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Lawrence "Allen" TURNER, 1801-1861 a59y

Third Generation!
Lawrence "Allen" TURNER;
(3rd s/o Elijah Sr. & Edy (SARRATT) TURNER)
(1Gs/o M/M Henry TURNER, NC Not Proven!
b. 23 Sep 1801, Union Co., SC; 
d. 20 Feb 1861, age 60 in Spartanburg Dist. SC., 
buried along side his wife; "Petty Cemetery"
At age 25yrs he married on 08 Aug 1826, Gaffney, Spartanburg Dist., SC. to
16 year old Miss Levina PETTY, 
(3rd d/o Charles PETTY & 1st Wife Mary "Polly" LEEK)
b. 13 Oct 1810, Gaston Co., NC; 
d. 25 Apr 1894, age 84yrs, Spartanburg Dist., SC.
She is buried in the "Petty Cemetery", Spartanburg Co., SC. 
(where a headstone marks her grave,) 
They had 14 Children born to this Union:
   1.  1st Son: Charles Patrick, *1828-1887,a59 m. Susan SNEED, 7Ch.
   2.  2nd Son: Calvin M.,       *1829-1855,a36 m. Julia CASH, 1Ch.
   3.  1st Dau: Mary,            *1821-1889,a67 m. Albery CASH, Unk.
   4.  3rd Son: Elijah4,         *1833-1859,a26 d. young man!
   5.  4th Son: Stephen Clanton, *1835-1895,a60 No marriage!
   6.  2nd Dau: Emily Jane,      *1837-1856,a19 d. young woman!
   7.  3rd Dau: Elizabeth Ann,   *1839-????     m. Robert H. NANCE,
   8.  5th Son: James Calvin,    c1840-1862,a22 m. Christmas NANCE,
   9.  6th Son: Coleman L.,      *1841-1862,a21 d. young man!
   10. 7th Son: Thomas P.,       *1843-1863,a19 d. young man!
   11. 8th Son: Flex Littlejohn, *1846-1928,a81 m. Sara H. JERRETT, 5Ch
   12. 4th Dau: Alvina,          *1848-1868,a19 d. young woman!
   13. 9th Son: George Summy,    *1850-1893,a43 m. Susan H. FINGER, 5Ch
   14. 10  Son: William Norris,  *1852-1922,a70 m. Molly Jane TINDAL, 12Ch
   *Confirmed Dates!

Fourth Generation!

7. Elizabeth Ann TURNER;
(3rd d/o L. Allen TURNER & Mother: Levina PETTY)
b. 28 Mar 1839, nr Gaffney, Spartanburg Dist., SC.
d. Unknown
Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me)
At age 21yrs she married bfr 1850 (her 1st Cousin) in York Co., SC. to
Robert Yancy Hanes NANCE, [FG 2124]
(1st s/o Dr. Zachariah B. & Nancy D. (Lipscomb) NANCE)
(Brother of Mrs. Nancy Christmas Smith (NANCE) TURNER)
b. c1836, York Dist., SC.
d. Unknown
Occup. 1860 "Boot & Shoe Machine Operator" $0/$2,000
Occuo. 1870 "Farmer" $300/$600
Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me)
They had 3 Children born to this Union: [per 1870 Census]
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See Biographical Profile: Robert Y.H. NANCE;
for Continuation.
8. James Calvin TURNER; (5th s/o L. Allen TURNER & Mother: Levina PETTY) b. __ ___ 1840, nr Gaffney, Spartanburg Dist., SC. d. 20 Aug 1862, nr Gaffney, Spartanburg Dist., SC. [Will & Test. proved] Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown, (to me) At age 17 years, he married on 23 Jan 1857, Spartanburg Dist., SC. to 16 year old Miss Nancy Christmas Smith NANCE, (a.k.a. "Crissey") (5th d/o Dr. Zachariah B. & Nancy D. (Lipscomb) NANCE) (Sister of Robert Y.H. NANCE) b. on "Christmas" day b. 25th Dec. 1841 in York Co., SC; d. on 19 Feb 1924, age 81, Cherokee Co., SC., she is buried in the Grassy Pond Cemetery, Cherokee Co., SC, along side her third husband, where a Headstone marks her grave. (She married 3 times) They had 4 Children born to this 1st Union: She Married 2nd c1864 to William Anthony SARRATT, 1Ch. She Married 3rd c1868 to Johnson B. VINESETT, 7Ch.
  FIRST MARRIAGE: *1857 with James Calvin TURNER, 4Ch.
 1. 1st Son:  Clarence "Bobo" TURNER,  c1857-  Not Traced!  
 2. 1st Dau:  Mary Elizab. TURNER,  c1859-1864 a05y  drowned 1864 age 5  
 3. 2nd Son:  Doctor Nance TURNER,  c1861-1864 a03yr   drowned 1864 age 3  
 4. 3rd Son:  James Baines TURNER,  c1862-1864 a02y   drowned 1864 age 2  
  SECOND MARRIAGE: c1864 with Wm. Anthony SARRATT;, 1Ch.
 5. 1st Son:  Lemuel Vaughn SARRATT;  *1864-1944 a80y  m. c1892 Victoria Massy BLANTON,  11Ch.
  THIRD MARRIAGE: c1868 with Johnson C. VINESETT;, 7Ch.
 6. 1st Son:  John Smith VINESETT,  *1868-1928, a60y  m. 1) c1895 Mary Ezell HUNPHERIES,  Ch.
       m. 2) c1899 Sara Jane GEORGE,  
       m. 3) c1917 Florence MONTGOMERY,  0Ch.
 7. 2nd Son:  Robert VINESETT,  c1869-   Not Traced!  
 8. 3rd Son:  Joseph Gaffney VINESETT,  *1871-1947, a76y  m. c1897 Isabell BLANTON,  10Ch.
 9. 4th Son:  Moseline VINESETT,  c1874-  Not Traced!  
 10. 5th Son:  William Coleman VINESETT,  *1876-1961, a84y  m. Effey "Ebby" B. SARRATT,  8Ch.
 11. 6th Son:  L. T. Terrell VINESETT, Sr.  *1880-1973 a92y  m. c1900 1st Sallie GRANT,  0Ch.
       m. *1906 2nd Mattie L. DANIEL,  5Ch.
       m. *1908 3rd Sallie E. (GOODE) DRAKE,  0Ch.
       m. c1928 4th Bertha HOLIDAY,  6Ch.
 12. 1st Dau:  Mary O., VINESETT,  c1884-  m. c1902 1) John L. SARRATT,  6Ch.
       m. c1922 2) John TURNER,  1Ch.
  Possible Record Problem! [per REF:#005]
m. and date as per Nell D. Thompson, Sep. 24, 1998
"Jas. Calvin TURNER and Nancy Christmas Smith NANCE had 4 childrens born to this Union, 3 drowned when her wagon turned over in a swollen stream.
1. Clarence Bobo Turner b Sept 1857;
2. Mary E. b c1859 d bef 1865;
3. Doctor Nance Turner;
4. James B. Turner.
The last three are the ones who drowned. as per Nell D. Thompson Sep. 24, 1998"
Apparently none of the bodies were ever found? No record found, by this writer of the three children buried in Cherokee Co., SC as per Amos & Ross Cem. Book. [REF:#67.1] ..prs
James Calvin TURNER.can be found living with family:
1860 Census, Northern Div., Spartanburg Dist., SC.
Fed. #, Reel# M653-1226
 Pg.  F.V.  FName  MName  LName  Age  Born  b.Yr.  R  Remarks
  P.O. Limestone Springs
 300  1656  Jas.  C.  TURNER   31  SC  1829  W  H/H Farmer, $0/$163
 300  1656  Christmas  (NANCE)  TURNER   20  SC  1840  W  w/o James C., *1857 4Ch.
 300  1656  Clarence    TURNER  3  SC  1857  W  Son, Not Traced!
 300  1656  Mary  E.  TURNER  1  SC  1859  W  d. a5yrs c1864 drowned
  The will of James Calvin Turner Estate File #174/5?
 10 June 1862, Spartanburg, SC. [per REF:#005] my beloved wife all of my property bother real and personal...during her natural life or widowhood and no longer...after the death of my wife all the property.. unto my children (viz)
Clarence B. Turner,
Mary E. Turner,
Doct'r Nance Turner and
James B. Turner...
Exrs. R.Y.H. Nance, <---This is a b-i-l of J. Calvin ..prs
Coleman Turner <---This is a brother of J. Calvin ..prs
10 June 1862. Signed: J.C. Turner.
  Source and Reference:
 [REF:#001]   Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Sarrett/Sarrett/Surratt Families of America (SFA)
 [REF:#002]   Mrs. Leon Franklin Garvin   Sarrett Ref. Note #102
As per Pickney Dist. Chap., Lineage Chart #90, Compiled by Ruby (Cash) Garvin, (Mrs. Leon Franklin Garvin) 108 E. Jefferies St., Gaffney, Cherokee Co., SC 29340;
Dated 15 Jul. 1977 They had at least one Son Doc. Felix Littlejohn Turner. prs
 [REF:#003]   Felix Turner
GEDCOM to this writer Aug. 13, 1997, listed remainder of 14 children, no dates! ..prs
 [REF:#004]   Felix Turner
GEDCOM revised Oct. 12, 1997 with dates and Marriages! ..prs
 [REF:#005]   Nell D Thompson [REF:#2117.002]
E-Mail to this writer: Subj: Re: Nancy Christmas Smith Nance
Date: 25 Sep 1998 13:13:41 EDT
End of File. ..prs

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