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Linda Atkins
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2001 11:01:24 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Subject: [GACHATTO] Spartanburg connection
I have noticed several people on the list mention that their families came from Spartanburg, SC. My husband's Atkins family did too. Other family names were Sarratt, Brown, Lawrence and Price. Was there a big wagon train in the mid 1800s from Spartanburg? And does anyone know the reason they would have come at that time?
Linda Atkins, E-Mail:
D. J. Whitley
Subj: Sarrett genealogy
Date: 31 Jul 2002 4:52:15 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Dear Mr. Sarrett;
Your name has stuck in my mind due to the myriad census indexes you've made available on the Internet. While researching my family (and striking out as usual) I came across two references that may have something to do with yours. I can't imagine you wouldn't have found these long ago, with all the work you've obviously done, but I thought I'd send these along just in case:
In the "North Carolina Spectator and Western Advertiser (1830-1835) Rutherford County, North Carolina Abstracts" by Lu and Neumann, there are the following references:
1. 05 Mar 1830 - on "15th ultimo" in Spartanburg, Robert Lipscomb, Esq. married Miss Aley Surratt, daughter of Anthony Surratt. Ceremony by Rev B. Hicks
2. 03 Jan 1832 - on "3rd inst" Mr. Noble John Sarratt married Miss Debby McCraw in Spartanburg. Ceremony by Rev B. Hicks near Maple Swamp Seminary.
Thanks for all the info you've made available.
D. J. Whitley, E-Mail:

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