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Queries - QUINN Family

Linda Smith
Subj: Quinns
Date: 22 Jun 2000 3:36:17 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Hi! I was glad to see your information on Quinns on your on rootsweb.
Nancy Quinn (ID 1373) was my g-g-g-grandmother. She is buried in the Old Stone Presbyterian Chuch Cemetery in Catoosa County. I have visited the cemetery and have a photo somewhere of hers and Greenberry McCalla's stones.
Her father, Hugh Quinn, is buried in the Dogwood Valley Baptist Church cemetery. The stone was hand-carved and unfortunately is broken. The listing of the cemetery gives his wife's name as Martha J. Copeland. Wonder if she didn't use the name Martha. Bob Lamb whose wife is related to the same McCallas as I has Hugh's name as Hugh Gilmore Quinn.????
Bob also has Jane Copeland's fathers name as Alexander Copeland. His wife is descended from Greenberry and Nancy's daughter, Lola.
Thought you might be interested in these items. I'm sure about the burials; names are confusing!
Do you have any other information on this branch or can you elucidate your sources? Thanks, Lynda Smith,
If you seen the QUINN's on the SFA rootsweb site, you saw that: SFA 93 & 94
Hugh Lee QUINN, (Not Hugh Gilmore?) b. 04 Jun 1787; d. 30 Apr 1875, buried in the Old Stone Church Cemetery, in Walker Co., GA.
1st Wife was Jane "Jennie" COPELAND, b. c1792; d. c1855, age 63yrs., 10Ch. (Div.)
2nd Wife was Martha SCOTT, b. c1814; d. aft 1880, a66yrs, 6Ch.
3rd Dau (1st Wife) Nancy QUINN, b. 1824; d. 1917, age 93yrs married Greenberry McCALLA, Issue Unknown (to me) Mrs. Jame (Copeland) QUINN, was the 3rd Daughter of William COPELAND, Jr. & Mary GREEN, of York Dist., SC.
See: SFA QUINN Family Index
We would like any corrections/additions to this family. ...prs
Subj: Russell,Quinn,Surratt in SC
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2000 12:46:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time,br> I'm searching for my family from SC.
Asa russell born about 1805 VA. married Sarah Stuart-? maybe Surrat .born abt 1814 census said she was born in SC.,living with them was a margaret quinn and some of her children they were living in monroe 1850 next door to them was Hiram Quinn born SC and his family.
there was also a Seth Russell there and I noticed on the census that you posted there was a Seth Russell there in SC 1830 spar.txt are these any that you have run across or are searching ?
Thank you for any information that you might have.
Sorry, I have no RUSSELL/SURRATT marriage in SC. that fits your time frame above.
Have several QUINN/SURRATT's bit no Hiram QUINN.
See: SFA QUINN Family Index
We would any correction/additions to this Family. ...prs
Debbie Vines
Subj: Pinkney QUINN
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 9:50:55 PM Eastern Standard Time
I saw your message on the South Carolina Census records. I am looking for information on Pinkney QUINN of Alabama and his family. It appears his father was Noah QUINN son of Hugh A. QUINN, [prs-FG 1101]
Pinkney was my gggrandfather.
My grandmother, who is 87, has fond memories of him but very little information other than he was called Dock QUINN. A house fire when my grandmother was young burned the family pictures and records. She has a picture of his wife, Clarissa (Vines) QUINN but nothing on Pinkney. I came acoss a web site on the worldconnect project "The jerry Guthrie Fammily Tree" that lists Pickney B. Dock QUINN as the second husband of Clarissa A. Carrington.
My grandmother has no knowledge of this. In the book "Heyday at Toadvine" it lists only two husbands for Clarissa Carrington, Hezekiah Vines, (brother of gggrandmother Clarissa (Vines) QUINN) and J.W. Sexton.
I would greatly appreciate any information you can provide or suggestions on where I can search would be helpful.
You seem to be very knowledgeable of the QUINN family. I have seen your name a number of places regarding the QUINNs.
My grandmother and I would like to get this information together and give it to our family as a gift this summer on her 88th birthday. Thanks for your time.
Debbie Vines,
I have not researched the QUINN's out-side of the York/Spartanburg Dist. of SC., but I don't believe your Pinkney QUINN was a son of Noah QUINN son of Hugh A. QUINN.
See Hugh A. QUINN family group
We would like any correction/additions to this family. ...prs
Lynell Bennett Moss
Subj: Quinn, Fondren, Roberts, etc.
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 8:47:40 AM Eastern Standard Time
I am and have been quite impressed with all the information that you have on the internet. My compliments to you. Also an abundance of gratitude. I have been researching my family history since 1968.
I have found your information helpful to me with all of the above families. Your information has paralleled and added to my data. I descend from Jane Fondren, daughter of John and Kezia Roberts (daughter of Morris Roberts III) Fondren, who married Osborn Love.
In checking on Hugh Lee Quinn III, I found that you show his first wife as Jane Copeland, b. abt 1792, d. about 1855 at age 67. You also show that he married Martha Scott in 1844. I know that there were a group of people who were beginning to practice polygamy about this time in Illinois, but I was not aware of a group in Georgia.
I am not on a fishing expedition but am a little confused and hope you can help.
Thanks, Lynell Bennett Moss,
Apparently Hugh Lee QUINN & 1st Wife Jane COPELAND were divorced before 2nd marriage in 1844. ...prs
Ellen Jones
QUINN Family
Date: 26 Mar 2002 8:05:36 PM Pacific Standard Time
My records go back to Hugh A Quinn 1791. His father was John.
My Mothers father was Henry Lawson Quinn b. 1869.
I thank we are on the same list. If this is what you have let me know.
Ellen Jones,
Thanks, for the e-mail, we would like to exchange info. on this family.
See Hugh A. QUINN family group
We don't think your Henry Lawson QUINN, b. 1869 was a s/o Hugh A. QUINN. ...prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: 18 Apr 2002 6:14:10 PM Pacific Daylight Time
I have a paper that states that Henry Lawson Quinn B. 1869 Married Leanna Haskett B. 1875
a. Albert Houston b. 1893 Married Lattie Hubbard
b. Chester b. 1895
c. Vella S. b. 1898
d. Justin Roland b. 1900
e. Della C. b. 1903
f. Edward J. b. 1905
G. Nalma b. 1908
h. Doll b. 1911
i. Audrey b. 1914
j. Evie b. 1916
k. Ezra b.1919
Ellen Jones,
As per my previous E-Mail, your Henry Lawson QUINN, b. 1869, Unknown Co., makes Hugh A. QUINN, age 78yrs & Wife Viney (HOOD) QUINN, age 68yrs old at the time of Henry L. birth...prs
Lee King
Subj: Quinns and Looneys
Date: 12 Jun 2003 7:21:16 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Dear Mr. Sarratt,
Thank you for all your work researching your family history and sharing it on-line. I've found some good information on my family from your website and your family file on rootsweb.
I would like to expand my file to include some lateral lines, so I had downloaded a GEDCOM from rootsweb for the Quinn line; and then I discovered that you also had Looney information. (I can only download six generations of decendants.) I was wondering if you would be so kind as to send me a GEDCOM of all your Quinn, Looney, and Cooper data.
Thank you. Lee King,
gggggggg-gson of John Looney and Elizabeth Llewellen
gggggg-gson of Hugh Quinn and Margaret Fondren
gggg-gson of Zachariah Cooper and Mary Ann Quinn
ggg-gson of John Cooper and Sophia Martha Looney
P.S. Do you know anything about the Littons (James Litton b. 1736) from Prince George County, Maryland? I have another line that descends from them, and I think they may have some tie to the Sarratts from there. James Litton's grandson, Lawson Litton, supposedly died on John Dill's farm in St. Clair County, Alabama; and I think John Dill also had ties to the Sarratts and Quinns.
Sorry, Lee my GEDCOM file is in mega bytes size, don't have time to send in E-Mail.
You will need to download (8 Gen) per time from
Sorry, I have not researched the LITTON family.
John DILL family is "connected" to FONDREN family, not SARRATT/QUINN ...prs
Glenda Thompson
Subj: quinn research
Date: 18 Jun 2003 7:39:27 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Mr. Sarrett,
I pulled up the 1850 SC census index and saw your note that you would like to share information with anyone during research on the Quinn family. I have started doing research for my boss and his mother on their family--Quinn. They knew the ancestor L. C. (Lawson Calvin) Quinn, and I have found his parents, James Quinn and Ity Tolleson Quinn. I have a feeling that if this is the family line you are doing you already have all the information I have, but if I can share anything, my boss said he was willing to share what they have. We do know L. C. was in Civil War, killed in St. Petersburg, FL in 1863, and he married Sarah Hampton from GA.
I am also the genealogist for our local historical society, so if I can be of any help, please let me know.
Glynda Thompson,
Thanks for the E-Mail, but you didn't mention any dates or what County, State your boss's QUINN family is from.
See: SFA QUINN Family Index ...prs
Jim D. Cain
Subj:Re: Mary Quinn and David Draper -- who was this Mary Quinn?
Date: 30 Aug 2003 6:54:18 PM Pacific Daylight Time
In a message dated 4/6/2003 9:30:44 PM Central Daylight Time, CindyDMangiafico writes:
"I have another Mary Quinn on my database. Her parents are listed as Peter Quinn and Judith Robinson, and another with parents listed as David Quinn and Mary Morgan. Could one of these two others be married to David Draper?"
Just cleaning up some old emails and I came across your 5-month old query regarding parents of Mary Quinn who married David Draper in AL in early 1900s. Sorry that I had not replied earlier.
Daniel (not David) Quinn and Mary Morgan are good candidates as parents for the Mary Quinn (b.abt 1799) who married David Draper in AL in Jan 1824. Both were alive and of child-bearing age at the time she was born. This Mary was born is NC as was Daniel Quinn. The only discrepancy is that Paul Sarratt has determined that the family (Daniel/Mary) were in York Co for each of the 1790, 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820, & 1830 census takings, making it unlikely that they lived in NC in 1799 -- but census records as to birthplaces are certainly not infallible.
I believe that the name "David" is in error as stated in the parents names for your second Mary Quinn (in your email above). Mary Morgan was married to a Daniel Quinn (not to a David Quinn).
Paul Sarratt carries the name as "Daniel" Quinn in his exhaustive datebase and provides a summary of his associated research (as well as where erroneous name came from), as follows:
Source: FGS 0089.001, by Paul R. Sarrett, Jr. (
Possible Record Problem!
In "Some Heroes of the American Revolution" by the Rev. L.D. Bailey, Ed. 1924; Band & White, Printers; Spartanburg SC., pg 110-111
The plantation of John B. Mintz & the final resting place (Grave site) of Colonel James WILLIAM, lies between Buffalo and Broad Rivers, and was pointed out to him by Mrs. David <-- s/b "Daniel" QUINN, the daughter of Anthony MORGAN, who resided within 40 rods of the grave when Colonel WILLIAMS was buried. The statement of Mrs. QUINN was confirmed by Peter MORGAN, her brother.
[Other records indicate that daughters Mary MORGAN m. Daniel QUINN and Betsy MORGAN m. John QUINN their were no "David QUINN" in the area at this time...prs]
{Paul's referenced sources for the above statement are relatively comprehensive! JDC. Those sources referenced by Paul Sarratt are the following.}
Rev. War Soldier Pension File #S21435;
"Camp/Kemp Family History", Vol II, By Catherine Mann, Cedar Bluff, AL;
1790, 1800, 1810, 1820, & 1830 Census for York Co., SC;
"Family History of Hugh Quinn, Sr." By Jerome C. Hafter;
"The Quinn Family", By Mrs. Mona A. Wamick;
Griffin History of Rutherford Co., NC;
Don Champion; Doug Honeycutt;
Research Notes from Wm. Zickgraf, Roma E. Lenehan;
AOL ChuckwH273, Mar. 24, 1995."
Thanks, Jim,
Jim & Cindy
Mary QUINN, b. c1789, Lincoln Co., NC. (2nd d/o Peter, Sr. & Judith (Robinson) QUINN, married Abner McAFEE
Mary QUINN, b. *1788, York Co., SC. (2nd d/o Daniel, Sr. & Mary (Morgan) QUINN, married William CAMP, Jr.
See: SFA QUINN Family Index ...prs
Karen Hamilton
Daniel Quinn, Sr. [SFA 89]
Date: 06 Sep 2003 1:42:35 AM Pacific Daylight Time
My name is Karen Hamilton and my ex was Tom Huffstetler.
I am descended thru the Quinns (Quins) and came across your site. I do have a bit of info for you that is a correction.
On this page you state that Daniel Quinn Sr is buried in a private cemetery near Ellis Ferry in Cleveland Co., NC.
Oddly enough, in researching my ex-husbands family from SC
I found that they still live in the same area that the Quinns were from and in fact, the land that Daniel is buried on is owned by my ex's cousin. He still tend's the graves!!! So you are correct,
he is buried in a private grave, but the grave is on property owned by Marshall Cooper on the Black River, near Gaffney, Cherokee, South Carolina.
I thought this was so unusual to find that we had family that married each other over 200 years ago.........
Karen Hamilton
What a pleasant suprise, to get your E-Mail re: Grave site of Daniel Quinn, Sr.
Any chance we could get your ex's cousin to take photos of the grave site and headstones?
We could add them to our "Gravestone Project" ...prs

1nd E-Mail Date:06 Sep 2003 3:22:05 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Paul, hHere is Marshall COOPER's addy I bet he just might be willing to do that if you would drop him a note. *grin* He is a nice guy! Anyway, just tell him that I gave you his addy! Please let me know as I would like to see them. Thanks, Karen
Jeanne Moss
Subj:Hugh Quinn, Jr.
Date: 03 Apr 2005 9:12:47 AM Pacific Daylight Time
I am looking for any more information you may have on Hugh Quinn, Jr., [SFA-FG 91]
his son John (Jackie) Quinn, [SFA-FG 2222] his son
Oliver Stacey Quinn [SFA-Not Traced!] or his daughter, Sarah Nancy Quinn. [Not Traced!]
Sarah Nancy, who I believe to be known as "Hattie" Quinn married my husband's g grandfather, Thomas Moss.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Jeanne Moss,
Thanks for the E-Mail.
We have not traced Oliver Stacey QUINN.
We would like any info. on this family.
See: SFA QUINN Family Index ...prs
A.F. Quinn
Subj: Quinn Family
Date: 28 Dec 2005 8:06:20 AM Pacific Standard Time
Paul I am working on Quinn Family in Union And Spartanburg County in Late 1700'S AND EARLY 1800'S. Do you have any info on this family. Joseph Quinn Sr. was the first.
A.F. Quinn,
We have not traced this Joseph QUINN Sr.
We would like any info. on this family.
See: SFA QUINN Family Index ...prs

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