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Thias Matheus TURNER, 1800-1864, age 64yrs
Third Generation!
Thias Matheus TURNER,, [SFA-TURNER 1.1.02]
(2nd s/o Elijah, Sr. TURNER & Edith J. SARRATT, of Rutherford/Cleveland Co. NC. to Union/Cherokee Co., SC.
(1Gs/o M/M Henry TURNER, NC.) Not Proven!
(1Gs/o John Sr. & Nannie (MORGAN) SARRATT) The "Loyalist" ARW
b. __ ___ 1800, Union Dist., SC;
d. __ May 1864, age 64yrs, nr Rippys, Cleveland Co., NC.
Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me)
At the age of 20yrs abt 1820, Spartanburg Dist., SC. he married the
19 year old Miss Anna RIPPY;
(3rd d/o Edward Ross, II and wife Mary (ELMORE) RIPPY)
(1Gd/o.. Edward, I., and Susanah (THOMAS) RIPPY
b. c1801 Rutherford Co. (present-day Cleveland Co.) NC.
d. c1880, age 79yrs, Cleveland Co., NC.
Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me)
  They had 13 Children born to this Union:
 Son/Dau  Click on Name for More Inf.  b.-d.  Married/Info.  Ch. 1st Son:  Drury TURNER,  SC. c1820-18?? a??yrs ??.  m. c1840 SC. Nancy TURNER,   5Ch. 2nd Son:  Elijah,3 TURNER,  NC. *1822-1879 a56yrs NC.  m. *1846 NC. Frances MOORE,   ?Ch. 1st Dau:  Narcissa Syvila TURNER,  SC. *1824-1906 a81yrs SC.  m. c1849 NC. Charles B. BYARS,  11Ch. 2nd Dau:  Edy L. TURNER,  SC. *1828-19?? a??yrs ??.  m. *1854 NC. Thomas FRANCIS,   ?Ch. 3rd Son:  Edward A. TURNER,  SC. c1830-19?? a??yrs ??.  m. c1850 NC. Mary Polly QUINN,   ?Ch. 4th Son:  Charles TURNER,  SC. c1832-1854 a22yrs SC.  d. age 22yrs, bd Cem. Unknown 3rd Dau:  Elizab. Permelia TURNER,  SC. c1834-19?? a??yrs ??.  m. c1855, NC. 1st Tillman SARRATT,   1Ch.
 "     "  "     "  "     "  m. c1871 NC. 2nd Mr. McBRYER,   1Ch. 4th Dau:  Sarah TURNER,  SC. *1835-1922 a87yrs NC.  m. c1860, NC. James P. GIBSON,   4Ch. 5th Son:  Mathias, Jr. TURNER,  SC. c1837-19?? a??yrs ??.  m. c1862, NC. Panthia OWENS,   6Ch. 6th Son:  William TURNER,  SC. c1839-19?? a??yrs ??.  m. c1865, NC. Jane LEE,   7Ch. 5th Dau:  Frances TURNER,  SC. c1839-19?? a??yrs ??.  m. c1866, NC. Mr. MORRIS,   7Ch. 7th Son:  Leonidas T. TURNER,  SC. *1853-1928 a84yrs NC.  m. c1863, NC. 1st Amanda HAMRICK,   5Ch.
 "     "  "     "  "     "  m. c1883 NC. 3rd Emma PETTY,   ?Ch.
 "     "  "     "  "     "  m. 3rd Grace HOLLIFIELD,   0Ch. 8th Son:  Jas. K. Polk TURNER,  SC. c1845-19?? a??yrs ??.  m. c1869, NC. Elizab. Jane WHITE,   ?Ch.
  47 Koown Grandchildren/1st Cousins! 

  Source and Reference Notes
 [REF:#001]  Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
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Bibliography County Histories
 [REF:#002]  Jean
E-Mail to this writer Apr. 29, 1997
She listed *5 children, but indicated they had 6.
She also listed Mrs. Anna (RIPPY) TURNER as d. c1832, but last child was b. 1843 ..prs
 [REF:#003]  Felix Turner   He listed 12 Children with some missing dates!
He has Sarah b. c1837 m. William GIBSON Sr.

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