Savannah, and
Patsy Cain, of Adamsville;
Minnie Sharpe,of Adamsville;
Martha Young, of Adamsville;
one brother, Charles S. Surratt of Stantonville;
and one sister, Bernice Sewell of Paris.
She had four grandchildren: Tammy Blakely, Drew Cain, Clay Young, and Niki Haynes. She had three gr-grandchildren: Zach Blakely, Caitlin Jo Blakely, and Dylan Gattis. She had a wonderful friend and neighbor, Faye Dell Harris.
Services were held at 1 p.m. on Tues. Apr. 2 at Shackelford Chapel in Adamsville, with Minister Bobby Tillman officiating. Burial followed at Mars Hill Cemetery in Adamsville. Memorial contributions may be made to Leapwood Volunteer Fire Dept. and American Cancer Society.
Willie Jo SURRATT, was 1st d/o Logan C. SURRATT & Myrtle H.M. SEWELL
1Gd/o Charles C. SURRATT & Frances J. DeVAULT
3Gd/o M/M James,4 SARRATT; See [FG 2638]...prs
Dell Carothers,
SURRATT, Charles "Calvin"
Date: 11 Aug 2002 5:47:45 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: McNairy County, Tennessee Surratts
Hello Paul,
I spent my first thirty years in McNairy County, Tennessee, and knew a lot of Surratts. I have a few bits of information on some of those connections that you might be interested in.
I am related to the DeVaults. Frances DeVault who married Charles Surratt was the daughter of Thomas E. DeVault and Sarah Ann Inman. Uncle Tom was born in 1829 and died in 1910. His sister, Celia Ann DeVault married Robert Carothers, and was my great grandmother. Frances was one of twelve children. She was named for her paternal grandmother, Frances Priddy (1799 - c. 1885). Paternal grandfather was John DeVault (1801 - c. 1885)
Arthur T. Surratt married Patie Bolton. I never knew him, but I knew Ms. Patie. She had a wonderful personality, and lived to the age of 99 years. I also knew Ms. Patie's sister Hannah Norwood, and their brother, Leland Bolton. Their father was Isaac Bolton. I can't think of their mother's name at the moment, but she was a Patton. Her sister, Melinda Patton, married John Carothers, brother to my g grandfather Robert. John and Melinda moved to Oklahoma. Sally. I think Sally was the name of Patie's mother. Don't take it as gospel, but I think that's right. I have it on record, but I'm writing off the top of my head right now.
Also, You reference Bundy Township in McNairy County a number of times. I must tell you there is no such place. What you're reading (in old-fashioned longhand, I would bet) as Bundy is actually Purdy. Purdy was the seat of McNairy County until 1891.
My father's oldest sister, Elsie Carothers Hair, married Will Surratt in 1912. They had one child, Nelle Maxine, born 1913. Nelle married Loyd Barnes, and they had two daughters, Nancy Jane and Elsie Suzanne. Nancy lives in Alexandria, Kentucky and works for the court system in Cincinnatti, Ohio (right across the river), and Suzanne is a flight attendant with United Airlines. She lives in Boulder, CO.
Uncle Will's father was Alec Surratt. Alec's sister, Mary Ann Surratt, married an Inman; Meshack, I think. Their daughter Emiline Inman married Joe Tacker and was the mother of Lessie Tacker (1911-1940), my father's first wife, and mother of my sister "Dot" Carothers (1934-1995). Small world. Feel free to contact me any time. My preferred email address is
Have a good day. Dell Carothers, Charleston, SC
Dell, Thanks for the E-Mail
We have Charles Calvin SURRATT that married Frances J. DeVAULT is the 3rd s/o McGraffee SURRATT & Mother: Elizabeth "Mandy/Maggie" HIGGINSG
William Perhealth
SURRATT, Chester L.
Date: 06 Jun 2003 1:14:41 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Is the following family connected to your tree. Chester L. Surratt born 1892 (Tenn.?)-died 1960 buried Cedar Grove cemetery Sanderson, Terrell Co., Tx. married Ada Jones (1894-Dec.3, 1975) buried Cedar Grove.
Had a least one child born abt. 1927 named Harold?
Who are Chester's parents, etc.? Any info appreciated.
William Perhealth My e-mail is
Thanks for the E-Mail,
We have Chester L. SURRATT (1892-1960)
2nd s/o Alex,5 SURRATT & Mother: Mary J.S. Unknown [SFA-FG 3197]
1Gs/o McGraffee SURRATT & Elizabeth M. (HIGGINS)
1Gs/o James,4 SARRATT & Wife Unknown of McNairy Co., TN.
How are you "Connected" to this family. Alex. SURRATTFamily Profile!
We would like to exchange info on ths branch. ...prs

Marie Phillips
Date: 09 Aug 2003 6:08:17 AM Pacific Standard Time
I was just looking at your Surratt site --- just thought I would add a missing link.
Alec Surratt married Mary Jane Sipes, daughter of Paulden Sipes and Sara J Gage.
She was born June 14, 1863 and died Jan 4, 1931 (both in McNairy Co., TN) They were married Dec 24, 1884 in Adamsville, McNairy Co., TN
She is buried at the Combs/Sipes cemetery (now called Union Grove) off the Purdy Rd west of Adamsville. Marie Phillips,
We would like to exchange info. on this family! ...prs

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