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Some Benton Co., Tennessee Queries
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 Submitter:  Date, Subject, Comments:
Jean Gilley
Mary "Polly SARRATT m. TN Burwell LASHLEY
Dated: 28 Sep 1997 14:36:51 EDT
I  am  researching  the LASHLEE/LASHLEY family.  All  of  them, everywhere! Especially the descendants of Lewis Lashley, Sr. and his wife Mary (HOLLAND). Lewis was born about 1785 in Surry  Co. VA  and  died  Nov. 1815 in Wake Co. NC.  Their  children  were:
(1) Edmund  (served  in  Rev.War,   m. Delilah OLIVEW-went to Georgia.
(2) Sarah, m. Burwell  UTLEY
(3) Brittain,
(4) Burwell m. Elizabeth OLIVE then Mary  Polly SARRATT
(5) Lewis, jr died  1844  
(6) William,  m. Elizabeth JOHNSON,
(7) Abner,
(8) Rial,  m. Patsy NUTT.
Burwell  is my ancestor, but I am also especially  interested  in Edmund's descendants. I can only prove 2 of his children: Elijah and Sarah. Do know he had a grandaughter Delilah GRACE.
Other  surnames  of  interest are:  ADAMS  (IL>MO),  ALBRIGHT (IL>MO),  CAPPS  (TN), FORBUSH  (IL),  GILMO)  (FRANCE>LA), WEATHERS (AL>MS>OK)
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages: The Family of Jean & Glenn Gilley Jean & Glenn Gilley 1029 Crestview Drive, East Atlanta, TX 75551-1833 903-796-6750
See Mrs. Mary "Polly" (SARRETT) LASHLEY Family Profile.
We would like to exchange info. on this family ...prs

2nd E-Mail: Dated: 28 Sep 1997 14:36:51 EDT
Hi Paul,
I see you have me listed as [REF:#131] with a letter in 1990 on your Sarratt pages. I'm still in the same place, however both my area code and my street name have changed. I have finally sent in my application for DAR on John Sarratt, hope to hear from it soon! I'm already in on my Lashley line. Jean Gilley 1029 Crestview Dr. East Atlanta, TX 75551-1833 903-796-6750
Keep us posted, would be interestated in your DAR App...prs

Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 5:08:22 PM Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Paton Sarratt Lashlee
Paul, Peyton/Paton S. Lashlee is my great-grandfather. You and I have corresponded in earlier years. I recently found that Janice Ingram had placed on World Connect quite a bit of info on the Lashlee family, and she listed his middle name as Sarratt. I contacted her for her source for his middle name. She says she got that from your information. So I want to ask you the source of Sarratt as his middle name. It does sound possible, since his mother was a Sarratt, but I have never seen it in a source document. I've always suspected his middle name was Sherman, since his two sons were named Horace Paten and Sherman Cliff. And I do not know of anyone else named Sherman anywhere in the family. Would appreciate hearing form you. Thanks!
Jean Gilley,
Creative Memories (Scrapbooking) Consultant
Thanks for the E-Mail. We have No Proof! that Paton's middle name was SARRATT, it could be SHERMAN...prs

4th E-Mail: Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 9:07:24 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Subject: [LASHLEY] Edmond Lashley
While the list is as active as it is I want to ask a few questions.
Does anyone have information on the children of Edmund/Edmond Lashley (b30 Jan 1763 at Cabin Point in Surry Co VA--d. 7 May 1839 in Pike Co. GA, son of Lewis Lashley Sr. and Mary Holland)? Edmund's wife was Delilah Olive who lived until after 1850, over 100 at her time of death. Edmund was a Revolutionary Soldier and was granted land in Georgia. I do not descend from Edmund, but from his brother Burwell who married Elizabeth Olive, then Mary "Polly" Sarratt. BUT I am interested in proving Edmund's descendants.
Two that I have some information on are Elijah the eldest son and Sarah, the seventh child. I am a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and would like to see his line proved so his descendants can join DAR. The family Bible burned in a house fire in Georgia. I am concerned that possibly the family lost the spelling of Lashley after moving to Georgia, and may have became Leslie's or some variation. Thanks!
"Glenn & Jean Gilley"
Glenda Womack
BRUCE, Mrs. Atilla (SARRETT)
Dated: on Sunday, January 25, 1998
Benton County, Tennessee Queries Message #79
I would be interested in corresponding with any descendants of Robert Henry GOSSETT b. 28 jun1865 in Benton Co.,
his father: Jonathan Renfro GOSSETT b. 26 jun1844,
his grandfather, Henry GOSSETT b. 1806 NC,
his mother Mary Hudson CAMP b.1842,
his grandfather: Henry C. CAMP b.1812 VA whose wife was
His grandmother: Trophena BRUCE b. 1823 TN
daughter of b. 1823? m. 12 Nov 1840 for Atilla
Amos Hiram BRUCE b. 1796 and
Atilla Sarrett b.1798 and <--I have her b. c1802
ggrandfather John Sarrett b.1760 NC.
I believe Henry GOSSETT 2nd wife was Margaret BYRNES b. 1806 NC. Siblings and parentage of Margaret BYRNES unknown.
Glenda Womack
4308 Elaine Ave., Memphis, TN 38122
See Mrs. Matilda (SARRETT) BRUCE Family Profile.
We would like to exchange info. on this family ...prs
Ron Humphrey
Date: 23 Apr 1998 17:18:01 EDT
my  wife  dec. from John  Sarrett
Son Wilson  Sarrett
Son Washington Sarrett 2nd Wife Louisa  Hollingsworth
Son Samuel  Wesley   Sarrett & 2nd Wife Bell Cunningham
Dau Ida Marie Sarrett & James Snipes.

her name is Mary Ruth.
Samuel  W. SARRETT came to OK abt 1895 and was in OK land rush. first  21 refs. in reference and notes refer to her family.
i am using our sons computer so i will have to inquire from him  about how to send details of family info. we are  interested in  obtaining more detail info on sarrett family so let  me  know steps on how to do this.
e mail address is:
I under stand your branch from John Sarrett to Son Wilson Sarrett to Son Washington Sarrett.
but Mary  Louisa (Sarrett) Hollingsworth was a Sister of Wash. L.? I can't make a connection with Samuel Wesley Sarrett/Bell Cunningham to Ida Marie Sarrett/James Snipes.
See Dr. Wilson M. SARRETT, MD and children!
I would like to exchange info on this family! ...prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: 27 Apr 1998 18:05:10 EDT
i  goofed up bad on my transmission of info to you. i wrote  mary louisa  hollingsworth was the wife of w. l. sarrett. i  did  this from memory and missed it. the following is the way i have it:
wl  was married first to susan sarrett and they had  at  least two children, henry and james.
In the 1850 census they are listed with   wilson,  catherine and r. b. at this point henry is  2  and james  is 2 months.
i don't know what happened to susan,  but  wl married   Louisa Hollingsworth by 1852-3.
Also i wonder  if  susan was  a  cousin  to  wl? louisa is  a  sister  to  harvey  gerome hollingsworth who married mary louisa sarrett.
in  the 1880 census samuel wesley-12 and louisa are  together. around  1890  s.w. married louisa vick and around 1895  they  all moved  to  what became See: Tillman Co., OK. his first wife  died  abt 1904  and  he married 2nd, bell cunningham. three  children  were born  and marie sarrett is my wife's mother. marie and mary  ruth have told many times of sarretts and hollingsworths coming to the family farm in OK as well as they visiting in TN.
if  i  can get the process right i would  propose  using  the family tree maker to send files over e mail. let me know. you can probably  detect that i am new to this so bear with me. we  would also like to receive info, especially of parents of john/mary. we  live in an rv and will start traveling in the next week so  i will loose e mail capabilitiesand will have to resort to  regular mail.  this  is a real disadvantage, but am finding out  about  a portable system for rv people. hope i can do it.
good bye for now, Ron Humphreys
This is what we have. See Dr. Wilson M. SARRETT, MD and children!
See: Harvey G. HOLLINGSWORTH Family Profile!
See: Parents of John,3 & Mary (McMURRY) SARRETT ..prs

Subj: transmission of data on john sarrett---benton co., TN
3rd E-Mail: Date: 29 Apr 1998 19:03:10 EDT

File: JOHNSA~1.FTW (497664 bytes) DL Time (24000 bps): < 6 minutes
first attempt at data transmission on my wife's sarrett family. let me know if result is not positive.
you will notice with norma sarrett that she married noel serrett. we don't know much about his family, but it would not surprise me to find a relationship somewhere.
i am, of course interested in early history of john sarrett and have thought it was connected to a joseph sarrett in NC. how does one access info from the volumes in the sarrett family. can one buy these?
Ron Humphries
Thanks for the GEDCOM, we will add it to our database.
For Noel Davis SERRATT family See: Taylor Co., TX.
Hor History See: John,3 & Mary (McMURRY) SARRETT
For SFA Volumes on-line See: SFA - Family Profiles!
James B. Davis
Date: 22 Dec 1998 9:23:16 AM Pacific Standard Time
Dear Paul,
Please send me ordering information for your profiles. I am particularly interested in Volumes I, II, II, and IV and the Lincoln assasination information. I am a descendant of John Sarrett on my father's side.
I was born in Benton County, TN.
Please e-mail to, fax to 213/954-0253 or mail to
James B. Davis, President PMIC
4727 Wilshire Blvd #300
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Thank you for all your hard work which makes it easier for the rest of us and my best wishes for a wonderful holiday and prosperous New Year to you and your family. Sincerely,
Jim Davis,
Thanks for the E-Mail and kind words
The SFA Profiles! are on-line See: SFA Family - Index
The Lincoln Assasination Series is on-line See: SFA - Assasination
How are you "Connected" to See: John,3 SARRETT Family? ...prs

Subj: RE: Mary L. Sarrett m. Harvey G. Hollingsworth, TN.
2nd E-Mail: Date: 30 Dec. 1998 10:16:57 AM Pacific Standard Time

Thank you so much for the JOHN SARRETT profile and LINCOLN files.
Mary Louisa Sarrett, daughter of Wilson M. and Isabella Stevenson was my great-great-grandmother on my father's side. She married HARVEY (not HARRY) Gerome Hollingsworth. HARVEY's father was GEORGE WASHINGTON HOLLINGSWORTH, b1795. My great-grandfather was CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS Hollingsworth and my grandmother was EDNA EMILY Hollingsworth, daughter of Christopher Columbus and Emily Kennon. I have further information on this Hollingsworth branch which I will extract from my home PC and forward to you.
In addition, another great-great grandfather, JACOB BROWNING FLORENCE, was named after the REV. JACOB BROWNING in your file. I knew the naming story, but I did not who the REV was or why. JACOB BROWING'S son, JOHN invented the BROWNING automatic rifle and the BROWNING machine gun.
The amount of research you have done and the depth of detail you have is simply amazing. I am so indebted to you for making my search so much easier. Please let me know how I can compensate you for sharing this information with me and how I can be of assistance to you in continuing your research.
My best wishes for a prosperous New Year to you and your family. Jim Davis,
3rd E-Mail: Date: 30 Dec 1998 2:14:03 PM Pacific Standard Time

My earlier message stated that JOHN M. BROWNING, son of JACOB BROWNING, was the inventor of the BROWNING MACHINE GUN. In researching this today I discovered that this is incorrect. The gun inventor was born in Ogden, Utah and his father was a gunsmith.
I picked up the information I sent you from another website about the JACOB BROWNING FLORENCE family which included the incorrect information. I guess I learned a lesson and I apologize for sending you incorrect information.
Thank you again for the Sarrett info and the assassination file. Is my John Sarrett, married to Mary McMurry, related to JOHN H. SURRATT of the Lincoln conspiracy?
James B. Davis, President
Thanks for the correction on Harry/Harvey HOLLINGSWORTH I will change my records!
No prob. on the Browning Machine Gun.
I sure hope you have info. on Washington L. Sarrett, (Brother of your Mary Louisa (Sarrett) Hollingsworth) regarding his wife Susan/Susannah SARRETT, I have been trying to place her in the proper SARRETT family unit for years! Who are her Parents??????
The "Cousin Connection" with the John & Mary (JENKINS) SURRATT is a follows!
1. Joseph, Sr. (1665-1715)
2. Son: Joseph, Jr. (1710-1772) <-Bro-> Samuel & Ann
3. GSon: Samuel, Jr. (1742-1805) <-1Cuz-> Joseph3 & Wife
4. GGSon: Alphonsus (1740-1800) <-2Cuz-> John3 & Mary (McMUARRY)
5. GGGSon: John (1776-18??) <-3Coz->
6. GGGGSon: John H. Sr. (1813-1862)<-4Coz->
m. Mary E. JENKINS, (1823-1865) Hanged as a Conspirator!
7. GGGGGSon John H. Jr., (1844-1916)<-5Coz->
8. GGGGGGSon John H. III, (1873-19??<-6Coz->
9. GGGGGGGSon Raymond, (1891-19??) <-7Coz->

4th E-Mail: Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2000 4:40:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time

If I understand correctly, your parents did the research and published the original book which is now out of print. Presuming you now hold the rights, would you be interested in republishing the book?
We have corresponded previously. I am a direct descendant of John Sarratt 1760 who removed to what became Benton County, TN. I am currently working with two VICK cousins to publish a book detailing the first five generations of the descendants of JOSEPH VICK, 1640. My business is publishing, and I am doing this book on a non-profit basis as a way of honoring my ancestors.
If you do own the rights, and would be interested in discussing this further, please contact me at your convenience.
James B. Davis, President
Practice Management Information Corporation
4727 Wilshire Boulevard #300
Los Angeles, CA 90010
323 954-0224 323 954-0253 fax
Thanks for the E-Mail, nice to here from you.
My mother & I compiled a Genealogy Computer Package called "*** PC-PROFILE *** Volume - VI. SARRATT/SARRETT/SURRATT Family Profile Compiled and self Published in Oct. 31, 1989 by co-author Paul R. Sarrett, Jr. with the assistance of my mother M. Lucille (WILSON) SARRETT, (1916-1987) She died in 1987, before it was published.
Since then, (1996) I have created what we call the Sarratt/Sarrett/Surratt Families of America (SFA) and most of the "PC-PROFILE" has been incorporated into SFA and we now have some 40,000 records in our database which most of it is "On-Line"
Our main objective was to "Share the records don't Sell them" and to exchange information with persons looking for their descendants. That's what I am trying to do.
At the present time, I see no benefit in republishing the original book (Sarratt/Sarrett/Surratt PC-PROFILE) Ed. 1989 When all the information with additions & corrections are on-line.
I do thank you for the offer. Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
ps. See John,3 & Mary (McMurry) SARRETT family at URL: John,3 SARRETT Family Profile!

5th E-Mail: Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2000 12:53:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Thank you for your reply to my inquiry. I have visited your website numerous times to research tidbits of information but I was never able to view the John Sarratt of Tennessee chapter until you included the url in your email. When I again tried to get there directly, I realized that the URL you have on the website has "John3.htm" and the URL you included with your email has "john3.htm" which works fine.
I have a lot of information, including corrections and new material, on John's descendants, particularly the Hollingsworth family, which I will send you via email later. I am leaving tomorrow morning for Benton County where I will be attending a VICK family reunion on Sunday.
I recently donated $1,000.00 to cousins working with the Benton County Genealogical Society, part of which I designated for cemetery markers for John and his wife. I would very much like to support your work. How does one join the association? Do you have dues and if so, do you have an annual rate and a lifetime rate?
As a person who spends a couple of hours every day on the internet, I certainly can appreciate your commendable objective in creating an on-line database accessible to all. However, 1) there are still more people who do not have internet access than do(and who will never have it) because they are older, not-interested, don't understand it, don't have time to use it, can't afford it, etc., and 2) more importantly, there is simply no internet substitute for a high quality, hard bound book with a beautiful cover, acid free paper, and beautiful end papers which includes information regarding your ancestry that you can hold in your hands, read at your leisure, proudly put on your bookshelf, give to your children, and send to your relatives as a gift.
That's the kind of book I'm doing for the Joseph Vick Families of America. They already had one of the established "vanity, historical" publishers, at a relatively high cost per book for an average product. I offered to produce a deluxe, hard cover book, with acid free paper and beautiful end papers, and manage the marketing and sales process, on a non-profit basis. We are pricing the book at a very affordable $49.95 per copy, with a pre-publication price of $39.95 for early orders, plus $3.00 shipping. After my estimated cost of about $5.00 per book for printing, the shipping costs, and relative minor costs of marketing and selling, all of the profit will go to the JVFOA. If we sell only 1,000 copies, of which 25-30% are already pre-sold, we will generate contributions to the association of $25,000-$30,000. This is MY legacy to the descendants of Joseph Vick, to honor him and his descendants, including my maternal grandmother. I would be pleased to do the same for the Sarratt/Surratt/Sarrett book if you ever change your mind.
One last thing and I will end my lengthly response. I am a direct descendant of WILLIAM FARRAR, born late 1500s who immigrated to Virginia and whose descendants lived on FARRAR's Island there. There are numerous FARRARs who lived and live in Benton County, TN. I have a link between JOHN FARROW (you have him as FARRAR, the FARRAR database and book has him as FARROW without parentage) and SABRINA SARRATT, daughter of Joseph. I am certain that JOHN FARROW is a descendant of WILLIAM FARRAR, which would create a double kinship for me and establish a kinship with the FARRARs of Benton County. I am related by blood marriage or both to almost everyone in Benton County, and am in fact my father's 3rd cousin, my own 4th cousin, my children's 5th cousin, and my mother's 6th cousin. Some of my living cousins I have established as many as seven different kinships with because of the frequent marriage of 1st and 2nd cousins. If you have or come across any additional information regarding JOHN and SABRINA, I would appreciate hearing about it.
Please let me know how I can be of help to the Sarratt association.
Your cousin, Jim Davis
James B. Davis, President
The best way to Help! to "Share your Genealogy information, not Sell it." ..prs
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Dated: Jun 19, 1999
A young brother and sister were killed by a single bullet that their father said he accidentally fired from his deer rifle.
Allen SARRATT said he was walking down steps outside his home, carrying the rifle over his shoulder when it discharged said Alvin DANIEL of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI)
Brent SARRATT, a12y and Kelly SARRATT, a15y were walking down the steps behind their father, DANIEL, said. The bullet passed through the boy's chest and struck his sister, also in the chest, killing them both.
Sheriff Bill Furr WYATT said no charges were filed and the shooting appeared to be accidental.
Camden, Tenn. (AP) Zip 38320 prs
Carolyn Wilkins Doyle
Eliza Caroline Sarrett
Date: Sunday, April 16, 2000 - Message Boards Message #1340874
The Sarrett Surname Message Board Message #13 I have a copy of a handwritten piece of paper that referrs to the death of Eliz Caroline Sarrett the daughter of W. Sarrett and Isabelle his wife.
Does this mean anything to anyone? I am not researaching the Sarrett name (Wilkins is what I am looking for) but thought this might lead to a clue for me.
Thanks. Carolyn Wilkins-Doyle,
Replies: Sarrett - Linda Woodruff 6/5/00
This is Eliza Caroline SARRETT, b. 02 Nov 1827, Henry Co., TN. (present-day Benson Co.) d. 01 Jul 1828, a7mths, 29days Henry Co., TN.
She was a infant daughter of Dr. Wilson Madison & 1st Wife Isabella (STEPHENSON) SARRETT
Interested in the "handwritten piece of paper" is this from some researchers notes?
Eliza Caroline SARRETT's headstone has never been identified, (Not in Chalk Hill Cemetery) date above are from the "SARRETT/HOLLINGSWORTH Family Bible"
(See:) Dr. Wilson M. SARRETT

2nd E-Mail: Date: 27 Aug 2002 9:53:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Paul, you replied to my note about Eliza Caroline Sarrett in June, 2000 and somehow I never got back to this info.
I'm researching the Wilkins name, Zachaiah Alfred Wilkins, James Decatur Wilkins especially.
A cousin of mine has a very old book with extremely faint writing that must have been written by someone in the Sarrett family. Some of the names mentioned look like R. B. dandridge Sarrett, Mary Louisa Sarrett, Washington Sarrett, W. M. Sarrett, Isabell Stevenson.
It is just a few pages but seems to be a record of births, deaths & mariages. The marriage of my grandfather, James D. Wilkins and Thomas Ena Bidwell is recorded there also. I wonder why the Wilkins-Bidwell marriage was recorded?
Any idea if these families are related. James D. Was born and lived in Benton Co., TN for a number of years before moving to Il. Benton Co is as far back as I can get with the Wilkins and obviously that is not very far back.
Why would this book end up with the Wilkins family? Surely there is some connection (at least I'm certainly hopeing there is.
My e-mail is:
If you get this please reply to one address and cc to the other. That way I will get the message when you send it regardless if I am at home or work. Thanks Carolyn Wilkins-Doyle,
We still have not found the SARRETT/WILKINS connection, but I believe the "papers" you refer to are part of See: John,3 SARRETT's Family Bible. We would like to get better copies for our records. ..prs

3rd E-Mail: Date: 9/6/02 3:26:43 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Thanks for your reply. My Cousin Dr. Calvin Wilkins has the papers.
Also he has some pictures that are extremely old and perhaps you can identify them.
You will do better to contact him by phone (501) 753-7139 instead of e-mail. Dr. Calvin really doesn't do much in the way of e-mail (the way I understand it) although they do have it.
His wife's name is Margaret and the e-mail (unless it has changed) is
Their mailing address is: 12 Shore Point Road North Little Rock, AR 72116-9031
Calvin is a dentist for children (I can't spell whatever it is). He will be delighted to hear from you.
Please keep me informed because there has to be some connection and I'll grasp at any lead no matter how small.
Carolyn Wilkins-Doyle,
Ron Adams
Wilson Sarrett & Catherine Miller- Tenn
Date: August 18, 2000 at 09:03:18
Surratt Family Genealogy Forum Message # 344
I found a book in Scottsboro, Alabama, library Wednesday 8-16-00 titled Bible Records and Marriage Bonds. Their # R ALA.GEN 976.8; Library of Congress Card # 67.28618. On page 410 the following marriage is recorded for September 20, 1848. Wilson M. Sarrett to Catherine Miller, Executed by Samuel Tate, J. P. This was recorded as being in Dickson County, Tennessee.
I hope this helps someone out there.
Ron Adams
Thanks for the Query. We believe this is (See:) Dr. Wilson M. SARRETT
How are you "Connected" to this family? We would like to exchange info. on this family! ...prs
Linda Woodruff
Wilson Sarrett & Catherine Miller- Tenn
Date: September 10, 2000 at 19:55:40
Surratt Family Genealogy Forum Message # 350
In Reply to: Wilson Sarrett & Catherine Miller- Tenn by Ron Adams of Mag# 344
Thanks for the info. Dr. Wilson M. Sarrett is my gggg-grandfather. His first wife was Isabella Stevenson. thanks again.. Linda Woodruff, wnana3&
Thanks for the Query. We believe your GGGG-Grandfather (See:) Dr. Wilson M. SARRETT
How are you "Connected" to this family? We would like to exchange info. on this family! ...prs
Jean S.
Date: Sat, 5 May 2001 2:50:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Subject: [TNSTEWAR] Re: TNSTEWAR-D Digest V01 #161
Ira & William:
Thank you very much for the Sykes information. You guys are great! Helps a whole lot!
The birthdate I gave for Emaline was 1828, but in looking more closely at my notes it should be 1820. This is from the Benton County Families & Histories Book Volume II, published 1992: Pg 84:
"Jacob Browning b 2/11/1779 d 8/12/1841 and
Elizabeth Sarratt b 3/19/1784 d ca 1850 married 5/2/1805.
She was the daugher of John and Mary McMurry Sarratt.

Their Children:
1 Bennett S Browning (1818-ca 1874) married Emaline Sykes b 1820. Bennett was a Baptist Minister;
2 John Moses Browning (1815-1887);
3 Elizabeth Browning 1816-1889;
4 Anne J Browning married David Quellan;
5 Martha Browning married J J Durdin;
6 Julianne Browning 1805-1875 married Smith Corbitt."
Jean S.,
This family had 8 Children.
See Mrs. Elizabeth (SARRETT) BROWNING Family Profile!
We would like to exchange info. on this family. ...prs
Helen Sandel
BROWNING, Mrs. Elizabeth (SARRETT)
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 10:24:18 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Source: GC-Panola County, Tx Query Forum Message # 11241
Hi, Jodi,
I believe you and I have corresponded earlier. My husband's g-grandparents were Susan Browning and James Newell Watson.
I have father of Hosea D. Browning of Panola County as JACOB BROWNING; mother, Elizabeth Sarrett. However, I have Hosea D. Browning as born 06 March, 1806 in Caswell Co., NC.
Is this your line of Brownings? I have other information if you are interested.
Hope this helps.
Helen Sandel,
See Mrs. Elizabeth (SARRETT) BROWNING Family Profile!
We would like to exchange info. on this family. ...prs
Robert Farrar
Date: 21 Jun 2002 11:12:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Person NC / Camden Tenn. Looking for the partents of John Farrar 1770 - 1811 married Sabrina in NC. She and sons John and Benjamin moved to Benton County Tenn.
My parents were from Camden Tenn.
Bob Farrar, E-Mail:
We also do NOT have the parents of John FARR., but we have the marriage date as 03 Sep 1794 in Person Co., NC. See: Joseph & Mary SARRATT Family Profile! We would like to exchange info. on this family. ...prs
Dated: Date: 21 Dec 2003 9:38:35 AM Pacific Standard Time
Subject: [SANDERS-L] Peter Asberry Sanders
Surnames: Sanders, Bawcum, Newsom, Maxwell, Shipman,Houston,Box, Morgan,Duke,Graham,Morgan
Message Board URL: Message # 4686
I am researching the Sanders Family. John Sanders b.abt. 1779 NC.
his son Gilford Sanders
m. (1) unknown Tinker,
m. (2) Mahalia Elizabeth Sarratt,
m. (3) Mar 15, 1866 Lousia Sarratt Smith (who was sister of wife #2.)

1. Florenda Sanders b. abt 1835 2. Evianne Sanders b. abt 1838 3. Joseph Sanders b. abt 1842 4. John Sanders b. abt 1843 5. +Peter Asberry Sanders b. May 11, 1844 m. Framces Dolly Merrick
6. Matelda Sanders b. abt 1847
SECOND MARRIAGE: *1851 Miss Mahala E. SARRATT, 2Ch.
7. Alonza Sanders b.abt 1859
8. washington Sanders b. abt 1861
THIRD MARRIAGE: *1866 Mrs. Louisa P. (SARRATT) SMITH, 4Ch.
9. Cordelia Sanders b. abt 1867
10 Welthy Sanders b. abt 1869
11 Dicieann Sanders b. abt 1874
12 Josiah Sanders b. abt 1876

Peter Asberry Sanders m. Framces Dolly Merrick children: Fredora Sanders William Lee Sanders Bonnie Beulah Sanders Minnie Rachel Sanders McMillan M Sanders Pearlie Sanders Lovie Sanders (my husband's grandmother) Enloe Sanders Myrtle Sanders
I would like all the information I can get.
Thanks---Ima (E-Mail:
See: Mrs. Mahala E. (SARRATT) SANDERS
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McMURRY, Samuel
Date: 01 May 2004 4:13:44 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Subject: My McMurrys - NC and TN
I am posting my McMurrys in hopes I can help someone out there, or vice versa:
James McMurry, b. abt 1720 in Scotland, d. aft 1788 NC, married Unknown.
Children of James and Unknown McMurry:
1. Samuel, b. bet 1740-1750, prob Scotland, d 15 Mar 1802, m. Elizabeth Wilson bef 1765 Orange Co., NC.
2. John, b. bet 1748-1752, prob Scotland, d. 7 Jul 1820 Sumner Co., TN, m. Elizabeth Mitchell
Children of Samuel and Elizabeth Wilson McMurry
(b. abt 1745, d. aft 7 Nov 1826 prob Person Co. NC):
1. James, c1765- m. *1787 Jemimah Gold/Gould
2. Mary Wilson c1766-1843 a77y m. *1783 John Sarratt
3. Charles, c1767-1820 a53y m. *1789 Jannet/Jane Douglass
4. John, c1770-1835 a65y m. c1800 Ann Wilson
5. William, c1774-1859 a85y m. c1799 1) Jane Wilson (2 Rebecca (Wade)
6. Samuel, c1780-1842 a62y m. c1814 1) Matilda Lipscomb m. c1839 2) Evelyn Lipscomb
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